Heraldry for House Forrester
House: Forrester
Kingdom: Mobrin
Seat: Sky Forest
Fortification: Forest Hall
Motto: Honour is the reward of virtue
Colors: Green & Brown
Liege: Kilgour
Vassals: Noble Houses: Rivermist, Horizon,
Common Houses: Skyhawk
Rank: Count
Head of House: Count Harmon Forrester
Predecessor: Harton
Heir: None


House Forrester is one of the younger Houses and has been established for only five generations.

Originally a young noble knight of Greenshire is said to have dared to chase bandits into Sky Forest and in pursuit of them he eventually took up residence at the old abandoned Forest Hall built in former centuries. Once Sir Tomwyck had gotten himself a wife and done much to clear or otherwise tame the worst of the outlaws and witches of Sky Forest, the King of Mobrin granted him a title of his own as Count of Sky Forest. Hense forth Sir Tomwyck renamed his House Forrester to mark the occasion and to set his line apart from his father's House.

In generations since, House Forrester has often struggled with issues of bandits and outlaws of all sorts who take refuge in the great wood. Not to mention witches and superstitious folk who cling to the old ways, still believing in the fae. With time and much effort House Forrester has brought the religion of the Eight to Sky Forest.

The House also works to build an economy by which the people of Sky Forest might know something more than poverty. Agriculture to a small degree, medicinal herbs, timber, and hiring out of the best Scouts and Rangers in Mobrin slowly aids the region.

Harmon Count Harmon Forrester : Count
Trevian Trevian Forrester : Brother to the Count, Twin of Nimue
Nimue Nimue Forrester : Sister to the Count, Twin of Trevian
Brienne Countess Brienne Forrester nee Rivermist : Wife to the Count
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