Lord Eoin Haravean
Sir Kenneth Branagh
Sir Kenneth Branagh as Eoin Fergal Haravean
Full Name: Eoin Fergal Haravean
Age: 28
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Haravean
Position: Lord High Admiral
Place of Birth: Towcester Hall, Greenshire
Father: Lord Oisin Haravean
Mother: Lady Aoife Haravean
Siblings: Elisabeth (19) (others tbd)
Spouse: Niamh Haravean nee Tanguay (desceased)
Children: None acknowledged


Cousin to Count Aldren and admiral of the fleet.

Born not long after his cousin, Count Aldren, Eoin spent the first few years of his life around and about the family seat. Far enough out of the line of sucession for there to be any worry about readying him for the possibility that Aldren might sucome to some nasty fever or such, his life was planned for him for an early age. Fostered out, squire, knight, back to serve the house as needed.

All went to plan for a while, he learnt the basics of the courtly arts, although it's fair to say that he has not the grace for dancing, nor the ear for music. He also learnt the basic skills of warfare, but soon found the weight and restrictions of armour to be tiring and clumbersom, prefering instead the lighter leathers of the archer and skirmisher. As it came time for a fostering to be saught for him though, he took the unusual step of seeking formal audience with his father and tabling a different proposal. He'd always liked playing in boats, both on the lake and in the coastal waters, so why not send him to sea instead?

With his father seeing the lad dead set against the route planned, and so feel of enthusiasm for the other, he eventually relented and sent him to learn the basics of maritime life onboard one of the coastal boats. He learnt quickly and learnt well, having a keen eye for the weather and tides. So much so infact that by the time of the invasion of Jadda in 223 he ended up in charge of his first ship when the previous Captain was laid low in a skirmish against Jedda pirates.

Along the way he also picked up a wife. It was a marrage arranged by his family, to a daughter of one of the local minor houses. They barely knew each other before they were wed and he had to go back to sea again shortly after the ceremony. Any chance they might have had of growing the relationship, or even having children was lost though when she was taken of a fever before he could return to shore once more.

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