Sess 39, 229: Farmers Market

Farmer's Market
Summary: Ray does some shopping the morning of the coronation.
OOC Date: 25/March/2014 (OOC)
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Farmer's Market
Closer to the river, a bustling circle of shops big and small, hawkers, and tradespeople has grown into a full fledged grand market. This little area has become known as the Market Place, and is where most, if not all, buying and selling in Stormvale takes place. Interesting aromas and sounds are known to come from this area, as it's also where a lot of the crafting takes place. Small stalls and carts are interspersed wherever there is room around more permanent buildings and even pavilions set up for special events. Rumor has it there is a thriving black market here, if you know who to talk to.
Sess 39, 229

It's well before dawn. Farmers hours, and indeed, it's the farmers coming up into the city doing their morning run of fresh milk, eggs, and goods into the city. This is the daily farmers market, the real one, where they come to sell off their foods for the day, and this Bakery is known for paying well for quality. All the farmers agree on that.

Tending her own stall, Cloe has a horse with a wagon laden with the wares of her trade. Eggs, milk, freshly churned butter. In addition, she has fresh vegetables and fruit, apples, pears, peaches, berries of all colors. She had just sold a good size helping of squash and slipped the coins into her pocket before looking around at the sky, hoping the weather holds.

Ray is buying churned butter from one of the farmers children, because, she churned her own butter and brought it here to sell all on her own and she's proud of the sale and and and.
Ray puts the butter in his sack and approaches the stall looking it over. He usually doesn't come out here, having larger orders delivered directly to him, but the fruits have caught his eye apparently as he was walking about. "Hello." He says, "Raymond Trevens Shire bakery. Nice fruits."

When the patron approaches her stall, Cloe steps nearer. "I have been in your bakery before. I saw the other man who works there though." She nods her head politely. "I'm Cloe Brody. Is there anything in particular you're interested in?" Tossing in a smile for good measure, she is hoping to make a sale.

Ray leans forward over the fruits, inhaling through his nose, deeply, and nods, "Oh absolutely. Mistress Brody.." He looks at the food, as if considering. "..met Doug eh…" He nods, and gestures to the berries, "How much berries do you have? Rapsberry and blueberry, but also other kinds, I can blend them, also the peaches, I'll take a bushel."

"Cloe, please.." It still pains her to hear her husbands last name, so Cloe always offers her first. "Doug, yes.. that is his name." His order flabbergasts her and she smiles her approval. "Raspberry and blue berry and peaches? Indeed, Master Trevens. I can do that." And she gathers one of her baskets and begins filling it, rather excitedly. "I have to say, your sweets are entirely tempting."

Ray nods sort of distractedly, to the compliments, "Thank you." He says moving down the stall slightly as she begins to fill the order, sniffing deeply, "And I'll take all your eggs, and I'll take all your milk, Cloe." He pauses, "Oh and the butter." He nods. Oh yeah seriously, and he has that 'No I didn't ask how much it'll cost.' look about him.

Cloe hears him ordering the bulk of her inventory, just about all but her already shelled pecans and the strawberries. And the vegetables of course. "Would it be simpler if I bring my cart by your shop every morning or every other morning? Every week even." Not sure of how busy he is. "I could being the wagon by and allow you first choice as often as you like." Surprised he does not even seem concerned with the cost.

Ray thinks for a few moments, and nods, "You know that might be a good idea. I'm out here looking for things tha-You have Pecans." He nods, then looks to her nodding, "Yeah, my garden's just not big enough, not anymore. It really never had a chance, to be honest, this looks like a good garden.

"Just near your bakery, but on the outskirts of town, I have a farm. A large home and a large garden with trees aplenty." Cloe laughs softly at the baker as he finds her pecans. "You are welcome to come and tour it if you like? Perhaps select what you would like the evening before and in the morning time when I come by on the way to the market, I can already have it measured up in the correct quantity?"

Ray blows out a breath, "Have to be after the Coronation." He nods, "But yes I would be honored to see it. I haven't been on a farm since I left Greenshire. I'm just very busy right now." He smiles, as if getting an idea, "I would enjoy seeing your garden very much. I'm quite willing to pay well." He does in fact bring up a purse and pull from it several coins, looking down to sift their color, and yeah, he has gold in there, "How much to strike stall and roll to the bakery now to deliver?" And again, serious.

Cloe opens her mouth then closes it again.. He was quite serious, she could see that. Befuddled, she laughs softly. "Actually, since you bought most of it, I could offer to do it for naught, for only the price of the goods you purchase. I should make it home and prepare to restock." Then she realizes what he had said. "The coronation? You are going?"

Ray leans forward, "Cloe? Can you keep a secret?" He asks in a grave voice.

"Of course." Surprised at the question, Cloe agrees. She had few friends and only her family and Donovan's family, but who would she really tell the secret of a baker?

Ray nods, speaking quietly, "I'm going to the Coronation, and so are those berries. To the Bakery, please." He says, placing before her.. well enough coin that no matter what he is drastically overpaying. Drastically. Then with a serious look at her, and a nod, "Be swift." And me moves off, still obviously.. very very… busy… with something.

Cloe accepts the coins, wide eyed.. both by the coin and the surprise he had dropped on her. Once the coins are pocketed, she makes haste by preparing her wagon for travel, taking off the brake on the wheels before moving to her horse and mounting it and following along the road to the bakery.

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