Nar 02, 228: Fever

Summary: After the Princess collapsed, she spend whole day unconsciousness. Lord Chancellor makes a visit to get explanation, why his sweet little cousin is still not laughing.
OOC Date: 5/July/2013 (OOC)
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Caedmon Caillin 
Princess Caillin's Suite
Should you enter the room at day, you will immediately notice the sunlight entering the room at every angle. The wall to the west is a wall of glass, towering windows reaching to the ceiling and overlooking The Great Sea. The wall curves at the top, resulting in an arched ceiling, thick oak slabs crossing the ceiling at the base of the arch. A grand piano is before the window, a scattering of sheet music along the top. The floor is a thick lush carpet, the color of red wine. The middle of the room holds a cushy divan and love seat, facing one another. Large overstuffed cream colored chairs rest by a fireplace, along with a matching couch, and a low table in the center. On the center of the table is a vase, with fresh lillies resting in a bouquet. A bookcase is on either side of the fireplace, each containing a large collection. The walls hold various paintings of country scenes and horses, with a large painting over the fireplace, a scene of royal hunters on the move, painted by none other than Valous the Great. By the door to the hall is a beautiful and highly detailed grandfather clock, which chimes every hour.
Nar 02, 228

While the healer attended to the princess, Caedmon returned to his duties to the castle. He left instructions for the healer to send servants after the chancellor if Caillin's condition changed in any way. A day has now passed, and the healer has said nothing. Caedmon enters the room and goes to the couch where the princess lies still. He looks to the healer and asks, "Can you tell me anything about why she is unconscious? The king and queen will expect to know."

Healer flinches, when door opens and man comes inside. The deadly silence was interrupted unexpectedly. The man in his late 30s are dressed in a simple dark robe and damps a compress into the refreshing water. He shakes his head "It is hard to say, my lord," man puts the compress on girl's forehead, watching at the Princess with fatherly love in his eyes "A few days ago she looked so healthy, when came to me to talk about war…" drawls the man and withdraws from Caillin, letting Caedmon come closer if he wants.
Healer crosses his hands and continues speaking "Of course, she fainted because of the lack of food, water and sleep," he bites his lip and is shifting for a moment from one foot to another, before walking near the window and sticking his gaze to the one of the trees "But now she has fever. She burned whole night and was speaking strange things, my lord. She was shouting your name a lot. But likely it was her dreams," healer takes a book from the table and starts looking for something. After some minute he extends the book to the lord Chancellor, pointing at one paragraph "It is written, that sometimes anxiety, which raises a depression, may cause the fever and put a person to a deep and long sleep until the person finally gets his strenght…" though healer shakes his head "But it's too old book. I am not sure it's logical. I am afraid, that while the Princess was weak, she caught influenza or another disease. I would strongly recommend to bleed her."

Caedmon takes the book and carefully cradles it in both hands. then he walks with it toward the window where the light is better. He studies the paragraph, and then reads the paragraphs around it. I am no healer, but I remember that in many cases such fevers come from too much blood." He returns from the window and lays the book on the desk again after marking the place that the healer indicated. "How soon must you cut?" He asks with a glance to Caillin. "If possible, I would ask the king and queen, or at least the Prince Tyrel, to be here for her. I will be here as well. I also recently met a commoner who says that she knows something of healing. Perhaps she would be of use to you, to bring herbs or to help you in binding the arm of her highness after the leaches have done their work."

Healer raises his brow a little bit resentful "I can do everything myself, my lord… Though, if you insist of another hand in help…" he drowls and takes a few steps closer near the Princess, kneels in front of her and touches her cheeks gently.
The cheeks are as red as strawberry in the summer, though this time a strange heat causes this, not a maidenly modesty. It's seen how eyes of the Caillin are running to the right and to the left, through her eyelids. Girl inhales cooling air of the room, but exhales the air as hot as the flames of the dragon. She shakes her head and starts waving with one hand mumbling "No, Caedmon! No! Caedmon…. Caed!"
Healer clasps his hands around Princess and tries to keep her in bed, but his eyes are turned to the Caedmon "As soon as possible. As soon as possible," he answers about the bleeding part and adds "Moreover, less people are better, because we are not sure about the illness. It may spread?" eyebrow of the healer jumps up in a question, while Caillin still struggles, trying to push the healer away, but her eyes are firmly closed.
The common healer leans closer near the Princess, who was always around him, when he tried to help other commoners. He whispers to her ear "Shhh, my Princess. Soon everything will end." After that he adds for himself "Brother… He wasn't here for three days, when you was locked, and look there you are now… Did he showed up?" Then his gaze finds Caedmon "My Lord, you and that healer would be enough…"

"I do not question your ability, healer," Caedmon answers. "I simply offer an extra pair of hands to you because this is an important thing. You cannot watch at all hours. She might help you by sharing in the watches. I trust her, and I am sure that she would serve you honorably, and would not seek to take your authority from you. She is a kind and humble woman. I planned to find the healer at the inn before last light, but I will go and leave a message for the prince. Then I will ride to town to seek the healer who will serve as you order."

The healer just sighs, nodding slightly and gets back near his work, trying to calm the Princess down, cleaning her sweat with fresh compress.

Befeore he leaves, Caedmon joins the healer at the couch where Caillin is lying in fever. He reaches, boldly, and takes her hand in his own. "Little one, I came here to see how you are. The healer says that you need treatment. I am leaving to speak with your brother, and then to fetch someone to assist the healer. I hope to return with Prince Tyrel soon. IF the healer gives you any orders, obey as if they were orders from the king. Do you understand, little one?"

Caillin's eyebrow forms a slight frown and for a few moments her eyes stops running and the breath becomes a little bit more even. Though, it lasts briefly and Caillin continues mumbling something under her nose, making sudden moves to the right or to the left. However, the best two words are heared "Caedmon" and "Mother".

Caedmon frowns gravely when he sees the signs of the princess's deliriium. "I should go as soon as possible, and see if the prince will come here before I ride to the town," he advises the healer. "Be sure of this. You are here because we trust you. You have done well. When the princess recovers and people in the town see her, they will sing your praises." He glances to the door. Then he adds, "I will ride from the castle to the inn, and then back here as soon as possible. If you need me, you can send servants along that route." Then, after releasing Caillin's hand, he heads for the door and steps into the hallway, on his way to his next mission.

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