Thedor 7, 229: Frail No More

Frail No More
Summary: Draventa's improved health lends enough strength for a heated conversation with her halfsister Emerit.
OOC Date: 07/01/2014 and 08/01/2014 (OOC)
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Emerit Draventa 
Moniwid Suite
The first thing usually noticed about this room is the sense of openness, as it is not laden with heavy furniture. The floor is a soft grey marble. One wall features a huge window, taking up almost the whole wall and showing a lovely view of the horizon. To the right of the window, there is a stone fireplace decorated with amber and some old carvings. There is an incredibly cozy couch in front of the fireplace, in a dark brown cotton type material.
In the middle of the room, there is a burnished oaken long table with eight matching chairs. There are eight crystal place settings ready for use. A wild flower centerpiece has been placed on the table as decoration. The floor of the dining area has been covered with the prey of some hunter in the form of a brown bear fur rug.
There is a smaller wooden door, leading to the Grand Duke's Room, on the left wall of the room . On both sides of the door, small candles are available to provide light when it is dark. There are also candle sconces on the other walls and a candelabra on the table. Above the fireplace, the prey of some other hunters resides: two deer heads with beautiful antlers can be found, one to each side. Between the deer, the edges of two sharp, crossed swords glint.
7th day of Inouv, 229

A late winter morning it is, the weather is freezing and fair, and Emerit Moniwid is enjoying herself at the Moniwid chambers, sitting on the sofa right before the fireplace. Her legs stretched to the side, and yes, her bare feet can be glimpsed below those dark green skirts of hers. The shoes lie somewhere on the floor nearby, while the Mist of the Island leans to the side, her chin supported by one of her arms, fiery red hair falling openly about her shoulders, her mien… slightly pensive. Through the silence of the morning only a low humming can be heard, a humming that slowly increases in volume, and when it does, the melody can be easily recognized as an old popular song of her home, Rustles Island. In a seat nearby sits the handmaiden Yulanda, and beside her Valaria, the chaperone. Both are busy with needlework it seems.

Draventa comes out of her room, her own handmaid Alice with an arm hooked in her's, The maid seems to be lightly chastising Drav, "If you'd just slow down, you wouldn't exhaust yourself. No one is expecting you to be running around." The Princess looks tired, but better than before the Temple incident. She's dressed in a heavy gown, most likely something Alice picked out. Even with her new found strength, Drav puts off the feeling of begin frail. "I'm alright, Alice. Just let me rest. I wouldn't be so tired if you'd not put me in dresses that weight as much as I do…" She does slow when she sees who's at the fire, but she's already half way there. With a deep breath, Drav forces a small smile, "Good morning Ambassador." She makes her way over to sit near the fire.

"Draventa." Emerit looks up and she smiles when she notices her halfsister. She straightens, pulling her feet up beneath her, leaving enough space for Draventa to sit beside her if she should feel so inclined. "Good morning. You look… well indeed!" The redhaired bastard princess lets her moss green gaze linger on the frail Moniwid for a moment. "Tired… but well." Her voice is friendly, yet there is a slight tremble to it, maybe from her surprise at Draventa's state.

Draventa sits closest to the fire, if that's next to Emerit or not, it doesn't matter. Her hands are held up to the fire to warm them, "I went walking last night, so I am tired. But I am well." Pale eyes turn to look at Emerit, a spark of blue flashes in them before they're back to that almost gray color, "How are you?" There's an odd tone to her voice as she studies the girl in front of her.

"I am… well enough. Thank you." There is another suprised flicker in those moss green eyes. Emerit shifts a little in her seat, as she studies her sister most attentively. "And I hear you are as well? You've recovered remarkably fast, haven't you?" Her gaze shifts to Alice, but only momentarily. "How are those snake bites, dear Draventa?" Her hands fold before her in her lap, as she tilts her head a little to the side.

Alice drops her eyes, suddenly interested in Yulanada's needle work. If Drav notices she doesn't acknowledge it. Instead, she stretches her thin fingers out towards the warmth of the fire, looking at the red head. "I have. It seems I've been given a gift." A very small quirk of her lips, hard to tell if honest or ironic, "They have left me."

Emerit's eyes widen when she hears Draventa confirm what she might have already have heard from other sources. "They have left you? A true miracle indeed!" Her hand reaches for her sister's, as she leans a bit closer to her. "Blessed by the God of Light himself? I find it hard to believe, but it is the only acceptable explanation," she mutters, pensively.

Draventa keeps her eyes on her half sister, "Yes. It is." A miracle. Drav's eyebrow raises, it's hard to tell if it's at the hand reach or the statement of disbelief. "It doesn't matter if anyone else believes it or not. I'm healed. Very few have believed in me in the past, I find it no burden now if no one has faith in what I say or have experienced." There's that tone again, an oddness. Not quite happy, and not quite mad.

Emerit smiles, her eyes sparkle at Draventa's answer, and her hand lets go of her sister to move to her own fiery red curls. "A miracle, aye. I am glad for you, sister, I really am. But don't say I never believed in you. I… do not distrust your word, why should I? It is just… it is a rare gift that has been bestowed upon you, Draventa. It makes you special indeed, to have been blessed by the gods, whichever had their hand in this… Sess, even." Emerit apparently hesitates before she finally admits that. Her green gaze lingers on Draventa, as she notices that slight oddness to her tone, maybe. "Are our hosts aware of the blessing as well, my sister? Have you spoken to any of them yet?" Priests, or even some of the nobility?

For a big part of her life, Drav's been disbelieved. Told not to talk about things. No wonder everyone things Drav's head is in the clouds. Emerit may not even be aware of the extent. "Distrusting someone's word…Is there anything more hurtful? To take someone's promise, and believe it. Isn't that what is supposed to happen?" Drav's not particularly makes sense right now. "Oh….The Queen knows. She came to see me almost directly after you did. I'm sure everyone who needs to know in the castle does. And I went to the Temple to speak to a Priestess."

"It was you who started to speak of distrusting, disbelieving…" Emerit mutters, unsure on how to react to Draventa's remark. "We've never been really close, Draventa. It's no secret. None of you… have ever been particularly fond of me. Not that I would hold that against you, of course." Her voice trails off, and she lowers her gaze, the fingers of her right hand moving once again to her ambassador pendant. "Yet, I believe you. How could I not?" One brow is raised however at her frail sister's remark about the Queen. "Oh? She did indeed? How very considerate of her…" A curious spark has entered her eyes, and the expression in her mien clearly shows that thoughts are starting to race through her head. "Now that is interesting." Then her moss green gaze focuses once again on Draventa. "What did the Priestess tell you, I wonder?" The question more a polite one, as her interest in political developments seems to prevail over religious considerations.

When she really wants to inquire about what the Queen said, actually, but fears to appear as too blunt.

A tilt of her head, and the island princess's face is unreadable as she stares at Emerit. "I know we are not close. What I meant was if word is given, I would still take it to be true. I would not lie to you. You are the Ambassador to our Island. And you would not lie to me. Correct?" The lack of emotion in Drav's voice is almost disturbing. This feels almost like a set up. Blinking, her head lowers, but her pale eyes stay on Emerit, "Yes, the Queen is very considerate. She seems worried over me." There's a few moments pause, "The priestess said I was blessed, given a gift. Wished to speak to me more. I may be helping to re decorate the Temple."

Emerit straightens, and she tilts her head as well a little to the side, while her eyes continue to study her sister. "I would not lie to you," she confirms, her mien pensive. "Draventa, you sound strange. There is something about the way you speak…" Her gaze is lowered at once. "Still… these are great news indeed. I will write at once to our brother, the Grand Duke." A pause. "The Queen being worried over you? That may be a good sign after all, meaning she starts to include you in her considerations and plans for the future." There is a confidence in Emerit's voice as she reaches once again for Draventa's hand. "It can't be bad, can it? That you have been marked by the highest God of Light himself. She cannot do otherwise than consider you as… a potential match for one of her offspring." Frail Draventa does not seem that frail anymore. Certainly she can take a bit of truth in her current, enlightened state?

Draventa's eyes narrow slightly as Emerit mentions the Grand Duke. "I would have assumed you'd already have a letter started for him." Drav doesn't pull her hand away, but again doesn't move to take Emerit's hand either. "I'm glad that Sess healing me fits in so nicely to your plans, Emerit." She'll pull herself up straighter, her voice cold and flat, "I only have two questions. Which son are you negotiating me to be betrothed to? And is this just your doing, or did Mantilo go against his word to me as well?"

Emerit will let go of the Moniwid princess's hand again, her mien now showing a blend of different feelings, disappointment, surprise and through it all her loyalty to the Ruler of Rustles Island will shimmer. "You said it already, sister. I'm the ambassador, which leaves me with duties, whether I enjoy them or not. Can it be so utterly wrong, when that Queen that you mention as having been quite nice towards you, considers you? I… can't tell you really, especially not at this early stage when nothing really has been agreed to. We might still end up with nothing at all in the end but empty promises." The young maiden sighs, her shoulders rising and falling as she draws her breath in, and lets it out slowly. "Take it as you wish. Continue to believe it is just me, the evil bastard sister, that wants to take her revenge on you. When it is actually our beloved home of Rustles Island that demands your loyalty. Marriage should be a low price to pay. I'd pay it willingly myself, were it not for my… less than agreeable stance within the family. Remember it is you, who is of proper royal birth, whereas I'm but a bastard… princess." She smiles though at the question and shakes her head. "Which of the princes you wonder? Not the child, but the grown one. I would think. He's in mourning though, his heart is wounded and in need of… a special someone… Someone that has been blessed by the Gods, maybe." The Mist of the Island lowers her gaze, and lets out a low chuckle. "You haven't met him yet, have you. They say he is a charming one. Even I have only seen him from afar."

"Mantilo gave me his word that nothing like this would happen without my consent, without my consideration. I told you, and you said very well. You even asked me if anyone had caught my eye. What would you have done if i said yes? I had to hear this from the Queen herself!" All calm demeanor is gone, Drav's clearly mad. An odd emotion to be on such a frail looking face. "I take it as you have broken our brother's promise to me. And then continued to lie to my face, playing games like a child. You are our Ambassador. I should have been able to trust you!" Drav's lip actually lifts in a small snarl, "It was not out of some childish tantrum that I did not want to be wed." She'll stand up, her eyes flashing, "I could barely walk without pain, could you imagine what having a husband would be like? I was terrified. Did you even even consider that as a reason? Or did you just assume I was being selfish? My head in the clouds?" She'll pull herself up to her full height, not that impressive, but with her anger flying about her, she looks a bit frenzied. "I don't care how charming he is. Betroth me to whom ever is best for the Island. I want as far away from you as possible." Alice, who's been watching wide eyed, isn't sure what to do so she stands, but doesn't move forward. Drav sways slightly, but her anger seems to be keeping her upright for now.

"Mantilo may have given you his word," Emerit retorts, rising from where she was seated, not caring she does not wear any shoes as she stands on the cold floor with her bare slender feet. "I have given him mine as well." She is of slender physique as well, although her face radiates with colour now, marking her as the healthy bastard princess, not the frail one, toughened through many years of picking from her half-siblings, resulting in an anger that has been swallowed mostly, buried deep within her; now threatening to break free at last. "I am running out of options, when Mantilo himself suddenly becomes unavailable,… Estevan hasn't been around lately, really. After all it has been Mantilo who has put this whole burden upon my shoulders. Have I… shied away from this enormous responsibility? Have I… declined our brother's bidding? Maybe I should have, but then I would appear as selfish… wouldn't I? As not caring much about the fate of our beloved isle. And Mantilo… I do not want to disappoint the high hopes he has put in me." She lowers her gaze, that is sparking with emotion, bracing herself with her slender arms to regain her composure.

"Forgive me.", she mutters. "I haven't lied to you when I said I was happy you are no longer in pain, Draventa. Regardless of whether it helps the negotiations or not. Nothing has been agreed, as I said." A hint of a smile flickers in her mien, before she lowers herself into a half-hearted curtsey. "Your highness. I shall not bother you any longer with my presence and will retire to my room. You've made your dislike for me perfectly clear. A good day to you." Her gaze shifts to Alice for a second, then to Yulanda, and she moves to the door of her room. As soon as her back will be turned towards Draventa, a new sparkle will have entered her mien. So the Queen told Draventa, before Emerit did even. And before the Queen told Emerit as well?

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