Mauritius Island
Mauritius Island as Gangani (Eastern Isles)
Region: Gangani (Eastern Isles)
Kingdom: The Kingdom of Life and Freedom (official), Gangani (Common)
Rulers: Sherer
Wealth: Medium
Population: 50,000
Language: Daereni (Common)
Religion: The Light (Umbra is the patron Goddess)
Demonym: Ganganian (Singular), Gangani (Plural)
Primary Revenue: hard woods, furniture, chocola, spices, food
Cultural Niche: Isolationists
Weakness: Internal intrigues and isolationist views
Fortification: The Royal Tower
Specialization: Defensive Forces
Knights: 50
Soldiers: 16,666


The Kingdom of life and Freedom is located on the most southeastern of the larger of the Eastern Isles, which makes it the furthest island from the mainland of the major islands of the area. The island was settled during The Era of the Empire by a reasonably sized group of settlers led by a distant relation of Emperor Gaelor Manhem named Gangani Sherer. The island is divided into multiple districts both within and outside the city itself. Noble families rule over the various districts and answer only to House Sherer, House Sherer reigns from the heart of the city itself.
Little is actually known to outsiders about the city itself due to their long history of being isolationists. The fact the city itself is called Gangani is known to few outsiders, as the few who have seen the city in history calls it The City of Towers instead, this is due to the large number of towers that dot the large circular curtain wall which surrounds the whole of the city. The city wall can be considered by some a wonder. Since its construction and through multiple improvements over the centuries the walls have never been breached, though admittedly there have only been three attempts to do so. Due to their isolationist history the Gangani people have focused more on defense than conquest resulting in the most skilled defensive force of the Eastern Isles if not more.


The view that the few foreigners to visit Gangani see.


Officially the history of The Kingdom of Life and Freedom began when a distant relative of Emperor Gaelor Manhem approached the Emperor and requested to lead a group of settlers to the Eastern Isles had been recently set up for colonization around 30 1E. Having no reason to question the intentions of one of his own kin, even if distant, Gangani Sherer was appointed the new ruler of whatever land they settled. The settlers then set out and eventually landed on one of the major islands and conquered it and established what became one of the Free Cities.
Only three times from the end of the conquest of the island to the current age has the city of Gangani been known to be attacked and all three times not only were the walls not breached but after those same walls were repaired and improved by adding additional towers. It is for the abundance of towers along the walls that outsiders came to know the city as ‘The City of Towers’ as no foreigner has ever been allowed within regardless of their intentions. As a result of the abundance of towers and a focus on defense, today the walls are arguably the strongest defenses in the Eastern isles if not the Known World.

Little else changed until the year 128 2E when for the first time since its founding. Envoys, diplomats, and the like started to make contact with the other Free Cities to try and establish trade, learning of the outside world, and related matters. It is unclear why exactly this happened but some theorize Umbra Gangani’s resources are depleting, at least those that are not sustainable, which has forced them to begin trading with other kingdoms.
As it turned out, due to their extreme isolationist stance progress has been slow but relations with other nations have developed, mostly in the form of trade agreements. Most recently the Potentate of The Kingdom of Life and Freedom sent out one of his own daughters to the mainland to act as Ambassador to the Kingdom of Mobrin.
There is still a great deal that isn’t know about The Kingdom of life and Freedom or the island of Umbra Gangani, but some things have been learned over time, mostly with those with the longest history of positive relations.


All outsiders only know the island by the name ‘Gangani’. Umbra is known to be the patron of the city for her ‘help’ in allowing them to arrive safely. The various representatives claim that life is heavily prized and celebrated and they also claim the gardens and courtyards of the city are the most beautiful anywhere, but as no one is allowed to visit, this opinion is heavily biased and subjective.
For most outsiders only the Gangani women are regularly seen, as only they are sent to represent their people diplomatically or politically to other nations. The men that are encountered are bodyguards, sailors, or the like. The City of Towers has an extremely strong defense, and those who have established positive relations with the Free City know the city itself is actually called Gangani in honor of the first Potentate, which is their name for King.

The Customs of The Kingdom of Life and Freedom is largely the same as elsewhere in the world. The primary differences are related to religion and a few social developments that have arisen from their isolationist history. The biggest difference is that prayer is seen as a very personal thing and for adults prayers are never publicly said, though to show one has another in their prayers the prayer is whispered into the ear of the one the prayer is for as proof.





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