Inouv 33, 228: Frenemies

Summary: Princess Roslin and Lady Rowena sit down to talk about the future of two realms.
OOC Date: December 23, 2013
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Rowena Roslin 
Laniveer Suites
The Laniveer suite in Darfield Castle.
Inouv 33, 228

A day filled with snow. Fat flakes falling down, blanketing the world and sealing everyone into the indoors, where it is warm and safe and secure. But after so much time indoors, there becomes less and less activity. What to do, how to pass the time? At court, at least, there is always more socializing to be done.

Roslin does not come unannounced. She had a maid come by in the morning to request permission to visit in the afternoon - and as afternoon comes, so too does she. Dressed warmly in a woven blue dress with a long skirt and long, form-fitting sleeves, she is princessly - her hair tightly wound in a crown of red braids and a silver tiarra sitting high there. A sivler eight-pointed star rests comfortably on her throat. When she is shown in, she lowers herself in a bow - respectful to a lady.


So much has happened since Rowena was last seen in the salon several days ago, mostly her having to deal with keeping Elisen reined in and visiting with Ciarrah, their cousin, the one time she came by, keeping her a non-entity for a few days. When Roslin does come calling she’ll find the blonde looking a bit more pale than normal and like her nerves are starting to come unraveled. She’s dressed in a fanciful gown of green and cream, befitting one who is of nobility, the cream found in lace trim at her wrists and throat. Her hair is left down saved where it’s been pinned up at either temple, letting it fall in loose curls she normally keeps held at shoulder length.

Standing, she curtseys to the Princess before motioning for her to sit down, her own show of respect as deep as it always is. “Roslin. It is good to see you again. To what do I owe this visit?” A hand is motioned towards Odelia who goes to see about having tea brought up.


“No particular reason, My Lady,” Roslin says, moving to sit as gestured with a small gracious nod. “Though the sun shines less during these winter days, the hours can seem exceedingly long when one is inside so often as we are of late. I thought I might come and see how you were faring, and if there was anything at this time that could be used to make your life a little easier in our home.” The redhead cocks her head to the side a little, curiously looking over the blonde before her. “But forgive me, My Lady, you do not seem entirely yourself. I had heard that your brother’s affliction was fading, but has it perchance passed to you? If so, you must make it known immediately, and we will have you entirely cared for.”


“As you have been as of late, you mean, Your Highness. Even if it were spring we…” ‘we’ being herself and those who came with her, “… would probably still be kept within the castle proper. Which, while makes sense, saddens me.” Rowena smiles slightly when she says that to try and soften her words but it doesn’t do anything to rid her eyes of the same sadness she just spoke of. “Your company does do me well, though. Odelia is often distracted with duty and has very little time for conversation and my brother…” Shaking her head, she looks down and whispers, “He is stubborn and I find it difficult to talk with him, sometimes.”

When asked if she is alright Ro nods slowly. “I am well, Princess. Just have been fighting off bouts of nervousness lately.” Which has been fuel for rumors as they were bad enough to make her ill and she had to run to her room. Sadly she was not exactly able to be quiet and her being ill has made for some interesting assumptions to be made about her condition. “Nothing some tea and soft food shouldn’t fix.”


“Well, we shall see it done as you require, My Lady,” Roslin says, nodding just a little reassuringly. “And I daresay it is true, that you would not be allowed out of the castle. But this is only temporary for you, and I imagine once the spring thaws come you shall be free to take your leave and return to your father and your home. That is not terribly far away, I daresay.” She nods to her maid, indicating that she will stay, and the small woman perches herself quietly in the corner.

“Is this bout of nerves related to a falling out you have had with your brother?” The Princess smiles a little, almost shyly, and glances down at her lap. “Forgive me for being so forward on the subject, My Lady. Brothers are, of late, something of a soft spot for me. You may or may not have heard the fit my brother Logen and I had in the hallway a few days ago. Positively infuriating, nearly brought me to tears.”


Rowena smiles a little but it is short lived and she finds herself rising to her feet so she can pace for a moment. “At this point I can not say as to whether or not we will be leaving, Princess, as I am starting to get the impression that if we can not better explain why we are here we will be kept for ransom.” Not that such was said openly but with the threats disguised as jokes and everything else, Rowena can not help but to feel that that may very well be the case. A slender shoulder lifts in a shrug, her way of conveying how uncertain she is feeling on the subject.

Turning to look at her guest, now, she is quiet, not sure how to answer Roslin’s question. “No,” she eventually murmurs. “It is everything. I do not know how to put it into word, however. I wish I could but I am afraid the ability to do so eludes me.”

Odelia returns and guides a young maid in, the latter bearing a tray with tea and food. “Odelia,” Rowena speaks gently, “do not forget to taste the tea and food before we’re served.” That causes her lady to blanche but she does just that and sets about making sure everything’s safe to consume. “Your mother suggested we have a taster…” That implying that the Laniveeri’s lives are in danger.


“Mother only suggested it for your sake, My Lady. Your family and mine are not on the best of terms, and many of the people in our realm follow that sentiment. We will do everything we can to protect you, naturally. But a few extra layers … well, it can’t hurt. I hope you know by now that my family has no intention to harm you, and indeed every wish to keep you safe.” Roslin nods her head to the maid then, with a gracious little smile.

“I am sorry to hear that it is so difficult, sometimes. I cannot say that I disagree. I do not know your brother, nor what he is like, but mine share my stubbornness. Two rams crashing; that is how it seems any time two Kilgours are opposite each other on a thought or an idea.” Still, despite all of this, Roslin smiles fondly. “I had hoped to make his aquaintence, your brother’s that is. Perhaps next time - tomorrow if you would care to have me stop by again. I do not wish to overstay myself.”

The Princess nods again, tilting her eyes downward to think and consider some silent thought for a moment. “Perhaps I may be of assistance to you, Lady Rowena. Although our differences are great, I think we are both interested in seeing some dialog between your family and Mobrin. I know my family, ma’am, and perhaps I may be able to express to them what you wish. Perhaps it is only a difference of culture that keeps us apart, thus far.”


Everything is safe to enjoy and is soon served, the younger maid doing so to make sure Roslin’s needs are met while Odelia serves Rowena with that being made quick work of since two sets of hands pour tea and puts the little cakes and sandwiches on plates for the noblewomen. The maid then disappears, exiting the room quietly, while Odelia tucks herself into a chair in a shadowy corner where she’ll work on some needlepoint until she’s needed again.

“I understand why it was suggested,” Ro murmurs before she takes a pastry, a small little thing made to be enjoyed in a bite or two. It is rich, whatever it was, and she has to take a sip of tea to help get the sweetness that lingers down. “I know there is hostility on both sides, Roslin. I had prayed that such would be put aside for the sake of perhaps finding a way to bring peace between our peoples. Shame that doesn’t seem to be the case.” Her hands are set upon her lap and she laces her fingers, the tension in her body ebbing slightly.

Roslin’s offer is mulled over before, with a little sigh, a shake of her head is given, it done so hard enough to free a curl from her hairpin to hang free against her left cheek. “I tried. I tried to explain it to you, to your brother… I understand that my lack of further purpose for being here is frustrating for Tyrel and I am sure it’ll be such for your father, the king, but what am I supposed to do?” Her voice rises in pitch although not in volume as she speaks, mirroring her near-panic over this subject. “I can not lie and make up reasons for being here, Princess. I can not… no, I will not do that as to do so would put us in a bind. I can’t sit here and say we’re here to negotiate peace as to do so would anger my father and possibly go against his reasons for us being here.”

“There is a war on. One that we did not start, I must say. I am sorry to say it - I did not intend to come in and speak this way to you. My only desire is to give you ease and comfort while you are here. But if it must be spoken of, so it shall be. This war is not of our making. These people have no need to forgive, when there is nothing to forgive for. For peace, perhaps. But you have just said that you do not offer that, so why should they forgive?”

The Princess sips from her cup, her little slurp gentle and silent. She savors, swallows, and lowers the cup to her lap. Each movement is smooth and graceful. “Tyrel is a man of action. He will not sit and speak with you niceties. He will speak of battle plans, of diplomacy, of engineering and science and prayer - but only in it’s proper place. He has no need of you for engineering, or science - nor you him. No, you require each other for diplomacy. And diplomacy he will expect - treaties, arrangements, actions.” The girl pauses to sip her tea once more. She remains calm, composed, even a little warm as the chatter moves on.

“Your father truly gave you no words to say to us? He set you, his children - one his heir - on a boat, forbade you to make peace, but said nothing else?”


This is beginning to hurt Rowena’s head as she has her jaw clenched tightly now and she has to remind herself to stop grinding her teeth together. “For what feels like the hundredth time I say this, no, Princess. I did not have any other missive given to me save to open communications between the Royal family of Mobrin and that of Laniveer. As I also pointed out, I believe my father was hoping King Callem would take the next move and send message to him…” Her hands slide behind her back and she fidgets, trying to keep how she does so from Roslin. “But it seems like it’ll be on me to write Father instead and tell him of his folly and to chastise him for putting my life and that of his only son and singular heir in harm’s reach.” Such bold words but at this point there is too much to lose. Makes worrying over polite phrasing silly.

Taking time to assess her next words gently, she ponders. “I will write a letter and present it to either your brother or father, depending on whomever it is I shall see next. I will let them see what it is I will send as letter to our father…”


Roslin smiles a little. As if both men wouldn’t see such a letter anyway. “My dear, do not upset yourself,” the redhead says kindly. “Perhaps we may yet find a solution to this predicament. And perhaps you shall have more influence than you even thought, in such a scenario.”

Roslin leans forward to set her tea aside on a small table, letting her hands fall onto her lap. She remains forward a little bit, to speak a little more quietly.

“Father is to send the first missive, that I understand. But what missive, do you think, your father would like to hear? What words from the King of Mobrin would you father be interested to have before him? If we know, at least there we can start to have more fruitful diplomatic discussions.”


Roslin. Gods, Rowena could just hug her right now and even entertains doing so; only the fact that she does not know how such will be received by the Princess keeping her from embracing the younger girl. “I am sorry, Roslin. I do not mean to be so tense. I try to be calm and to keep an aire of diplomacy around me but it is so hard to do so when I feel like everything could come crashing down around us all if one makes even just the slightest mistake.” They are not alone but everyone save the two of them is forgotten, the only ones here being Roslin and herself, in Rowena’s mind

Now feeling a bit more at peace, Ro is able to think a little more clearly. “I do think all my father would require at this point is a letter letting him know that your father and brother are open to further conversation. They do not need to offer peace or anything else they might not be ready for, Princess. All my father would require is the knowledge that talks may be possible sometime in the future.” All that said, Rowena sits back down and takes up another pastry, this one eaten more slowly than the first.


Roslin purses her lips a little. “I beg you, My Lady, do not too greatly feel the need to stand so highly on ceremony for me. I am not here as a diplomat, but merely as a hostess. If there is any way I can make your stay more smooth, I shall - and that includes dealings with my Father and Brother.” She nods, reassuringly.

“I do not mean to scare you, My Lady, but I do not think such an opening would be terribly welcome to my family. Your father’s emissaries come here, but offer no word, and yet expect one in return? I fear the words you shall get shall not at all be condusive to peace. Without any parameters, they shall be enough words to continue things as they are. But … perhaps you could change that.”

Roslin lets that possibility settle in her own mind for a moment, as well as in the room. “May I ask, my Lady, of your brothers’ thoughts on all these matters?”


“I appreciate that you’re willing to do this, Roslin. I am sure it does not make you happy to be tasked with…” Roslin finds a napkin on the tray and uses it to wipe her fingers clean, the piece of linen then set nearby, well within reach. “I am sure our being here is a strain on you as it is for every other person of Mobrin. I do hope it can be smoothed over, eventually.”

Reaching up, she fixes the loose strand of hair so it’ll stop tickling her face, her expression kept carefully blank. “Then I do not know what to do, Princ… Roslin. All that comes to mind now is to send my brother back home and try to get him to talk to Father and to stay here and try to keep minds open to negotiation if such will be possible.” Not that she believes such will happen. Not with how horrible everything is going.

Balking slightly when Elisen’s asked about, Ro looks from side to side before whispering, “He has voiced how he feels we’re being treated with disrespect but he… I think he’s frustrated, Princess. He wishes we could do more as well, I believe.”


“I daresay better should not be hoped for. If you wish to truly find a path to negotiations, My Lady, you shall need to find some negotiations to have. For now all you are asking these people is to forget the crimes that have been committed against them - and for no reason. Such forgiveness would not bring peace. You have said so yourself. I am afraid things will not get better unless they are made to do so.”

The Princess, it seems, has given this matter a bit of thought. Her words flow easily and comfortably, but softly enough that even in such a crowded room the pair may yet have a feeling of privacy. “I have not been tasked with having these conversations with you - or any, really. I come because I desire to do so and for no other reason.”

“The first question that we must answer is what manner of negotiations do we wish to see move forward? You are in a unique position here to do just that. While your father has not authorized you to enter official negotiations concerning peace, continued war, prisoner exchange, trade regulations, or anything of the sort, these are conversations you may still have I think. And you may set the tone for them. What is discussed you may send back to your father for his reflection, and to see if he wishes any of those topics to move forward into true and official negotiations.”

Roslin cocks her head again, and goes quiet to consider. She does not seem to mind the quiet hanging in the air, even as it hangs there for some moments - seconds ticking by.

“May I ask, My Lady - if you could have any goal achieved through these talks, what would they be? Do you desire peace above all? Or victory for your people in war? If it is peace, what kind? How is it brought about? These questions may help you discover what talks you are interested in having with my family, and how they should be presented to your father.”


The reason Ro has been hesitant on speaking on negotiations is because to do so would be defying King Eldwin and while he might not see it as treason against the crown of Laniveer he might see it as a personal attack. If there is one thing that is one hundred percent true about his daughter is that she loves him and she does not want to do anything to defy or attack him. But, on the other hand, he has left her in a very horrible position to be in and it just might be questioned as to whether or not he is worthy of such love and loyalty from his youngest.

Her lower lip is trapped between her teeth and chewed upon while she thinks, her mind having quite a lot to be worked over. Makes for a bit of silence for awhile, her head slightly bowed while she considers. “I desire peace, Roslin. That should be of no surprise. But the one way… the only way that’ll happen is if my father willingly lays down his crown. And he’d sooner let the war go on forever before he’d allow for his crown to be surrendered.” There’s a slight huff, a hushed sound of surrender of her own, Rowena coming to a conclusion. “As much as my brother desires to wear the crown and assume the throne, perhaps it is time for… this is not easy to say, Roslin. But perhaps there is no way for peace to be achieved in this lifetime. Or the next. But I will do what I can to find a way for all involved to be happy.”


Roslin listens. How can she not? The words she is hearing - well, they are amazing to hear. And for a moment, Roslin doesn’t seem to know exactly how to respond to them. So, instead, she leans forward to take up her cup again and to take a sip, lowering it to her lap and staring into it’s depths. After a few moments of quiet, she lifts her eyes and speaks softly.

“I appreciate how very difficult that must have been for you to say, My Lady. Such words would choke me, as I imagine they have just done to you. Take a deep breath - they are said now, the danger of them is passed for the moment, and they are safe in my keeping.” She tries to give the girl a reassuring smile.

“There is no way this war shall ever end with everyone happy. Your father or mine shall win it - and many sons and fathers and brothers and lovers will die no matter which of those should happen. Our goal is to support the side that is righteous and to spare as many of those men as possible. It is a great burden, particularly for women, but it is there and we must accept it.”

“Either way, you must support your father. Your heart is similar to mine, I think, and I know where mine would stand. I imagine yours must be similarily positioned. Perhaps peace is too difficult a place to begin. Perhaps, instead, discussions may begin to settle matters of prisoner exchanges, or etiquette toward neutral countries in this war. Some things that, perhaps, a full discussion may move forward on. And in that time you may see how relations stand - you will be those relations. With each word to my brother and each letter to your father you will influence how those negotiations stand. And if you find some point when you may begin to press for peace, if that is what your heart urges you to do, I would urge you to follow it. Knowing my father’s position, yours, and the state of the war.”

The redhead smiles a little, shyly. “I know that may seem quite empty advice, for it offers little easement for your current pain. I am young, and have little experience in these things myself. I am sorry I cannot offer more.”


It is all good advice and for a moment Rowena finds herself disbelieving that Roslin is younger than she is, the level of wisdom being shown making her seem so much older and smarter than many girls her age are. “It is difficult to sit here and try to find ways to go against my father’s orders, I will not lie. But I feel that such is no longer something that should be worried about. I asked to help but he gave me no tools to do so with and because of such I feel that it is my job to instead work towards another goal.” Eldwin and Elisen both would be displeased to know she’s now actively thinking of ways to go against their king and kingdom but what choice does she have?

Her hands are busy again as she takes her cup but she doesn’t sip from it yet. “Prisoner exchanges would be a good place for us to start, I do think. I will bring that up upon my next meeting with your family, Princess. Thank you.”

She can not help but to laugh a little and she reaches out to give Roslin’s arm a quick pat. “Your advice is anything but empty, Roslin. It was very good. I needed to have someone show me other ways to go about how to do this as well as snap me out of my fear of going against my family.”


Roslin shakes her head. “I do not think you go against him. Certianly, I would not consider it as such. Unless the directions he gave you were different, he ordered you to open lines of communication. And that is all you are doing - selecting the topics which shall begin such communications.” She seems about to say more, but reels herself back. So instead she nods, settling back into her seat a little bit.

“My brother will respect it more, I think. To have some topic which to speak with you on. Although I would recommend to avail your brother of some knowledge of prisoner exchange processes and etiquette if you are not familiar yourself. For my own part, I am not, but a man at arms likely has some knoweldge of the topic.” Roslin seems done dispensing advice then, and instead moves to leisurely finish her tea.

“We all do what we think is best, with what tools are given us. Your father, mine, yourself and myself and my brother and your brother. Everyone. We make what we can with what we are provided. There is no shame in that.”


Rowena does not want to speak ill of their father so she merely nods, not going any further than to convey her eventually agreement with Roslin. When she does speak again it’s about her brother. “I will be sure he reads up on such matters. As my adviser, that probably should be a task best left for him. He can then, in turn, do his job and tell me how he believes we should broach such a subject and make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible.” It is debatable as to whether or not Elisen will be wanting to do this but he really doesn’t have a choice in the matter.

Her tea is finally emptied and the cup is set down, her free hand used to wave off Ophelia before she can get up to serve her more. “While your words are soothing I do have to say that I believe you’re the only way to feel the way you do, Roslin. Everyone else has been acting as if I have been led astray by my father and should be shamed by how little preparation he has given us. Reading about politics and diplomacy is all fine and dandy but it does not prepare one for having to talk on such subjects… if only Father had allowed me to witness negotiations and talks of politics when I was a girl. But Mother and he both hoped to shelter me…”


“We are good people, My Lady. And my brother is a far better person than I could ever hope to be. I know it is difficult to see, now, but the Kilgours are a strong, proud, honorable, faithful, and sincere family. Perhaps they believe that your father left you ill-prepared for the task before you. But then, to my ears it seems that you believe the same. If that is true or not - it does not matter now. What matters is how you move forward with this opportunity before you, and what good you could do while doing it.” Roslin lowers her head, respectfully.

“For my own part as I said, I only wish to maintain that any guests in this home, be they diplomatic or otherwise, have everything they need to enjoy a fruitful stay. If, in your case, this means that I assist in helping you better understand my father and brother, so be it. No matter what happens you will know what manner of people we are.”

The Princess nods to her own maid, who begins to rise. Roslin does the same, keeping her back straight and her hands clasped before her. “I will leave you now, I’ve taken up a great deal of your time. But I should like to have the opportunity to dine with you and your brother, when it is convenient.”


“I just wish I could say the same about my own father, Princess,” Rowena laments. There was a time when she felt her father could do no wrong as many little girls seem to think about their own fathers, but now she has doubts and to say they have begun to plague her is an understatement. “I just hope that my own actions and those of Elisen are honorable.”

Slipping easily onto her feet, Ro curtseys before the Princess leaves. “I will get message to you soon, Princess Roslin. We can sup here where we can talk in peace, just us three.” Her head drops in a slight bow to go with the curtsey before she rights herself. “Do be well, Roslin.”


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