Nar 14, 228: Father and daughter

Father and daughter
Summary: While princess Caillin was playing on her grand piano, the King Callem decided to visit his daughter. Lead to his daughter by simple curiousity, father unexpectedly had to face strange wish of her little heart.
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Callem Caillin 
Royal Suite Three
Should you enter the room at day, you will immediately notice the sunlight entering the room at every angle. The wall to the west is a wall of glass, towering windows reaching to the ceiling and overlooking The Great Sea. The wall curves at the top, resulting in an arched ceiling, thick oak slabs crossing the ceiling at the base of the arch. A grand piano is before the window, a scattering of sheet music along the top. The floor is a thick lush carpet, the color of red wine. The middle of the room holds a cushy divan and love seat, facing one another. Large overstuffed cream colored chairs rest by a fireplace, along with a matching couch, and a low table in the center. On the center of the table is a vase, with fresh lillies resting in a bouquet. A bookcase is on either side of the fireplace, each containing a large collection. The walls hold various paintings of country scenes and horses, with a large painting over the fireplace, a scene of royal hunters on the move, painted by none other than Valous the Great. By the door to the hall is a beautiful and highly detailed grandfather clock, which chimes every hour.
Nar 14, 228

Summer. Middle of the day. Chilly gusts of annoyed wind are tossing poor raindrops straight to the windows, as they would be guilty of disasters, which are irritating the wind today. One of these windows, which easily catch tears of the grey clouds, belong to the room of the little girl, who is sitting near the grand piano, while warm flames are swaying by resonant tones.
Very thin fingers of the Princess are elegantly running through the old piano keys, letting quite wistful music out. It, somehow, incredibly matches near the crying clouds and pitiful sighs of the raindrops, when their noses are crashing at the glass.
"I believe," a soft voice murmurs, almost sounding as these tones, which are leaving the piano "They are crying, because they do not have colours. I would cry, if I would be grey…" thoughtfully drawls young princess for the walls of her chamber.
Just wood answers to her, silently cracking in the flames. However, Caillin does not care about it. She just thoughtfully cants her head, letting flaxen curls to dance on her shoulders and young girl starts chewing on her lip. These tiny little feet of her, tries elegantly swing together with the music and very light as fuzzes of the sowthistle golden gown tries not to be left behind, swaying near the ground.

"But some of us, my dear," a voice calls from behind, flowing through the partially opened door whose sound when moving was hushed by the piano melody, "Some of us have grown to become as gray as the colors in our banners." the tone is warm and worried, just loud enough to be heard by her. "But not every cry is a cry of sadness, nor every tear is a show of grief." the man pushes the door a little more to reveal himself, walking a step inside and stopping as in the waiting for a proper invitation.
A gray robe covers him. Heavy, slightly adorned with purple details. A golden chain falls on his chest, and its brights is replicated by the one of the crown over his light hair. Callem Kilgour, King of Mobrin, has come alone to the chambers of his daughter. No more words are spared, not any other word is needed. His eyes rest on the young Princess and his thoughts are taken by the music she is performing.

Caillin sways in her seat and just continues playing, while a man is speaking. Melody is silent and so soft, that words of the King easily reaches small and perfect little ears of the young Princess, hidden under the flaxen curls.
Music is stopped just when the King takes one step closer near the doorsill. Maybe a little bit dreamy or grim, but incredibly warm smile is formed. Young girl mannerly stands up on her feet and offers a cursty "Father…" And this is the moment, when elegant lady once more becomes that child, which loved sitting on the knee of her father and listen for his stories all day long. Girl just extands her hands and runs straight at the King. She bumps at the man with quite an energy and clasps her hands around him. Of course, gentle kiss is placed on Callem's cheek, before Princess withdraws.
She takes a few steps back, just to reach the table, which has two chairs and a pitcher of watered wine. Two goblets are glinting as well. "Please, take a seat, my dear father," soft voice offers and hands of the young girl takes that pitcher to fulfill both goblets "I know, it's watered one, but why I am the one, who usually gets to drink it? Now, please, join me, my father!"
Caillin slips to her chair and carries the goblet near her lips. Though, before they are moistened in the drink, curious and a little bit worried tone asks "What brings you here?"

The King hugs the Princess and kisses her cheek after she does. His gaze still in the piano, for a reason unknown, an a smile in his lips. His words last longer to come, and the goblet is received with a nod of his head. A little smirk escapes at the mention of the watered wine, but he sips it before talking.
"I just came here to visit my little Caillin. So much time away has made me miss you, even when it has not been a whole day without your presence." a friendly laugh is heard and a little more of his wine disappears from the cup. "But yes, there is a reason for my visit." Callem is now known for rounding a topic that comes to his mind. "When the troops and the Rioga arrived, your behavior was… strange, at best. Nothing inappropriate, or bad, but very curious in my eyes. You looked joyful and then sad. May I, as your father, ask for the reason of it?"

Caillin sips her watered wine, while father is speaking and suddenly… *cough cough cough* Words of her father just trap the wine somewhere in the middle of it's way. Princess cheek slightly colours in reddish tone. White handkerchief is grabed from the table and reaches rosebud lips, collecting all the red drops from it.
When handkerchief and the goblet are put to rest, girl takes a deep breath and starts speaking words. Just words, which are mixed or blurs, or does anything, but hardly makes any sence or hardly can be understood. "My father… It's just… You know me," a little bit nervous chuckle leaves girl's throat "You know, I work on the charity, I help all the commoners, foundlings… I love each of them. Though, there is some more love in my heart…" Caillin sighs, but quickly giggles once more "There always will be so much love inside my heart! For you, for brothers, for our people and mother, and Gods, and Goddess…" Caillin grins nervously and mumbles somehing totally different "I missed you too. Very much! There were so many days, when I wanted to cuddle up to you and just listen for your wise stories…" fingers start playing with the fabric of her skirt "Nobles… They are so… They don't know how to love. They have so many coins… They think about themself, but never about others as others wouldn't have heart, you know?" Caillin turns her look away "I was just a fool little girl yesterday. But now… Now I understand that. I will never be like that again…" Princess grabs the goblet and takes a few more sips "I was thinking… Father… I was thinking a lot. I have one huge wish. Can you promise me, that you will make it come true?" Curious glance finally finds Callem again.

The King ponders his daughter's words for a while, looking at her eyes and narrowing his own. "So, you love the people in our realm. That I can understand, and no one may think better of it than myself. But what relation does it have with yesterday? Were you sad for the fallen soldiers?" perhaps naive, perhaps his years have taught him enough to know it already. But his eyes tell too few to know it for a fact. "But what is that wish you have, Caillin? I can't promise anything until I know. Though, if it is something I can do, you know I will always try my best."

Caillin bites her lip firmly. She stares at her father for awhile. Does not say a word. Though, it is obvious, that her white teeth are holding the smile. Smile, which hesitates to step in. Once more girl grabs the goblet of wine and finishes all the drink inside.
When the art of silver reaches the table, girl jumps on her feet. She nips the fabric of her skirt and raises it, before falling on her knees besides father. Princess sits on her legs, letting the gown fall on the ground around her as it would be blooms of flower and she would be that glinting centre of the flower.
Soft lips touches the hand of the King and grey eyes, full of hope finds his. "Father… My wish is…" Yes, Caillin does not answer to the Callem's questions as she never heared them "You know… I already work with beggars, foundlings, priests and priestess… Healers, villigers…" girl sighs and flinches. The flinch can be easily felt by her father, cause Caillin still clenches his hand firmly, but eyes… Grey eyes still are staring straight at her father "I spoke with our priestess… She would be happy to…" excitement, worry, fright and a bunsh of other emotions boil in the little heart of the princess "Father, I wanted to ask you… Would you let me join the temple?" and as the girl would be afraid of something, she crouches, sticking her gaze at the ground.

The cup returns to the table leaving a dry sound behind. Not particularly strong, but clearly not a normal and casual motion. The King's eyes open widely, but his answer doesn't take him long to be heard. "I think you need to think more about it, Caillin."
Callem walks back to the door, pausing long enough to speak again, but with a manifest intention to leave the room. "And so do we. But remember every royal and Princess is bound to serve her people, being priestess or otherwise. But, if it is truly your wish, it is not a decision I can take alone. Your mother, the Queen, has to know it too. So," he almost silently clears his throat, "This is not a no, but this is not a promise either. Just remember we love you, and we will do the best for you. But today is not the day you will have an answer."
Walking enough to reach the entrance, and touching the door's wood with his hand, a solemn nod of his head is offered to Caillin and proper farewell words, full of affect and concern are given.

Smile fades together with the rain. Quietness settles outside. The same quietness covers the girl's room. However, there is nothing comfortable in it. Even the flames in the fireplace, somehow, strangely stop swaying and just freeze as the girl.
Princess remains sitting on the floor, letting the dusts climb on her golden dress. A very heavy gulp of disappointment is swallowed, when the King closes the door behind him.

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