Estevan "Waverunner" Moniwid
Matt Lanter
Matt Lanter as Estevan "Waverunner" Moniwid
Full Name: Estevan "Waverunner" Moniwid
Age: 23
Kingdom: Grand Duchy of Rustles Isle
House: Moniwid
Position: High Admiral
Place of Birth: On a boat in the Great Lake of Rustles Isle
Father: Grand Duke Randino Moniwid (deceased)
Mother: Grand Duchess Annya Moniwid nee Aberdeen
Siblings: Benigne, Draventa, Mantilo, and half-sister Emerit
Spouse: none
Children: none


High Admiral

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The Star of the Night, the Waverunner's flagship of his own design. It is built with special timber found only in the Eastern Isles. It's based off a pirate ship he read about in books as a child. He keeps copies in his Admiral's Quarters on deck. The Star of the Night is also Estevan's favorite type of snake from his homeland, it shines bright blue and is mesmerizing in its ever-shifting motions.

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