Lady Emerit Moniwid
Judi Trott
Judi Trott as Emerit Moniwid
Full Name: Emerit Moniwid
Age: 16
Kingdom: Moniwid
House: Moniwid
Position: Lady, former Ambassador of Rustles Island
Place of Birth: Unknown
Father: Grand Duke Radino Moniwid (foster father), Captain Roderick Flamehair (real father)
Mother: Jamilla the Fierce
Siblings: Foster-siblings: Grand Duke Mantilo, Princess Benigne, Princess Draventa and High Admiral Estevan.
Spouse: None
Children: None


Formerly known as the Bastard princess, of the former Grand Duke of Rustles Island.

Staying at Darfield for a time as an ambassador of her home, Rustles Island, Emerit was left in charge of negotiations in trade - and political relations between Mobrin and the Grand Duchy, until her real parentage was recovered, which lead to a chain of events - an anullment of the marriage of Princess Draventa Moniwid and Prince Logen Kilgour, her loss of the title Princess, her retroactive ennoblement by the current Grand Duke of Rustles Isle and her impending departure for her home.

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