Thedor 24, 229: Enforcing Propriety

Enforcing Propriety
Summary: Emerit presents Draventa with a new chaperone.
OOC Date: 24/01/2014, finished via pages on 25/01/2014 (OOC)
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Draventa Emerit 
Moniwid Suite, Darfield Castle
The first thing usually noticed about this room is the sense of openness, as it is not laden with heavy furniture. The floor is a soft grey marble. One wall features a huge window, taking up almost the whole wall and showing a lovely view of the horizon. To the right of the window, there is a stone fireplace decorated with amber and some old carvings. There is an incredibly cozy couch in front of the fireplace, in a dark brown cotton type material.
In the middle of the room, there is a burnished oaken long table with eight matching chairs. There are eight crystal place settings ready for use. A wild flower centerpiece has been placed on the table as decoration. The floor of the dining area has been covered with the prey of some hunter in the form of a brown bear fur rug.
There is a smaller wooden door, leading to the Grand Duke's Room, on the left wall of the room . On both sides of the door, small candles are available to provide light when it is dark. There are also candle sconces on the other walls and a candelabra on the table. Above the fireplace, the prey of some other hunters resides: two deer heads with beautiful antlers can be found, one to each side. Between the deer, the edges of two sharp, crossed swords glint.
24th day of Thedor, 229

It's mid morning, Princess Draventa has managed to stay out of the way for the past few days. She's dressed in an appropriate black mourning dress that Alice was able to find and modify for her. She's curled up on the couch in front of the fire place staring off at it. Her sketch book is in her lap, un opened. Alice is sitting near, her needle work in her lap, although she keeps glancing up worriedly at the princess. there's an untouched cup of tea next to the princess.

The door that leads to the upper hall opens without any preceding knock, and Draventa's sister enters, her steps are not hurried at all. Emerit's mien is silghtly pensive, and when her gaze soon finds the frail Moniwid princess on that couch before the fireplace, she will approach her. "Good morning, your highness.", she greets with a smile that is tempered by not too much enthusiasm. "I haven't spoken with you in a while." Moss green eyes will shift to Alice and a light nod will be given to the maid, before the ambassador's gaze will return to Draventa. "How are you?," Emerit will inquire softly, as she takes a seat on one of the other chairs, carefully avoiding to anger Draventa by not granting her the space she might need at the moment.

It takes Drav a moment to respond, she'll blink at the fire a few times before turning to look at Emerit. "Good morning, Emerit." Her voice is even, not much inflection one way or the other.Alice nods softly to Emerit, concern all over her face. The Island princess's pale eyes blink at the Ambassador, slowly like she's trying to clear them. "I am as well as can be."

"I am glad to hear that," Emerit replies, while she continues to study Draventa with a concern that betrays she does not believe her at all. Her gaze flits to her own handmaiden Yulanda, and she gestures for something to drink. No words are necessary, as the Moniwid handmaiden already knows what the Bastard Princess will prefer at this time of day, and so she moves over to the table to pour a bit of watered wine into a cup, which she hands to the fiery haired Moniwid next. "I have been meaning to speak to you about a matter of some importance," Emerit admits to Draventa after taking a sip. "But maybe this can wait until I have addressed another… occurence." Her free hand moves to the pendant, and she lowers her gaze. "I hear Prince Logen met you yesterday at the library, and was… acting strangely indeed?" No need to explain how she knows, they are already beyond that, of course. Still her voice shows concern and even a hint of worry.

It's hard to tell if Draventa is actually seeing Emerit, the way her gaze seems to slide off of the girl in front of her. She doesn't ask what other matters, Emerit will tell her or not. She's sure it will be do dictate something else to Drav. Drav keeps her face passive and smooth when the library is mentioned. Of course Emerit knows, but why is she bringing it up? "I did meet him in the Library." She always feels like a scolded child, having to retell a story when Emerit makes her do this. "He came in soaked from going into the water to acquire a shell for me." It doesn't sound so horrible, till the temperature is taken into account. It was freezing out, the water must have been frozen over. Drav looks over Emerit's shoulder at something on the wall for a moment before looking back at the girl.

"Soaked…", Emerit echoes, looking slightly bewildered, before she shakes her head slowly. "He was not in right minds then…?" A question that might as well be a statement. "But he spoke to you, didn't he? Was he… carrying himself in an appropriate manner?" The green eyes of the bastard princess continue to linger on her sister, questioningly, as if she were trying to find out how Draventa feels about all this. "And… did you accept that shell?" Not that it would make much of a difference. She runs her hand through her fiery red curls that fall openly about her shoulders, while her other keeps that cup in a secure grasp. The dark blue colour of her dress is sombre, matching the overall mood of current mourning at Castle Darfield.

Draventa doesn't answer all of Emerit's questions. It's obvious. "I did. And then he took it back. And then he re-gave it." It really was that confusing. She either is starting to master the hiding her emotions, or has walled all of this off. Her face remains smooth, almost distracted.

Emerit's gaze seems to cloud a little at Draventa's reply. "Sounds like he wasn't…", she mutters, more to herself. "And…?" One brow is raised as the bastard princess waits for more information, as if suspecting her sister is holding some of it back. One hand will reach over to touch Draventa's hand in a gesture that might attempt to be placating or just expressing her concern and sympathy for Draventa's uneasy situation.

The touch seems to snap Draventa out of her haze some. She'll tilt her head and look at Emerit, "And I accepted it. What else could I have done?" Drav isn't sure what Emerit wants. She's sure Alice gave her a sentence by sentence report. "I'm having supper with him tonight." While she's able to keep her face still, Drav is glad Emerit isn't able to feel her heart beat.

"Supper?", Emerit inquires, her gaze flickering a little, as her hand lets go of Draventa. She may be aware, Draventa is not very eager for touches and closeness, still she rises from her chair to settle beside the frail Moniwid with a swift graceful movement. A low 'clock' announces her feet are slipping out of her petite shoes, and Emerit draws her bare feet up under her skirt. "Where? And… will this be some family supper, or… just Logen and you?" She is curious really, as much for a reply to her question as for any sign on Draventa's face that might indicate how she feels about it all.

While her face remains smooth Drav's eyes do watch Emerit move over. the sketch book is shifted in her lap. "He didn't say where. I'm sure he'll send a request for me when he's ready. I assumed he meant just he and I." Oh, wouldn't that be terribly uncomfortable, Drav and all the Kilgours. And Emerit. There's only a slight tightening around the princesses mouth to indicate any discomfort.

"Certainly," Emerit replies, leaning against the back of the couch, her mien pensive, as the fire in the hearth finds a fiery echo in her red locks that seem to glow in the flickering light. "/If/ that is the case, be sure to take Alice with you." She pauses, shooting Draventa a quick glance as if she would almost anticipate any protest on Draventa's part. However, she is not done yet. "…Alice, as well as a chaperone I have acquired for you." A nod is given in Yulanda's direction, and Emerit's handmaiden moves towards the door to let a woman inside. "Lorraine has been in House Kilgour's service. She will look after you." Lorraine will offer a curtsey. She is a woman of about thirty, not uncomely, yet there is that earnest touch to her mien, a firm friendlyness that indicates she will be hard to argue with. Emerit's attention will shift from the chaperone to Draventa, and yes, she really expects some sort of protest now. "We need to take precautions. Noone shall be able to put your virtue into question."

Draventa blinks, of course she'd take Alice with her, why would…Drav's eyebrows go up as Lorraine enters. "A chaperone? I will have Alice and the guards, why would I need a chaperone?" There's some emotion now creeping into Draventa's voice, confusion, anger, "Has someone questioned my virtue?" Drav will sit a touch taller, not that it makes her tall, but she seems more proper now.

Emerit will shift and straighten, when the inevitable reaction comes. "Noone has. And we better not give them any reason to." she clarifies softly. "But we must be on our guard. That Prince Logen… has shown some impatience before, when it came for what is usually put off until the wedding night." Her cheeks turn a touch rosy and she lowers her gaze, obviously not /that/ eager to address that subject. "I just want to make sure you are safe." And remain virtuous. "Lorraine is to accompany you from now on until the wedding. Even I have a chaperone, Draventa. It is no insult, rather a precaution."

Draventa's eyes flash, "It is an insult. If you were truly worried about my virtue, I would have been given a chaperone when I got here. Not after the betrothal's been signed." She'll move to stand, "If you think I am so weak that I could not spurn the advances of some not right in the head prince, you know me little, and are a fool. Stop acting like anything you do is for me, or my safety." Drav's cheeks have turn a soft pink, "How many people have to be in the room with me for you to be satisfied that I'm not destroying everything for the Moniwid House? Is 4 really not enough? What else do I have to give up?"

Emerit's brows twitch a little when she sees that flash, and her jaw sets. Still. That smile on her face remains. "No it is not!", she retorts, in a calm and friendly tone. "No insult indeed. Do you think your Moniwid guards will be tolerated at a supper with Prince Logen? Their presence would be an insult to our hosts. So… Lorraine and Alice will suffice, believe me. Especially since one single handmaiden can't provide the protection you need at the moment." Her feet will slip out from that cozy place beneath her skirts, as Emerit will move to stand as well, bare feet on the cold stone floor, yet she does not seem to care at all. "Draventa. It is my fault you didn't get a chaperone upon arriving here. I forgot about the necessity, but now she will be most vital to us. I…" A sigh escapes the depths of Emerit's throat and she lowers her gaze. "I have heard about Cassius,… the touches, the /innocent/ kiss to your cheek. Whatever." Moss green eyes are rolled. "Innocent gestures between cousins, I am sure you meant it that way. Still. That cousin is seventeen years old, Draventa! A scoundrel. A young man who is quite receptive to the charms of women, it is known! You might mean well, Draventa. Yet others might not. Men who are prone to your charms. People who might want to thwart this wedding. People who might not want this alliance between Mobrin and Rustles Island to happen." Fiery red locks bounce about Emerit's shoulders as she shakes her head. "You have no idea, about how filthy these games of politics can get, Draventa. Just trust me in this, and do not object. By the Beasts,… No. By Sess, who has touched you, Draventa." Arms fold before her, as Emerit shifts her weight a little, studying the Moniwid Princess attentively.

"Yes, yes they would. If they were allowed to stay when I was with the Queen, they could stay when I am with her son." Draventa takes several deep breaths, trying to decide if tearing out Emerit's red curls would be enough to get her sent home at this point. The island princess looks mortified, "Cass-Prince Cassius is my cousin, and did nothing wrong! He haven't seen each other in four years. You will not speak of him in such a way!" Emerit's eye rolls only fires Draventa's anger."I am not a fool, stop talking to be like I am. I cast no charms on men. I am not some manipulating wench moving people around on a chess board." She'll actually wrinkle her nose in disgust at Emerit, "Do not ever assume I don't know how ugly this is. I can see you. I can see what you've become. Mother was right. You are some heartless creature that is just clawing for power. I do not trust you, in anything." There are angry tears forming in Draventa's eyes and she's shaking slightly.

The fingers of Emerit's hands will clench a little around her arms slightly above the elbows, while she listens to Draventa's words. "Cass.", she will mutter when her sister's speech is over, a mirthless chuckle leaving her lips. "Aye, four years can be a long time. He was thirteen back then, and he has changed, as you may know. But I won't speak about this cousin of ours anymore, I promise." Her mien has taken on a slightly stony expression, ever since Draventa called her a heartless creature. It seems the formerly so frail Moniwid has managed to hit home with that remark. "And you mistake me again, sister, for something I am not. 'Clawing for power'." She lets out a snort. "As soon as you are finally wed, I will resign from my post. I swear, by your Gods and mine, Draventa. And maybe I'll leave. Finally to return to my home." Her voice but a whisper now, as creaks are starting to show in her usually so composed manner. There are limits to what a sixteen-year-old can take.

Draventa wrinkles her nose in anger, her grey eyes almost sparking blue "Then I shall endeavor to make the marriage happen as soon as I can. I once would have been jealous that you get to return home, but now I will just be glad that I will be away from you." Draventa moves to stand. She has a dinner to get ready for.

Emerit will incline her head, her jaw setting as moisture appears to gather in her eyes as well, still she manages somehow to hold the tears back, as she at least outwardly seems to regain her composure. "Good.", is all she has to say to Draventa. Make the marriage happen, and don't mess up!, her gaze seems to say. She is still standing, her feet already numb from the cold of the stone floor, and she lowers herself pointedly into a curtsey. "Your highness." Straightening, her moss green eyes will brush Alice first, offering her a reassuring nod, then move on to Lorraine, where the corners of her mouth will twitch into a faint smile.

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