10th Thedor, 229: Garden Conversations

Garden Conversations
Summary: Ships, puppies, introductions and music.
OOC Date: 10/Jan/2014
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Public Gardens - City of Stormvale
A broad path of crushed white stone runs in a wide circle around a fountain, ringed in turn by flowerbeds. Beyond them, the lawn continues, smooth and softly green. A row of rosebushes, in full bloom, are planted along the stone wall to the north, flanking the gate. The path branches off to the south, where it joins a shady avenue lined with lush green trees, and to the east toward a quiet grove.
10th Thedor, 229

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Draventa's handmaid finally steps forward and whipper something into the princesses ear. Drav's lips press together in a frown, but after some silent communication, perhaps silent battle, Drav nods, "I am sorry….I have been reminded of a scheduled meeting I need to attend." She'll smile everyone and bow her head, "It was pleasant to speak to everyone." She'll glance down at the puppies and wiggle her fingers at them, like they'll know it's a special good bye just for them. "Stay warm." And will that, the frail princess departs, headed back towards the csatle.

Robben smiles, nodding a little as he hears what's being said, offering a quiet nod. "A pleasure to meet you, Darrius and Ailos," he offers to the hounds. Pausing as he sees that questioning glance from Senga, he offers her a brief grateful smile as he hears there's no question coming.

There are others too it seems, come to take a stroll round the gardens despite the threatening weather. Eoin Haravean is dressed in a tunic of green with his cloak loose about his shoulders and for now, seems deep in conversation with Nylie Kilgour, whose guard and handmaid folow on a short distance behind. "It's expected that there will be a break in the weather soon," he explains, "a day or so perhaps, which will enable a small squadron to sail west and check upon our coastal defences towards the Lanniver boarder. Not a long sail, and mostly with anchorages to call a along the way, but I wil likely be taking the Lady Aoife."

Adlivun smiles as the hounds lower their heads, as though they understand. "Farewell, Your Highness." He then looks to Senga. "They are used throughout the year, though I only have the sled for them during the colder months."

Nylie's hand rests lightly on Eoin's arm as they stroll, the occasional glance is given to the sky and the weather that threatens. But mostly her attention is given to the Lord Admiral. "I know you have missing the sea, you must be welcoming this break and chance to put out again. Shall you be gone long?" Her eyes giving a brief glance to take in the gardens as they are reached.

Senga kindly dips her head in farewell to the foriegn princess as she moves to take her leave. In all, it's given Robben a reprieve while she replies to Adlivun, "I see. I cannot say that I have been one attending hunts, but if there is ample riding? I should not be adverse in attending. Should you, of course, come to hear of such outings?" Said as the presence of more people make their presence made, she offers a polite nod of her head in distant greeting before looking to Robben once more. "And you could and should visit sometime. I find that I must make acquaintances anew now that I am in residence. Unfortunately, I do have to look at returning to the manor. There are some things that I must see to."

Robben nods at Senga's words, offering her a smile now. "I will make sure to do so. If you speak to my Father-in-Law today, tell him I said hello?" Looking around at the recent arrivals, he offers them a polite nod now.

Eoin seems to be focusing most of his attention on Nylie, but thankfully not to the embarressing stage that his misses the other gathering. Steering their course to intercept he returns Senga's nod with one of his own, then offers the same to Robben and then finally Adlivun. "A week," he replies to the question though, "perhaps two depending on what we find and how kind the wind is. There is too much else in the readying to be away for long now, even if the weather would allow." Noting that Senga seems about to depart he gives her another, ever so slightly deeper bow in parting and a simple, "good day my Lady."

Adlivun nods to Senga. "Of course. Good day, my Lady." His pups and him both bow to the newcomers. His pups look up at the newcomers, curious.

Senga moves to leave, nods acknowledged before remarking to Robben, "I most certainly shall tell him. Good day."

A nod of her head goes to those in the gathering as well, for walking and curtsying would just be more than odd. "That would not seem to long at all," notes Nylie, used to longer trips herself. "Hopefully the weather proves good as well as the findings." There is a brief glance to the sky as they do reach the group before she offers with a smile to them,"Good day," and then the eyes go down to the pup, who can resist puppies? "Well aren't you just darling."

No doubt there are around the castle that Elisabeth might visit, but it neither holds the same plants nor the same brother as this one does. The Lady Elisabeth arrives to the garden with her own Maid in tow, dressed against the cold, gloved and bedecked in a heavy cloak. As the pair enter the garden, footsteps pause to scan the area for any who might already be partaking. With certain people not seen and one very much so, Elisabeth heads more confidently into the garden and towards her brother.

Robben looks between the others now, Robben looks a bit unsure of what to say, or anything. Seeing one person he at least knows a little, he offers a polite nod to Eoin. "Lord Admiral," he offers to the man, a bit quietly now.

Adlivun smiles at the woman. "I trained them myself. They're quite gentle." The pups moves a bit closer to the woman and seem to put their heads out to be pet gently. "Made sure they know to respect people, get approval, before they try to bound on them or show affection."

Eoin may have his back to his approaching sister, and be temporarily distracted by glancing down towards the puppy in question, but eventually his ears do pick up the sounds of those approaching from behind. "I shall pray to the eight that it is so," he offers to Nylie, then glances over his shoulder to see just who it is that's creeping up behind them. A broad grin quickly spreads and he offers the arm that Nylie isn't using to her in greeting, "Beth! I had hoped to see you again before I sail. You are well I trust?" Then back to Robben, "Lord Robben, recovered from all the council meetings I hope?"

"They do seem quite behaved," Nylie smiling as she watches the pups put out their heads for a pat. Her hand loosening a little on Eoin's arm so she can give them such a thing. A small petting with a brief ear scritch. Drawing back up as Eoin calls to someone else, her head turning to catch sight of the newcomer, a respectful bow of her head delivered on to the Lady.

Elisabeth smiles as her brother greets and moves quickly to her other side as her maid trails behind her. A hand rests upon her brother's arm in greeting, "I am well brother. Would you have not come to see me if I had not happened upon you here?" She asks with disapointment playing in her voice before she looks to the companions he has gathered. A glance given to Nylie, with a questioning look to her brother and a little smile before looking to the hounds and their master. Recognition flickers on her face which causes her to look around the gardens for a moment before she relaxes and lets herself enjoy the pups as well as she reaches a hand toward the nearest one.

"At least for the moment, yes. I hope you have as well, my lord?" Robben offers this with a quiet smile, before he looks to the two ladies. "I hope you can forgive me for forgetting to introduce myself. I'm Lord Robben Jon Ruxton, eldest son of Duke Jon. It is a pleasure to meet both of you."

Adlivun smiles as the pups are pet, then they gently nuzzle the hand of their petters. "They like you. Of course, they like anyone who gives them attention." he chuckles a bit. "I am Adlivun Soven. A pleasure to meet you." He says to the newcomers. The full-grown hounds watch the newcomers, curious.

Eoin clocks the looks between Nylie and Elisabeth and figures the forst order of business is introductions. Since he arrived with Nylie he starts with her, "Lady Nylie, may I introduce my sister, Lady Elisabeth Haravean, who has the honour of serving as lady in waiting to Princess Roslin." The the reciprical, "Beth, this is Lady Nylie Kilgour, sister of Lord Caedmon and cousin to the king." He gives Robben a brief nod as he adds to the introductions, then another in answer to the question posed. "I have yes, the second was far less painful than I was fearing it might be." Turning back to the hounds again he asks, "they are for the hunt I take it?"

"It is a pleasure, Lady Elisabeth," comes Nylie's soft words as she inclines her head to Eoin's sister. A gentle smile coming,"I suspect I shall find myself crossing your path at times in the castle then." With Eoin giving such an introduction she does not repeat her name for the sake of hearing it but an incline of her head is offered to Robben,"It is a pleasure, Lord Ruxton. I believe I saw you the other day observing the sparring between Count Aldren and Baron Ruthgar? And from what Duke Aidan said, delivered a few bruises of your own later, aye?" There is a incline of her head to Adlivun as well,"A pleasure as well. And I don't think I'd blame them, a good reason to like a person. "

As greetings are offered by the group, Elisabeth nods to each in turn. "It is a pleasure to meet you all." She crouches slightly to stroke the head of the pup, before glancing to Nylie again. A smile touches her lips at the woman's greeting, "No doubt we will, such that I am looking forward to it." She gives the pup another good ear rub before straightening once more. "These will be trained to the hunt?" She queries as she sets a hand upon her brother's arm so that he is now flanked by ladies.

Looking a bit unsure of what to reply to Eoin's words, Robben nods a little, "Well, I suppose both were quite… eventful." A brief pause, as he listens to the others now, looking a bit unsure of what to say. That is, until Nylie's words seems to register with his mind. "Ah, yes. The spar between my brother and Count Aldren." At the part about delivering a few bruises, he shrugs a little. "I was a bit lucky in that spar with His Grace, that is true."

Adlivun nods to the assumption about the hounds used for hunting. "Some are. Well, I'm training them all to act as both trackers, and as guard dogs. However, if I can find homes for them to be companions, then I will allow them to be taken for that. I have already given some for that purpose. Most i don't find a home for will likely be given to the City Watch to help them."

Realising he has yet to answer Elisabeth's initial question Eoin gives her a warm smile then tilts his head slightly, "I would have sought you out sister, but as you well know, these days that is no guarentee that you would have been free when I was." He grins a little as the cause of Aldren's bruises is brought up, even though he had not the fortune to witness the display himself. With no free arms to scratch a hound between it's ears he remains instead with a lady on each arm and gives an agreeing nod to Robben, "they were both certainly that. The second at least somewhat quieter though." The Queen's presence will do that. The commetn about companions though has him turning back to Adlivun with a wry grin though, "oh I see how it is Master Soven. Introduce the ladies to the pups and then announce they need finding homes. Well played."

"He spoke well of the match," Nylie adding after a moment,"Duke Aidan. I am sorry I was required else where and missed it." There is a bit of smile to Eoin in catching his own on the matter, noting lightly,"You did quite the match, I do think you would have been quite entertained to have seen Count Aldren's performance." Her smokey gaze takes a closer look to the hounds as Adlivun speaks aobut their potential placing. Laughing softly at Eoin's comment,"He is trying to see them well placed, you cannot fault him that. And it is a tempting thing to consider. I wished for one once, but I have always spent to much traveling to be fair."

Elisabeth seems at least molified by her brother's explanation, "I cannot fault you that. My duties to the princess keep me quite engaged. I escaped while she was in a meeting and must return in the hour, but I was craving fresh air and greenery for such this is despite the wintry blanket." She gives an incline of her head to Robben, "You marked our cousin? You must be skilled indeed." The houndmaster is given a apologetic look, "Oh that I would wish to take one, but I stay with the princess. It is her I will need to convince."

"Probably similar to noble fathers that, Lord Admiral," Robben remarks, a bit lightly. "Trying to place his children in good homes." A brief pause, before he nods to Nylie. "I'm glad to hear that," he offers, with a smile. "Your cousin, my lady?" This to Elisabeth. "I believe your cousin was sparring with my younger brother, the Baron of Dellhaven. I was sparring with the Duke of Lakeshire."

Adlivun smiles at Eoin. "Oh, just stating the facts. And I do want them placed in good care. Of cours,e those I don't place will remain in my care." He nods to the two noble ladies. "I understand. Should either of you ever be able to have one of the pups, feel free to come ask for one. I'm often working at the tavern or practicing at the Training Grounds."

Eoin turns to look down at the pups for a moment then shakes his head slowly, "sorry chaps, looks like these two are a hard sell." Then back up to the humans in the group again. I can not fault him indeed, although I can only wonder how Cricket might react if one turned up as a late wedding gift for the Count and his new bride." Not that he's going to do that mind, but he does wonder if a pair would be inseperable or terrible. A nod and a grin is given to Robben's analogy, "aye, quite now you mention it. Although I shall reserve the right to retract that comment should I ever sire a child." He looks faintly amused at the conversational thread from where the group are standing in the gardens, largely admiring Adlivun's puppies.

Talk of noble fathers and placing their children in good homes is a topic is simply not something Nylie is ever going to join into, and it makes for a fine time to offer one of the hounds another little petting and ear scratch. Offering a small nod towards Adlivun when she straightens again,"I shall keep that in mind. But I fear I shall not know my course until I share words with my cousin." Which seems a hard thing to do these days. " I would not wish to take one only to have to see them to a new home shortly after." A bit of a grin comes,"Oh, I am sure it would be entertaining to find out, do you not think, Lord Admiral?"

Adlivun looks up at the sky, noticing the general time with where the sun is. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to be going. Need to get back to the tavern. It was a pleasure meeting you all." He bows low, as do his pups and hounds, then they make their leave.

A small blonde haired woman enters the gardens again. Her dress is plain but modest today as she pulls the cloak around her tighter against the weather. The sight of the garden still full of nobility and almost backs out until she sees a certain lady she recognizes. Green eyes brighten as she sees Nylie, Dwyn watches Adlivun leave with the animals and offers him a small smile before she curtsies to the noble, "My ladies, my lords. I once again did not realize it would be so busy here."

"I will put the thought in Roslin's ear, but I know not how she might receive it." Elisabeth responds regarding the dogs before looking to Robben and smiles, "Now such a fight would have been interesting to see. If what I hear is true, good fighters all." About this time her maid comes up and whispers in her ear. Elisabeth nods and sighs softly, "It seems I am needed once more at the keep." She turns to her brother and rises up to place a kiss upon his cheek, "If I see you not before you sail, may you find your way to safe ports and come swiftly home again." There is an earnestness to her words as her fingers grip his arm briefly before releasing once more. Duties call and she is away.

"Good fighters, that is true," Robben replies, before he offers a brief smile to Elisabeth as she takes her leave. "It was a pleasure to meet you, my lady," he offers, before looking around again, pausing as he sees the blonde-haired woman entering. There's a brief nod, but aside from that, he keeps quiet now.

"Good day Master Soven," Eoin replies with an acknowledging nod as the man takes his leave. He makes pretense of disliking the kiss from his sister, as big brothers are more or less obliged to do, but he nods solumnly at her words before leaning in to kiss her gently on the forehead in return. "I will, and it hould only be a week or two, no great adventures this time, I doubt we'll even lose sight of the coast." Well, apart from when it's dark of course. Dwyn he doesn't know, but returns her curtsy with a short none none the less, "good day Mistress." Finally turning back to Nylie he gives a flash of a smile, "from a distance certainly, and in truth I suspect Cricket would be teachingit bad habits in a matter of hours. Perhaps though, something to think about and if my newest cousin decides she wants one, then it might be best for her to choose it out herself."

Trying to picture the little cousin with a dog about has Nylie respressing the desire to giggle. Will not giggle. A glance to the stormy sky above does help keep the giggle from existing. There is a small breathe drawn, least the threat is but clouds and nothing further. Yet. A smile goes towards Elizabeth as she moves to depart,"It was a pleasure, I am sure I shall run into you again soon, Lady Elisabeth." A bemused smile had as Nylie nods in agreement,"True, and Cricket seems to have many bad habits. I have seen some of the results."
Ah but there is a family face that seems to be replacing the two who have departed, a smile is offered to the blonde. A faint incline of her head to acknowledge the curtsey. "It seems many have sought a touch of fresh air." Offering a quick round of introductions,"Lord Admiral, Lord Ruxton this is Miss Dwyn, Miss Dwyn might I present Lord Admiral Eoin Haravean and Lord Robben Ruxton." It probably of some minor note that Nylie's hand rests on Eoin's arm in proper fashion. But with the pleasantries out of the way, Nylie does inquire to Dwyn,"I hope you were able to get the strings sorted the other day. I had just been thinking this morning to send you a message to see if you were free for lunch in a day or so for that spot of playing we had discussed." Explaining briefly for Eoin,"I came upon Miss Dwyn in the instrument maker's shop the other day."

Dwyn smiles and offers both men a rather graceful curtsy for a commoner, "A please my lords and it is a pleasure to see you again my lady. I had hoped to hear from you." She smiles lightly and straightens up again pleasantries over for her as well for the moment, "Oh yes the strings and he managed to reinforce the neck, the guitarra has such a lovely sound with it's age I do not want to replace it so." A long fingered hand reaches up to brush curls behind her ear.

Robben smiles, nodding a little bit now. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Dwyn," he offers, before listening to what's being said now, and staying quiet for the moment.

"I think of Cricket's failings come from being spoilt rotten," Eoin replies, knowing that he is hardly innocent in that, "perhaps he himself might benfit from some of the good Master's training?" A nod is then given in reply to Dwyn's curtsey and he notes Nylie's explaination with a slight 'ah' of understanding. "It would seem that there are many musicians here in Darfield," he replies conversationally, "and we though we were bountifully blessed with them in Greenshire. Tell me Miss Dwyn, what is it that you play?"

"That is wonderful to hear, I knew the instrument was important to you. But I had been thinking lunch at the Riverview Inn, if you were free." Commoners having that pesky thing called work to do, not that Nylie didn't have duties of her own to see to. But some consideration is given to Dwyn on that. "He did seem a spoilt creature the few times I have been there, as rarely did he seem to be taken to task for the distruction I saw," comments Nylie. There is a slow blink of her eyes as she looks to Eoin, realizing something,"You have not actually heard me play yet, have you?"

"The guitarra mostly my lord, though I dabble with the flute and dance with the tambourine." Dwyn replies to Eoin and gives Robben a quick smile in the face of his silence. She adjusts the hood over her head and finally just pushes it down out of the way of her face completely, "No where near as lovely at Lady Nylie I am sure." To the woman mentioned she offers a polite nod of her head, "No my lady and you have not heard me myself, though you are right the guitarra was my fathers."

Robben nods as he listens, unable to hold back a quiet smile. He doesn't say anything at the moment, though, taking a few steps away from the group.

"Perhaps then," Eoin starts, "a better gift would be training for the dog my couins has, rather than a pup for his new wife." As the question is posed he pauses to think a moment then blinks in surprise as he realises she is right. "You are correct, I have not. It was Lady Rorey who was playing her dulcimer recently. If you are of the mind Lady Nylie then I would much like to correct that oversight at somepoint." Dwyn then gets a nod or three as she lists her instruments before he confesses, "I fear I do not play at all, unlike most of my family, but I do like to listen." Robben's retreat is noted, and he raises an eyebrow in silent question to his fellow lord, but doens't look like he's going to push things if he is withdrawing fully.

A faint smile and a modest dip of Nylie's head comes,"You are kind, Miss Dwyn, for not yet having heard me." Though the Eight knew, any who'd heard her play knew how drastically Nylie downplayed her own skills. About to say something else when the clouds that threaten the forth coming storm remain quiet no longer causing Nylie to pale a little and for Eoin to find that hand of her's on his arm suddenly having changed from the normal light and proper hold to a tight death-grip. There is a slow breathe and she seems to recover herself somewhat with the use of all those years of courtly training, even if the grip on Eoin's arm seems to loosen none at all. Words again coming as if nothing at all happened and she doesn't cling to the Lord Admiral's arm as if it were a life line,"Aye, I would be of the mind to change that, my Lord. I know you must have things to see to before you put to sea, perhaps if there is not time, then we can see to something once you have returned."

Dwyn watches Nylie's hand and her eyebrow raises an inch but of course she says nothing. Smiling lightly to the lady again the common woman inclines her head, "I can tell by your modesty you must be wonderful. Only a truly good musician does not feel the need to speak about her skills." A look to the retreating noble and she graces him with a bright smile, "I am sorry to have interrupted you my lord, I did not mean to interrupt anything important." Looking back to the others she gives an apologetic smile.

"You did not interrupt anything important, Miss Dwyn," Robben assures the woman, before he adds, "I've just had so many things to think about lately, and I fear that is the reason why I went silent."

Eoin is not dressed up so warmly that he fails to note the change in the grip on his arm. Given Nylie's brave recovery though he does his best not to draw attention to it, glancing to the newly risen Cri instead he offers, "things to do indeed. I have probably tarredlong enough already today as it is I am afraid. Perhaps this conversation could be moved inside? So that I could check over the various lists, provisions and such, while we talk?" A glance to Dwyn indicates that the invitation is entended to her as well and as for Robben, well he hardly needs vouching for to enter the castle does he.

There is a soft smile to Dwyn,"I find it is easier to allow my skills to speak for themselves, for someone to decide as they would if they like my playing or not. Well and my brother, he does like to peak of them at times." Nylie's grip does finally start to loosen when there is another rumble of thunder and the death grip returns. There is a grateful smile sent Eoin's way at the suggestion made. Though Nylie's maid can be seen encroaching upon the group, knowing to well just where her mistress woulld prefer to be at the particular moment. "Aye, I do think that would be lovely, if it would be no bother to you to have company as you went over the lists? And it would be good to get inside before the storm hit." There is a nod to Dwyn, a bit of agreement in the invitation beign extended to the younger woman,"If you would not have anything pressing." There is a glance towards Robben, though it seems she is the one who has nothing to offer up to him in way of words.

Dwyn inclines her head to the pair of nobles, "I am honored my lady, my lords but I really must be going." To Nylie she says with a bright, friendly smile, "I hope to hear from you soon my lady, and a lunch hour time would be wonderful. I normally work in the evenings."

Robben nods a little as he listens now. "I should probably be getting back to my House's suite. Have a few things I will need to take care of there." Glancing between the three now. "It was a pleasure to meet you, all of you."

Eoin gives the main the faintest of nods to let her know that he's on it, then offers Nylie a reassuring smile. "It would not be the slightest of bothers I assure you. I would suggest it might be a time you could play, but I fear I would not be able to give it the music the attention it deserves." As Dwyn declines the offer he inclines his head to her and states simply, "good day then Mistress," them to Robben, "let us share the walk back then, since our destinations are so close." With all that said he then gently steers Nylie back up the path toards the castle and it's protective walls and roof.

Nylie dips her head towards Robben,"It was a pleasure, my Lord." Inclining her head to Dwyn,"Of course, and I shall have something sent out soon to you, have a good evening, Miss Dwyn." Nylie's maid looks relieved if not our right thankful that Eoin is on top of it. Even if only to regain his arm from the death grip. The maid and Kilgour guards stepping in behind when the trio makes to return to the castle. "I would fear more to distract you from seeing to the final checks you need to, Lord Admiral. I am certain we can see to something upon your safe return." She makes an effort to even try a light tease, even with her hand clinging with a nother rumble of thunder sounding,"Perhaps a reason to even look forward to a return to port." That grip remaining quite firm until they are well into the safety of the castle.

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