Eastern Isles
Greater Sunda Islands
Greater Sunda Islands as Eastern Isles
Region: Eastern Isles
Kingdom: Multiple Independent City-States
Rulers: Several
Wealth: Immense
Population: 7.6 million
Language: Daereni (Common)
Religion: Multiple
Demonym: Easterners
Primary Revenue: Different (Depending on island)
Cultural Niche: Islanders
Weakness: Land and conflict
Fortification: Plenty
Specialization: Different per island/kingdom
Knights: N/A
Soldiers: N/A


The Eastern Isles consist of six islands and four sovereign states. Tanara, Rustles Island, Gangani and Odji. Two of the islands being in control by Tanara while the others hold one each.

The last island being contested between Odji and Reshin, of the kingdom of Tanara. There are unorgonized natives on the island as well that do get involved in the conflict but not holding as great power.

The two larger ones being house Moniwid of Rustles Island and house Aberdeen of Fairisle, and rulers of Tanara.


Islands that have either been discovered by others and taken or mainly developed by the natives themselves. Among the islands they have done some trading while other islands keep to themselves.

Gangani have always been known to keep to themselves while Tanara have always been for travel. Though over the years have developed some kind of relation to Tanara kingdom. They are rather untrusting if one wish to say so.

Having expanded quickly to gain an alliance with Reshin, on the island of Zauri, gave Tanara a bit of an advantage perhaps. Though with the lesser standing of the latter they soon enough followed into the kingdom of Tanara.

Rustles island on the other hand have both trade and managing themselves, with several rumours about them supporting pirates. Which would perhaps explain how they have maintained their powers as well.

Odji are a bit of the mysterious kind in that they have a lot of different ways of seeing things and being very spiritual. Which even shows in their design of boats and so forth.

Reshin of Zauri island are a smaller group than some and have gone into the kingdom of Tanara. Though it does not mean they are not to be counted as they do have a lot of people. Hence why they have had to try to expand and ending up battling against Odji for a long time on the last unoccupied island. As the natives to the island have mostly left into other places and those still there have not completely taken the island and instead are split between helping the two sides or fighting them both as different tribes want different things.


All the islands have different things and are skilled in different fields.
Fairisle having boat expertise.
Rustles Island skillful in poisons.
Gangani great at fortifications.
Odji having quite a spiritual prowess and several priests and priestesses of the light.
Reshin (TBA)


The Light is worshipped. Along with a heavy calling towards the water and their beasts. Evolving into a bit of a different look on the religion. Their temples being a bit different than their counterpart in Mobrin and other parts of the world. Different islands having strong connections to different gods. Though they do share theirs towards the water gods and goddesses.


High Shaman Thakien — Said to have been able to control elements. Lead by the gods he helped in shaping the eastern isles. Which is why they are all different. The people of Odji see him as a medium of the gods and say that his spirit still exists in the Eastern Isles. The others due believe that he might have been influential but they have no worship to him. Only recognizing him as a powerful man or a demi-god, at most.

The different islands in their turn have legends they believe in as well and are well known in their areas.


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