33rd of Sheat, 229: First Knightly Task

First Knightly Task
Summary: Kierne is given his first task as a knight of House Kincaid: keep the Dutchess safe.
OOC Date: 20/Jun/2014
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Public Gardens - City of Stormvale
A broad path of crushed white stone runs in a wide circle around a fountain, ringed in turn by flowerbeds. Beyond them, the lawn continues, smooth and softly green. A row of rosebushes, in full bloom, are planted along the stone wall to the north, flanking the gate. The path branches off to the south, where it joins a shady avenue lined with lush green trees, and to the east toward a quiet grove.
33rd of Sheat, 229 2E

Returning to Stormvale had certainly proven to be a busy time, especially with having to see to the Council Meeting and the many matters the came out of it. Amongst other House matters that word spoke of occurring. Some where in it all, Nylie had finally found some time to escape for a few, having spent the morning catching up with friends, she now found herself in the once familiar gardens taking a simple enough strolls. The woman wearing one of her simple gowns that had always seemed her preference, one of a deep green color. Though while not entirely noticeable from a front view, a side profile view does reveal the subtle rounding occuring to her stomach region, a thing loose gowns seem not quite able to fully hide any longer. There are of course that handful of guards that shadow her in one way or another.

Eoin had also been at the councl meeting, even though it had turned out ot ave had precious little for him to contribute to. It does mean though that there is still the military meeting to be had so he's landlocked until the either the King gives him leave, or there's some emergency that makes the whole thing academic. There's paperowrk to do, but his staff captains have that in hand and with most of his family at the other side of the kingdom he's headed out in search of something to do. Archery, booze, wondering aimlessly, all are about as satisfying for one who i starting to long for the sea once more (something that seems to happen even quicker when he's barred from it). As such he's not really looking at the flowers and plants around about, more just stretching his legs in the gardens as it'sas good a place as any to do so.

A good meal, some good wine and a good night's sleep with some good company has put the vim and vigor back into Sir Kierne's countenance. He's donned his Knightly armor and… well, it might not be the most glorious of tasks, but accompanying the guard watching over his Auntie is a nice, solid first day's task for a newly minted Knight in the service of his Uncle. He lets her have her space, but remains vigilant. It would be just his luck to have some sort of nonsense to go on his first day.

It could happen, some sort of nonsense that is, it had a way of happening to Nylie. And it had been proven that even the castle was not a safe harbour, alas, it rather nullified that argument on why guards weren't needed. Her eyes wandered over the various flowers that bloomed in the summer months as her mind over a number of thoughts. Though it seems she was not caught up so much in them to miss a familiar presence in the gardens. A smile forms before she see's a few steps taken and an address offered,"Lord Admiral, to cross paths in such a place seems unexpected, " there being just a touch of mirth in her tone.

Kierne accelerates slightly, crossing about half the distance between himself and his Auntie simply by walking more quickly as she proceeds. It's good to see Eoin again, after all, and he offers the fellow a silent but exuberent smile from his place, letting Nylie carry on the business of actual conversation.

Eoin notes the approaching group before they achieve haiing distance and is turning to greet whomever it might be as Nylie speaks. "Duchess," he replies as he straightens noticably, it's not a title that comes naturally to his lips, but it does not at least sound like it's rubbing salt into wounds to do so. In such a public place etiquette is followed to the letter and he lifts his right arm across his chest and bows for a moment or two, then straightens once again and gives Kierne a nod of acknowledgemet too. He's turning back to Nylie once more when the new gear and livery catchs his eye and he pauses long enough to ask, "do I see that congratulations are in order?" Then he does manage to return his attention back to Nylie once more and he offers her a polite smile, "quite so, My Lady. Quite so."

Nylie bows her head with a gentle turn of a curtsey in response to Eoin's own bow, the protocols being adhered to. There is a smile to see Eoin do that pause in noting Kierne's new attire. "Aye, you do see. Knighted but a forenight ago, and I fear having made him go from the more exciting of learning under Duke Ronan to trailing after woman wandering aimlessly about a garden. " There was that glance to Kierne, certainly inviting him to join the conversation, if he so wished. Though Eoin is soon given another smile,"I had begun to wonder our paths would cross again before our duties pulled us again from the city. I must admit, I was only just able to catch up with Elisabeth this morning."

Kierne steps up further, arms tucked at the small of his back, taking a stance similar to an attention, if a bit more casual. He's grown, too, since Eoin's seen him last. The long stretch of time intervening making the youth's growth spurt all the more obvious. "Thank you, Admiral," he returns, for the congratulations even obliquely offered. Then, "I serve at the pleasure of my Uncle, Auntie N," he steps up to his garden-strolling duties with an attitude of chivalry proper to one freshly Knighted.

Eoin gives Nylie a shallow nod of acknowledgement at the mention of his sister and he states simply, "aye, she has had a hard time of it of late. I shall call on her on my return home though, if she is now up to receiving visitors once more." Not that he's been entirely absent while she's been struggling mind. As for affairs of state well, "His Majesty wishes a council of war, so I doubt that I will be sailing again until that is conclued. Beyond that though I do not think I will be ashore long, too many ships are sitting idle in port as it is." Kierne then gets a quick flash of a smile before the lad is offered a "it's not to late to change your mind and run away to sea you know," in a tone far more casual in nature than the rest of the conversation so far.

"Aye, of course, you do, Kierne. " There really is never any use trying to debate the matter, especially certain points. Nylie gives a little nod,"Aye, she has. But I do think if she was willing to shared breakfast with me, she is surely up to a visit from you. And Captain Kieryn did make mention of needing a word with you as well." A nod of understanding coming,"I should imagine he would wish you in attendance for the meeting, it is no wonder he would wish to have it with so many here already for the King's Council. I imagine most will scatter again after those meetings are concluded and the next courses of action decided."

Kierne gives a nervous bit of laughter, which would have been the more hearty should the news of the Lady Lis' illness just unsettled him a little bit. "Maybe two nights ago it wasn't too late, but now? I think? A little late." After his night starving to death in the temple swearing all of those oaths. Yep. He'd ask after the Lady Lis, but, given their background, and the fact that she's married, he doesn't want to pick that scab open in front of everyone. Whatever's the matter with her, she seems to be recovering enough to have social engagements, so he'll put away his worry.

"Probably either to beg not to be asked to sail before the bairn is born I would imagine," Eoin replies to Nylie, returning a bit more of the previous formality to his tone. "Well, that or perhaps beggingto sail again so that he might enjoy the peace and quiet of war over the night-time screams of an infant. I suspect that if Beth has any say in it though then it'll be the former." He says nothing more on the meeting though, for while he wishes it were done with so he could be away he doesn't want to seem quite so eager to be gone. Not infront of Nylie at least. So instead it's back to Kierne he turns, "any of 'em say you have to be lumbered down in full harness and tire out poor horses who've never done anything to you? I recon you could still swing it if you put your mind to it."

"I do believe it is the former, for both spoke of how he will not be leaving until the bairn is born. It seemed an issue settled in their minds. " There is a slight pause before Nylie continues,"Though if you have not been by to see here for a little while, you may be surprised then at how much further along she seems to look. She spoke of the healers thinking the infant to be quite large or there perhaps being more than one especially with twins seeming to be in common for the Mowbrays." Certainly the continued conversation helping to clue Kierne to some degree of what may be the matter.

Oh. Well, that explains that, from Kierne's perspective. His worry ablated, he breaks out in one of his big beaming grins. Aww. All the Ladies are having babies, now. That means that there will be all kinds of little bundles of screaming, wailing joy to play with when he comes back from wherever his next deployment will take him. "Oh, I'm used to it, by now, and so are they," Kierne grins easily at Eoin. "Auntie N gave me a present of a magnificent steed, I'm sure we'll be best friends, soon, and he with Killer." That's his three-legged war hound.

"I hope then that nothing occurs that would force me to call him away then," Eoin replies in a quiet tone and with a small nod. He can't promise the man, even with the circumstances as they are, but he'll do what he can. "I do not imagine that Captain Arlen is yet anxious to raise anchor either," he speculates, "but provided the King does not wish to keep me ashore then once these meetings are over then all should covered well enough." There's a shallow nod at the mention of twins, "I recall Kieryn saying as much himself a while back. THe bit about it running in his family that is, I have not spoken to him these past few days for such news of Beth to be passed along. Still, it can not be too much longer now I suppose." He offers her a faint smile before shifting his attention back to the younger lad once more, saying with teasing ease "a generous gift indeed, not as generous as a ship mind, but I suppose you've made your chice now."

"Lord Arlen may be more eager then you think, he has a new ship that he no doubt wishes to test. It is Lady Senga who might not agree. However, he was recently given stewardship over one of the Baronies that oversees one of Lakeshires main ports, it may permit some better balance to be achieved. " Nylie gives a faint nod on the matter of Beth, noting simply,"She said it was yet another month left." There is a quiet smile when he speaks of the gift given. Afterall what is a Knight without his own horse?

"Aye, Admiral," Kierne grins lopsidedly at Eoin, friendly, but decided.

Eoin shakes his head slowly at Kierne then turns his attention back to Nylie and formalising his tone once more. There's a faint flicker of surprise at the mention of the barony before he notes faintly stiffly, "there are a few changing hands at the moment, Bleackburn too is now in new hands if word from the west is accurate. I shall be sure to pass on my congratulations when I se him next, for I am sure we will need to speak eother before or shortly after this war council. With one of the three of us at sea though he should have some time to settle into his new duties before he is needed upon the waves."

The shifts in Eoin's tone are not lost upon Nylie, the occasional quiet study having perhaps been made of the Admiral during his exchanges with Kierne. "It was a thing announced the same eve of Sir Kierne's knighting, I do not imagine the news it yet to widely spread. Though it is to be a stewardship only til such time as one of the rightful line can be found, or it decided such does not exist. " A faint nod is given,"He shall appreciate the time. Though his new ship is of carrack design, even if not as fine a vessal as those you have managed to requistion," yes, she has kept up on news of his victories and the spoils of Laniveer ships that have been gained from them.

Eoin nods slowly at the additional news, that the Kindcaids had gathered was known, but not the precise outcomes of that night. His thoughts turn momentarilly to his own house, but with them all so far away there's nothing he can really say of any use. However, throwing himself into a discussion on ships and ship design is something he can do at the drop of a hat and so he focuses on that. "The carracks are fine indeed. I must confess to havingbeen half tempted to switch my flag more than once given the new sails now present in the fleet. I do no think that Beth would ever forgive e at this point though, although how long it wil be before I need to I can not yet say."

There had been other outcomes, more yet to come from what some said. The real news of the gather seemed to not yet have spread like the wildfire some might expect. "I dare say he was as jubilant as a kid let loose in a candy store when he was given leave to take it off the ship builders hands. " Having lost his ship surely making it easier for Arlen to switch up his flag. "I should think she would understand if the news sails might have better chance in seeing you safely returned. But I understand the desire as well to remain with the ship that is known and has long served you well. I would not think it an easy matter to decide over." A faint glance back to where Kierne as dropped with the others charged with her safety before noting,"Much like Knights are reluctant to replace their horse or swords."

"We're nothing like knights," Eoin replies in what is likely best described as a valient effort at humour, which just happens to fall a little flat. Kierne gets a quick glance, but hey, the lads already picked his side so it's then back to Nylie. "But yes, it is difficult. I think for now though, given the need for one of us to be out, that I shall stick to the vessel I know rather than have to learn how another responds as the Laniveer appear to our windward."

There is a soft smile, a hint of knowing in her look at that effort at humour. She counted a fair number of sailors amongst her friends afterall. "I should think that makes the most sense, better to learn how another responds when there is time that can be taken when there is not such risk at hand. I do believe your dear sister would agree. " As the place of Sheat is noted in the sky Nylie takes a faint breathe," I should be on my way, a bit of business I promised to see to, " she adds with a faint smile," at the music store. It has been good to see you again, Lord Admiral. Perhaps I shall have fortune to see you again before you are given leave to return to the seas. Especially if you yet have any interest about hearing of Old things." Nylie gives another flicker of a smile, perhaps leaving the matter up to him in the end. Giving a bow of her head and a faint turn of a curtsey,"May the rest of your day go well, Lord Admiral," before she moves to depart the gardens…with Kierne and those others looking after her protection this day.

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