Nar 1, 229 : Given a Task

Given a Task
Summary: Aidan and Nylie discuss the recent changes in House Kincaid and Nylie is given a tasking.
OOC Date: 3/July/2014 (OOC)
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Aidan Nylie 
Aidan's Room - Darfield Castle
Directly through the arch shaped door is the bedroom of a Noble, a large four post canopy bed keep in an ivory, turquoise and gold colored theme. Curtains surround the bed for when the occupant is asleep. A couple of large armoire's are pushed back against the stone wall and there's another fireplace in this room, the tapestry depicting views of all of Mobrin. Twin windows frame a balcony that looks out over the back of the castle and to the Great Sea. A small table contains a wash basin and two identical tables grace each side of the bed with candles and other such items.
It is day 1 of the month of Nar, 229 2E

Time back in Stormvale had been a whirlwind of activety on may levels, with not only Council meetings but all the 'after' meetings that came as a result, nevermind all that had come out of the gathering of Kinciads. And of course, there was those little one of attempts to catch up with those not seen much with many coming and going with the business of Court and War occuring. It had kept both the Duke and Duchess plenty busy, and perhaps more oft at the castle then either might admit to caring for. But when meetings ran late, the room there was put to use.

A small and simple meal of sorts had been set and kept for when the last of things finished up for the evening. Nylie seeing to a bit of correspondance, some regular exchange of letters occuring of late…with Baroness Wenna of all folks, but then the Baron and Baroness of Albian were not seen all that frequently in Stormvale these days. Though perhaps the woman might be forgive for having actually taken to dosing a little as she waited for the ink to dry, and for Aidan to finish with the last of his day, or simply a place to break for a meal.

The mess that had followed the Kincaid meeting had continued to stir questions from all those in Lakeshire, as manor houses were revoked, allowances cut off, and Hadrian left without any authority over the rangers now that Kaylee was put into place, as well as the reorganization of Arlen and the Barony of Halvard. His timing while critical in the new reign of King Tyrel, was necessary. Bowen had need to step into his brother's shoes, for there was a treaty of Kundari to consider, or that of Skingaard. Either way, the matters of war, council, and every other possible thing had kept the Duke exhausted, sending him to fitful sleep rather than having too much time to wind down with his wife. Perhaps this day was different, coming back to the suite with a little time to spare…
He is quiet when he comes into the room, sweeping by Nylie with his hand coming down to reach for her shoulder, a kiss given to her cheek in his passing to the table. There he will take what is left of the meal and move to his writing desk, "The King meets with my excommunicated son. I wonder if it wouldn't be best to send you to speak with the King over these matters. Tell him what that Lord Hadrian has spoken to you on several occasions for starters and the result of his inaction when I was gone amiss. As well too, his dealings with Eldan, rest his soul, behind my back. That, should cease the matter, especially if it comes from you and not from me." He was riled up that he knew his son was in chamber with the King, but there was not much he could do about it.

It was not a common occurance for a Heir to be removed as Hadrian was, it was of little surprise that some many spoke about it, tongues wagging. Even if a formal announcement had not come to add further disgrace to Hadrian. No doubt, a thing the Lord did not see as a blessing. But then the future of Lakeshire was what was important, and that was a thing that Hadrian failed to see or work to as well. The motion near her does have Nylie coming out of the faint doze, a soft smile given to Aidan when his hand touches her shoulder and there is that kiss to her cheek. Noting softly,"I was not certain if you would be back at a reasonable hour." It was a simple statement, she knew matters took time and he needed to tend to them. There was not complaint in her tone, and those nights when he had returned when she had already perhaps retired, for being babified was a tiring thing all it's own, she had simply welcomed him to their bed with warmth, even if sleepily so. Happy to even have those moments.

There was a plate for him, simple food really that could handle being left to wait. Nylie shifts in her seat to watch him as he goes to his writing desk,"Hadrian is yet his Master of Arms, Tyrel has reason to meet with him." Lightly pointing out that small point before continuing,"But I can speak with Tyrel upon the reasoning for what has passed. I know he would listen to me, for it is a move that is best for Lakeshire and Morbin in the end. Even though I know it was not an easy decision or thing to do for you. Though I would perhaps hope I would not have need to go into Hadrian's attempts to end our match and just what he spoke. I would fear just how Tyrel would take that news, he is not Callem, but he still has a protective edge yet where it concerns me. "

"If he knew," Aidan looks across at Nylie, "Then he would not begrudge me for doing it. The Kingdom needs a firm leader behind it's duchies and Hadrian is a whoring selfish laze about. I had thought I had beaten that out of him when he was younger." Aidan comes back to the table and sits down opposite to her, his eyes on fire for the ire within them, "How fortunate it is for Hadrian to be named Master of Arms. It will keep him having a stipend at least, for his family allowance is over, as is all authority he had in Lakeshire. Ensure the King knows that, for if it were to come from me, I would be liable to lose my temper over being asked." He pauses, "I know you at least, have a way with your cousin. I'm glad for that. It would be unfortuante if he became sympathic to Hadrian, for I have no doubt in my mind that boy is filling his ears with poisonous lies. He has -never- been an honest man, even when young. That is the blood in him." He leans back in the chair, the food upon the plate tasting as dust in his mouth, "It was not an easy decision. I have given him every opportunity to prove himself and he has only done so for the King. So, let him serve for the King in the only way he knows."
He looks across at his wife, realizing he just came in as an angry bear, charged with agitation and noise. "Forgive me. The news of such meeting has distracted my better self. You seem to be tired. Perhaps you should lie down," he offers a soft touch of a smile, "You are feeling well then?"

"Aye, I know he would not. But it was not an explanation you needed to give all, and I fear Hadrian is blind to the true reasoning behind why you did as you have. He will see it only because he wished to marry for love, as you have now been able to do. He fails to understand why it is we need to sacrifice ourselves first for Morbin, that it cannot thrive and grow without the sacrfices needed to make alliances, to see the harvests getting to where they need to go, to hearing grievances and all the small and large tasks that are not pleasant to track and see to. " Nylie bows her head,"Aye, I will make sure the King is aware of this. And we know at least I will keep my temper," has anyone even seen Nylie lose her temper yet? "I know you have given him every chance, whether he would see it or not. He has wished to be his own man, and now he will be able to be so."

A warm smile comes when he speaks of forgiveness,"You are easily forgiven, my love. I know this matter is reason to distract you. " Drifting to her feet and over to him,"I will lie down in a bit, I am well though. I just seem to tire quickly some days. But I would not wish to lose a few moments with my beloved by nodding off."

"He has always been beyond reason, which is why I had to resort to the measures I did…" he shakes his head, "It is like he can only see what is right in front of him and the only one in front of him is a Mowbray. She means nothing to Mobrin's need for strength and alliances. Weston is already -secured- through various alliances with the rest of the kingdom. We need not have another. Not when Eldan's sacrifice was to marry the Kundari princess. A sacrifice another House has to put forward. We will put it forward. Bowen is my last hope-" he eyes Nylie, "Well, save for the future growing in your belly."
He nods for the fact that Nylie will approach the King, "Do what you must to make him understand. There's no need yet to bring my first wife into this, but I shall, if it means to deliver this message with conviction," Aidan sighs and puts his arm around Nylie as she comes over to his side, pulling her into his lap if she will not protest the movement. "I did my duty for this Kingdom for years long enough that I deserve some choice and… you're the greatest choice I've made yet in my life," he will put his forehead against her shoulder if she has sat down upon him. He is tired. Eldan was another from the golden age that lost his life. Old Jon from Weston and Aidan were the only two that remained from the great Houses of five, from all those many years ago. He is tired. Yet, in her presence, he seems to awaken with energy to appreciate his many years, "If I have not said it lately… if I have not said it enough… to keep you from drifting from me, I do love you. You are what keeps me going."

"It is a thing of little political sense, a match between him and Lady Emma. I do not begrudge him the desire to marry for love, but what noble has not harboured that desire or wish at some point in their life? It is not a luxury most of us are allowed, especially lose of high position." Nylie shakes her head a touch,"Lady Emma is a fine girl, but I do not see her being able to truly temper Hadrian or provide as she would need to as a Duchess either. I have heard to much in her reactions to when Kieryn and Elisabeth were to marry. Perhaps she will yet grow into something more refined, but since she is to marry, she will not get the chance to truly learn as she might in spending time at Court as a Lady in Waiting as she might have otherwsie done." A hand lightly touches to her rounding little belly,"Bowen has had the oppurunity to spend time at Court and under the guidance and learning of Tyrel, he will do well. " Softly teasing,"As will our child, and any others the Gods allow you to make me grow fat with."

"I do not think that will be needed, there is plenty of reason for this to have come about for in truth, after what I saw and heard while you were…taken…I had thought to raise the matter with you, Hadrian simply is not suited to be a Duke. " There is a decided lack of protest when Aidan pulls her into his lap, settling easily enough…yet. "As did I as well, did my duty and served my King for so many long years, before I was allowed you. And I can think of no greater reward than this, you." Her hand coming up to gently stroke his hair when his forehead ends up against her shoulder, her head ducking to plant a soft kiss to his head. "I would never drift from you, Aidan. I will not deny, I can never hear to often that you would love me for it warms my heart each time you say it. I do love you, and do remember, my love, that you were my choice as much as I was yours."

"He has proven how little he cares for anyone but his own gluttonous self…" is the final determination from Aidan on the matter, "The excommunication is necessary." He seems to not disagree to any point that Nylie makes, simply listening to her reason it out makes him hope the King will as well. "Bowen… He was very upset at the change, at first, for it put him at odds with his brother even more than it had always been. But he understands why the reasons. He is surprisingly excited to meet the Princesses that I have started negotiations for…" He gives a quiet smile, "At least the boy has sense. He will have a good strong wife that will help him with the Duchy, when I am gone."
His lips lift up at the remark of her growing fat with children, "A pair perhaps, for they should never grow up on their own." He speaks no longer of Hadrian, the decision had been made, the authorities revoked… Lakeshire was moving on. His own nephews were likely considering their own successions, if Bowen is displaced. He looks up at Nylie, putting his hand over the woman's rounded belly, looking down at it with fondness, "The child of a Kincaid and a Kilgour…" he glances up, "Have you thought of any names?"

"Aye, it was," agrees Nylie softly. It was not an easy thing to do, excommuicate a family member, let alone heir. A tough decision on it's own, nevermind the gossip that would occur. A slight nod comes,"I can imagine it was, it brings about a great amount of change for him, a different path in life. Though he is not long from Knighting, and I am glad that he does understand and is taking it all in stride." There is a soft chuckle,"Would you not be in his boots? Both of the Princesses are fine young women and he has likely had chance to see them during their visits to the castle, even if he never got to properly meet them."

Nylie smiles softly,"Aye, perhaps a pair…the Gods willing. So they need not grow up on their own, and for you to have little children to have to chase about and keep you young." Quietly teasing,"Or perhaps, so to simply make me slower for you to be able to catch me easier." When his hand settles upon her belly, she settles into him a touch more,"It shall have quite the bloodlines blended within it." Shaking her head a little at the question,"I admit, I have not given much thought to names yet…."

"Bowen had the prospect of lordship ahead of him, now, he has a much larger world to consider and plenty he can learn from Tyrel, should the man be willing to guide one son over the other. I know he has tasked Hadrian to investigate… the gods know why," he gives a little shrug. "Had I the choices, when young, it would've made me more appreciative of my father. Bowen will have a couple suitable prospects to consider, he will be thrilled and happy for it."
Aidan smirks at the mention of chasing around young children to keep fit, or to catch up to her. "Either way, the Guardian looks after us," he murmurs, letting his arms wrap around her, as he draws forward to give her a kiss. "Names will come… when the child does," he notes, "I just didn't know if you had preferences."

"There is much he has likely already learned from Tyrel, for he was squired to a man preparing and learning to become King. Even if he was preparing only for lordship and knighthood, there were many other lessons there for him to gain." Nylie draws a slight breathe before noting,"Tyrel has tasked his Master of Arms to investigate, with all that has befallen and occured in the castle in recent times, it is understandable that a review and investigation of staff, especially with so many having changed over. It just happens that Hadrian fills that position." Nodding a touch,"I think Bowen is simply better positioned to understand and appreciate, he has never seemed to be one who to be stuck upon himself and his wants. He is not his brother." Thankfully.

"Aye, the Guardian does," leaning to meet him for that kiss, a thing given quite warmly. Murmuring softly once it ends,"I simply prefer for it to be healthy, a name will come after. Though that does remind me….I believe there is a tradition that needs to be seen to, travel to Lakeshire before the next full moon. Something about you getting to watch me frolic naked in the waters of the Lake."

"Bowen will have a greater advantage than Hadrian did, that is for sure, being that the King had taken him to squire all these years," he nods, "But when he is ready for knighthood, he should be ready to return home and take up duties alongside me so that he is well prepared should this war grow too big beyond our borders." As for the meaning behind the investigation, he nods simply to it. "We've spent too much time talking over what is lost, let us move on from him," he smiles to his wife, nevertheless, one that is thankful for the support.
"It shall be healthy," he sounds confident in that, "as long as you don't over tax yourself and rest when you need to rest, rather than sitting in a chair drowsy as you were when I walked in," he kisses her softly again. The reminder of the tradition has him smile, "We should see to that. I myself am curious what the Guardian has granted us."

"I shall try not to over tax myself, and I try to rest when I need to, but can you blame me for wishing to stay up so I might have a few moments with my beloved and handsome husband?" Nylie softly returning the kiss. "As am I," perhaps questions had about it, but for now they are left aside. "But for now, perhaps we should see about me getting some of that rest, and perhaps my husband shall not spend to much time on correspondance this even and indulge his wife in letting her curl up against him when she sleeps." Giving a soft eve before she does move to retire for the eve. And certainly cuddling up to him when he does likewise!

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