Thedor 10, 229: Dulcimer Magic

Dulcimer Magic
Summary: A meeting of several nobles in the salon, talk about marriages, politics, spars and music ensues, culminating in a demonstration of true artistry.
OOC Date: 10/01/2014 (OOC)
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Salon, Darfield Castle
A haven of serenity amidst the rush of the castle, the salon is designed as a place for relaxation or socialization. A hearty fire burns in the massive, marble fireplace, throwing a russet glow across the room. The walls are divided top from bottom with pale wooden paneling above and lapis marble with silver veins shot through it below. Several armchairs, a couch, and a loveseat are set around a beautiful table for an intimate tete-a-tete, the furniture finely made of deep mahogany wood with blue and silver cushions. An azure rug covers the center of the room, but at the edges the dark wood of the floor can be seen. A side table holds tea, coffee, wine and several small hors d'oeuvres, and desserts.
10th day of Thedor, 229

The salon was a evening retreat for many come the evening hours when meetings began to wind down, often a few moments to simply unwind before retreating to suites for the evening, or else where into the city beyond the castle walls. Also a place for those after meeting talks, a place to socialize as all knew was yet part of politics and the way of Court. Refreshments were always on hand and offered by castle servants, a fire kept burning well to keep the room comfortable to those who had taken to it. And this evening, exquisite music also existed for those who had taken to the room. The sounds of a dulcimer played by one with talent that many would practice their lives hoping to achieve but one can only truly be born with. The song carries a light and airy energy to it, something to listen to and yet not dominate over conversation. Sounds that fliter into the hallway beyond when the door opens. The musician it would seem tucked away some to the corner, likewise seeking to intrude no more than the music does. A maid not far form her working on a bit of embriodery as a Kilgour guard stands watch not far away but blended into the background as is there way. The chaperons of Lady Nylie as her hands direct the hammers upon the strings of the dulcimer.

The sounds of music playing are a welcoming greeting to anyone who may be passing or intending to spend some time in the salon. For Senga, it means employing the use of her own personal maid in attendance for what may be a lengthy visit. Or short, depending on those present. Carrying a small bundle in hand behind her lady and the guards in Kincaid livery, for she's not traveling alone. In many ways, this is beneficial to be accompanying some members of her family. She's always been on and on about visiting the castle now that she's in residence at the manor. Once the door opens however, it's clear that the musician is Kilgour. The guard proves that much, proffering a curtsey in greeting with a pleasant, "Good evening."

The Kincaids had been in the castle today for Court and whatever other obligations required of them. Aidan had been in study for the better part of the day, using the Darfield library for some research while the world moves around them. His squire had been there with him, set to study as well, for there was more to being a knight than just swords after all. There was a matter of learning and investigating what one believed he understood. Since the last council session, Aidan hadn't been particularly available for any house representatives or meetings persay. Though the lure of music was a little more than he could resist to investigate himself, or perhaps it was the wind of other Kincaid's in the castle that carried him this way with his squire in tow. It'll be a few moments after Senga and party arrives that Aidan does himself, wearing in trend colours and tunics, so not boasting himself as Kincaid save for the sigil embroidered onto the chest piece of the tunic. His brow lifts up at seeing Senga curtsey, the music though does call his gaze afterward, turning to find Nylie well into her musical rifts. So instead of greeting her, he speaks to his House, "My good sister Senga," a tilt of his head, "I didn't know you were here today."

Lynette has followed some steps behind Senga as the pair have been wandering, talking and doing normal lady type things it seems. She lets a hand brush across her dress a few times before stepping on into the room. A warm smile is seen along with a pleasant little greeting and cutesy to any that may be found within, which is Lady Kilgour at the moment, after all there is music playing. She has on a dark blue dress, long sleeves and skirts with silver trim across the sleeves and snug fitting bodice. Her hair is left down and rest in lose curls with a pair of silver hair clips pulling back the hair from her face. Her gaze settles upon her father's form as she caught sight of him, and heard his voice he gets a warm smile. "Hello father, and good evening to all." Her voice ever so polite and friendly.

The Lady Kilgour wears a gown of forest green, the bodice finely tailored tough with only the barest of golden accents and embroidery. A small gold comb on either side holding her hair back from her face whilst she plays. A small bow of her head to Senga and Lynette, for ever if she plays she is not absorbed to the point of being entirely obvlious to those who come and go within the Salon. There is perhaps a mild blink to see the Duke Kincaid walk into the room, yet her hands do not falter in the least in drawing out the final melodies of the current tune. There is a glance down to the strings, the hammers in her hands after the finaly chords have been struck. A brief consideration, thought to perhaps simply fall into another song…afterall they are conversating amongst themselves. Instead her hands simply settle before her as she looks back up from the instrument, a bow of her head offered towards the Duke, a bit of a curtsy from where she resides behind the dulcimer. "Your Grace, it is a surprise and pleasure to see you once more, I would hope your day has gone well." Inclines going again to the two women,"m'Ladies."

"Brother. I thought that I would spend the afternoon with your daughter as pleasant company," Senga replies after rising, eyes shifting to Nylie with a slight smile to indicate that she has noticed the playing and the lack of further conversation. Initially. "I have been meaning to visit the castle more often and it seemed to be a good idea. You? I hope that the day has been well," she asks, looking towards the room with a tilt of her head to allow him to enter ahead of her. Only then does she continue for the Kilgour noblewoman, "We did not interrupt your play too terribly, I hope? It was and is quite nice."

Aidan hadn't wanted to interrupt the music that was playing and had it been hard to his ears, he might've scowled at once or perhaps he wouldn't even be here. Though as he does notice the Lady Kilgour has drawn down those hammers from the dulcimer, it does nothing more but draw his attention back toward her, in question this time, uplifted eyebrow to inquire silently first while she draws the respect of his station. Her words only suffer a soft hitch of his lips, nothing outwardly familiar to a smile but a sad attempt at one at least, "Lady Kilgour," he says in a rather controlled baritone, "As it is a pleasure to see you again." His hands draw down his sides, fingers brushing over his pocket, "Well enough thank you. And yours? I do seem to have interrupted your performance." Which seems to disappoint the Duke, or so his tone says. He otherwise seems impassive of the sort. His attention reverts to Senga after the pleasantries, "And praytell how did your afternoon go?" He nods to Senga, "As I was saying to Lady Kilgour, well enough."

The Ladies Senga and Lynette appear to have been enjoying a spot of time in the Salon with Duke Aidan seeming a recent addition. With Lady Nylie yet at her dulicmer, a pause having occured. And of course, all the proper assortments of maids and guards are in attendence.

"I do apologize for wandering in on such a lovely performance." Lynette offers as it seems it has stopped for the moment during the conversation that is at hand right now. A smile is seen and she lets her hands fold neatly before her. "I certainly do hope that we will be able to hear more upon this." Hearing her aunt she sends a look to her before nodding a touch, smile offered now to her father. "The afternoon was very pleasant I have to say. It was time well enjoyed." Lyn at the moment is standing next to Senga not that far from the door as they have only entered into the room rather recently.

The door opens to admit two more, a tall dark haired man wearing deep blues and having just come in from outside, a thick black wool cloak lined with wolf pelts. Ronan is listening to something being said to him by a somewhat slender, older man servant, Rosley. "And no reply as yet from House Aberdeen, my Lord. Likely it will come first thing in the morning." The Rioga gives a nod to that, his spurs chiming softly with his boot steps as they enter.

Ronan stops when he sees several others already here, "Good evening," his baritone rumbles and then he smiles, "Uncle, and this … must be Lynette?" Whom he has not seen in some years!

A small shake of Nylie's head occurs to Senga's words and the Duke's when the echo the sentiment,"There is no interuption, I play for those who come, should they wish it. Or leave is greater silence is wished and they find it bothersome to their conversations." Even if she seemed to be playing at a level condusive to conversation. "My day has been well and pleasant, Your Grace." It may be that she picks up on the disappointment, or simply does not seek to intrude upon their family catching up after the required pleasantries have been exchanged. That or it is easier to escape into the music once more than out the door, for her hands draw the hammers back up and music is again eased from the dulcimer with the skill that had been long cultivated within her. But a few bars of it likely needed for those who would know it to recognize the tune, a meoldy common to the Lakeshire region. While the sounds of the spurs do cause her to look up again, a bow of her head in the direction of Ronan, whether noticed or not…Before she seems content to look pretty uch anywhere but. There.

Aidan hasn't been seen since the last council meeting. It's likely he was busy with arrangements of his troops that were passing by or something similar. In any case, he had not seen Ronan since the announcements and the true declaration of his fortune of marrying a Princess. There is a little nod for Ronan as he enters in behind the Kincaids, while Aidan moves forward into the salon and gestures for some wine to be served, pointedly too, considering his own livery servants aren't with him. Lynette earns a quiet look as well, "For that I'm glad." His eyes return to Ronan, nodding toward the acknowledgement of Lynette, "Indeed." He sips on the wine once it has been poured for him, taking a seat in the salon now, since he's not standing on propriety at the moment and he is not hosting, so he takes the opportunity to rest his feet. Or simply, he wanted to enjoy the music, especially when she starts to pick a tune familiar to those of Lakeshire.

"I should think that the library would be quite appealing on days when the weather is inclement." Answered to Aidan, Senga remains standing beside Lynette while her chin dips ever so much in acknowledgment of how the Duke fairs this evening. While content to remain beside Lynette, she does finally move towards the seating within the salon lest they continue standing indefinitely. Or that was the intention, turning slightly at Ronan's entrance with a smoothly executed curtsey. "Hello. It seems to be quite the evening."

Lynette smiles and nods to Nylie as she hears the bit on not being interrupted. "I am very glad to hear that Lady Nylie." She will slip quiet for a moment as the music is started once more. The movement of another thought does get her attention and she turns slightly to look towards Ronan once his within the room. A curtsy is seen while she smiles to him. It has indeed been a very long while since they last saw one another. "Duke Crawford, it is pleasant to see you once again. It has been far too long." Past conversations with her father do come to her at the moment upon seeing Ronan though she makes no comment on the matter that is for certain.

Ronan smiles and comes forward to look Lynette over, "My, you have grown, cousin. When last I saw you, you were a slip of a girl and I was no Duke. I wonder if you are yet half as wild as you used to be, or if your father has finally managed to tame you a bit." A wink for her and he looks to the others, "Good evening, Lady Nylie." There is a pause to listen to her playing and he keeps his voice low out of respect for it.

Senga he does not well remember. The Crawford Rioga inclines his head politely to her in a slight bow, his dark eyes going back to his Uncle. Hmmm.. they will have things they need to discuss, but perhaps not here and now.

Rosley is at his task, finding suitable wine in the cabinet once Duke Aidan has his cup poured first. Ronan's man servant pours a glass for his lord and tastes of it for poison first, keeping it in hand discreetly for a few minutes to be certain it is safe ere he will offer it to the Sutherland Duke. Ronan himself moves to take a seat, "You play beautifully, Lady Nylie."

The hammers are set upon the strings of the dulcimer with the ease and skill of a butterfly dancing between flowers in a meadow. The song is played perfectly with the hints of true emotion that come from the muician and not simply being able to strike the hammers just right. Nylie yet keeping the level of the music to the point where it is loud enough to be enjoyed, but not so loud it would really intrude into any proper conversation. And it would seem the hammers yet move when her attention is drawn back by Ronan. "Good Evening, Duke Ronan. It has been awhile, I hope you have been well." She gently inclines her head to the compliment,"Thank you, Your Grace, you are most kind."

Pausing in her movements into the room, Senga turns to place one hand along Lynette's arm in a brief gesture and in apology. Especially given the murmured apology for leaving her so, a bit more audible to Nylie, Aidan and Ronan, "Excuse me a moment. There was something that I forgot to bring with me." With another curtsey, she turns towards the door with at least her maid and guard coming as faithful shadows.

Lynette chuckles softly as she hears Ronan, a warm smile seen while she turns following Senga over to a seat and settles down upon it, hands folding neatly upon her lap. "My father would like to think he has." There is a pause before she grins. "I suppose I have calmed down a bit with age so to speak. Save for going riding of course." Good luck trying to stop her on that thought. "How have you been Duke Crawford? It has been some time since we last spoke to one another after all." She looks to Senga and offers her a warm smile before nodding. "I'll see you shortly."

Aidan is being oddly unsocialable for the time being, not even offering the proper introductions that he should. Something's off. In either case, he says nothing, going into the wine as he listens to the music for the time being, even if his attention is undoubtely focused bewteen the members of his House and others in the room. Still, his gaze swings back toward Nylie, getting absorbed in the emotion of such music, the simplicity of it, the pathway it takes the mind upon. To Senga, he nods, "Yes, the library had several interesting works that we don't have of course. It's always nice to see what knowledge the capitol contains." This almost forced enough to say, for it interrupts his attention to the music. Of course, the woman herself greets the other Duke properly. As for Ronan's ask of Lynette's manners, he lifts his brow a little, as if disapproving of such notions, even if they are said in humor. Still, he does mimic the Crawford, "A pleasant rendition of home, Lady Kilgour, thank you for that." The last for Ronan and Lynette, in a very political and polite tone, "A good toast in is in order for your betrothal to the good Princess Roslin."

Ronan moves to stand and offer that slight bow once more to the woman departing whom was not introduced to him. He retakes his seat and looks back to his cousin, "Please, I was ever only Ronan to my cousins before. Or Sir Ronan if you like." Or /is/ it appropriate for him to call her Lady Lynette and not be too familiar? Things change, people grow up. A flicker of his dark eyes to Aidan, recalling a previous conversation about marriages and Lynette's very name having come up. But, that has also changed. Ronan accepts the cup of wine from Rosley, "I am well enough, I suppose. Been some very difficult months since my brother and his wife were murdered, but I have finally had happier news very recently." A smile, "No Sutherlander would dare suggest you not ride every day, cousin."

Ah, even keeping his voice low for the music, Aidan has heard him. Ronan's attention returns to him, "Thank you, Uncle." He of course won't drink to a toast made to himself, that would be completely arrogant. "Gods willing, may it be a more fruitful one for my House than the last two Crawford-Kilgour unions."

It was perhaps an odd thing that one with such skill was so often kept away from Court, especially a Kilgour. The Forgotten Sister's talent a secret well kept for so long. The piece is seen through to it's end beautifully so by Nylie. Nylie does bow her head to Aidan in the words he offers to her,"Thank you, Duke Aidan. You are welcome, if there is a piece you would desire to hear, I would be happy to see it played for you?" The inquiry and offer politely given. A pause between songs should he actually have something he would wish played.

Lynette pauses just a touch, a soft smile seen and she nods as she hears Ronan. "Only if you are sure Ronan." She offers with a bit of an amused tone as she would not wish to do so against his wishes. As for herself no she doesn't expect him to call her Lady Lynette. Though that conversation between her father and Ronan is known. She nods slightly at the bit on his family being murdered. "I am deeply sadden by such a thing, though at the same time I'm happy to hear that things are looking up for you dear cousin. I certain hope it stays that way. She has caught wind of the betrothal between Ronan and Roslin, which has her feeling a bit of relief for one reason or another. "Congratulations is in order indeed for you cousin, I shall keep my thoughts positive and wish that it will all be well."

Aidan offers a gentle smile that seems practiced when his nephew's fortune is accepted in a toast, raising his glass before he accepts a drink of the wine. Aidan says naught to the fruitfulness of such a match, instead his attention recalls to Nylie as she seems grateful for his compliment. "It truly was an earmark to the musicians we hear in Lakeshire," there's a moment where he pauses, upon her inquiry, before he tilts his head and offers gently, "Perhaps your favourite, as there are many forms of music and tunes that satisfy me, though I always seek to know the true passion of a musician." There is finally a smile for her that doesn't look so robotic in nature.

The hour may be late, that does not keep the group in the Salon of Darfield Castle from being joined by yet another. When Ruthgar enters, he does so in silence, his mien thoughtful as usual, his attire casual but befitting a noble, its colours marking him as a member of House Ruxton. "Good eve." A bow is offered towards those present, those pale grey eyes will linger for a bit longer on Aidan though. "Your Grace.", he will greet respectfully with his soft voice, and remain standing - possibly unsure whether he is welcome to join them or not.

Well, his Uncle does not give him a dark look for being less than formal with Lynette and Ronan may be grateful, for he has no other family left than his cousins and Uncle by marriage. He sips his wine only after the toast has passed, and leans back in the chair to get comfortable. So much tension and dark worries these past months, it's good to make a little progress, "Thank you, both."

A pause, mostly watching Aidan who indeed does not seem himself this evening. Ronan looks to Nylie and smiles a little at her playing before he looks back to Lynette, "I hope to invite you all soon down to Sutherland, for the wedding. One last occasion perhaps ere spring will keep many of us occupied with other concerns." He lifts his chin to indicate Aidan, "And news for you, Uncle, which we can discuss later, are the roads Princess Roslin's dowry brings - for it will go first to Lakeshire."

The Crawford's attention shifts to see whom arrives now. Ronan does not stand, "Good evening and welcome, Baron Ruxton."

Nylie inclines her head to Aidan's words,"I would hope to have pleased those whom I have studied under during my times in Lakeshire, Your Grace." Her gaze lightly resting upon Aidan as he considers her inquirey. Not that she ignores the others, she simply does not seek to intrude into their conversations. The… it were for the evening. His response does cause a minor hesitation before Nylie gives a nod,"If that is your request, then one of my favorites, least upon the dulcimer," implying it is not the only instrument she is skilled upon. Some faint thought given to which to choose, some consideration to the environment, but he did ask for a favorite. It allows her to offer a bow of her head to Ruthgar when he enters, from where she resides behind her dulcimer, her maid over there, the usual Kilgour guard over there. Ever properly chaperoned as a yet unwed woman, even at her age. There is a slight breathe as she looks down to the instrument, the hammers in her hands. And then launches into the song. It is not likely to be one recognized, for truly few have heard it. But the melody comes with a haunting drift of emotion woven within it. And something occurs that is a true rarity, Nylie actually sings. It is not that she can't, she just……well she obviously can and is quite skilled there as well, for while it is not words but a tonal drift that haramonizes perfectly into the song being drawn from the instrument. AS with many songs there is surely a story being told within it, the drift between emotions and energy telling enough. And perhaps a few time touching louder than she had before, but he had asked for a favorite.

Aidan looks toward the bow made by Ruthgar, sitting with his inclination for informality, wearing nothing of design that would strike him a Kincaid save for the breast sigil embroidered into his in fashion tunic. He tips his head and slightly lifts his glass toward the other, a gesture that would include the other, if not verbally. Of course there is the inevitable, "It has been a while, Lord Ruthgar. I had heard about your wife. My condolences. How is her health these days?" When such things are public, it is no doubt soon to be heard or recorded somewhere and that typically means a Kincaid will come across it, one way or another. What Ronan has to say at once immediately grabs his attention, probably not for the better, because there is a quick frown on his face, "Yes, perhaps we better discuss how Lakeshire was included in contracts I had no involvement in." That, really did not improve his humour. Lakeshire being used for another's dowry!! That was absurd and it seemed that had it not been for the musical renditions provoked from the Lady Kilgour, he would've been liable to haul Ronan out by his scruff and forced to explain. Or so his expression denotes. Clearly. A cold suppression of indignation.
More wine is taken. Eyes on Nylie, now with a fierce sharpness behind them. The fact that she would truly seek to display one of her favourite pieces upon the dulcimer, in front of so many guests, by his request, and that it would include singing, tempers his irritation for moves he cannot see on the chess board coming his way. He does lift his glass a few more times during her haunting melody, attuned to it though, unable to draw away from the emotions woven into each rise and pitch of voice drawn into the hammers of the dulcimer.

Lynette doesn't think there would be a problem with things being a little less then formal, three of them are family after all and one doesn't tend to have to be so formal among them if able after all. She smiles and nods to Ronan. "You are very welcome. I shall look forward to coming out for it. I would love to see Sutherland once more." It has been a very long time since she was there, back when her mother was still alive after all. Bits and pieces of the conversation between her father and cousin is picked up on and she ponders a touch before her gaze turns to the movement of another. A polite smile and she nods to Ruthgar. "Good evening." The comment from her father is picked up, a curious look is sent towards Aidan and she is a moment where she frowns but a touch before turning to glance over to Lady Kilgour as the music goes on.

Ruthgar will listen in silence, his face unmoving to what Ronan has to say to Aidan, there is not a single twitch of his brows. He lowers his face instead, shooting Ronan a glance that might be called sympathetic. So… another Rioga is getting married to a Kilgour Princess. Still, he hesitates to comment on it, nor offer his congratulations. "Your Grace," he says instead, returning the polite greeting of the Duke of Sutherland.

Aidan's inquiry after his wife's health will have Ruthgar incline his head towards the Kincaid, a momentary shadow concealed almost perfectly by his stony expression. "Caillin is getting better, Your Grace. She has been quite shaken by the experience, of course, and needs some time away from the court to recover. She is at Dellhaven at the moment." His tone is polite, but nothing more, when the baron gives that explanation, still he will look at Aidan with a hint of a smile on his pale features. "It has been a while, your Grace. How is your cousin, Sir Jarvis?" The knight Ruthgar has sqired for, during his time at Lakeshire some years ago. His gaze shifts to Aidan's daughter next - that other daughter - and he will greet her as well. "Lady Lynette. I remember you as a little child. By the Light, you… have grown indeed.", he remarks, with a touch of astonishment in his voice, while keeping his remark within the boundaries of propriety.

Nylie's incline of her head appears to be encouragement enough for the Ruxton to take a seat, and he waves for a servant to pour him some wine as he does so. The sprinking notes of the dulcimer and the skilled voice of the Kilgour lady elicit the most empotion from him so far, as one corner of his mouth slowly moves upwards as the song proceeds, in a rather pleased expression.

The Crawford Duke is quiet, taking Aidan's ire long enough to politely await Nylie's playing and singing of the piece Duke Kincaid requested of her. Ronan will hold his tongue and not further interrupt her though his Uncle's ire bumps heads with raising a flicker of his own. He waits until her strange song ends and he finishes his wine, "If you have no desire for improved Sutherland trade routes to go to Lakeshire, then they shall not. Certainly /others/ will be more willing."

Ronan moves to stand, leaving his empty cup, "I should go, cousin, and bid you a good night. I am interrupting the music." A puzzled glance to Aidan, the Crawford inclines his head politely to each of the women, Lynette and to Nylie, first, a nod to his Uncle, and finally, "Baron, good night."

Rosley looks a little anxious at the unexpected tension that has arrison between his lord and the Kincaid Uncle.

The offer had been made, it would have been rude for Nylie to subvert the request. After all, it seems often said these days that she seems stable, for a Kilgour. For better or worse, the piece if performed, in truth a piece of her own composition, henceforth why few have heard it to be able to recognize it. A bit of a breathe is drawn when the singing accompanyment finds it's end within the number. The hammers continuing their dance for several moments more before drawing the piece to it's end, the last notes lingering briefly. Managing a quiet bow of her head towards Ronan as he makes to leave. If she notes the tension that has sprung up, it does not show. But then rarely does it.

The admission from Ruthgar that is stated with a straight stoney expression is enough to suggest that, it may be a while before true happiness was found there if ever and that the battlefield was more an appropriate place for the man to be - whether that was politically or literal, remains to be seen. Still, Aidan barely seems to remark on his cousin, "Well, the last I know he was working with Donnal on port security." That is all. Truly he wishes to listen to Nylie but everything else keeps going in his mind and he cannot refuse to listen. So as Nylie finishes, he compliments, "I have not heard that before but I must give you high praises for it. Your voice is well conditioned to such melody." Even if it was haunting and somehow sad.
The next moment over, he is looking after Ronan. Outbursts in court and now in public. The Kincaid Duke doesn't stand for it and puts his wine down rather abruptly, "Excuse me." And that is to the room, imploring eyes sent to his daughter to keep the company of the others, while he removes himself rather unceremoniously from his seat and thus the room, following after exactly on the heels of the other Duke.

Lynette would rather like to say something between what is going one with her father and cousin, though she knows that might not be the smartest thing at the moment in time at least. Later on she might be more eager to say something to her father. She lets her attention turn back to Ruthgar and there is but a pause before she offers him a warm smile, to the point that she does stand up and give him a proper curtsy. "It has been too long Thank you for such king words Baron." She offers polity. The bit on his wife healing gets a nod from her. "I certainly hope your wife will heal quickly" Her gaze turns to Ronan as he speaks of taking his leave. "I hope that we do get to speak again soon cousin, have a pleasant evening." Now her father is on the move and she blinks a few times looking a touch concerned and unsure at the moment.

There is much that could be said, and perhaps others would, but that has never been Nylie's way or place. Simply does she bow her head in a humble fashion to accept the priase offered by Aidan,"Thank you, Your Grace, I am glad that the choice did not displease you." A quiet smile offered. But then is is departing in a semi-abrupt fashion. Well that's a first, that's usually her job. Though with having actually taking to singing, it is not long after the song has finished that Nylie's maid has approached the Kilgour lady with a cup of tea in hand. A thing that is taken up after the dulcimer hammers at put down.

Ruthgar will incline his head towards Ronan when he takes his leave. "Sir.", the title acknowledging him as the fellow Rioga he is. His eyes dimming again, as they follow Ronan out. Aidan's reply concerning Sir Jarvis is met with a nod. "I see." Aidan's sudden departure seems to take the baron a little by surprise, but he cannot have been ignorant of the tension between the two dukes. "That leaves us," he will remark towards the ladies, shrugging lightly. "I thank you for gracing us with this particular piece, Lady Nylie. I wasn't aware you were such an accomplished musician." A polite lie probably, as all ladies tend to be accomplished in this and that area, music often being one of them. Lynette's curtsey will have his brows twitch a little. "Oh,… Lady Lynette, no need to… But well, that is a graceful curtsey indeed." His warm smile is dimmed next, at her kind inquiry about his wife. "Ah well,… She will recover, I am sure. In more than one ways."

Lynette stays standing while her gaze lingers on the door a few moments before she looks to Ruthgar, a soft smile offered to him. "My father would be rather upset if I did not keep up my good manners with everyone. I is the right thing to do after all." A nod is seen at the bit on his wife and she watches Ruhgar a bit, noting that dimmed look and wishes she did not bring it up. "Of course, and hopefully it will be a speedily recovery as well." She clears her throat softly and glances to her handmaid and guard that are still lingering before she looks to the ones left here. "If you would please excuse me, it was be a truly lovely time listening to you play Lady Nylie. Along with seeing you again Baron Ruthgar. I certainly hope the rest of your evening goes well." She will soon turn and slip off with her handmaid and guard following her.

A few sips are drawn of the tea. And truthfully, it likely wasn't a really a lie. Nylie had long been sent to here or there, rarely seen about Dairfield, to the extent some had even forgotten Caedmon even had a sister. Let alone that she was such an acomplished musician. That she had been in Aberdeen for the past few years was certainly of little help in that. "You are more than welcome, Baron Ruthgar. And thank you for your kind words, I am glad you enjoyed it." Offering a bow of her head towards Lynette as she makes to leave as well. A faint smile to Ruthgar,"It seems just us now." Glad to hear her cousin is recovering, or having over heard, the point is not beaten up any more. "That was a fine match the other day when you sparred against Count Aldren. It had been sometime since I had been able to see such a display of skill. I a glad I had the chance to watch."

Ruthgar will rise and offer Lynette the bow of farewell. "Certainly, my lady." her remarks to her expressed wish of a speedy recovery. "Good night." His pale grey eyes will shift to Nylie once the Kincaid has left, and he seems most grateful that this lady chooses not to linger on the subject of Caillin. Her admission that she has watched the spar, has him shoot her a surprised glance though. "I was not aware you were there, my lady.", he remarks, a slightly awkward smile now sneaking into his mien. "I… forgive me, that sounds rather…rude, but to be honest, I focused on the Count at that moment, as he needed all of my attention. Your presence must have escaped my notice." He accepts the cup of wine that is finally offered to him by the servant, and takes a toughtful sip. "I am glad, you enjoyed it, though."

Nylie shakes her head a touch,"I do not find it to be rude, I would not expect to have been noticed, for as you say you were focused upon the Count at the match at hand. And I recall some mention of seeing to your shoulder after one of his hits, which how is it doing? I hope it was only a spot of bruising and nothing truly to be of issue?" He didn't seem to worse for wear at least. She was easier to notice than much of her House, often chosing a simplier way to her choice of attire. Even if having Kilgour guards still made it's own statement. "I did. Though I fear to admit, I probably enjoyed seeing the Count thrown to his back more than I should have. Sometimes it seems he needs that sort of reminder."

"Oh, the shoulder…" Ruthgar seems much more at ease now, that the talk is about sparring, it shows in his less constrained posture and mien - still that could be also due to the wine. "It was a bruise, nothing more. A painful bruise, though. But I am fine now, I assure you." Her remark about the count has the baron raise a brow, and he shoots her a surprised but amused glance. "A reminder, aye. In fact, I have heard him say a thing I could not let stand on the eve before the spar. Something about his… doubting the skill of knights, prefering rangers to look after the safety of his own sister. And of course, he claimed he could best me. So, I owed him that spar, in a way." Another sip of wine is taken.

Having taken to a chair for the time, and sipping upon a cup of tea now, Nylie dips her head to Ruthgar at the response,"I am glad to hear it. Bruises can be quite painful, I know. But they at least heal more quickly." There is just an amused smile, Nylie is not about to explain just why she enjoyed seeing Aldren sent sprawling like that. She does raise an eyebrow to hear what was spoke though,"That was not a wise thing for him to say. But then having the honor of knowing the talents of both, I see there is need for both. A place for each. I am glad you were able to give him that reminder and perhaps see the error in his thoughts." Unlikely, it is Aldren, his head is hard.

"Not a wise thing to say, indeed.", Ruthgar agrees, leaning a bit against the back of his seat as his hands play thoughtfully with the cup of wine. "I believe he was angered though by the presence of that Ambassador of the Finger Isles, and thusly tempted to make that remark. Of course, Rangers have their purpose, still the valor of knights, and especially that of the Rioga must not be doubted." His voice takes on a decidedly determined tone, and he raises his cup, as if in a toast.

Aidan appears weary as he walks back in into the Salon, seeing if Lynette had still kept company - but no, she is removed from the Salon. It's a momentary glance toward her vacant seat, noting that Nylie and Ruthgar are now in talks. Aidan gestures for wine and one of the servants proper manages to bring him some, stepping back over toward the pair, "You must excuse me for my rudeness earlier." He doesn't give a justification for it, only his noble attempt at an apology. He will take a seat once more, settling down with a soft sigh, trying for those polite smiles that come out small and forced. He'll try to get a jist of their conversation before offering word upon it.

There is a quiet little 'ah' from Nylie when the situation the comments was said in is noted. "Aye, I have met Lord Avi, and heard that the Count was perhaps not the most diplomatic in his presence." Perhaps the nice way of putting it. "I would agree, it should not be doubted," certainly not in front of a foreign Ambassador. Even if it is but a cup of tea, Nylie raises in slightly in turn. Eyes do flicker over toward Aidan when he reutnrs to the room, a brief lingering when it seems uncertain if he is staying with the rest having departed. but it seems he will stay. A bow of her head is offered from where she sits. "It is easily forgiven, Your Grace, business and matters call us all when they do, and oft at inopurtune times. " There is a soft smile offered to him.

Ruthgar will raise a brow at Aidan's remark, but acknowledge it with a nod. "No offence has been taken, Your Grace.", he replies, the flicker in his eyes suggesting he is well aware that a Duke may have the privilege of being rude to a minor noble, while the other way around would be unthinkable. Noticing the glance to the vacant seat, he will add: "Your daughter left, shortly after you." His pale grey eyes will shift to Nylie again, a moderate smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "Oh, I met him after that occurence, I believe, and no, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting that ambassador yet in person.", he clarifies, his manner a bit more at ease now, maybe due to the wine, maybe due to the pleasant company.

"Unfortunately," Aidan offers a more subdued expression to Nylie, not so wound up and full of ire as he was just a while ago with the Duke of Sutherland nearby, "It is the sacrifices that I must afford being the head of a Duchy and not having a partner to share in the responsibilities." And while his eyes linger on Nylie, they do not remain for any longer than would be polite in such an atmosphere, complimenting again, "I would enjoy to hear such music from you again, sometime, Lady Nylie. It gave me a pause to think of nothing but to simply enjoy. There aren't many moments like that in which I can truly say, I enjoyed." Moments go by too quickly it seems. To Ruthgar, he shakes his head, "No, it was unlike me to welcome the sight of such friends. There has been a weight on my mind I'm afraid and it has everything to do with the coming months." He does not say war exactly, since he does not want to cause his guests to shy away from such heavily loaded topics. Instead, "You speak of … Avi, who we refer to as Lord but some refer to as your highness. Either way, he is a clever man and I would think it is best to be his friend rather than not." A tip of his head to Ruthgar's mention of Lynette, marking such information as proven or acceptable.

Nylie gives a small incline of her head to Aidan,"It is understandable, duty does often require sacrfice, more so when there is not one to help share and balance them with." A sip of her tea being drawn as the conversation continues. Her smokey gaze drifts to settle on Aidan a moment when her playing is brought back arond. "I am glad you enjoyed it, Your Grace. And would enjoy to play for you again, especially if it allowed you a few moments of peace and enjoyment. It is something we all need. If I may inquire, do you enjoy one instrument over the other or is it simply to hear one well played that you enjoy?" Nylie gives a small incline of her head at Ruthgar' explaination,"I saw the Count as he left that meeting, he was quite displeased. While I can share some of his sentiment, I have more reason not to act in the fashion he did. As Lord Avi was the reason behind the kidnapping of my brother and Wenna." And as some would well know, the death of a few Rioga. Her gaze drifting back to Aidan as she explains,"He is properly Prince Avi, but prefers to be called Lord or Ambassador for things are different amongst his people. A little less formal. I would agree, Your Grace, to a point, for a think one would take care even in being his friend. Or so was my impression."

Ruthgar lowers his gaze when Aidan mentions those coming months, and for a moment it seems he will remain silent on the matter. "Forgive me, your grace… I admit I am not versed in politics, probably much less than I should be as a head of a barony,… So I should better stay clear of that ambassador, I suppose?" Clearing his throat he will look up again, his eyes meeting the gaze of the Kincaid. "But I feel we are moving towards war finally, are we not?" He does not share the duke's sense of tact, apparently and gets right to the point, the sparkle in his grey eyes suggesting that idea is not worrying him at all, but even something he may hope for.

Nylie's explanation has him turn his head, to study her for a brief moment, although he will do so in silence. A slightly displeased flicker at the topic of Avi might be noticed, as well as his jaw setting a touch. He of course is aware about those Riogans, but… perhaps wise enough not to voice the demand for revenge. At least not now, and this openly.

"Not to say my family does not lend their aid, for surely they have their own merits and contribute, but it was certainly different with-" and that's where Aidan stops, dismissing his words with a hand wave, intending to focus on the positive. Which was Nylie's musicial talent. As for what he prefers, hazel eyes lift from the wine toward the lady, "Song. A voice, knowing how to mimic an instrument's sound, is of my favour. There is a greater… human emotion and story behind music with a voice attached, though melodies on their own are often quite good, it is the person who sings that makes it unique and captivating." As for the incident with Avi, he nods for the clarification that Avi is indeed a prince in his own land, even if they deem to treat their princes different to Mobrin standards, he is still a man held above the rest of his people and as such, one of importance to consider. "I don't believe he would have intended to come to our lands if he was guilty of some ill design against your house or otherwise - that would be reckless, liable to get a man burned on the stake."
To Ruthgar, he considers the question, "I personally intend to see some matter of trade established with Lord Avi. If the Crown wishes alliances which we cannot secure by marriage, we must secure by other means, in this case, other commodities that our kingdom has. What you do or how you act, in the long run, will be laid out in consequence for your House." As for the war, he nods, "We are still at war, though the winter months have given both sides a chance to … come to a truce or… prepare for war. Evidently, the Laniveer, did not succeed in the former and our good King and Crown Prince intend to carry out what they must, as their god given right to rule decrees they must." His own men marching to the front in this weather.

There is just a faint hint of pink that threatens in Nylie's cheeks when Aidan mentions that song is his favoured. By the Eight, why did she pick that song to perform! She almost never sings unless conjouled to it. "Some instruments do make it more difficult to play and sing as well. But I would concede that greater emotion and depth can be conveyed when a voice is amongst the music." There is another sip of the tea taken before Nylie seeks to explain further of the matter,"He was sent by his brother, the King. Though from how he spoke, the rule of their islands rotate between their Houses for a set period of time. Thus should he live long enough, he will become Lord again. But Caedmon and Wenna both have vouched for him and forgiven for what came to pass, and," on this point she does glance to Aidan,"the Crown Prince has directed trade talks to be had and the Voice is to head them up with Lord Avi. " Some small aid of information perhaps. Though her tea cup is not long after set aside. "I fear the hour has however been growing late, and while I have most enjoyed keeping coming and playing, I must excuse myself. My own duties shall be calling before long." Smoothly rising to her feet before dropping a curtsy first to Aidan,"Duke Aidan, it was a pleasure, and I am glad that this time you were able to hear me play." It did seem an impossiblity when they last parted. Before offering a curtsy to Ruthgar, no less graceful but perhaps not quite as deep,"A pleasure as well Baron Ruthgar. May you both enjoy the rest of your evenings."

Ruthgar may have his own thoughts on the matter - the topic of music! - when he listens to the exchange between Aidan and Nylie, he used to be quite a good singer and player of the lute, long ago at Lakeshire, as Aidan might recall. He might have glimpsed him one day before the window of his elder daughter as he was trying to impress her - the young awkward squire he was. Still that time seems so far away now. That elder sister has been wed to Ruthgar's brother, and he now is a married man himself. And so he stays silent on the matter of the lighter arts, preferring to comment on the political remark of the duke rather, although he does so with the hint of an amused smirk. "I am well aware of that, Your Grace. That is why I choose to remain silent, knowing of my shortcomings in the political arena. Our king knows that he can count on me, however, as does the Crown Prince. I will lead my forces to war should they demand it." Of course! He is a Rioga. "As this is where I can be of more use to our realm." He raises the cup again to empty it, putting it onto the table right after. He will rise again, of course, when the King's cousin takes her leave, offering her a polite farewell with a deep bow. "The pleasure has been all mine, Lady Nylie." His tone is friendly, as is the expression in his pale grey eyes, as they follow her on her way out.

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