Inouv 24, 228 : Finding the Ranger

Finding the Ranger
Summary: Upon Crown Prince Tyrel's direction, Lady Nylie seeks out the Master Ranger Araltaidan to deliver the crossbolt that had been found to.
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Araltaidan Nylie 
Courtyard - Darfield Castle
Above you to the north, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle, set on the side of an immense cliff overlooking the sea. A road leading to the south leads through the gatehouse and to Darfield Village. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.
Inouv 24, 228

It was about midday when a servant had come to Araltaiden on the cool winter's day, a request for his presence had been made by the Lady Nylie. A thing that might be considered strange by some, for whatever use would the musician wish with the Master Ranger. But there was word as well that she had returned from an aborted trip to Albion in the wee hour of the morning.

Apperantly not entirely willing to wait for the man to actually make it up to her room, the Lady in question was now coming out of the castle. A cloak having been thrown back on, yet looking a little travel worn. A torn piece of saddle padding wrapped about something is clutched in one hand as she hhurries along.

A man exits the barracks wearing a long grey cloak with the hood up. He wears a long recurve bow of the Sky Forester design at an angle over his back along with a quiver of arrows. Something more is hung by a strap over his shoulder and appears as he draws closer to be a lute in an oiled canvas bag against the winter dampness and chill.

The Ranger makes his way towards the castle's front entrance just as the lady comes out. Aralt tips his head up, pale grey eyes to study her. Does he remember having met this woman before or no? Not that he can remember. So while he inclines his head politely to her and whomever her escort may be, the ranger starts to step around to pass on by so to seek she who has summoned him, unaware that Nylie herself has come to seek him. "Good day, m'lady."

Having only recently returned from the recent round of time away, two years for this round, few were truly familiar with Nylie. Her brother was certainly the more well known. Smokey eyes flick over the man coming up the stairs, Nylie taking in the bow, the cloak..the general ranger manner to him. Her handmaiden simply returns the polite nod. But Nylie is pausing slightly within her steps,"Good day….you would not happen to be the Master Ranger," by the Light what did Tyrel say his name was again…oh aye…,"Araltaiden per chance?" Hedging on the chance it might be the one sought after and save her from further searching.

Araltaidan stops on the top step and bows slightly, "I am he, m'lady." He studies her more carefully, perhaps picking up her hint of Sky Forest lilt that his baritone likewise is falvoured with. "Are you then the Lady Nylie for whom I have been sent?" Both of his gloved hands reach up to lower his hood and bare his head. "I am of course at the service of House Kilgour, m'lady."

When he says he is whom she had sent for, Nylie actually looks slightly releaved. Bowing her head to him as she confirms in turn, her tones soft with that faint lilt yet born upon them. "I am, she. The Crown Prince said you would be the one to speak with and see this delivered over to." This seeming to be the bit of saddle blanket wrapped item, which at this range appears to be a crossbolt. "We found it lodged within a tree upon the way to Albion. You have prehaps heard that my brother, The Voice and his wife did not reach Albion as they had set out to." Giving him respect enough to what some would say is the logical connection between the statements. The hood of her own cloak is already back, perhaps implication to the impluse that kept her from waiting for his arrival. Her long lockes are currently loose, save for a few barrets that keep it pulled from her face.

It might be that the Sky Forester Royal Ranger stares at Nylie for a moment longer than he should … because she's a surprisingly striking woman to his eyes. Araltaiden drags his attention to the strange bundle she holds out to himself. Curious, he takes it into his own hands and opens it up with a slightly perplexed look upon his face until she explains.

"Ah, yes. I had heard … though I only returned myself yesterday evening. I had been sent out to find and return with the group coming in from Laniveer." He explains sa to why he wasn't out seeking them already. "I was informed that Count Havarean went to seek them and took Rangers with him? Have they returned or sent word, m'lady?"

If Nylie notices the look that lasts a little longer than it should, she does not show it. Perhaps there is to much on her mind with her brother missing. As Nylie hands the object over, words of warning come as well,"Careful, the tip is poisoned, that is why it was wrapped. It is one I have some knowledge of, one of our native poisons, and quite lethal."

Nylie shakes her head, her hair shifting slightly with the motion,"He has not returned or sent word yet. I hav eonly just returned this morning. He had caught up to me, for I was to spend time in Albion with my brother and his wife. It was not long after he and the Lord Admiral Eion caught my party that we came across that…and this." Her hand vanishes beneathe her cloak a moment before producing a chuck of cloth that was once part of a padded jack, and of the color worn most often by the Rioga. "Count Havarean's rangers found signs it was an ambush, and had set to follow what tracks they could within the snow. And were to meet the Count in Albion with their findings. "

News of the poison hardens the Ranger's face, "Damn … did my Crown Prince say if it is the same poison as was used against the Lady Nimue's guards when she was taken? This … smacks of that work and we fear their leader escaped us." Araltaiden is much displeased, "I must know if it is the same man." The thing is examined carefully, mindful of the tip, and then his gloved hands roll it back up. Aralt slips his bowcase around and rummages until he has pulled forth one of his extra bowstrings, made of flax, and binds the roll snug with it so that the bolt might not fall out from it.

"I will need to gather others and then shown where this was found that we might try to take up the trail. If it is the same man, he was too wiley before for us to track. Has any note of ransom been delivered unto the castle?"

"He did not take time to look at it, but took my word about the poison. I am not familiar with what was used against the Lady Nimue's guards." There is a slight pause before Nylie continues,"The Lord Admiral had said he thought he had seen bolts of similar make while at sea, but could not rightly place it, nor could the Count. The Crown Prince much could be told from determiing the bolts origin, and that you would be best to take it to and see that investigation begun. " The bolt itself is not of a native making.

"I can denote where it was we found it, or travel with if it is what is best. Some signs would yet remain for we found blood as well. But I know the falling snow even hindered what the Count's men could find at the site. " Nylie shakes her head,"Nay, none that I am aware. Yet Tyrel seemed unsurprised to hear that this might have happened." There is a small breathe drawn, the woman doing well to not give into what worry and distress that is had at the fact her brother is missing. "Lord Admiral Eion took to his ship upon our return to dicover what he could and to seek to catch up with Could Aldren in Albion if he could. "

Araltaidan bows to the Kilgour lady, "I will take it back to my Crown Prince and he may direct me to those whom he had identify the first poison, to see if they are the same. Either way that can be done while I gather men and head towards Albion to see what we may find ere the trail is gone utterly. Thank you, my Lady."

A bow of her head comes, a hint of a curtsey,"If there is anymore you need of me, questions, please do not hesitate. " Nylie hestitates just a moment before she offers,"We found the sight about an hour past where the trail of snowmen will end. The snow has added to them by now, no doubt, but their mounds will be larger and yet stick out, I would think. Least it was an hour for us."

"Nothing that hounds can't find by scent even if our eyes would deceive us, my lady. Thank you. I will go at once and set things into motion. If anyone hears of the Count Havarean returning ere I depart, let him know I wish to speak with him ere I go. Otherwise I will leave him a letter for I will take one of his own with me, if he will forgive my boldness." The Ranger is eager to go, so he bows and turns to head on into the castle to see if he may find the Crown Prince without delay.

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