27th ofAlasair, 229 2E: Getting the Gang Back Together

Getting the Gang Back Together
Summary: Kierne's back in Darfield.
OOC Date: 13/Sep/2014
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Royal Stables - Darfield Castle
The stables are large, to accomodate all the horses used in the daily commerce of the Castle. Every type from a lady's sedate riding mare to massive wagon-pulling draft horses are here. With luck, you can probably even find one for riding, if you search hard enough.
27th ofAlasair, 229 2E

Well, here's the whole gang, back together again. Nylie had just about gotten used to his spot in the stables of Laniveer, but, finding himself back in the royal stables of Darfield Castle, well— why would he mind? Kierne is still there at his side, brushing down the stallion after a morning's exercise, something Nylie got far too little of when imprisoned. And wagging her tail endlessly to see her good master home? It's Killer! His three-legged war bitch who has her one forepaw up on the top slat of the corral and both hind legs straining to jump over. She's a huge dog, she could probably make it, but she seems content to send slobbery licks toward Kierne's ear when he comes close to the front of the stall, reaching out to ruffle her ears and accept a face full of slobbery bitchlove.

With petitioners now seemingly aiming more for Caedmon, as opposed to any council member who showed their face in public, Eoin has been able to do things such as ride out once more. Dismounting in the courtyard he passes the reins off to a groom, but since his mount had developed a slight limp he walks in with the man, describing the ailment so that appropriate treatment can be given. Thedog is spotted, although it's not til he's closer that he notes the disfigurement and puts two and two togther. The groom seems happy enough to be getting on with so he pauses at Nylie's stall, absently scratching killer (if she'll let him) before he calls in to greet the young knight. "Decided to grace us with your presense eh?" he quips, "we were starting to think you'd gone native."

Killer is fairly well tamed and socialized, by now. She might take a moment to size up the man approaching her, but when all that's offered is petting, she licks his hand and continues wagging her tail, if somewhat more lethargically. Kierne is wiping the spittle out of one eye, the other peeking open and spotting Eoin there. His face lights up like a great ray of sunshine, a big beaming smile arising from him just to recognize the fellow, not to mention the delight at the playful teasing he's getting. "Hey, y'know. When a hot piece of ass like the Queen of Lannieland takes you away to her secret bedroom and asks you to stay…" he shrugs impishly, then undercuts the image with, "Especially when she's got four armed guards standing there with her to back up her request."

Eoin rests one arm on the stall door, leaving the other to interchangably fuss the dog and get slobbered on. With the smile from Kierne he can't help but smile a bit in response, some of the gloom of the past week or two lifting as he replies, "good to see you managed to keep your mind on the job. I heard that the Prince is back as well?" although on that point he's silently doubly thankful that there is a voice again. Logen is not the man he wants running things. "Still, it's good to see you back in one piece."

Kierne's face falls a little bit from his exuberant expression, lips tightening into a line as he nods his head and turns his eyes back toward Nylie's profile, resuming the gentle brushing. "Yeah. Hadrian came to spring him and took the rest of us home, too." He at least has the graciousness of spirit to sound relieved of it, as though he really wasn't sure how long he was going to be up there. "Though Prince Logen left a piece of himself up there," that news, rather grimly delivered. "He was badly wounded, the doctors there did what they could, but they couldn't save his leg."

Eoin hadn't heard the news of Logen's injury, so there's a wince there, but noting the dip in enthusiasm levels from Kierne on the topic he doesn't push with more questions. Instead he asks, "I take it you sailed back across the bay, or was it a ride?" Mostly he's angling to see if the lad has news from the shores of the lake, but he won't say that openly just yet. "Assuming the Duke gives you some time off you should come visit Beth's twins, I think she'd appreciate a few more people to talk to."

"Rode back the way I went," Kierne replies. Hopefully that's actually true, 'cause I really don't know. "Wh— oh— Lis. How's she doing?" He seems almost startled to think of her. Weird, maybe, given that once upon a time he was ungodly in love with the girl, but that's the way youthful fancies pass away, I suppose. Still, it strikes him as a little bit jarring that not only has he not really thought about the Lady Lis in a long while, but also that the name causes not even a faint echo of that pang of longing that it might have done some months ago. "Those babes of hers must have gotten pretty big while I was away. I remember they were just bitty peanuts," he grins goofily. At least his baby-madness hasn't gone the way of his infatuation.

The natural light from outside is briefly interrupted as three pass into the stables. The Lady Nerissa is closely followed by a guard and her maiden, her hood steadily slipping back down her head as she walks with a rather rapid pace into the stables, slowing only slightly once inside so as not to startle the creatures within. She bows her head to the Lord Admiral, but doesn't say anything as she moves to a stall, pulling the strap of the satchel she carries over her shoulder so she can set it down. Although she hears a voice coming from the stall near Eoin, she doesn't see anyone to match it, and doesn't concern herself for the moment. "Tck tch tck," she softly attracts the attention of the horse in the stall before she reaches to open the latch.

Eoin nods once at the mention of riding back and can't stop himself from jumping in quickly with the question, "did you have time to pick up any news in Lakeshire?" Eager? Just a little bit, but then he gets a grip again and nods to confirm jsut which new mother is being spoken off. "They're not growing as quick as Oscar did," he quips, "but yes, they will be bigger than you remember." He doesn't mention that one is growing faster than the other, he's heard nothing on if that's a wory or not so is choosing to believe it isn't. The sound of approaching footsteps turns his head briefly, and recognising Nerissa he gives her a slight inclination of his head before figuring he should likely get the introductions sort. "Good morning Lady Nerissa," he offers before tilting his head in towards Kierne, "I don't believe you've met Sir Kierne Kincaid, newly returned after a mission to Laniveer. Sir Kierne, Lady Nerissa Horizon of Sky Forrest."

Kierne headshakes slowly, lips twisted to one side in regret. "Top priority was getting the Prince home," he reports. "I've got to get back there, though. I've got a letter for Uncle Aidan." Not to mention that his girlfriend is likely pining for him. And Auntie N— he blinks. "Hey, has Auntie Nylie had her baby yet?" he wonders, possibly not putting two and two together that that's the very news Eoin was after. He puts up the brush and crouches down to pick up an apple for Nylie (the stallion, not the Aunt of the same name), handing it off to Eoin, if he'd like to feed him, then stepping up onto the bottom slat of the gate, leaning head and shoulders over the top of it to say hello to the recent arrival. "Hi!" is offered, chipper enough, before, as though Sir Ronan were here to beat him about the head if he didn't add it, "Lady."

"Good Morning, Lord Admiral," Nerissa intones, while the tone may not be welcoming, it is lacking any sort of ire. Perhaps the horse who's face she is scratching can be attributed with the almost gentleness, her eyes scanning down over the stall door at the legs and stance. As the Haravean continues, insisting on proper manners, she turns sideways just enough that she can look and nod her head to the younger man. "Good Morning, Sir Kincaid," she replies to his rather chipper greeting. Then she shifts, opening the door and giving the dark bay mare a nudge back inside.

Eoin does his best to hide the faint slump of his shoulders as it turns out Kierne has no solid news. Putting a brave face on it he offers a level, "there are rumours that reached within the last day that her labour had started, but no announcement of anything yet." Using the apple as a handly distraction he briefly considers eating it himself before he catches the eye of the stallion and offers it across instead. Half an eye in the horse to make sure he doesn't lose any fingers he asks Nerissa, "off for a ride? The clifftop path had a pleasant breeze but half an hour ago."

"If the news got here by rumor alone, it's more than likely the whole thing's done, by now," Kierne realizes, and that— that gives him a moment of pause. It's a woman's battlefield, after all, the birthing bed, and, as men who go to battle, nobody knows whether one will return home or not. So now Auntie N has either earned her spurs, or else… hasn't. And that uncertainly weighs on his mind— he doesn't bother to try and hide it. Why bother? A nephew might well be concerned for his auntie. Especially an auntie dear enough to have a mount named after her. Once Eoin's given Nylie the apple, he makes vague preparations to depart the stall, giving enough indicators he's about to do so to let Eoin move out of the way, but not going so far as to announce his intent verbally.

Although she hears the conversation regarding the woman, Nerissa continues to have her attention on the mare. Reaching down, she unwraps the rear left leg, removing the poultice that had been applied the night before. "No, my lord. I just came to check on Koquette, and she how she is doing. She was favoring her leg on the return from town yesterday." Town, that's where she was. She clips a lead on the halter and leads the horse out of the stall, handing her over to the guard for him to walk so she can watch the gait.

Eoin gives Kierne a short, sharp nod at that, not stating his own concerns about the lack of official news and instead offering the alternative, "that or it's widely known she's due and so the rumours have started before she does." Yeah, that might be it, surely? Saying nothing else before tkaing a few steps back from the stall door he lets the younger man leave unimpeeded. A nod to Nerissa as she explains, then he tilts his head towards his own horse which is being seen to by a groom. "He mgith be coming down with the same, I think he just over stretched himself though."

Kierne opens the stall gate just enough to slip out of it and close it again. Partially to allow for room for the groom to take this Coquette on a stroll, partially because Killer is pushing back against the gate, unwilling to recognize that pushing the gate closed with all of her strength will not actually get Kierne out to her faster. Once he's out, he drops to a squat, hugging Killer about the neck with both arms and setting loving kisses onto her ears before he stands up straight again. "Nylie was in fine form this morning, but I think he's just happy to be back." He watches the horse's gait from the low angle he's set himself into, seeing whether he can identify the specific sort of limp it is, or make an educated guess as to its cause.

Eoin watches the Horizon's horse for a few moments, but his specalisation is ships, not quadropeds, so he lets Nerissa go with no further comment. Reaching down to slap Kierne on the shoulder he states, "you'll have to tell me of yur adventures at somepoint. Besides oggling the usurper's wife of course that is."

Kierne stands into the shoulder slap, rising and lifting his own hand to return the gesture to Eoin's shoulder, making of it a sort of half-hug. "It wasn't… well, we'll talk about it later," which is to say he doesn't really want to talk about it, now. "Maybe over drinks?" he asks, a brow lofted curiously. "I figure I should probably get back onto the road, soon, and go check up on Auntie N. But how's tonight? I'll come by your place with a bottle of something?"

"I fear I would have to take offense if you brought a bottle of Lakeshire wine," Eoin starts, expression serious for a moment before it breaks, "so best make it brandy or such." He's not the most tactile person with those that aren't close family, but he doesn't pull out of the gesture just yet. "Well, if you have no tales then I do, one or two at least. But yes, tonight will be fine."

"I'll see you then," Kierne agrees readily enough, though wine is really his go-to drink, and he doesn't tend to drink much harder. Probably because what he lacks in depth of drinking, he makes up for in breadth, and if he ever take to drinking whiskey in the quanitites in which he currently drinks wine, he would likely murder himself by it. Whether he senses Eoin being not quite easy with the gesture, he, huggy soul that he is by nature, pulls away first and snaps his fingers, patting his leg for Killer to follow him. "C'mon, girl!"

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