Thedor 24, 229: Fractured Glass and Flipped Tables

Fractured Glass and Flipped Tables
Summary: Princess Draventa and Prince Logen meet for dinner, and things do not go well. Prince Tyrel stumbles in on the mess.
OOC Date: 24/01/2014 (OOC)
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Royal Dining Room
A high ceiling with a central grand chandelier in sparkling gold oversets a large dining table. There is a marble hearth at one side of the room, providing for hot tea and warmth, even to some of the other rooms in the Royal Suite. The table can seat up to sixteen comfortably, though it often enough does not reach those limits. The furniture is made of the most expensive red cherry wood, chairs decorated with golden cushions embroidered with a variety of themes. A large matching buffet and hutch rests against one wall, holding crystal ware, fine china and silverware, as well as anything else that might be required. Several side tables hold decorations, that change with the seasons. Doors lead to each of the Royal Suites, as well as out to the landing. A small inobtrusive servants' door also can be found, though it's nearly hidden amid the understated elegance that makes up this room.
24th day of Thedor, 229

It's evening when the food has been made and getting ready to be put out. Logen is in one of the ornate chairs. His head is leaning back, relaxing since he's been here an hour. He wanted to be early. He's wearing leather pants, a nice off white tunic, with black bands on each forearm. His hair is pulled back out of his face and into a little puff of curls. He has a glass of red wine in his hand and he is swirling it. His one leg is kicked out while the other is almost under the seat.

Draventa comes in, her head lowered as she walks. Her steps are small, like one would be if they were afraid of falling or tripping. Behind her is not only Alice, her hand maid, but a new , older woman as well. Behind those two are the 3 Moniwid Guards. Draventa is dressed in a pretty, but dark dress, the black arm band around her's as well. The seems of the dress have ornate heavy embroidery on them, if one looks closely enough, it's a snake pattern. The dress manages to make the princess look even frailer than she is. Her hair has been pulled back and up, accenting her long neck. Pale eyes rise when she is close enough and she'll bow, "Your majesty…Thank you for having me." While she looks done up, underneath that she looks tired.

Logen lifts his head and sees the group of people. He stands up and looks them over. "Am I to be assassinated?" He puts his glass down slowly and stares at the guards and the older woman. His face going from relaxed to tense and upset. He has no one present as he was hoping to have a nice dinner with a nice lady. He moves to the other side of the table and rolls his shoulders back. He is not amused. "What's going on, Princess?"

Draventa glances over to the group and is clearly not happy either, "I can ask the guards to stand outside, if that would make you feel better. I'm sorry…" She'll shift some, bring her head up. "The Moniwid Ambassador has decided for the sake of propriety, I should should have two chaperons. It is not you, my lord." There's clear embarrassment in her eyes, but she's managing to keep her face fairly blank. She'll stay standing, unsure if he's going to dismiss her, or if the dinner will proceed.

Logen's face gets more and more angry. He walks to one of the doors, opening it and grabbing his guard. "Go tell my father that the Moniwid Ambassador has insulted me by requesting her sister no less than two chaperon's, and guards while I deal with Princess Draventa." He pushes his guard and turns. "The guards will remain outside. Your chaperones will remain at this side of the table and we at the other. Should I so decide to throw my food at them, I might." He walks to the side of the table with his wine and stands there waiting.

Draventa blinks, "Wait..No! Please!" The last thing she wants is trouble. "Please….It's…it's my fault. I'm to have two chaperones at all times! Not just now…" On Light, she doesn't want there to be problems. "Please…Please your Majesty…" Drav turns and motions for the guards to leave, although they look worried at his out burst. Alice looks green, like she might be ill and the other, Lorraine just raises an eyebrow but will move her and Alice to the opposite end of the table. Drav's hands are clasped together, suddenly feeling powerless, again. She'll slowly move towards the end of the table he is at.

Logen shakes his head and frowns. She comes closer to him and he watches her. "You don't get it, do you?" He watches the chaperones at their end of the table before speaking to her. "It's an insult." His eyes turn to her finally. "An insult to my ability to keep my hands to myself and the biggest insult…to my future wife being unable to control herself in my presence. I will not let this stand." He pulls out her chair and waits for her to take a seat. "It's an insult to you and therefore to me."

Oh…then he'll be insulted a lot then by Emerit. She'll pause and again ask, "Please….Please don't. It's me she doesn't trust….not you." That's not entirely true, but Drav will take the brunt of it. "I have a cousin I'd not seen in years. I hugged him, and allowed a kiss to my cheek. She felt that was…unbecoming of me.." She seems almost desperate for him to stop the guard, to not cause this problem for her. She'll step up to the chair and give him a final pleading look before sitting down gently. her pale eyes stay down, looking at her clasped hands.

Logen helps her sit before bowing forward. "Then she needs to be knocked back into place because my future wife will not be insulted." He stands up again and moves to the other side of the table before taking a seat, hands raised for the chaperon's. He slides forward. "You will be a Kilgour and we do not take any slights well. She might not trust you or I but she will respect us." He nods to his chef. "If it makes trouble for you, then you let me know and I will return trouble to her. Simple as that."

Draventa closes her eyes, a silent pray on her lips. She's so screwed. She'll take a deep breath, realizing this is a moment. One of those defining ones.Thinking of the Queen, she replies with only a slightly wobbly voice, "I will do no such thing. If you can't respect my wishes on a matter,then I will not give you arrows to cast at my home land. I may despise her, but she is the ambassador for my Brother." Her head is held high, and she'll make eye contact. "I will be a Kilgour, but I am not yet. I am a Moniwid. And I have asked you for forgiveness. If you can not give it for this slight, know you are holding it against me as well." She's not one to spar with her words generally, so this is a big step for the tiny princess.

Logen shakes his head slowly and watches her. "This would not be against Moniwid. This would be against your sister only." He leans forwards and rests his arms on the table. "My father will already know but I can send word again with a different guard that nothing shall be done of this slight but if your sister insults you again… her and I will have words." He pushes himself up and moves to the door. "Tell father to please hold any actions against Moniwid as it's the ambassador that is the issue and I am being gracious in giving her another chance to avoid insults. So…don't do anything." He turns walking back to his seat and sitting. "Better?"

Alice, the hand maid that looked ill? She looks even more ill. the older woman seems a bit more at easy, like perhaps she's dealt with this type of drama before, and tries to disrtact Alice with some very casual light talk. Both are still ease dropping as much as they can from their end of the table though. Drav watches as Logen stands and talks to the guard. She'll nod, looking unsure at the whole situation. Her voice is soft now, barely above a whisper, "Thank you, Prince Logen." She'll slowly reach for her napkin, to give her hands something to do.

Logen almost growls and watches the food being brought out. "Can you get some ginger too? The little one over there looks sick." He gestures towards Alice while their plates are brought and set down in front of them. "Why does your sister dislike you, Princess?" He puts the napkin over his lap and waits quietly for the table to start eating before he does. "Isn't family supposed to stick together? You are being given to a new kingdom, she should be happy for you or sad to see you go."

Draventa glances towards the two chaperones, feeling no sympathy for Alice. this is her fault, anyway. She'll murmur a soft thank you as her plate is set down, "The Ambassador and I have never gotten along." She doesn't call her sister. If Logen's heard any rumors, he may remember that Emerit is called the bastard Princess, supposedly Drav's father just showed up with Emerit one day, inserted her in the family and off he went again, on his boat. It's also common rumor that Emerit was doted upon my not only her father, but the current Grand Duke, Drav's brother. "I am sure she is happy with the political gain she has gotten for Rustle's Isle. Our two homes can only strengthen each other." Drav keeps her eyes on her plate, not wishing to talk about her sister gaining profit from selling her, but that's what it is. "Do…Do you know the customary betrothal time? Will it change because of the war?" There's a lot of moving of food around on her plate, but very little eating of it.

Logen looks unimpressed. He listens to her and nods slowly. "Yes but it's for your brother not for her. She will never be queen of Rustle's Island." He points out quietly. He stares at the soup that's put in front of him and he's told it helps with digestion. He rubs his stomach and grumbles. "I'm not that big." He picks up his spoon and takes a sip. "No I don't know the time. How long is it? How long do I have to get that gift for your brother?" He takes another large spoonful and sighs. The Prince sits back and stops trying to gobble his food.

Draventa nods, no, Emerit will never be Queen of anything. that may be why she lords over Drav as much as she does. Her brow creases and she'll glance up at the prince, "Your majesty, you are second son to the King. The marriage between us may not be as important to you, but it does strengthen my home." She'll roll the spoon in-between her fingers and shake her head, "I do not know. I have not felt it proper to ask till after the mourning period is over…I would not want anyone to think I was insulting your mother's memory." Although she's fairly certain the Queen would have had everything already planned out. She may have, actually. A deep breath, "Your mother had suggested that perhaps the Rustle's Isle traditions could be held afterwards." She apparently had talked to the Queen a lot about this. "So there was no rush. Your brother even suggested a tournament instead." Her voice and face are smooth, it's hard to tell what she thinks of that idea.

Logen nods his head and grins. "We also owe your people a debt." He speaks quietly and rubs his forehead. "How fortunate for me that I can pay it back by marrying their beautiful princess." He tries so hard to be charming. "I'm sorry. I don't know the Rustle Isle's traditions. Would you please explain all that to me?" He takes another spoonful of his soup. "I'm open to much of anything. This is your wedding. Make it as you wish it."

Draventa frowns, tilting her head, "A debt?" She's not following what he's saying. Drav doesn't feel very beautiful right now, tired and blushing and stressed out. She'll swallow , looking down at he soup, "We have many traditions. Do you means the wedding ones? Most of them are not applicable, as it is an arranged marriage. You are not asking for my hand, it has already been given. there is nothing to prove." She's trying to not sound bitter, honest. "I…I never expected to get married….I don't have any desires I built up."

Logen nods his head and grins. "Yeah the wedding ones." He repeats to her. "I don't want to mess up at the wedding or after or later that night. I don't know all your traditions." He clears his throat and looks at his soup. "My tradition for marriage is to make the ceremony quick and then ride until the next morning. I think this time… I best be more proper." He grumbles this low so only she will hear it. He sips some more of the soup.

"We have the contests, and the the hunt of the treasure. Those are the main traditions. I have started to pen a letter to my mother asking if she would give me one of her necklaces to wear." Drav doesn't sound like she's certain her mother will. And the Logen says that. And the Princess freezes, the spoon half way to her mouth. If it's possible to pale and blush at the same time, that's what the Moniwid is doing. "I…Uh…" It takes her a moment, and deep breath. Trying to grasp at anything that might give her a comfort at this point, "Your brother mentioned that your windows are near the water? Is that true?"

Logen nods and grins. "Well, he will get a treasure. I already have a plan. It's going to be amazing." He chuckles. He grunts at the necklace thing and goes back to sipping his soup. "Yes. I like the water view." He grins at her discomfort. "I'm not going to rape you." He whispers. "Anything that happens between us will be initiated by you. I will not touch you without your consent." He finishes off his soup before sitting up and looking down the table. "Hey… We aren't talking about anything bad, honest." He nods to the older chaperone before licking his lips, brow wagging and winking at her.

It's clear from the princess's demeanor that she's upset with something the Prince has just said. Her eyes are wide and she'll set her napkin down in her lap. "This isn't funny or a game. I…I'll not be spoke to in such a manner." She'll glance down at the two chaperones, maybe glad for the moment that there's two. She'll looks like she's trying to decide if she should just get up and leave or not.

Logen lifts a brow. "How did you read into that negatively?" He stares at her. "This isn't a game to me nor do I think it's funny. This is my life and I am prime to mess up yours too." He pushes himself up, leaving the table. "Because you are the negative thinker I am going to sit at this little table, away from you because nothing I say is taken any way other than I'm the biggest bastard you've met." He grabs his soup and cutlery and moves to the small slave table. He sits down rather upset himself.

It is said that Kilgours on the march can be heard from the far end of the kingdom, this trait is much in evidence as Tyrel throws the locks and bolts that holds his private entrance to the dining room shut. Once all the fastenings are undone the door swings open with the makings of a great bang, except that his penchant for a dramatic entrance disturbed his mother once and she had a padded stop installed so the door just gives a very muffled whump as it rebounds. "…care less, Jasper, if that's the price go and pay…" he cuts off as he looks about. "You'll all excuse me, I wasn't aware anyone was taking a meal."

Draventa's eyes widen, and she'll stand, the napkin tumbling to the ground. "Have you hit your head?!? Is there something wrong with you? To even lets this words leave your lips…." She'll shake her head, upset. "No need to move, your majesty. I'll be taking my leave." She'll turn and give the elder Prince a look, her eyes flashing a brighter blue than they normally are. "I am no longer, Prince Tyrel. Feel free to join your brother. Perhaps he'll speak in more civilized words to you." Drav's two chaperones stand as well, Alice looks about ready to burts into tears, the other is frowning. If not stopped, the Island Princess moves to storm out of the room.

Logen pushes himself up and he actually yells at her, something his brother rarely hears, hell anyone rarely hears. "You act so damn delicate, Princess. You look at me like I'm a damned monster! How am I to take that?" He kicks his chair back. "I don't want to hurt you but you seem to need constant assurances of that because you always seem on the brink of tears! I do not want to hurt you. I never want to hurt you. Yet, you pull even reassurance into a way to harm your delicate nature!" He looks to his brother and he looks so angry. There is a quick shake of his head and the temper in him is rising. He flips the small table in anger.

Tyrel watches the table flip then says, "Princess Draventa, if you and your company will step this way Jasper will show you through my rooms. The nurses have my sons and my sister Laela and I should think they will need some calming after this ruckous has come in through the open door. Would you do me the kindness of keeping them company?" He then turns his attention to Logen, "Be prepared to explain yourself." He then looks back to Draventa, "Once they are calmed if you would do me the favor of returning to inform me it would be apprecited."

Draventa flinches at the raised voice and will take a few steps away as the table is flipped. The maids both gasp and will move over to Drav. The princess looks about ready to bolt until Tryrel mentions the babies. Her voice is shaky, "O-oh course, your majesty…" Bother maids flank Drav and they'll hurry her through the open door the Prince has just come out of.

Logen turns to stare at his brother, green eye's a light with fury. "I don't need to prepare anything!" He snaps at Tyrel. "I tell her I won't hurt her and she still looks at me like I'm this hulking beast that's going to murder her. I tell her I want to make her happy and she looks terrified. I haven't touched her. I haven't hurt her. I have done nothing to warrant such behaviour!" He stands where he is and the anger rises to a boil. "Everything I say is taken wrong. Everything I do is taken wrong. It's like she's expecting me to change everything I've said and completely destroy her! I'm sick of being looked at like an evil creature for the pits of hell." He pulls on his shirt. "I get her a shell from the sea and she tells me she doesn't want to be placated with gifts. I have a dinner set so we can get to know each other and I find out her sister wants to send more chaperones and thinks that her hand maiden and guards aren't enough."

Tyrel moves to look over the table before responding, as he looks over the mess he says "If you've broken anything of mother's I will be quite cross." He then looks back towards Logen, "As for your needs, you are correct, you did not need to prepare, but it would have benefited you to do so. In such preparations you might have realized your error. Should you like a moment of consideration or would you prefer me to inform you of it?" As he speaks he walks around the mess lookin back down to the floor and over those items that have fallen.

Logen seethes. There is nothing of their mothers that was broken as he flipped the slave table he was sitting at. He turns to stare at his big brother. "Go a head. You are keen to tell me anyways. Instead of defending your family, you'll defend another." He growls and moves away from his brother, grabbing a cloth and coming back, crouching down and wiping it up, collecting the things from the mess.

Tyrel says, "We are knights, Logen, sworn to defend the weak. Would you prefer I move to your defense or that of the women near to tears?" He bends down next to him and starts assisting in cleaning up the mess. "Though I do not believe defense is required in this situation, only some explanation."

Logen growls. "Defense? She's not even hurt!" He snaps at his brother. "I was trying to comfort her and tell her I wouldn't do anything to her that she didn't want when we were married. I know of men who force themselves on their wives because it's their right and here I am, like an idiot, telling her I won't do that but gods I am the monster for even saying it!" He grips the cloth and brings it to his head. "She's so damn delicate that I try to ease her mind and she'll find the most negative way to take what I say and throw it back in my face. I can't do this brother. I can't."

Tyrel looks up from the mess and gestures for Logen to take an edge of the table so they can right it, "She is a princess worthy of you, the women you grew accustomed to were not. Like the crystal on our table is fragile compare to the wooden cups in the taverns. I believe you did intend to set her mind at ease, but this is a woman who would never be married to such a man, it is quite possible such thoughts never crossed her mind until now."

Logen grips the table and helps Tyrel upright it. He growls and kicks a cup across the room. "I don't want a princess made of glass!" He snaps at his brother. "I want a strong woman who doesn't look shattered each time I look at her. Gods, how would I hold her hand? With my pinky… With my pinky because any more would snap her damn hand right off! How can I court a woman if she's gasping and crying each time I say something wrong? Step on my god damn foot and tell me I'm being stupid!" He picks up the bowl and wipes up the floor. "I cannot marry glass brother. I can't."

Tyrel rises, "Learning to handle glass would not do you any harm, brother." He holds up one of the larger shards from the glassware that did break. "You are demonstrably lacking in that skill, further what you claim to be strength is more a lack of refinement than true strength." He sets the shards aside then looks about and takes up towel, leaving the rest for the servants. "I've found you learn lessons better when you discover them yourself, but if you should need it I will give you clear proof of Draventa's strength."

Logen picks up a glass shard and drops it on the pile his brother made, uncaring that his hand gets cut. "I know mother wanted this but I'm done." He throws the cloth down. "Sure she'll get married but there won't be children, there won't be love, and I won't be there." He turns and moves towards the door, clearly frustrated. "She's frail. Caitlyn would punch me if I got out of line. The Princess in there… she'd gasp tell me how horrible I am then storm off. Emotional manipulation and I won't have it. Why don't you marry her? You seem to understand her."

Tyrel works the towel over his hands, "That is not an option available to you, Logen, and this tantrum of yours is unbecoming any man, let alone a prince and my brother. Since you continue to ignore the obvious, I will begin by reminding you that your inability to benefit from a woman's guidance with anything less than physical correction made you a laughing stock and remains one of the reasons you command such a small force when you should be preparing to be Marshal. Men simply will not follow a leader who's wife blackens his eye. Further…" He walks to the doorway and calls through it, "Princess Draventa would you and your maids join us for a moment."

It takes Drav a moment,kissing one of the babies on the head before handing him back to the nurses and stopping to wipe her eyes. Looking to the other two handmaids she'll straighten her skirt and walk back through. Alice still has tear tracks on her cheeks. Her head is held high, unsure what is going to happen. She'll not say anything though, unsure what she should even say.

Logen stands there by the door staring at his brother. He doesn't speak back against his brother since he's already calling her in. He puts his hands on his hips and looks away from them both. He tries to calm himself down.

Tyrel dips his head towards Draventa, "Princess, if you would remain silent for a few moments." He then looks to the maids, "My brother and I do not live in a land much populated by serpents, and I do not believe either of us has been bitten by one." He glances towards Logen for confirmation of this, "Explain to us what a snakebite feels like."

Lorraine, the older woman steps forward. Her accent is clearly Morbin. "Your majesty, I've just been assigned to Princess Draventa today. I was not born on Rustles Isle." She'll step back and nudges the younger girl forward. Alice is wide eyed and has to inhale deeply before starting, "Your majesties…It is as if the sharpest, deepest dagger cuts you to the bone. If…" She'll glance to the Princess, who's averted her gaze and is looking at the broken pile of glass on the ground. Alice continues, "If one is lucky, the poison fades after time. I was only bit by a Spirit of the Lake…if was only a few hours, but it is like fire in your veins. You pray for death, but it is not always granted."

Logen brows furrow at Tyrel. He doesn't get what his brother is talking about. Then Lorraine speaks and Alice right after. He shakes his head and looks away from therm all. His jaw tightens clearly trying to ignore the whole situation since he's still rather upset at it all.

Tyrel crosses to Logen, "No, you refused to see what was in front of you on your own, I'll not having you look away now." He steps beside Logen and then points to Draventa, "Look at the woman you thought weak because you did not pay attention. I saw you caper and dance for women that were far beneath you because they acted improperly and you thought their brazen display was some manner of strength. You speak of strength, set in your mind what it would take to bear such a thing, I think you will find it far more than the touch of your pinky, then ask your bethrothed to show you proof of some portion of the strength she has shown in her life."

Draventa flinches slightly, but doesn't move. She can't show Logen…Sess blessed even the scars from her. Her pale eyes slowly go up to look at the men in the room. Alice has a hand over her mouth and looks like she wants to run to the princess.

Logen glares at his brother as he walks closer and does not speak. He turns his head and looks at Draventa but the look in his eyes says it all. He's hurt with this whole situation. He turns his eyes back to his brother and doesn't speak. He shakes his head to his brother. The anger is melted away to hurt.

Tyrel tsks, "Fine, then I will inform you. The princess was bit by a number of snakes that I am told was too numerous to count, while I have not personally looked at her legs Baroness Wenna's report included the information when Sess decided that you, Logen, should have a woman that was tested and proven stronger than any woman I have ever heard of, but should also have a woman who was pure and of good health." He points back to Draventa, "That, Logen, is a woman with the strength you require to succeed, and the sensitivity to ensure that you succeed as a prince should with dignity and grace."

Draventa's never had anyone talk about the snake bites quite like that before. Her pale eyes turn away, landing on the table where the dinner still sits. She'll still not interrupt, if Logen doesn't wish to speak to her, she's not going to aggravate him more.

Logen shakes his head and stares at Tyrel. "How does any of that matter if she looks at me like a monster ready to ruin her? All of that strength and she can't even look upon me with anything but fear." He pushes past his brother, heading towards the door. "I'll be on the battlefield where I belong. If I die, than at least you'll have the strength you want in your family."

Tyrel growls and as Logen moves to push past he pivots pulling his brother around in a circle and thumping his back against the wall. "I require your strength here, Logen, in the family. I have one and one half million men to march to battlefields should I need them, but only three brothers. I need you to be more than you are." He releases Logen taking a step back. "Princess Draventa, do you fear either snakes or my brother?"

Looking back to both Princes, but Drav focusses on Tyrel, "I fear no serpent… I only fear that your brother does not take me seriously. The words he say that are to alleviate my fears? They are crude and something I hope he never speaks to any woman, no matter her station. " She'll turn her head towards Logen now, "The words 'I will not rape you' bring comfort to no woman." Both hand maids let out gasps, for they actually hadn't heard what it was that set Draventa off. "Telling me the tradition you hold for a wedding is a short ceremony so you can ride me all night isn't wooing. It's bar room talk. I'm sorry that I am not what you wished for in a wife. I can not change who I am."

Logen is pushed back against the wall and stares at his brother. "No you don't. You know as well as I do how I'm an embarrassment to this family. The least I can do is fight with the men who fight for our kingdom." He pushes at Tyrel. "Apparently humor falls short as well. See she fears me. Now I'm leaving. Perhaps you can put your squire in the wedding to stand in my place." He shakes his head. "You don't need me, Tyrel. You made it clear you never did. I'm leaving but may peace be with you." He turns and goes out the door.

Tyrel says, "If I did not need you I would have put a dagger in you a long time ago, Logen. I did not hear fear of you in what she said, only fear for you." He does not stop Logen again but he says after him, "You've lost a wife, I cannot imagine how that must hurt, and then mother." He takes a breath, "Go and recover yourself, I will speak with you later, and after that you will do better to court the princess."

Draventa drops her head, eyes going back to the broken glass. She's trying, but failing at keeping her face smooth and emotion free. She's pretty upset by all of this. Once Logen is gone she'll simple say, "I am sorry, your majesty…" Casue, what else can she say?

Logen shakes his head and turns to look over his shoulder. "You will find me where the defenses are weakest." He leaves the room finally and heads to his room to pack and leave for the front lines.

Tyrel looks to Draventa when Logen has left and says, "No apology is required, Draventa. If all matches were love at first sight then there would be little need for contracts and agreements." He looks to the table and the shards of glass for a time before saying, "How did you find my sons and sister, in good spirits I hope?"

Draventa inhales, and bites her tongue, not wanting to say his brother is insane after Tyrel just kinda saved her. "They were all beautiful. You're very blessed." She'll smile sadly, Logen's words ringing in her ears. No children. She'll eye the broken glass as well, the light catches it in such way that seems to draw the eyes.

Tyrel nods, "In many ways, Draventa, many of which I do not understand at all." He considers for a few more moments then says, "Why don't you and your maids join me, I had meant to eat something and it seems that your meal was cut short. My sitting room has been little used since…of late." He changes a touch late but keeps from saying what he wished to avoid.

Draventa hesitates, but the almost slip of the prince makes her heart hurt even more. Her poor cousin. "If that is what you wish…"She'll glance to the two handmaids, Alice giving the princess what she hopes is a supportive smile. "I don't know how much I'm be able to eat, but we would be happy to sit with you and the babes."

Royal Suite Five Darfield Castle
It is day 24 of the month of Thedor, 229 2E - 10:09 PM

This spacious sitting room is simply but stylishly decorated. Finely woven patterned rugs cover most of the marble floors and compliment two white leather sofas arranged to face each other near the center of the room. The wall to your left as you enter contains an oak door on the near portion and a spacious hearth on the far portion, where two additional sitting chairs and a small table rest. To your right as you enter is a mahogany door next to an extensive bookshelf which hosts a collection rich with both art and science titles. Tapestries of places throughout the continent adorn the walls on both sides. Directly in front of you, the far wall is covered with lush foliage, hanging and potted plants collected from exotic locales. The room is kept lit by small brass and crystal chandeliers.


Tyrel leads the way into the sitting room and aids Draventa, then her maids to their seats before taking a place himself. The nurses bring the children over and hold them where they can be observed without being in the way. Tyrel calls his man Jasper over and has some fresh food and drinks brought up. "Thank you for keeping company with me, Draventa. Aside from the excitement with Logen I've also my wife's return preying upon my mind." He looks over to the children then back to Draventa, "You'll not be put into a bad marriage." He says after a few moments, "If my brother should falter, you need not worry over it. He is better than you have seen, but should he not have recovered from the loss of his wife you'll not be made to suffer for it."

Draventa's eyes follow the babies, a smaller, but more honest smile tugs at her lips. "Is there news, of Ciarrah?" She'll turn back, her voice hopeful. oh, if tyrel only knew, even if it is a bad marriage, it's better for Rustle's ISle than no marriage. She'll be looked at as the princess that messed it up. "I am sure he is, your majesty…. I am sorry I was not more what he hoped for."

Tyrel shakes his head, "If you were, then you would not be what we had looked for. My brother does not know his own worth." He then reaches for Ceil lifting the next heir and holding him in crook of his arm. "Ciarrah is set to return in two days, in exchange for Rowena. Princess Nima of the Kundari and her group have offered to act as intermediaries for the exchange." He tests the babe's grip lifting his hand away and seeing how long he can coax him to hold to his fingers, "She is said to be in good health, but I worry."

Draventa doesn't respond about Logen. there's nothing to say. She'll watch Tyrel with the baby a moment , that sad smile coming back to her lips. "I'm happy she'll be returning. I'm sure she's well. The worst thing she suffers from is missing her boys." Drav doesn't know that, but she's hopefully that's it. She'll bite her lip and then softly ask, "May I hold one of them?" Meaning either the other boy, or Princess Laela.

Tyrel nods, "Of course you may." He still seems to be wrestling with Ceil so the nurses offer Tylar and Laela forward to Draventa, "You're to be their aunt or sister soon."

Draventa blinks, unsure how to hold two babies, but will then sit back and let the nurses lay them in her arms. She's not very experienced with little ones, but there's a awe there, and she'll tilt her head to look down at each of them. "It amazes me how light they are." Everything about Drav's demeanor changes and she just looks happy for the moment. With out thinking, Drav starts humming some Rustle Isle tune.

Tyrel watches draventa for few moments then as she seems to settle into the role of holding the children he sits back in his chair continuing to play with Ceil. When the child tires of gripping his hand he wrestles with the babe's feet. Pushing them down as Ceil tries to lift them, then reversing.

Draventa is definitely more a cuddlier than a wrestler with the babies. She'll keep humming, it's obvious she has some voice talent, going from one child to the others in her arms. Alice is smiling softly, a hand on her throat, happy to see the princess calm for the moment. Her report to the Ambassador is going to be not a happy one to write. Draventa sighs softly , instinctively bending to give each baby a kiss on the forehead. Drav will stay like that till the babes are taken out of her arms.

Some time later the nurses come forward to retrieve the children and see them fed and to bed. Tyrel rises and offers Draventa his arm to see her out, "Thank you for your company, Draventa." He looks towards the back room then says, "I hope you'll come and visit again when we're both here to receive you."

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