Rupert Young
Rupert Young as Everard Tessel
Full Name: Everard Tessel
Age: 25
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Commoner
Position: Business Owner/ Glass Smith
Place of Birth: City of Stormvale
Father: {$father}
Mother: {$mother}
Siblings: {$siblings}
Spouse: Lilja Tessel
Children: Not Yet


The Tessel family has long been one of merchants outside of the castle to commoner and noble alike, and so when Everard was born already the youngest of his family. It wasn't really a conclusion that he'd be taught how to run a shop. Involving learning to sell wares, and even travel with the family to do these things. His mother and father and older sister and brother had already been doing these things.

As he grew of course he got better and better at the practice of this how to haggle and run a shop keeping an eye on the books and buy and sale. He also took interest in other things of course reading and being handy able to fix things with a hammer, he also learned about the making of wares mostly of glass running the billows in his off time and learning to spin a bit.

It would be in his nineteenth year that things would change and shape his life to come. Still un-wed and helping run the family business it might have seemed as odd. He was sent to Lakeshire to see about purchasing good from a craft faire held there. Here at stand which sold glass wares he'd meet Lilja she herself unwed. He realized from looking over the good that she made that she had a talent beyond selling the trinkets and items she was be made to.

It wasn't a long courtship both family and the couple realizing that the union would help all involved. They were soon wed and with the money received from the wedding. They opened their own shop to begin their lives together. It has been years since then and they have grown closer a romance found in the necessity, and they still run the same shop though it has been expanded and kept up since it started.

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