Sess 26, 229 : Foul

Summary: Shite hits the fan when Brendolyn and Aldren discuss a possible suitor
OOC Date: 12/Mar/2014 (OOC)
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Greenshire, The Road to Slaughter Castle
The road that exits the forest slopes downward, spilling out into a lush green opening. The lands are gently rolling at their most extreme points and perfectly flat for the most part. Tilled fields as far as the eye can see lay to the north, south and the west. The woods near Ashenfell now far off and out of sight. The east harbours the overgrown trees that wind into Sky Forrest. The road itself is plain and not very wide, well trodded dirt about a carts width at best. Sheat often blazes across the sky and Cri's children can oft be seen with her as you get further down the road. The sky is mostly open in the County with ones view often from horizon to horizon save the compliant clouds that bring rain in the spring and nurture these fertile lands.
Sess 26, 229

Making their way now is the Haravean clan and company. A number of carts, horses and surely a descent amount of folks on foot as well. Not the Count though, he is riding his dusty grey charger and dressed casually in brown. His pipe hangs from his mouth and little wisps of smoke escape as he trods along. Harlik is near and the two are talking. "Aye. You should have seen it. She beat him like a dog. Gods, when the woman was done I was afraid he was dead." Aldren shakes his head, a wry grin there on his features. "Let it not be said the woman is soft. No. Surely not."

Brendolyn is among the travelers, dressed for riding in dark blue and black, idly scanning the scenery as they ride through familiar places, fields as far as the eye can see. She seems somewhat content, over her hangover, happy to be heading home.

Elisabeth rose early this morning, eager for the trip to Slauterhouse herself. She too is riding astride her horse, though her puppy is in one of the carts. The first part of the journey had him looking excitedly around but now he just lays curled up in his basket. Her gelding nearly prancing as it picks up on Lis's excitement. She urges her horse nearer to her cousin Brendolyn. "Fair day for traveling. Glad to be heading home?"

Kieryn rides along on his horse, a little worried about meeting Lis' father, but happy to be off and on the road again. Well, he's not sure what to expect, but he gets ready for anything. He does ride beside Lis though and gives her a grin every once in a while as he watches her and then glances to the pup as he runs around them and all of that.

The Count sees his sister now and shoes Harlik off. "We will speak later." He says to the man. Slowing his horse he will come along side her now, a nod given to Lis before he begins speaking quietly to Bre. "Yes. Are you happy to be almost home? Is there anything, or /anyone/ you will be missing? Or are missing already?" He raises a brow at her with a questioning look. "Would you be against returning there in a few weeks?" Kieryn will get a wave now but he is mainly remaining quiet and speaking with his lil' sis.

Brendolyn smiles at Elisabeth when she draws near, "I am very happy to see home again," she answers. She gives Kieryn a smile too then Aldren gets a queer look from her. "You know I am happy to be going home," she answers then blinks at him a little. "I have a few friends…people I do not mind seeing time to time.." Again she looks puzzled, "I thought we were not returning..what are you getting at?"

"I can hardly wait to see my father again. He has heard of Kieryn through letters, but now he will meet him." Elisabeth says with an excitement mixed with nervousness in her voice. As Aldren joins them, Elisabeth bobs her head to the Count though quickly notices its a conversation between the pair and urges her horse forward for a bit and motions Kieryn to join her. "How are you faring? Nervous?"

Kieryn bows to Aldren and then rides over towards Lis as Aldren and Bren speak to each other. He smiles to Lis and shrugs some, "A little nervous, yeah, but who wouldn't be, when they are going to meet a ladie's father?" he grins, "Never know what might happen." he chuckles and then shrugs again, "Well, guess we will see if he approves of me, hmmm?"

Aldren nods to the pair as they make their way off and turns back to his sister. "Oh, I was merely alluding to the fact that some folks may be missing /you/. I had not known you were keeping royal company. I guess that I had assumed you were out riding, practicing your archery or hunting perhaps. Not mixing it up with the Kundaris. One has been quite taken with you it would seem."

Today, Lilly is practicing riding her pony, next to Caedmon, who is presumably keeping an eye on her and giving her little tricks and tips along the way. She's a six-year-old, and any six year old has trouble sitting still, of course, especially side-saddle on an animal that's quite a bit taller than she is! But her mild-tempered pony seems to tolerate her boucing and squirming well, and someone had managed to strap her doll, Lidia, to the saddle as well. The doll sports a brand new dress, which she and Moira had been sewing together the last few days.

Brendolyn doesn't look any less surprised as Aldren explains. "Royal.." she starts then has to laugh a little, "Well I fell on Prince Altair as we danced at the wedding…" then she blinks realizing he isnt just carrying on. "I…do ride and practice archery..the Prince did practice with me one day. What do you mean…taken with me?" shock apparent on her face.

Elisabeth sidles her gelding closer to Kieryn and extends a hand out to him across the gap. "You will do fine. I am sure Eoin has spoken well of you to him." She says holding hands a moment before releasing. Despite her words though there is a hint of nervousness to her as well. She cants hher gaze back to the group following and smiles to see Lilly riding her pony. Perhaps thinking back on the day she got to ride her first pony.

Kieryn grins and squeezes Lis' hand gently and nods to her, "I know, but still, its the first time I'll have met anyone's father. Well, at least in this kind of way I mean." he chuckles and then ponders and glances around and smiles as he sees the little girl riding the pony. "That reminds me of my niece Elly on her pony." he chuckles, "Well, guess that is why I am bringing her pony back with us when we leave Mowbray."

Brendolyn frowns a little, "I fell.." she says. "He was kind enough to take the blame..and he was kind enough to let me ride in his carriage from the Temple.." she muses. "He's always only been very respectable and nice to me," she says with a little bit of a furrow of brows. "What do you mean is that all? I may offend the skirt-enforcers..but I've never done anything actually improper," she says, a little snappish. She starts to say something else then bites her lip and inhales.

Elisabeth looks back to Kieryn and smiles as she notes how he speaks of her niece, "I would love to meet her Kieryn. She sounds like a ray of sunshine. Your face always lights up when you speak of her." She says with a though no doubt to how he might be as a father. "You just need to be your charming self and I am sure father will love you. He would normally be at Corrinth, but he has been managing things at Slauterous while Aldren has been in Darfield."

Kieryn nods and chuckles, "Well, I like to spoil her, though my brother usually just groans or rolls his eyes when I do." he grins some, "But she is a perfect little angel and well, angels should be spoiled a bit, right?" he winks at Lis, yeah, if they have any sons or daughters they will probably be spoiled too. Maybe he'll have retired as a sailor by then, but never know. He still hasn't decided if he should do that once he's married, or sometime after, because he might not want to be away from his family, once they do have kids. Come to think of it he isn't sure how many Lis wants, or if she wants any at all. He raises an eyebrow to Lis, "How many kids do you want?" yeah, he just asks out of the blue.

Lilly rides up to hear Kieryn speak about little girls all being angels, or at least that's what she *chooses* to hear, and grins, giving a little bounce in her saddle. "Yes! I keep trying to tell Uncle Caedmon that all us girls are angels!" She looks back and forth between Kieryn and Elisabeth for a sec, trying to figure out why he asked her that question and where they'd get the children from.

Aldren watches as the little fire gets lit under Bre now, amusement in his eyes. "I did not say you did anything improper. I was mereley asking if you had spent any other time in his company." When she starts and stops he looks to her, biting the inside of his cheek. "Apparently those few times were enough. He wants to whisp you away to that desert filled shite-hole he calls home." Distaste now clear on his features at the thought. She will be a queen sure, but he does not care. Catching a few of Kieryns words now his face reddens a bit but he just shakes his head and pretends he does not hear.

Brendolyn is fairly focused on Aldren and whatever he is about to say, her eyes blinking as she grips the reins and rides with a bit of intensity in her expression. Her eyes flutter wide and she gawks, "He what? Wait. Are you jesting? Aldren it's not funny..he's not..I didn't.." and she just stammers and stutters. "I don't understand, why would you think that? You can't listen to rumors, good grief.."

Elisabeth listens with bemusement at Kieryn's response, "Isn't that what nieces are for?" Then she notes the arrival of Lilly and smiles at the girl, "You are riding so well Lilly and of course you are a little angel." Then there is the question and Lis looks back to Kieryn with a look of surprise at first then a blush then a glance to Lilly and back, "I had not thought of numbers. I know I would like to have some someday though when the god of light wishes it."

Kieryn smiles at Lis' blush, ok he loves making her blush, so he gives her his best rakish and innocent smile. He looks to Lilly and smiles, "yeah all girls are angels. You should come visit my niece sometime she is about your age. You could probably cause a lot of trouble together." he grins mischeviously, well any trouble to his brother can be fun. well just have to wait and see. "I like kids, because they can be fun."

The Count is now growing a bit frusterated. Looking over to Brendolyn he says, "Rumors?! When have you known me to listen to let alone place faith in rumors?!" He shakes his head. Reaching in his saddle bag he goes for…whats that? Take a guess. WINE. A much needed drink now had before he says, "I am the head of a major house. Such things are coordinated through official letters. Wax seals and all that. Do you know what I am speaking of?" He shakes his head some more. Clearly angry, not with her but the situation.

Brendolyn frowns at Aldren and shrugs at him, "I know what you are.." she agrees, and not just Head of House, but she leaves that last part out. "I have no idea what you are talking about.. are you at the bottom of that wine skin already or something?" she asks him in an incredulous tone. "Who told you such nonsense?"

Aldrens eyes flash at Bre now, cold anger apparent. A deep breath is had and an audible grunt on the exhale. "I find it utterly impossible that you were able to stay that sharp tongue of yours long enough for the man to have been taken with you. Or perhaps those savages like their women foul and outspoken. You are surprisingly like your sister Wenna for having spent such little time in her company." His face is reddening more now as he slips the skin back into his bag.

Well then. The gloves are off eh. "You find me foul?" she asks him pointedly. "What do you know of me, Aldren, you still muss up my hair like I'm twelve. I am seventeen, I'm not a child. I don't know what has gotten caught in your craw all of a sudden but the times I have spent with Prince Altair were pleasant so I'm not sure what you're all high behind about, we spoke of his home and his family. What life is like in the desert..I talked of Greenshire. I am outspoken, yes, but my own brother is the only person I know who actually finds me distasteful."

The Count stares at her now and her little outburst that proves his point? No, she is just being all teenagery it seems. "What do I know of you?!" He shouts now, incredulous in his own right now. "I know that in that tiny little head of yours you are still twelve if you are so blind to such things and make such assumptions about my opinion of you. But do not worry, all your pleasant little times can be spent at home now. I knew it was a mistake to take you there." He is pulling off some more head shaking now and his cheeks are pry bleeding in his mouth as he stays anymore words, for now.

Brendolyn sorta stares at Aldren and her brows press inward, "I haven't seen him in weeks, I do not know where this is coming from.." she says in a low tone. "Right, a mistake.. leave me at home, do whatever? You won't be there what does it matter? I can roam the countryside and shoot my bow and do whatever the hell I want.. how is it you think that is some kind of punishment? That's what it is right? I'm being punished for something that I have no clue about and you won't tell me.. that makes PERFECT sense."

For her part, Lilly hears the yelling and yanks on the pony's reins to get him to stop dead in his tracks, almost making people behind her run into the pony. But she doesn't like being around yelling, and so she hangs back until Wenna catches up to her… looking at her wide-eyed, whispering and pointing, "I think he's a little crazy. Maybe he's got an upset tummy."

"I would hope you have not seen him in weeks!" Aldren says posinously. Nothing like one of his sisters to get his blood boiling. "Lets make it years." When she says he will not be there that stings him though. He won't. He can't be. "I just told you. Are you daft? Some desert dwelling sandy piece of shit would make you his wife. Or had you not been listening?" Is he mad that someone wants to marry her? Or just /who/? Who knows. The idea of being seperated from everyone of his beloved sisters in one year is pry not sitting well with him, most likely the reason he had put off such things for so long anyways. Perhaps the backwoods Count was not ready for all that /big city/ life.

Sits there in the saddle tall and proud. Her long hair has been bound up and she is dressed her mauve light wool riding habit that has been let out so it fits her. Her long hair has been bound up. "Enough! I have heard enough! Do not make me stop this pack train and make the two of you sit next to each other and hold hands like you are five. Brendolyn stop picking at his wounds. You both are scaring the children." She takes a deep breath and lets it out. Her green eyes are bright with emotion and some of that emotion is an undercurrent of anger. Her voice is crisp and her Greenshire accent thicker than frozen fog in winter. She reaches down to touch Lilly's head in a reassuring manner. She then says to the girl. "They are just sibling who are fighting and forgetting, most that is said in anger is not meant."

Brendolyn frowns, "But I don't understand why or how you would even think that.." she says, again. "I'm not daft, thank you kindly, and Prince Altair is not a piece of shite." Her mind is racing and her brows wrinkle, "Why would he want me? He could have anyone he doesn't make any sense.." she says with a shrug. "Surely you heard wrong," she says, for some reason now feeling embarassed or uneasy, or perhaps unhappy that the thought of it isn't altogether unpleasing to her. Someone actually likes her? "I'm not going back anyway so what does it matter? I don't know why you're all mad about it. It has to be some kind of mistake." Her head snaps up and around at Wenna, "Pick at his..??" she starts then a fist lifts to tap her own forehead in a moment of frustration. Her mouth closes and she looks to the distance, she'll be home soon.

Aldren is growing frusterated now. "Letters. Did I not mention letters?" He asks her. "Oh, and now I misunderstand. I guess I should let someone else read it since I am surely illiterate." He reaches in his bag and against his better judgement pulls out the letter to hand it to her. He is not one to really keep his beloved family in the dark anyways. "No…it does not make sense…" He says now, a look to his twin and his face seems to lose some of its redness. He grunts. "You stay out of this. If I know you this is your doing, damnit!"

Emma has been, you know, in the background, listening wide eyed to everything that has transpired in conversation. Dressed in a lovely dress of soft mauve perfect for spring, with a petticoat over it she just listens in absolutely shock. And honestly, this is good entertainment. She has been doing whatever in the background, quiet as a mouse, braiding lengths of grass together or something, who knows, she might have wandered in on this conversation five minutes ago or an hour ago.

"Aldren Haravean do not even use that tone with me or blame. How could I do what? I would do no such thing." Her words remain crisp, and tone sharp. "I am the royal healer, I have husband I fret over, I have you I fret over, I fret over our sisters and two children. I would rethink your words that you use with me before you say them." She is showing that she is the eldest Haravean in the group at the moment. Her eyes are bright still and they reflect his anger then her gaze goes to Brendolyn and carries weight. "Young lady show respect for your elders and do not give us looks like that. That is not how you treat your brother or me." When she says that her tone is a touch softer but not by much. She looks to Emma and she offers her a nod of her head.

Bren's eyes fly wide with panic as she grabs for the letter, "Well you can't read the name obviously.. that's from Lord Hadrian and it's nothing, how did you get.." she starts then glances to the letter and blinks. "I mean.. what the hell is this.." she asks, reading it quickly. Her eyes flash up when he agrees with her, that it makes no sense, of course not, she's foul, after all, why in the world would a Prince want her. She looks back to the letter and her big blue eyes well up with stormy tears, shifting the light hue to a darker one. "Are you certain it is from him? Maybe someone thought it would be a funny jest.." she says a little breathlessly. Clearly she's rattled. She reads it again, drinking in the words, maybe memorizing them, then folds it up and offers it back silently, fixing her gaze on the horizon. She merely nods to Wenna, no use trying to explain that he told her she was foul and couldn't believe any may would want her, at least that's how the sentence went together in her mind.

The Count is now growing mad again as his sister chastises him. "I wonder if father ever put up with such insolence." Deep breaths, deep breaths. He is thinking of all sorts of words he would use at her but remains quiet. His head snaps at Bre now when she speaks of fthe Kincaid. "What?" He mouths in confusion. When she hands the letter back he snatches it away. "If it is a jest I will see someone hung." He says sharply. His own gaze now directing itself ahead. Goodtimes in Greenshire! Yes, what a good kick off the little festival is getting now. All they need is Avi to swoop in with some of his smartass comments now to make it complete! Or perhaps for Vic's other ear to fall off. Yes, that would make the day complete.

Emma's mouth is dropped open Wenna. Gaping she is, the young Lady's eyes wide, stormy depths just absolutely taken with this conversation. Does Wenna get a nod? Sort of, more like an awkward dip of one knee, the Mowbray lady sort of just stunned into silence. Awwwkkwwaaarrddd.

"Brother that was not kind and you do not mean that." She moves to ride her horse up to where Bren is. Leaning down she places a hand on her sister's arm. "Bren it will be alright." She tells her in a gentle tone. She then looks to Aldren. "She is truly upset. If you truly mean what you said then I will not speak the rest of the trip unless you deem it necessary." There is still an edge to her voice when she tells him that. Another glance is given to Lilly and Emma.

Brendolyn looks to Wenna when she touches her arm in one of those small moments of being mothered, and it's more than she can manage. A big tear drips over the lower edge of her lashes and slides down her cheek as she looks to Aldren then she swallows and glances to Emma then to Lilly and around. The expression changes like a sudden storm and fear chases the gentleness away, giving her the look of a trapped animal. She pulls from Wenna and then gives her horse a kick, taking off ahead of the group though not in a gallop, just enough to be alone.

Lilly is riding her pony, sticking back with Caedmon and Emma and the rest of the party back there, a good distance from all the bad tempers. She murmurs to her doll as she rides, "I think everyone up there needs a time-out and then a nap, wouldn't that be good, Lidia? A nap. Mmhmm."

The Count looks over at Wenna. He sighs, his anger subsided and Bres looks now getting the better of him. He surely feels like a world class piece of shit when he sees his little sister tearing up now and starts to say something but she is off. He shakes his head and gets out that wine now. Needed it would seem as he guzzles on it. Frowning he looks to his twin and shakes his head in a sad manner.

Calm again Wenna looks at him as Bren takes off. "Brother, give her time and speak with her like she is timid horse in this regard." She explains. She sighs. "I am sorry." She then grows quiet for a little bit and she gets distant look in her eye.

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