Thedor 3, 229: Elisen and Tyrel Meet

Thedor 3, 229: Elisen and Tyrel Meet
Summary: Elisen and Tyrel meet while intending to enjoy desert. Tyrel's words are a bit unpalatable, but the pastry is delicious.
OOC Date: 01/04/2014
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Elisen Tyrel 
Great Hall
The Banquet Hall of Darfield Castle is an immense room, easily capable of holding the entire population of the Castle. A processional aisle, covered in a rich purple carpet, leads to the dais which is the focus of the hall. Purple and white marble extends in patterned rays from the raised dais, stretching to stone walls curtained in purple velvet to dampen sound. Tables line either side of the processional, all covered in white linens and set with candelabras. Fresh cut flowers from the gardens adorn small tables around the edges of the hall, lending their light fragrance to the ambiance of the room.
The wide arch to the south leads out to the western hall. The dais is raised three short steps above the main level of the hall. A servant door sits unobtrusively along the north wall, leading to the kitchen.
Thedor 3, 229

There has been some commotion in the castle with the arrival of a representative from the Finger Islands. Prince Tyrel is rumored to have taken one of his ship captains off for private conversation but not long after the Prince can be found in the grand hall. He's seated by himself with a pastry before him. The crusty confection is still piping hot, sending little gouts of steam up as he pokes at it with his knife.

Tyrel is wearing his decorative chain, scaled armor with each scale designed to look like a bird's feather. The engraved armor shines from beneath the silken overshirt he wears sporting the purple and silver of Kilgour family.

Elisen makes his way into the great hall carrying a plate and hot pastry of his own, matching the Young Majesty. Perhaps the help offered him a leftover. He's dressed rather fine, clothed as a prince even given their current treatment. He walks a few steps into the hall, and then sees the Young Majesty, pausing a moment, and then making his way to the table a few seats from Tyrel. He offers a quiet bow, and then sits. Closing his eyes a moment, he inhales the smell of the pastry, before opening them once again. He glances at the Prince, then back to his pastry.

Tyrel sets down his knife, rises, nods, then retakes his seat. "Lord Elisen, it seems my fortune is improving. I've been meaning to speak with you for some time. Had I know the proper bait was hot pastries I would have se tthe cooks to preparing them sooner. Do come closer so we needn't shout at eachother, I prefer to decide for myself when to raise my voice rather than having it be a necesity of distance."

Elisen looks at the Prince, staring a moment, deciding if he should comply or not. Finally, he rises, lifting the plate, and moving to the seat closest to Tyrel. Once more, he sits. "My sister and I will be packing. We'll be taking our leave of your hospitality in the morning. I'm sure you're quite ready for us to be out of your hair, Young Majesty."

Tyrel raises an eyebrow, "Ah, you must not have spoken with your sister yet. You are not at liberty to depart, one of the downsides of being a prisoner of war. If you wish to relinquish our hospitality you are more than welcome to do so, but I advise against it, the dungeons are far less comfortable than the rooms with which you have been provided."

Elisen lifts his eyes to look at Tyrel, his brow lifting a bit. "We are now prisoners. I see." He leans back in his chair, pushing the pastry plate a few inches away from him, no longer interested. "The charges?"

Tyrel says, "You were always prisoners. You entered our lands uninvited during a time of war. Through considerable restraint on the part of my family you were not hung upon your arrival." He takes a mouthful of the warm pastry and swallows. "I cannot believe you thought that having only barely escaped the noose you were anything other than prisoners, that would take a degree of innocence I cannot imagine a man of your age having maintained."

Elisen continues to watch the man. "Prisoners are placed in dungeons. I've been given a suite. Clothing. Wine." He smirks, gesturing, "Pastries." He shrugs, "No declaration of arrest was ever made to me. It's not innocence, Prince Tyrel. It's respect and faith that led me to not make any assumption that you were taking me and my sister hostage until you explicitly said so yourself." He shrugs, "And now you have." He gives a little nod, "Have you decreed no one from our lands are allowed to enter yours?"

Tyrel says, "My father is the rightful king of Mobrin and Laniveer, you have no lands to enter ours from." He pauses, "You will excuse me, that was improperly said. Your lands are within our kingdom, we do not, at this time, contest or remove the rights of nobility from your house, only your right to the throne which was proven false by the actions of your father and the research it inspired to discover the cause."

Elisen furrows his brow, "If indeed, MY lands, as you've said, are within your kingdom, then, my sister and I have not entered YOUR lands uninvited, as we've been here all along." He inhales, and then asks, "As such, what exactly are we accused of and being held prisoner for?"

Tyrel nods approvingly, "An excelent point, and one, if you're willing to concede, should erase a number of the reasons you are considered a prisoner rather than a guest. The other would be your treasonous declarations in support of your father and your own claims to royalty." He gestures to the pie, "Do eat your pastry, they're not half so good once the heat has gone from them, though mind your tongue, they can be quite scalding." He cuts into his own again preparing another bite. "In regards to your early comment, I do hope that you are not mistreating those noblemen and women you take prisoner by throwing them in dungeons and depriving them of proper comforts. Such things are hardly fitting behavior. If you believe that is the proper way to treat other nobility then I should like to offer you some time with my tutors. It may be that the degeneration and depravity of your father has denied you some measure of education into the proper way to treat prisoners of worth and nobility."

"I concede that here, where I sit, under your laws, by your words, you have me held prisoner for a crime I did not commit. I have made no declarations of support for anyone other than your laws and your words, Young Majesty." Elisen looks at the pastry, considering, but he leaves it where it sits. "Forgive me, but I only hear you stating I am the Crown Prince, which, by your laws, is treasonous."

Tyrel pauses, "Did I say you were a prince? If I did you must excuse me as I did not intend to." He spends a moment in quite contemplation, "I cannot recall where I might have made such a slip of the tongue, but it is of little consequence." He takes a bit of his pastry and swallows it quickly reaching for a sip of mead before saying, "It was reported to me that you gave voice to such treasonous speech in the presence of my mother, the Queen, and your sister did so to my face just this morning. Further, Lord Elisen, your family owes mine a considerable debt for the loss of our kin and your continued agressions against us. Finally, this is my father's kingdom, you are our subjects, if we wish to detain you it is our right to do so by the gods' blessing of our right to rule."

Elisen shrugs, "You hold me prisoner for being who I am, yet it is treasonous to admit it is who I am." He smirks, "I find your words and laws confusing, is all. To enforce them is to break them. Obviously, I cannot even address the matter of any debt with you, as doing so would result in my committing treason in acknowledging the roles of my family in such events." He folds his arms over his chest, "I suppose I shouldn't be too difficult on you. As you said, it is your father's kingdom, not yours." He pushes the chair out, rising, "Perhaps I should meet with him instead, should more taunting of your prisoners be desired."

Tyrel says, "Your family committed several crimes, amongst them the slaughter of my cousins, a false claim to the throne, and war. It is no additional crime for you to admit those things." he takes another bite, "If you wish to seek audience with my father I will have word sent to him to alert you to his convenience. To my understanding your sister speaks for you, though why that is I'm at a loss to explain, when asked what words of importance she might have for him or for me, she fell short. If you have any communication from your father that might aid us in resolving this war more quickly you are welcome to reveal it."

Elisen shakes his head, "There's nothing I could say you would be willing to hear. That much is clear. And that much is unfortunate." He leans over and takes the pastry plate into his hands. "It means that, even as my sister and I come here in the name of peace, you have chosen continued war. God help us all." He turns, and heads back towards his room.

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