38th Sess, 229: Family Arguements

Family Arguements
Summary: Eoin has visitors, although things get a little heated when a misunderstanding rears it's ugly head.
OOC Date: 24/Mar/2014
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Infirmary - Darfield Castle
The rectangular room has whitewashed walls and a stone floor bare of carpet and rushes. The air smells of vinegar, soap and strong herbs. On a far fall is a line of windows that look outside of the castle. Each of the windows has a widow box filled with fresh herbs and flowers. Along the wall opposite of the windows are about twenty beds in a row. The beds are narrow and simply made of sturdy oak and rope. Each bed has a fresh canvas, straw stuffed mattress covered with heavy unbleached and dyed linen sheets, a pillow, and a blue wool blanket. Next to each bed is a small square table and a stool. One each of the narrow walls are doors leading to other rooms. One leads to the hallway, which in turn leads to the main part of the castle. Across from the main entry are two doors. One leads to the apothecary and still room, and the other leads to the Royal Physician's office.
38th Sess, 229

With those poisioned having already been sent home, and most of those caught up in the prior attack also having been discharged, the infirmary is the quietest it's been for a week. Over in the corner though there's still a pair of stubborn hangers on who have yet to satisfy Wenna that they can be allowed to leave. Eldan is asleep it would seem, but Eoin is not, he's sat up, propped up by pillows. In an effort to stave off the boredom he's maaged to get someone to smuggle in a few books and it's one of those that currently commands, at bet, half his attention.

With less need of the extra hands in the infirmary, Nylie had not been seen as often. Especially once her brother and Wenna had become poisoned, for they had kept to their own quarters just down the hall. There has been word that the Lakeshire Duke had also make it to Stormvale at last as well. Even still, Nylie did yet come to pay visit in the infirmary, a time or two he'd perhaps yet been resting, a new saucer in the window the only sign she'd been by. Dressed yet in that mourning black, her hair braided, Nylie was making her way towards that corner after having entered the infirmary. The woman did not look near as pale or tired as she'd had been of late, some manner of rest finally having been managed it seems. A smile slips as she see's Eoin awake and sitting up,"Good day, Lord Eoin, catching up on your reading, I see." Least it wasn't the piles of missives she'd seen some council members have, likely Kieryn still got that delight. A small vase was had in hand, a few flowers set in it, some simple daffodils. "I thought to bring a hint of spring inside, since Wenna had not approved of much wandering out yet."

It's not missives no, he's still managing to avoid those and likely will coninue to do so at least until he's allowed elsewhere. That's something to talk to Wenna about though, and she's had her own issues to deal with since the council meeting. He doesn't look up at the footsteps, people come and go all the time here, but the sound of Nylie's voice does get his attention and he finally admits defeat with the book and sets it down on his lap. "Trying to," he admits, looking at said book a moment before turing back to Nylie and adding, "it's proving hard to focus on though." Theres a smile as he sees the flowers, then hears her explaination and turns to the windowsill, "I'm sure they'll light the place up delightfully, thank you."

"I thought they might help to brighten it a bit at least," drifting to settle the vase to the window sill, where he can take them in easily enough, Eldan as well, though yet remain out of the healers way. Glancing back to the book afterwards before Nylie asks, "It it the topic, or is there to much aching yet?" Head injures were surely no small thing, and he'd had a heck of one. Giving a slight incline of her head to the chair near is bed,"I can stay awhile and visit, if it would not be a bother?" Giving him the option and not presuming. She does offering some news,"I have been to see my brother and wife over these past days, they have been recovering. It seemed much like some flu in how it progressed and their strength returned. Though they are yet a little weak, Duke Ronan as well as I saw him last eve for a few moments." There is a mild pause,"Though Lord Hadrian seems to be having a harder time of it." While she'd not wish anyone ill, she might not be horridly upset thatt he's suffering longer, something about karma.

Eoin looks down at the book again a the question is asked, but can then really only shrug. "I," he starts, before remembering to look back to her, "I'm not sure. It's one I've read a few times nefore and not struggled with." Lifting it again to set it down with the others he clarifies slightly. "It's not so much that it aches, more that I am struggling to concentrate on it and stop my mind from drifting off elsewhere." The news of various recoveries is greated with a nod to each before he asks, "do you know how Aldren fair? Or Kieryn? I know that he and Beth are hoping to wed shortly and I hope this won't set them back again." Again becuase they'd had to wait for him after he inisted they really shouldn't hold it in the infirmary.

Settling to the chair at the side of his bed, Nylie gives a slight nod,"It is not surprising really, with everything going on, it is had to keep focus. " Even without a head injury. "If the topic of it is not engaging enough, it would be hard to keep my own thoughts to it. It was tasks that I used to keep my thoughts from wandering to much," her hand giving a faint motion to the infirmary in general. She had poured much time and energy into helping in the aftermath. "I could see about bringing you a journal if that would help, or listen if they were things you wished to talk, or fetch someone you might wish to speak with?" Knowing there are topics he'd surely not care to talk to her about, or a Lady in general. "I saw Count Aldren only briefly, as he stayed with my brother that first day. But he was improving as well as he moved out to the Greenshire manor to continue his recovery. Kieryn has bounced back fairly quickly as well. " Nylie gives a small shake of her head before offering a smile,"I am certain they do not mind to wait what days it may take to ensure their family is healthy enough to enjoy their wedding day. I do not think Elisabeth would be fully happy if you were not back on your feet and there to share in the day. "

The main topic that Eoin is avoiding talking to Nylie about at thi moment in time is the attack itself, not wanting to put her through that again. He shakes his head at the mention of a journal as such things have never really been his thing but does then ask of her, almost hesitantly. "This may seem an odd request, but with Wenna ill and Beth so busy I've not yet found someone to aid me in determining if something that ha been bothering me for a few days is real, or just a case of my mind having nothing else to do while my head hea;s itself together again. Could you, perhaps, pass those flowers over for a moment?" He leaves the explaination at that for now, wanting to test first although he does nod in agreement to her comment about the wedding. "It is indeed so, myself and the Baron on fact," he motions briefly towards Eldan. "They were all set to do it in here, as soon as they could, but I could not forgive myself were they to forever look back upon their wedding and be forced to recall this as their location. I think now the idea is for somewhere like the castle gardens, so little wandering is required on our parts."

There is a slow nod at first when he speaks of making an odd request,"Aye, of course," it was a simple enough thing to do afterall. Nylie slips from the chair to retrieve the flowers, bringing them over to offer them along to him. "Are things no seeming to smell right, I remember you asking about the tea several days ago. " Specifically, not being able to smell the honey in it. A glance given to the infirmary, "It is not quite the place for it, but if held in the castle gardens, I would imagine it possible to see you both there, assuming Baron Eldan's breathing has been improving. " It would of course entirely be up to Wenna if the men were allowed the bit of a field trip.

Eoin smiles faintly as Nylie seems to agree with him over the idea of having the wedding in the infirmary, it makes him feel beter about his instance on the point and less like a bossy and interfering big brother. He says nothing more on that matter though, focusing instead on the daffodils as they are presented. He doesn't take them off her, but instead merely leans slowly towards them, using one arm to steady himself against the chance of another dizzy spell. A quick sniff, then another, then finally he's leaning back once more looking disapointed and shaking his head slowly. Settled once again he states quietly, "I wish they were not seeming to smell right but it would seem that theydo not smell at all." Lifting a hand to rub his forehead a moment he glances briefly towards the door before noting, "something I should likely inform my cousin of once she returns."

Worse was Caedmon wanting to hold the Council meeting here, all the people who'd have to take oaths, worse how many more would have ended up poisoned? Big brothers are supposed to be interfering? Little brothers to, it would seem. Nylie holds the vase steady as he does seek to take up, but just leans to take a couple sniffs at them. A small blink does come with what he does end up saying,"Nothing at all?" Considering what the infirmary smelt like for while, maybe not a bad thing. After the flowers are restored to the window sill, Nylie gives a nod,"Aye, it is likely best you let her know. It is a change since you tried that axe on for a hat. "

Eoin shakes his head slowly in responce before repeating back, "nothing at all. I had thought it might just be a passing thing, or perhaps I just needed a strong enough scent." The disapointment is clear in his voice as he doesn't really make any effort to hide it as he nods to confirm silently that he'll tell Wenna when he sees her next. Not feeling particularly in the mood to dwell on that he asks, once she's seated again, "how is the town? Are there any new ships in? I must confess to feelin gbadly out of the loop." Both for everyday things and the bigger events.

"It is possible it may yet be a passing thing, Wenna will know better than I, but you are yet healing, Eoin. It may return as you fully recovery," working to offer some bit of hope in hearing the disappointment in his voice. Nylie sits at a chair along Eoin's bedside, who is sitting propped up in the bed. Some books are on the table near his bed, flowers have appeared in his window sill. The infirmary as a whole is emptier and quieter than it has been. Many having been 'discharged' or well enough to continue their recovery in their personal quarters. "I have not seen any new ships, though I admit, I have spent little time outside of the castle. Things seem both quiet and yet horridly gossipy when I have been to town. " Something about people going quiet when the Kilgour goes by, hard to miss with the /insane/ number of guards now given. "But there is much gossip that flying with the security yet so tight about here. And little news truly being given to them. The garden has seemed empty, it is where I went this morning to find the flowers."

Eoin does his level best to offer a convincing smile as Nylie gives her words of encouragement. She' right, it might, but he can quite bring himself to believe that it will. "I can imagine they would," he states with a slight no when she mentions the reactions in town, "it is only natural, and I doubt that the corridor and kitchens inside the gate fair much better." People will be people after all. The comment about the garden gets a more genuine smile though as his eyes quickly dart to the daffodils once more, "I can imagine. I hope that proves to only be a temporary thing, for while they are pleasant when quiet, a little company is certainly desirable I have found."

Entering the infirmary the Count is dressed in black, as appropriate for the times. The expression on his face matches the darke clothes he wears now, noticeably brightening on sight of his cousin sitting up, accompanied by the Lady Nylie. He nods to them both now, approaching swiftly. "Eoin. Good to see you awake." He looks over the mans bandaged head now, "When will you be done with this laziness? The realm needs you." He cracks a half grin at the little jape now and looks about. "Place iss…more quiet than it has been of late. Where is Wenna?"

The rumors have certainly been flying of late, for certain. "I imagine it shall be temporary, I have not had much time myself as I would wish to walk in them. " Leaving the castle walls can be a bit of a pain between being under lockdown, a unwed female and a Kilgour. Nylie gives a soft smile,"Though I do agree, having a little company does always make the walk more pleasant." When Aldren comes along, Nylie does offer a respectful bow of her head to the Count. Dressed in black herself, though not looking quite as pale as she had been of late. Some rest gotten, Wenna won't have to send the spiders after her. "I have not seen her yet, but I have only been here a short time. " A glance going to Eoin in chase he has seen her before offering,"She may yet be in her quarters."

Eoin glances towards the door as he hears his cousin's familiar voice, cracking the man a smile as she approaches. "Ask your sister," he replies with no hint of the previous concern or disapointment in his tone. He hasn't seen her of late though and so meerely shakes his head slowly as Nylie turns to him to check. "I suspect she is indeed in her own quarters cousin, but I am sure she'll be back soon enough. She's not one known to rest up when there is yet work to be done."

Aldren nods to the two of them on the wherabouts of Wenna. "And how are you faring, LAdy Nylie?" he asks her, with some apparent concern. Tp Eoin he says, "No. She is not one to sit idly. I am surprised that she is not here." He shrugs and finds a chair. A deep breath had. "I am sure she will allow your escape of this wretched and depressing place soon enough." He does not sound too sure. But he asks, "Have you spoken with Lord Kieryn? He seemed most out of place at the council meeting."

A faint smile is given to Aldren,"I am managing better, Wenna gave me a tea that is helping me sleep some. " The woman got to her afterall it seems. Not that her dreams are in any way pleasant, but Nylie is getting some sleep. "She has had need to recover herself, I know she and Caedmon were keeping to their quarters for a fair bit in that. "

"I am sure her absence will only be temporary," Eoin replies to Aldren, "but you are recovering well yourself? I do not think I have seen you since before the meeting." Another headshake greets his question about Kieryn and he confesses, "I have not. As I am sure Lord Eldan could attest though, once he wakes, I have still be spending large amounts of time sleeping, so he could well have been by." There's a faint frown as he mentions that the young Mowbray might have been struggling, but he blinks that away quickly and focuses on other things and asks Nylie instead, "do you know if Beth has thought any more on the matter we discussed? I know that the Dutchess had said she wanted an unmarried lady so that complication will likely be removed shortly, but I haven't had a chance to speak with her about it of late." Other issues and such.

Aldren nods to the Kilgour woman. "Sleep is a good thing when one can manage to gather some." Hesighs and says, "Yes. The last council meeting left us all out of sorts the past couple of days. But it seems to be nothing more than a vengeful womans vain attempts at posioning us. Though I had my doubts at first. Time will tell though, everyone who was afflicted has seemed to recover." With that he forms a little smile, a silver lining perhaps to all the black clouds that hang over them. To his cousin now he says, "Beth? Do you speak of your sister? She will be married soon. I assume you have heard? Has anyone told you?"

Nylie nods to Aldren,"I have seen several of the Council these past days, to see the state the poisoning sent everyone to. Though I must say, Lord Hadrian has seemed to be suffering the worst, he still seemed quite laid up last night. " And yes, this seems to mildly please her. The boy is a prat. Nylie looks to Eoin and gives a shake of her head,"We have not talked of it since we were both in Lakeshire. Though you are right, that particular complication shall be shortly removed. However as I have no such desire or requirement, I had thought to extend the offer, even if for only what times Kieryn maybe at sea, if she had interest. But as noted, there has not been opportunity to discuss the matter further."

"I am aware," Eoin replies with a faint smile to Aldren, "she and Kieryn were talking about having it in here so myself and Baron Eldan could attend. Thankfully the venue has now been changed and we're likely just waiting on your sister's say so before it goes ahead." A glance is given to Nylie as she answers and he gives a short nod before filling Aldren in properly, "there had been talk of Beth leaving her position with Roslin and taking the same one with Lady Nylie here instead. Last I spoke to her on it though my sister had not yet made up her mind." He considers for a moment then asks of Nylie, "would you prefer to ask her yourself, or hould I mention it when she stops by next?"

Aldren listens to Nylie now, "Interesting. He is the only one to not have eaten or drank anything. It only raises my suspicions." He bites his lip, shaking his head. None of this has seemed to make any sense to him, and less and less every day. And now the rest of her words only confuse him more. Turning he takes in Eoins words now before commenting. Finality is in his voice and again, folks have found reasons to make him upset. "Eoin. I will not allow your sister to do so. The Duke himself thought it prudent to ask for 'wards' from me. I told him I would gladly allow one of my unmarried sisters to he Lady Nylie if he would allow one of his for Moira. When your sister is married I suppose I will not have any say in the matter but I would hope you would see this is some clever ploy for him to obtain someone we hold dear without giving anything in return." He throws his hands up now.

What Nylie might have said concerning Hadrian, or even her response to Eoin is forestalled by Aldren commenting with such finality. A small pause comes before she notes, softly and rather calmly,"The Duke is entirely unaware of this particular matter, Count Aldren. In fact, this ploy, as you call it was Eoin idea as he was concerned for Elisabeth and knew how well she and I got along. Given my own concern for her and the fact I enjoy spending time with my friend, I agreed. However, do feel free to continue to jump to conclusions and think every little thing must be saturated in politics and that I would be but some pawn already, you'd be in fine company with my brother on that."

Eoin snaps his head round to Aldren as that outburst comes, somewhat faster than he should have done but he works through the momentarily dizzyness. "This has nothing to do with the Duke," he states in a tone that doesn't even attempt to hide that fact that he's angry at that response. "This is, and always has been, a discussion between myself, Lady Nylie and Beth alone. Now, if you wish to dispute that, and state that the good lady here is compromising her honour with such deception then do so now and it will be delt with as soon as your sister allows me to leave here." The intensity of his look suggests that Aldren should think carefully before he speaks again. Nylie's explaination is given a short nod, to indicate he agrees with it but for now his eyes do not leave his cousin.

Aldren becomes incredibly disdainful with them both now. "Most everything /is/ saturated in politics, weather you choose to acknowledge it or not. And if you think I am jumping to conclusions then forgive me" His tone not indicating he is seeking any forgiveness, "for thinking that the Duke may have had some idea of it. /He/ is the one who first brought up this notion." To Nylie he says more specifically, "I do not think you a pawn, there are other matters that must be considered. It is my responsibility. If you choose to take personal slight from it that is not my fault." And since on the topic he thinks back to what he said, nope nothing about Nylie. She may jump to her own conclusion that he implied she was in on it, but that was not his intention. Misunderstandings, such fun! Back to Eoin he says, "No, I am not disputing that. What I am disputing is the severity of that head wound. You sound a fool, I will remind you of your place and forgive your words. She will be a Mowbray soon and it is not my place. But if you ever see fit to threaten me again I will return you to that bed you lie in, and not to your grave because of the love I have for you." The intense look he gives back has the same notion that Eoins did.

"I was not aware, if you must know, the he had such an idea. He has not spoken of it with me," but oh yes, they /will/ be talking about it now," any more than I have raised this matter with him. " Nylie keeps a calm expression even if there is a brief spark within her eyes,"Aye, it is. But occasionally, things are done for friends and family, because we actually care about them. The politics be damned." Cause the Gods knew how much it would end any hope of a pleasant relationship between her and Roslin, if Elisabeth had become Nylie's LiW. Slipping to her feet as she looks between the two men,"Might you both consider just what Baroness Wenna would do to either of you should you you land the other back into any infirmary bed." A look briefly lingering on Eoin before she notes,"Though as Count Aldren has pointed out Elisabeth shall be a Mowbray soon and this shall no longer be his concern, returning thusly to your earlier question, Eoin," oh yes, she'll title upon Aldren but not Eoin," I trust you well enough, that should you wish to broach the subject, please feel free. But there is certainly no hurry for it, nor for an answer. As I told Elisabeth, no matter her mind in this, I will always remain her friend and have time for her thusly. " A glance between the boys again,"Though if you two can promise to behave, and would excuse me, there are matters I should see to. " Giving a respectful enough bow of her head to the Count before she does similar to Eoin, though for him she adds,"I shall visit again soon, my Lord."

Aldren regards Nylie now with an intense look, for one so out of the inner workings for so long she certainly is making up for lost time. "Perhaps I am mistaken. But are Lady's in waiting not reserved for woman who are unmarried, traditionally? Should Lis not get accustom to her new home and the running of it? I had thought she had advanced from such a thing after her time with Roslin. She will be a woman wed soon.

"If defending the honour of an innocent lady makes me a fool cousin," Eoin replies, not backing away from Aldren's stare, "then I will take the title gladly. Head wound or no." There might be osme ladies he's more inclined to defend than other it's true, but since Nylie, and in this case by association Beth too, are involved then it's a definite. Top of the list pairing as it were. He still looks furious, but Nylie's words stop any further inflamatory replies from surfacing for now at least. Aldren does get a slight narrowing of his eyes though, to signal that he's not in anyway looking for forgives for his words before he shifts himself in his bed so his attention is back on Nylie and his cousin has somewhat of a cold shoulder. "I will speak with her then, when I see her next and gage her mind on the matter. Thank you again for your help and concern in this matter, it is dearly appreactiated." Words chosen to snub Aldren perhaps, but the sentiment behind them is genuine enough. Her imminant dparture is greeted with a faint nod though and he notes, "I shall look forward to it my Lady."

Aldren regards Nylie now with an intense look, for one so out of the inner workings for so long she certainly is making up for lost time. "Perhaps I am mistaken. But are Lady's in waiting not reserved for woman who are unmarried, traditionally? Should Lis not get accustom to her new home and the running of it? I had thought she had advanced from such a thing after her time with Roslin. She will be a woman wed soon." He shrugs now and shakes his head.
He will turn back now, regarding his cousin with an icy stare while he speaks. When he has finished speaking to Nylie he says, cold shoulder or not, "Let it not be said that Haravean men lack for pride, courage or fierceness." If the man feels need to blatanly refer to him in a disrespectful way he does not notice. Or pretends not to. The man is heated, he no doubt understands that, and it is Eoin! Possibly closer to him than his own brother. And the slight is not for anyone to hear except Nylie. Which does not thrill him but no reason for him to make an issue. "No one questions the womans honor. Relax. I do not think we should act as barbaric this." He sighs tiredly. "Our time could be more productively spent."

"You are mistaken, Count Aldren, but for reason enough. It is most common for a Lady in Waiting to be unmarried, however, there are traditions and reasons for married Ladies to take such a position. " Some often highly political even, not that this would be one. "And aye, Elisabeth should, part of why I did say there was no hurry to a decision. However, there things I have experience with and could teach that my cousin could not, some of which I have promised to do so. " There is brief study as Nylie does add,"Companionship during times of war, is often a fair reason for such an arrangement, Count Aldren. " When men are away and women are left to worry and fret. Many other differences exist, but she doesn't seek to explain it all.
A nod goes to Eoin,"It is the least I could do, she is my friend as are you, and what help I may ever give will always be given. " AA quiet smile comes,"I will see you again soon."
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Eoin replies to Nylie first, to give her the opportunity to make her escape now before anything else may be said or done. "Good bye then, and thank you for everything," a tilt of his head towards the windowsill to indicate the items he means. That done he gives her time to leave before turning back properly to his cousin, speaking lowly so as not to disturb further those they've likely already disturbed so far. "I believe that you did not mean it cousin, or wound or not I would have done what is needed. You did give her insult though, and I would ask you to think before you try and embroil her in your dislike of the Duke. She is her own person."

The Count listens to Nylie. "I have no doubt that you have much to teach her. And if you have the opportunity I would ask that you remind the good Duke of my request as Moira will surely share the needs of other married ladys when war is fully upon us." He nods and will stand as well. "I am sorry for the offense you have taken. It was not my intention."
When she has left he turns to his cousin. His words measured carefully. To avoid any more disputes he works backwards from his comments. "I am well aware she is her own person. And I do not bunch her in with the duke. But surely you know the man is capable of planting seeds without the true fruit they are to bear apparent." He shrugs, "I do not think that the case it was merely an odd coincidence and one I must take alarm to." Now his first comment is addressed before he turns to leave. "I will allow you time to rest and recover. So that you may decide what it is that is 'needed'."

"I will be certain to remind him of your request upon the matter," she might give Aldren a smile, abut there is a flicker in her eyes….the conversation might not go well for Aidan. Own woman indeed. And Aldren did have Aidan's daughter within one of his vassel House's. Nylie gives a small bow of her head to Aldren,"I would believe you, Count Aldren." Turning to give Eoin another smile, before she does take the opportunity to leave, picking up her maid and guard once she hits the infirmary exit.

"I approached her cousin," Eoin replies, still keeping his voice down, and she agreed without a need to think it over which might have allowed the Duke to plant any of these seeds of which you speak. She is strong Aldren, she'd notice, I have faith in that." As Aldren also announces his intention to leave he leans back once more into the pillows that are supporting him and offers in parting, "if you happen to see your sister could you tell her I am in need of a word with her when she is able?"

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