Thedor 6, 229: Eoin and Tyrel Plan

Thedor 6, 229: Eoin and Tyrel Plan
Summary: Eoin and Tyrel plan for the war.
OOC Date: 06/01/2014
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Eoin Tyrel 
Marshal's Office - Darfield Castle
This is the Office of the Military Advisor to the King. The first thing you see upon entering is the huge table which occupies the center of the room. Near the door, there is also a smaller desk. On the north wall is a map of the Kingdom. To the east, a door leads out onto a balcony. You can see through the glass in the door that night has fallen. In the southern wall there is a fireplace, currently containing a large fire which lights and warms the room. Above the fireplace is a large mural of the Arms of the King's Army. In the southwest corner, there is a small wooden door. Along the east wall is a large bookcase.
Thedor 6, 229

As the council members begin to react to the letter from King Callem, Tyrel continues through his daily routine. A meeting with Eoin has been scheduled so the Crown Prince dresses for the meeting them heads to his office. The meeting is to be held in the Marshal's office, which holds more of the strategic and tactical resources. Tyrel arrives early, his servants laying out mead and wine, a cup of which he takes up as he moves about the map studying it. Eoin will be shown in while he is observing the battle lines that may form.

Eoin has read the King's letter, several times now in fact, but there has been no time to do anything other than stash it safely about his person and head for his meeting with the Crown Prince. As he is shown into the office he is carrying a scroll of parchment of some kind under one arm which gets quickly transfer to a hand as he slips his hands behind his back to off the approriate bow of greeting. "your Royal Highness, thank you for still agrreing to meet with me, what with the.. developments of the day."

Tyrel looks over to Eoin, "Take a cup, Lord Eoin, I'll not insist you drink this time but I should feel better to see you with one in hand. In regards to the events of the day, I would suggest you put them aside for the moment until clarity is given. That my father was disturbed from his meditation upsets me greatly, that he would stir in a fury does not surprise me and I trust to the discretion of the council while the matter is settled sensibly." He looks to the scrolls, "To more salient matters for our posts, what updates have you for me?"

Eoin takes a glass of mead, the castle wine is fine indeed, but he grew up on Greenshire grapes and while many bottles of such do resisde in the royal cellar, he can notbe sure of this one's provinence. "Thank you," he replies as he takes a sip, then gives a single, slow nod at remarks that follow a he doesn't feel any need to add to the Prince's remarks. Setting the drink down a moment he uses both hands to unroll what turns out to be a chart, distinguishale from a map as most of the annotations are on the water, not the land. FInding somewhere flat to lay it he weights the corners then turn back to Tyrel. "I am not sure how well versed you are in matters maritime I am afraid, so I'll start simple. If I'm covering things you already know though, do please say and I'll adjust." Taking the glass again he has another sip, then starts, not yet turning to the chart. "We, as a kingdom, have found ourselves lagging behind most of our neighbours somewhat in ship development. Our's are, in general, slower and able to carry less, be that cargo or soldiers. As with any other type of war, having out dated equipment is a serious problem, and while I'm sure we could try and negotiate or barter with our allies, I have a planned action that would would instead take from the Lannivers."

Tyrel says, "I'm versed in most forms of combat and warfare, Lord Eoin, however it will do me no harm to have the basics covered again so I might better understand the logic your decisions are based upon. We are indeed a kingdom of the land, rather than one of the sea. Our shipyards have worked through the winter, but I agree, our ships are crude compared to others and lacking in quantity as well as quality. What actions would you take to increase our navy while decreasing that which is set against us?" He looks over the map his eyes scanning the notations, he begins with those nearest Darfield Castle but his attention quickly shifts to the habor taken during the last war season from Laniveer.

"If we could come away with some of their shipwrights then maybe we'd be in better shape," Eoin offers in a moment of gloom, "but the usefulness of their skills is too easily recognised alas." Then, stirring himself out of that he takes another sip of the mead and points down towards the chart. It appears to be a section of coast that runs roughly north-south and in the middle is a natural harbour with soundings and currents for the approach marked in a fair degree of detail. "This is a combined chart for the port town of Cadaiz," he states, tapping his finger on teh harbour as he says that. "It's towards their southern border with us making it within easy reach, and in years past has been a wintering point for a section of their fleet." He glances up to the Prince again to check that he's following, then continues, "now, it's fortified, but not tha heavily becuase of these sandbars here," he points to other features on the map. "This is where our smaller ships give us an advantage in that they have a smaller draft and can thus beat towards the havens from approaches not open to their own vessels."

Tyrel follows the description, "We have shipmasters from Aberdeen, Lord Eoin, they are instructing our craftsmen and we are making great leaps, but the men are not quick to learn and from what I understand of it our forms are incorrect. I opted to construct the lesser ships as the need was dire, rather than spend the time on the forms, it has delayed the newer ships some but we have at least some ships for you to command." He takes a sip of his wine, "I am not familiar with the ports fortifications without referencing my charts, but it seems as though a fleet at anchor should be defended easily by their own arms, and whatever weapons, be they catapults, trebuchet or balista, located on the docks and higher ground." He indicates where a defender might place such on the land. "Much as our haborage is protected by the overlook of the keep, have you some method for defeating those defenses, or are they lacking for some reason?"

"A good ship takes a long time to build,"Eoin replies with a slow nod, "even with fully trained men to do so." He'll leave that there for now though and points back to the chart. "The main channel, the only one their big ships can use, is protected, although not so well as our's is here, ot indeed, there's are in other places. The last report I have of it's defences are from this summer and it leaves me with hope that they think we will over look it in favour of a bigger target, or they will have their fleet out again before we manouver ours." Indicating a headland that forms part of the harbour he states, "this is where I would expect most of the local land forces to be stationed and it would likely need to be delt with which is, in part, why I am here. Landing a few boats of troops in the dark of night to move in quietly and eliminate any threat found there would increase our chances on the water a considerable amount." Then, back to the fleet. "The ships will be crewed, but if we hit them at the right time then most of the men will be ashore, or stumbling back to their bunks drunk. Best case, we sail in on the appraoches they deem to shallow, using the dark for cover, board and cut away what ships we can, burn those we can not. If the heights can not be secured, or the alarm is raised, then we float fireboats in to burn them at anchor and turn back to open waters."

Tyrel nods looking over the location, he leans closer to the map studying it then moves to pull another chart. "It is a bold plan, Lord Eoin, one worth consideration. However it seems as though we will be gambling a number of our ships which are very valuable to us, against a handful of ships that may not be as valuable to our enemy." He lays his chart atop Eoin's securing the corners, "We have some advantage in that the weather lessons here earlier, but not by much." He begins reviewing the land routes, "If we are working to take the fortifications so that the ships can be taken out the straits to see, we will have nearly taken the town. What is your opinion on our ability to seize and hold it?"

Eoin eyes Tyrel's map for a few moments, taking in the additional information thereon and then takes a drink while he considers. "O seize it I would consider our chances strong, provided we could land enough troops. Holding it?" That gets another moment or two's consideration, it being outside of his previous plans, "to hold it I'd say slim, beyond a couple of days perhaps. No matter how hard and fast we move we'llnot be able to prevent some word getting out once we strike, and then it's a question of how fast can the nearest relief garrison march." A look to the Prince, "and that your highness, is very much your area of expertese rather than mine. I think though, that for the purposes of having our way wth the docks, that we could hold it long enough."

Tyrel considers, "If we land rangers early, and position them to watch the gates we may prevent their first messengers from getting past, that might buy us a few days, it would be unrealistic to believe we could catch them all. If the gods favor the town, three days to reinforcement, if they favor us, perhaps five. Not long enough for a seige but if we take the town quickly and with enough men we could use their defenses to hold and force them to seige their own keep. If we took the ships could you resupply the keep through the enemy fleet or would they be stranded?"

Eoin seems content with a figure of three days, it's more than plenty for what he needs. The question about the keep though has him shaking his head, "it's not a port I'm all that familair with I'm afraid," he replies, "I could ask a few of the captains who have traded their for their assessement though. Well, the captains fo repute anyway." Meaning, not Captain Aleksy at least. "I would imagine though, that even if they could be resupplied, we could hold out only until the rest of their fleet responded and which point we would have no choice but to turn to sea again. I think" he takes a quick drink to wet his throat, "that it'd be better to withdraw once their reinforcements are spotted. Yes, we'll loose a chance to bloody their army, but it would allow us to pull out in good order and take home as much as we could."

Tyrel considers carefully, "How many ships do you expect to risk and how many do you expect we could gain. Give me the worst case…an unnatural tide strands our light ships despite their draft, we are slaughtered on the shores, what would be lost against what could we gain?" He takes a few weights and holds them in his hand setting some down on either side moving them back and forth as they talk.

"That all depends on how many we commit," Eoin answers, giving the other man an apologetic look. It's not a particularly useful answer and he knows it, but it's about the best he can do. "We shouldn't need a large squadron though, most our capacity would be needed to carry the armsmen and prize crews needed. Men though, that is where we could loose heavily if things go wrong. In return though, we get carracks, even if only two or three that'll make defending our waters a much simpler task. They are bigger, steardier and more manouverable than our cogs, and with the help of those from Aberdeen is shouldn't take long to get crews expereinced at handling them. We'd certainly have them fully combat ready by the start of the main campaign season. We migth get lucky though, we might get a dozen or more, even if some are cogs and galleys." He shifts the map a little, so a part of the chart beneath it is revealed again then adds, "if we time our arrival right with the current though, even if we are cut to pieces before we can enter the habour, we should still be able to send a fireboat or two in, and that would deny the ships to the Stewarts, even if we can no take them for ourselves."

Tyrel looks over the plans, "Lord Eoin, a man takes 20 years to grow, a ship takes a year to build. Are you quite certain you wish to risk a large number of men on a small number of ships? If we maintain a defensive position in our waters will these ships be any significant advantage over waiting for our own to be built?"

"Given the time and resources it takes to build a fleet," Eoin replies in all seriousness, "yes. I am quite certain. The time taken to merely season the wood, let alone start the hard work of building has us woefully unprepared to face the Lanniver fleet." He drains the rest of his drink and sets the glass down once again. "Forgive me, if my analogy is not entirely correct Your Highness, but if you knew of a poorly defended outpost, where in the Lannivers kept a stock of swords that could pierce a plate harness, even if only a small stock. Wouldn't you risk an attack to try and secure some for our knights?"

Tyrel says, "That would depend on a number of factors, Lord Eoin, if it cost me my knights to capture the swords then it would do me little good to have the swords. If you believe that you cannot maintain a defensive stance succesfully for the season it will take us to field a larger fleet then we must strike. I do not like raiding like a pirate, however I know one who does and is currently in debt to the crown. Are you familiar with Lord Vuk's seamanship and would you think him capable of leading such a raid?"
Tyrel says, "Pardon, I misspoke, do you think him capable of being amongst the first wave."

"We can not effectly defend out own waters without those ships," Eoin states solmnly, "if we wait until we can build our own then we are reliant upon our allies to do so for us. It brings me no great joy to report that, but that is how it is and I see no point in sugar coating it." The mention of pirates causes a raised eyebrow though and he shakes his head, "we are at war, if this were some fishing village then I would agree with you, but this is a strategic military target." The eyebrow lowers into a frown though at the mention of Vuk, and only lessens very slightly as the correction is made. Choosing his words carefully he states, "while I do not doubt the Captain's.. enthusiasm, or.. dedication.. to our cause in this war, I would have to seriously question his judgement and to be frank I'd say I want him as far away from it as possible, even if it does mean that I'd have to let him out of my sight again. Captain Mowbray, I would trust, but no, not Captain Aleksy."

Tyrel nods, "I had hoped Captain Aleksy might prove himself by being first in and last out, as I would a knight that had shown some fault, but if that would be disadvantageous to your strategy I will find some other way for him to redeem himself. If you should have any suggestion on the matter I would welcome it." He looks over the plans, "Proceed with the plans, Lord Eoin, gain us ships, and if any way occurs to you that we might increase our foothold on the shores of Laniver keep an eye for it in your planning. We hold this harbor already." He indicates the one taken recently, "And I could march a force to lay seige to their reinforcements, if the roads and ways are open. We will not have many opportunities to gain such ground in the future, each battle will be harder than the one before until the war ends."

Eoin gives a single nod in both understanding and acknowledgement before reaching to recover his chart and roll it up once more. "Thank you your Highness, initial preperations are already underway but I will come to you once more when all is in place and we are ready to sail." Just in case situations change and all that. "I will keep my eyes open," he promises, "and report anything of interest." Chart successfully stowed he slips his hands behind his back once more and bows his farewell before turning for the door.

Tyrel nods, "Go with the grace of the Eight, Lord Eoin."

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