Gold Crown of Mobrin

Coins of Mobrin

*The following information is intended to be a guideline, for players can use to enhance their rp. This is not meant to be a bible or an absolute.*

The coins of Mobrin are copper, silver, gold and platinum. The coins are smelted in the city of Stormvale under the careful eye of the royal treasurer. The denomination and names of the coins are as follows:

  • Platinum -Ocean 10 Crowns
  • Gold- Crown or 10 Stars
  • Silver- Star or 10 Patin
  • Copper- Patin

It is illegal to cut in half or shave any of the coins, money changers and shop keepers have been known to weigh coins to make certain they are pure.

*It is very rare for anyone less than a Knight to see an Ocean coin, though it can happen with some of the more wealthy merchant families.*


Some of this information is taken from Daily Life in Elizabethan England.

Unskilled Laborer Rural….2 Stars and 6 Patins a month + food for a day
Farmer….1 Crown and 6 Stars per month
Craftsman …..2 Crowns a month
Merchant very rich….. 5 Crowns a month
Yeoman and Unlanded Nobleman (may vary depending on family allowance)… 7 Stars a month
Knight…. Four Oceans and one Crown a month
Nobleman landed (this is an average it could vary based on how rich or poor the land is). 20 Oceans and 8 Crowns a month….

*please note that with noblemen and knight this is before expenses have been paid. Out of this money they pay for their squires/family/and other dependents, as well as any other expenses they may incrue.*

Prices of Goods, Food and Services

Bed in an inn…1 Patin


Food for one day…4 Patins
Loaf of bread…1 Patin
Cheese…1 Patin
Meat…3 Patins
Eggs (3)…1 Patin
Fresh Salmon…5 Stars
Cherries…3 Patins
Wine…1 Star per bottle
Ale…half a Patin per mug
Chocola…5 Patins/cup
Pepper 1lbs…4 Stars
Cloves and Cinnamon 1lbs…1 Crown and 1 Star


Small book…2 stars (if avaliable)
Healer…2 stars


Horse (Average breeding and quality, usually a gelding)…1 Crown
Lodging a Horse…1 Star 2 Patins a day
Hiring a Horse…1 Star a day
Hiring a Coach…1 Crown a day

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