Inouv 28, 228: Endless Reports

So many reports!

Endless Reports
Summary: So many reports!
OOC Date: Dec 17, 2013
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Castle Darfield - Western Hall and Crown Prince's Office
Western Hall: This hallway, decorated in myriad shades of purple, runs east-west. Golden candleabras set between lavender draperies trimmed with golden tassels light this hallway, and a carpet made of multiple shades of royal purple cushions your footsteps and helps muffle the sound.

Crown Prince's Office: A man's room. This spacious room is graced with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Three tall windows, topped with gorgeous stained glass look out over the harbour to east, and the ocean below. Dominating it is a truly massive, oaken desk, topped with assorted bits of small statuary and objects of art. The desk is ornately carved with an elegant vine pattern. Behind it is a rather grandiose throne of a chair, carved in a somewhat gothic style. What isn't wood is covered in black leather secured by silver studs. In front of the desk is a cluster of smaller black-leather chairs. The hardwood floor is covered in a thick purple rug with silver trim. A few silver candelabras spaced about the room in addition to a few wrought-iron wall sconces provide plenty of light. The walls are paneled two thirds of the way up the wall with a dark cherry wood. From there on up they are painted purple, and about a foot from the ceiling is silver stenciling. On one side of the room, a bookshelf lines the wall, from floor to ceiling. The shelf is filled with books from all across Daeren. A door leads to a private room for the Prince.

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Tyrel makes his way through the halls with his company of guards and aides. Despite the muffling effect of the carpet he can be heard to approach long before he is seen by the jingle of his mail and clank of his guard's plate. "…the three of them brought to the dungeon and I will question them personally after they have had a few days to consider their carelessness." One aide backs away and another moves forward, "Quickly, now." Tyrel chides, "We're nearing the hall and I wish this done before the meal arrives."

Trevian, however, wears leather and soft boots- the carpets muffle his steps. The scent of Sky Herb, however, is a dead give away to this particular Sky Forester's approach. He comes from the direction of the eastern halls- just walking and inhaling slowly as he smokes and enjoys a quiet walk about the castle.

In the wake of so notable a man, the tall tan priestess who moves down that very same hall may easily be overlooked. Slender fingers hook around the hood of her white cloak to pull it down, partially revealing a mass of tight black curls. With the tresses tucked into her cloak, there is no telling how far down her back they go.

Sharp green eyes take in the scene before her, or rather the two separate happenings in the hallway. Luna's lips purse gently in thought as she slows and presses her palms together, ready to properly greet any who choose to acknowledge her.

The response he suspected on Emerit comes and he says naught of it. that little tid-bit seemingly confirmed, he instead keeps the topic of conversation on her. "Me? Oh no. I have not seen any. Though words of the rustle islands princess whose work is so renouned has reached the other side of the realm, I assure you." The compliment does not carry the usual flattery he is accustom to using and the words are a draped in some sadness as he stares to the floor. The slow measured pace continues down the hallway now with Count Aldren and Princess Draventa arm in arm.

The loud group is heard now and Aldren turns. Seeing the prince he will part from Draventa and offer the hand to chest and downcast eyes to the man. "Prince Tyrel. I was just heading to see you." the aroma does not escape him either and he turns again to see Trevian down the hallway. A nod of the head is given to the noble ranger now as he looks back to the Crown Prince. Aldren does not notice Luna and that much is plain as a scowl has yet to find his face.

Tyrel holds up a hand to silence his aide as he turns towards Aldren, his head dipping at the greeting. "I was just going to dine, Count Aldren, but the pangs of hunger are not so fierce that I would ask you to wait. Is it a matter that can be discussed in company?" He looks to the number of people in the hall, giving momentary acknowledgement of each before returning his attention to the Count, "Or is it something best spoken of with fewer guests about?"

Draventa shakes her head, alway amazed how people can hear of paintings an shave na opinion, bit not ever see them. Her pale eyes go up and when she sees who it is, she bows as well, although perhaps not as deep as she should. It's known that she has some health issues with her legs. Both guard and handmaid bow as well. Drav'll not speak unless spoken to, although her pale eyes do dart down the hall to see the other arrivals.

The Count and Prince are greeted both- first the Prince, and then the Count. A bow with hands behind the back for the Prince and Marshall of the forces of Mobrin. "Salutations." Trevian offers simply, before falling to quiet to let the two 'higher ranked' nobles speak ther business- he smiles to Draventa. "And to you as well, Lady Draventa."

Aldren now notices Luna and to Tyrel he says, "No. It is not something I would discuss in public. Go and supif you will my prince. I will seek you out after. I have orders to dispatch anyways. It is not so pressing that another hour or two would matter. In this way we can both remain productive as the days grow short." He looks to the ranger and the princess. "I apologize. Please take no offense." He bows to Draventa, "I hope we can continue our conversation later." A soft smile delivered before he nods to Trevian. "If you do not mind I will take my leave." Assuming none do he will turn on his heels and exit the hallway, not so much as a greeting for the Priestess.

A hint of vanilla and tiger lily wafts down the hall, reaching any with sensitive noses perhaps before Luna's movements come into view. With the symbol of Umbra emblazoned in gold on the back of her cloak, there would be little chance of someone from behind her mistaking the white-garbed woman.

After all the others exchange niceties, she steps just a bit closer. Her gaze falls steadily on the quiet, diminutive pale woman who was on Aldren's arm until a moment ago.

Tyrel dips his head to Aldren then moves to continue on towards the great hall where the kitchens await. "Now then, what was next?" He inquires of the Aide who hastily claps his hands together greeting the priestess before catching up. Tyrel eyes the aide, "If you've something urgent to pray over, Jeffries, give your missive over and get yourself to the temple. I've no time for distracted servants and no interest in gaining the disfavor of the gods by distracting those who wish to speak with them." Jeffries hastily assures the prince he is fine and begins reading through the scroll he holds quickly.

"Well, he seemed in quite the hurry." Trevian says as he watches Aldren depart. "Still, I do hope the day finds you well, your Majesty." Trevian offers offer with a quiet smile- even as he takes a look down the hall to notice the approaching Luna. Always a friendly sort he gives a wave to the Priestess, before his attention turns back onto the Royal.

Draventa 's handmaid quietly steps up and takes Aldren's place, offer her arm to Draventa. The princess keeps quiet, as it seems there's oetrh business about , but will offer a small smile to Travian. The maid starts to whisper something to the princess, but she shakes her head. "Hello Lord Trevian. I hope all is well today?"Her voice is kept quiet, to not disturb any passing. She will make greetings with the Prince when he is not wishing food.

And cue up the next entrant, Victoria, who comes in frooomm …some direction, because the player oft gets lost in this place. A quick check of the hallway, woman nearly continuing onwards into another section of the castle before she pulls back and lets out a quick noise of surety. Or relief. Truly one and the same. Her booted steps will take her forwards where she will quickly curtsey down, no skirts to spread, just leather pants to complain, up near Tyrel and his Aide, "Your Majesty, Prince Kilgour, I've important news from the Master Ranger." Up she'll go then, straightening up, no skirts worn to be spread with the curtsey, just leather pants that complained a bit in soft spots about the stretching move it didn't enjoy.

Tyrel halts again, stalling his aide once more. Jeffries has a look of pure relief as he finds himself with another moment to refind his place on the long scroll of work. Tyrel turns his attention on Victoria considering her for a few moments before saying, "You are dressed in the fashion of our military and greeting me under orders, in the future salute, bow or kneel. I've no wish to hear your pants groaning." He looks to Jeffries, "Go and have the cooks send up a meal, it seems I will not be dining in the great hall." He then turns and begins moving back towards the stairs. "Come along, huntress, unless your news cannot wait the journey to my office?"

"Of course, your Majesty." Victoria states without question, her head shaking as she moves to follow along behind the prince, "No, your Majesty, it can wait until then." Intoned firmly, the woman pushing her cloak back up onto her shoulders, tugging off her gloves and setting them into her belt.

Well, the Prince seems quite busy today- so Trevian bothers him not at all. He smiles to Drav and nods his head. "Does the day find you well?" he wonders of the young woman. "Have you gotten to do any more drawing?"

Tyrel moves through the castle quickly, dispatching aides to fetch the military staff needed to deal with the news. He enters his office and the guards peel off. Tyrel indicates a chair for Victoria and moves around his desk to sit. "Now, what news have you?"

Victoria moves to the chair, settling down into it, having intended to stand, but then the chair was gestured to and well, here she is. Sitting up straight, all proper and stuff, she will immediately go into her report without any pleasantries on how the prince is or trying to make awkward small talk, "Yesterday I was dispatched out with the Master Ranger and we went to where the last of the trail of the Baroness and the Voice were last believed to be. We found four bodies, we presume them to be of the Knights that were with the Baroness and the Voice." A pause, because air, "They were in the under clothes of knights, all their armor missing, including their boots, and weapons, and had crossbow wounds at their necks in the back."

Air, a sniff, warm air of the castle causing cold nose to leak, "The bodies should be back to the castle shortly so further examination can be done, one of them likely died from poison on the arrow he was killed with, but that will have to be confirmed to see if it is the same poison utilized with Lady Nimue and her captors."

Air, again, a pause to allow him to absorb before she continues on, "And Master Ranger Araltaidan was able to find the barest of hints of a trail that led away - one the last group didn't pick up on. At first light he set out -" Or so she assumes, "To continue along the trail." And then she will go into a description of the location of the bodies where they were found, and then where the trail picked up. Precise and all that fun stuff, because Ranger.

Tyrel nods, "See that Ranger Araltaidan is sent reinforcements immediately, those that have acted against us do not seem the type that will be foiled by a single ranger, no matter how skilled." He pulls a scroll over, "I will have word sent that arms and armor have been stolen so to be vigilent that none pass in the guise of those who fell. The guards of the household will be able to name the four who accompanied the group. Once you have rested I will ask you to describe those that were found to them in detail to seek confirmation that they were the four found and one of the attackers was not among them. I should prefer to thing the guards were faultless but treason must be considered as an option."

Tyrel continues writing out instructions and applies his stamp, "The trail that led away, what type was it and was there sign that the captives may have traveled that way rather than on the boat?"

Victoria fights the urge to stand up, staying firmly seated as she nods her head, "Of course, your Majesty. I will do so immediately." And as he addresses one of her key concerns, the use of the armor as a guise, she relaxes considerably inwardly, nodding her head firmly, "A prudent action, your Majesty, one of my chief concerns was the ill use of said armor." A further nod then, the Huntress in agreement with the next, not that she would have any choice.

"Of course, Prince Kilgour, if you wish it I could do as much now, I'd rather not leave any time to claim a chance on pursuing this much more quickly and a resolution." She will watch as he writes, glance soon going around the office before attention is brought back, "Wagons drawn by horses, your Majesty. Further to that it was not clear if the captives could have been taken that way but it is a possibility. The ship route could be a ruse, so pursuing both tracks is prudent."

Tyrel nods at Victoria's words, spreading sand across the parchment to dry it then knocking it clear, "Take this to the guards, they will see you provisioned and assisted. If there is chance they may still be on land I want those forests searched thoroughly. If you are eager to rejoin him then you may be one of the front runners." The orders she is given contain instructions for the dispatch of several rangers to join and spread from the area. Other instructions have knights marching up the roadway should reinforcements be needed and to provide escort should recovery be possible.

Victoria rises up from her seat to take that parchment, bowing at the waist and straightening up, "Of course, my Lord." Taking that as her permission to leave she will take that parchment out to the guards to do just as he asked, and sort out her gear in her room in the Forrester Suite to get ready to head on back out herself.

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