Thedor 229: Fortunes Rise and Fortunes Fall

Fortunes Rise and Fortunes Fall
Summary: Aidan comes back to Kincaid Manor to tell the family the news of the Queen
OOC Date: 21/01/2014 (OOC)
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Aidan Lynette Senga 
Kincaid Manor
Before you is a villa style home that is set in behind hedgerows. It is low to the ground and has smooth orange rust colored walls. The roof is made of terra cotta tiles, stacked atop each other. Directly in front is the large wrought iron gate with sturdy wooden slats spiked onto the gate to make what lies beyond a secret. From the gate, the wall spreads to either side and then turns sharply to form a square, at the back of the square, the only raised structure and just barely visible from the front. The 2 story main section of the villa stands directly opposite the gate. In peeking through the wooden slats of the gate, there is a glimpse of a lush courtyard and the open-air rooms that make up the sidewalls, as well as the face of the house proper. Plain and even drab from the outside, clearly this place saves its beauty for within.
The Day The Queen Died

The commotion on Kincaid street was palpable. No one could sleep through the clattering hooves, the shouts of knights, the confusion of men screaming and women wailing. Something of a ruckus had happened, made more apparent by the wagons that rolled by with caskets and the curiously drawn faces of on lookers. Aidan was out, early. Those who would travel back to Lakeshire with him were prepared for his return, that never came… The servants were bursting with worry, fluttering about nervously. Those guards and knights left in the Kincaid Manor had prevented anyone from going out into the streets, barring the doors, weapons drawn as they stood outside to protect the family members inside - as if threat of a riot was possible. Fear had people guessing what had happened, the news was a chorus of 'the Queen is dead' … and other such horrible shouts. The King and his men raced down the streets some time early in the morning and had only seemingly gone back the way home in the late afternoon, following alongside those very same wagons which rolled down earlier, which seemed heavier some how.

Lynette had been up before her father left, to speak with im on a matter, and she also saw him off before going back to help with a few things that was left to still pack up for the trip home. Hours passed, noise was heard, the ruckus caused the guards that were left to make sure everyone was inside the manor and stayed that way seeing what has happened lately with nobles. Lyn did not like this as her father was out there, somewhere and she spent a good amount of the time at the window that would give her the best view of the street. The words of the Queen's death made it to her, she saw the caskets roll down the street and her heart sank. It brought back memories of her mother's death, and the fact that it was the Queen's didn't help matters, it was the Queen after all. At the moment she is left pacing before the window, arms folding in front of her while she eyes the floor, and when movement is heard outside her gaze turns to the window in hope that her father will be returning, though as of yet nothing not even a peep.

Senga was not able to continue sleeping, no matter how much she would have wanted to stay in the warm confines of bed. Not with all the commotion. Not with the words that were being murmured by the servants. Rising with her handmaid providing quick assistance in becoming presentable, at least for family, she makes her way down in a casual gown of deep reds with a paler woolen shawl about her shoulders against the chill. By the time that she joins Lynette at the window, she's determined enough by speaking in sharp quick tones to those servants who answer. The guards are not to be trifled with, given their expression. Not yet anyways. Placing a hand lightly on her niece's shoulder, she asks gently, "Is the rest of the household awake, dear niece?"

Finally, amongst that endless roll of noise outside, is the returning men of House Kincaid, escorting the Duke who, thankfully isn't in one of those caskets. While he does look at the last of the King's men to ride off, his walk is determined, while his face - from the window at least, seems bleak. The guards of the House move aside and those who were in the group with him this morning keep with the others, forming up around the House as if some evil had been lurking and they intended on protecting the members of the House.

The door swings open a few seconds later. A rumpled tunic, sand on his trousers, and the tired near vacant eyes are some indication of an exhaustive morning spent. Yet, the servants at the door that are all a flutter seem to surround him. A young woman, newly hired to the house last year, is the first to get his ire… in the form of a back handed swat, crumpling the poor thing down to the floor with a stunned muffle of a whine for it. He steps over her, not even daring to look back. She spoke to him in a manner that no working woman of a noble house should, lost in the twitter of curiosity and what had happened.

Lynette glances over at the touch to her arm, a soft breath escapes her and she looks back to the window eyeing it and frowns. "Yes Father is still not home." Which could mean anything, her mind is running with things that are a bit dark, what if he is among the ones dead and no one has come to tell them yet? She looks back to the window, catching the sight of her father and moves free from Senga heading towards the door. The swat was not caught, but she does seen the servant on the floor, still her gaze flicks to her father whom she is moving towards. "Father" Her voice most likely carries it all, her worry that he wouldn't be returning after everything she had seen during the day that was going on outside. She pauses once near him, a glance sent across his form as if making sure that he was truly alright. Well, in the sense that he isn't missing a limb or bleeding out.

The opening of the door forestalls anything that Senga would say in response to Lynette, hand falling as she hears the arrival of footsteps followed by the thud of the maid. At least there is comfort in knowing one of their own is alive but in what state? That remains to be seen as she turns for the sidebar, doing what no servant should likely do - pouring a glass of some of the stronger liquor before adding a second glass for herself. Just out of principle. With both glasses in hand, she stands behind Lynette with a look leveled at her brother-in-law before extending one hand holding one drink. "Aidan."

So close to shutting himself away. So close. A few more steps to carry him up the stairwell, to his room in the upper part of the manor. His hand is actually on the railing as he hears her voice carrying to him. There's a long inhale of breath taken before he looks back then, over his shoulder, with those hazel eyes showing a redness that wasn't apparent before. He shakes his head a little, hand squeezing on the railing, as he says in a very self-contained voice, straining hard for it not to show any emotion, seemingly sparking with anger however the attempt, "We're not going home." He stands there stationary for a moment, eyes drawing up toward the top of the short flight of stairs. He doesn't move up. He just stands there, until it's Senga's voice that calls him back to this moment. The light in his eyes is not dissimilar from how he looked when Isys failed to pull through the child bed. The next steps take him back toward them, toward the drink that he reaches out for. Gods. Again. There's little thought to what he does, he just considers the strong liquor once before he shoots it back. It makes his parched throat burn, causing him to snarl a bit. "She's dead," is what he says next, once the glass is empty.

Lynette isn't about to just sit back and /not/ speak to her father, she would have followed him on the steps to his room if needs be. Her hand reaches out to lightly touch her father's arm. At the bit of them not going home she doesn't question it, the look he has is enough to make her worry more so. She sends a glance to Senga and then her attention is back to her father. "We've Heard." She knew that her father and the Queen were indeed friends, though not to the full extent. Still the look Aidan has at the moment is one she knows well, the same look of when her mother died seemingly not all that long ago in a sense and this troubles her greatly.

It's a familiar look indeed. Senga doesn't seem to be plussed about the fact that they are not returning to Lakeshore Hold. In fact, she seems cold and detached. The reality may be quite different, dark eyes observing Aidan intently as she accepts the empty glass if it's provided. The other glass is offered in the next beat, behaving as if she's quite accustomed to carrying on in light of difficulties. Which, she may very well be. "Is there anything you need us to do," she asks with a voice that lends itself to gentleness with just an edge of steel. She's bracing herself for doing what must be done. Thinking can be done later.

"Ahh." Aidan responds distantly to Lynette's admission that they heard, as well they had. The bells would ring for her passing soon if they weren't already. He hands back the glass toward Senga or if there was a servant willing to approach him after the swat given to the maid. "Then I'm to retire. I am not to be disturbed," again, similar habits coming to the forefront. He does wave off the second glass. As for what must be done, he chuckles, a black note from his chest. His chuckles falls rather suddenly however, "No. Nothing can be undone that has been done already. She did not die by my hands, though I anticipate I will be dragged before the King and questioned, regardless." His lips thin into a grimace, "It does not bode well that she died on her way to meet with us. What will come of that, is yet to be seen. Fortunes rise and fortunes fall."

Lynette is quiet for a moment, her hand lingers for a moment upon her father's arm before it lowers, a slight frown seen before she nods. "Of course…" The rest about the king makes her take in a faint breath. "No one here would think such a thing father." Who would think there father would even think of such a thing after all? As for the rest, yes that could pose a rather large problem and she is unsure what to say on the mater. If the king feels it was fowl play with them at the center and cause well There could be a few more caskets wandering down the street perhaps.

Such black thoughts. Be it as it may, Senga accepts the glass in lieu of any servant that might have had the idea to approach the trio. The look that she, herself, may give them might be enough to keep them at bay from what is an intimate family conversation. "I doubt that it will be as you say. Do you wish for Arlen to step into your rooms after a few hours," she inquires, the wording being yet another of many things which she'll have to consider.

Black thoughts, black days to come. Black and bleak. The future is no longer so clear and the storms are brewing. To Lynette, he can only nod, with a numbing sense of dread still lingering. A shake of his head again, "Kincaid's have stood through worse." He realizes that it has and will remain that way, regardless of who is at the helm. He moves forward toward Lynette and places a hand on her shoulder while putting a kiss to her forehead, "Nothing can be done further today for it. We must all prepare for a funeral and any accusations that are thrown our way." He's so tired. "But for a wedding too," he reminds her, to keep her spirits higher in such times of darkness. So tired. The storm was difficult to ride and his ship adrift. "Yes… Senga…. that'd be well you do. It'd be good to see him," he nods his head once more before he turns to the stairs, where he can retire to his room and sleep. So tired.

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