Lady Elisabeth Haravean
Julia Ormond.
Julia Ormond. as Lady Elisabeth Mowbray nee Haravean
Full Name: Lady Elisabeth Mowbray nee Haravean
Age: 19
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Ruxton
Position: Lady-in-Waiting to Duchess Roslin Crawford nee Kilgour
Place of Birth: Towcester Hall, Greenshire
Father: Lord Oisin Haravean
Mother: Lady Aoife Haravean
Siblings: Grand Admiral Eoin Haravean, Others
Spouse: None
Children: None


Sister of Lord Admiral Eoin and Lady In Waiting to Princess Roslin

The youngest child of Oisin and Aoife, A Lord and Lady of the Haravean family, Elisabeth had the usual upbringing of a noble child in Greenshire. She was given lessons in singing, dancing, instrument, and embroidery; fairly typical for a lady.. Of these she became most adept at the playing of the flute and showed a considerable love of dancing. As a child she was carefree and showed a love for the outdoors and reveled in her lessons of archery and horseback riding. When she was around 11 she was staying with family on the coast when the area was raided by pirates. She was hidden in a closet, the sounds of battle distant but heard by the young girl. Since then confined spaces are likely to make her break into a cold sweat and frozen panic. Around 14 years old she started showing an interest in herbalism after an illness set her to meet with Apothecary who did help cure her. After that she would visit the apothecary to learn about the herbs of healing as well as those for the home. While there is no real desire to become an Apothecary herself, she has learned many basics of the trade due to her interactions with the Apothecary. Her upbringing would work to make her a very suitable and well educated wife one day.

It was to that simple life she was on course to lead until a fateful trip to Lakeshire in 227 with the Apothecary. It was there that Elisabeth met Princess Roslin Kilgour, who was spending a year studying economics and trade with the Kincaids. Elisabeth's goodness of heart attracted the royal lady immediately, and the two became fast friends, writing letters through the course of the year. When Roslin returned to Darfield in 228, she wrote to Elisabeth and asked the girl to join her as a lady-in-waiting.

Since then, Elisabeth's life has been one of intrigue, glamour and activity. Though some of her innocence has worn off at court, she has become a paragon of womanly virtue, and works hard to encourage modesty, chastity, and other appropriate qualities in the women of court. In many ways she upholds these virtues in court so as to not be seen as the Greenshire country bumpkin and to honour her family with proper behavior. She is loyal to the Princess and the Queen beyond all other things - she looks up to both women in amazement and wonder. But, amidst all this, she has also learned that the ruling elite sometimes have to do things that are not otherwise virtuous to achieve good ends. This she has come to terms with - so long as it is the royal family making those decisions. No one else is qualified to do so.

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