Nar 21, 228: Fatherly love

Fatherly love
Summary: It's the moment, when the King is just a father and the princess is just a daughter!
OOC Date: 24/July/2013 (OOC)
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Callem Caillin 
A haven of serenity amidst the rush of the castle, the salon is designed as a place for relaxation or socialization. A hearty fire burns in the massive, marble fireplace, throwing a russet glow across the room. The walls are divided top from bottom with pale wooden paneling above and lapis marble with silver veins shot through it below. Several armchairs, a couch, and a loveseat are set around a beautiful table for an intimate tete-a-tete, the furniture finely made of deep mahogany wood with blue and silver cushions. An azure rug covers the center of the room, but at the edges the dark wood of the floor can be seen. A side table holds tea, coffee, wine and several small hors d'oeuvres, and desserts.
Nar 21, 228

A russet glows mixed with the bright rays of sun are playing on the walls. Sometimes they form not very clear shapes of bear or a bird. But sometimes their shapes remind scenes from battles or even from the creation of the world.
Two grey eyes are staring at these glows as it would be an amusing performance of a strange artist in the middle of the street. These two grey eyes belong to the princess Caillin herself! She is resting on one of the loveseats. Two tiny golden bootees are standing besides the loveseat, while elegant feet are hidden under the long skirt and rests on the soft fabric of the loveseat.
That long skirt is very light and it would be lucent if not the black knited veil, which covers the skirt of the purple dress. The long sleeves end at the elbow to a slightly trumpet form and are seamed by black lace.
These hands, which are hidden under these long sleeves are clenching a silver goblet full of red drink. Rosebud lips are immersed in the drink thoughtfully as the girl would take a long sip.
She is alone. There are no servants, no guards. Just the girl and that amusing performance on the walls, and silence.

"If you don't cover it, the carrots are going to fall. The real secret, and listen to me careful, is to take the cake before it—" Callem stops as he notices Caillin is already in the salon. The door is still opening, for the King has been walking in hurry, followed by the castle's first cook and a couple of his assistants, who are eagerly taking note of every word from the Kilgour. "I will tell you later. It is a secret." he winks, turning to the little crowd at his back for one last time, before approaching the Princess alone.

"My dear, how are you? What were you doing? Do you mind if I join you?" he says warmly, still without taking seat. A grey doublet is his attire of today, only marked by the coat of arms of his House, and little purple adornments here and there.

Caillin finally takes a sip. While it ripples though her throat, young princess frowns slightly. However, soon a wide grin is offered for the King "The King, who is teaching how to bake a cake?" question together with the loud giggle sounds in the room. "Please, join me, please. I was just… sitting and thinking," explains Caillin. She does not move from her loveseat, where she rests so comfortably. However, one finger gently knocks on her cheek, which is turned straight to Callem. That little girl is obviously waiting for a kiss from her father. "I didn't see you just one day or two, but I already missed you, my beloved father…" she whispers, while her grey gaze is sticked somewhere at the fireplace.
The King frowns harshly. "How to cake a bake?—Bake a cake? Nonsense!" he shakes his head nervously, but ends up in a grin. "I was teaching them to do something completely different and unrelated. But it is a secret. You will find out soon." getting closer, a hug is offered to the Princess and a kiss on her cheek. "What were you thinking about?" he finally asks.

Callem moves to wander around the room, paying attention himself to the interesting play of lights and shadows that had his daughter's attention a while back. He stops for a moment, and then reaches for a bottle of wine, conveniently placed in a nearby table, and a cup to pour it. "I missed you too. I always do."

Caillin chuckles, when her father's lips touches her cheek and she sighs thoughtfully, when he hugs her. She also clasps her soft hands around his strong shoulders, placing a kiss on his cheek too.
However, girl is not in a hurry to answer to father's question. When he reaches for a bottle of wine, young girl a little bit nervously glances at her own goblet and just takes another sip with a slight frown.
Just after some more minutes of silent curious question is asked "Secret?! Awww… You know how I love to clear all the secrets! Now it will be harder to sleep…" laugh similar to the incredibly beautiful music bounces in the room straight to the fireplace and transforms into smokes there.
"I was… Thinking about what we talked, my father… About council, temple and men…" cheeks blush and girl winces, clasping hands around her legs now.

Callem coughs a little as Caillin finishes her words. "Yes, about that…" the talk about the secret seems to have faded from his mind. "Your mother has agreed with me, and you are going to be officially appointed as an At-Large member of the King's Council. A position of great importance and influence, holding a great responsibility. From there you will help people from all the Kingdom and protect their interest. Also, and if you give us a great show of your skills, you will be in the perfect place to gain allies to fight your, let's say, personal battles." his eyes tell more about it, with the same look he had when they talked with Wenna about her husband and the overall conflict. "I only hope it helps to clear your mind, and see the wide horizon you have ahead."

This is the moment, when finally Caillin decides to leave her comfortable seat. She slowly lowers her bare feet on the ground and stands up. Not giving too much attention for her shoes, princess paces near her father. Her footsteps barely can be heared, because she is unshod.
This small kitty aproaches near the King and tiptoes, kissing the cheek "Thank you," girl murmurs. However, there is no too much happiness or something in girl's eyes. "Thank you…" drawls Princess again "I will try to help for people, if others will let me," girl giggles "I am not a silly young child, father. I know, how important this position can be…" the voice of the girl is full of irony this time. Likely, she understands, that her father was forced to give her some kind of position just to turn her minds from the temple. But she is not stupid and understands that she is still just in the background… Such position never is /really/ important. However, her grey eyes full of love for her old father warmly stares at him "Thank you for showing me your kindness and gifting me with trust…" and Caillin paces back at her seat. She raises the goblet of wine and continues drinking, while thoughtful gaze is sticked at the spot on the ground. This time there is no any frown. Likely, the throat used to the wine finally, which young princess is drinking.

A bit disconcerted after noticing his daughter's reaction, Callem manages a smile and sips most of his cup's content, which was not very much. He walks a few steps and continues watching at the lights and shadows casted on the wall. "You're welcome. I hope you enjoy it. Though it won't be easy." his eyes show the same warmth as before as they move to meet her, and then he moves a little closer to the entrance.

"Father…" whispers Caillin and knocks with her palm on the cushion besides her "Please, take a seat… Don't go…" the young princess looks slightly worried or sad now, when she sees her father close near the entrance "Don't leave… I… Maybe you can be for a few minutes a father? Not a King?" Caillin sighs "I remember how I used to cuddle up to you, and you told me these stories from your adventures… And you smoothed my hair… Please… Can you tell me one of t hese adventures again?" Grey eyes full of hope are sticked to her father now. The palm knocks on the cussion nervously, waiting for the King to sit besides her. Maybe young girl is worried about her new position, maybe she is sad not becoming a rpestess, or maybe something else. But it is obvious, that right now she is in need of some warmth from her father and a good story to distract her from her own minds.

"Oh, I won't leave." Callem gets closer to her very fast, and with the swiftness of his blade in past battles, with the same motion that warriors were defeated one after another on his path, the now empty cup is left in the table and his arms open to embrace her. "I am your father. I will always be. But that is something that many could say! Did I tell you of that time in the east of Jadda, when we had to ally with pirates to escape a tribe after us? Have you seen the Black Deers of Sky Forest? Well, each of their soldiers was twice that heigh… Ok," he shrugs a little, "Probably I am exaggerating. Thrice that heigh!" he grins a little and starts his narration. The cadence of his voice moves, develops, transforms through passages of memories that seem to come alive in the flame of his eyes.

And the day continues, but they are lost in a world of tales, legends, myths, and songs. And Callem, for the lapse of a story, is not the sovereign of the realm, but only a father dedicated to talk to his child.

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