Thedor 37 229: Does He Look Beaten?

Does He Look Beaten?
Summary: Hadrian is drunk and takes a swing at Aidan. Aidan responds swiftly. Lynette interferes to stop father and son from tearing each other apart. What a happy family
OOC Date: 06/02/2014 (OOC)
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Kincaid Manor
Before you is a villa style home that is set in behind hedgerows. It is low to the ground and has smooth orange rust colored walls. The roof is made of terra cotta tiles, stacked atop each other. Directly in front is the large wrought iron gate with sturdy wooden slats spiked onto the gate to make what lies beyond a secret. From the gate, the wall spreads to either side and then turns sharply to form a square, at the back of the square, the only raised structure and just barely visible from the front. The 2 story main section of the villa stands directly opposite the gate. In peeking through the wooden slats of the gate, there is a glimpse of a lush courtyard and the open-air rooms that make up the sidewalls, as well as the face of the house proper. Plain and even drab from the outside, clearly this place saves its beauty for within.
It is day 37 of the month of Thedor, 229 2E

Hadrian was in the sitting area passed out on the lounger. His feet were bare and a bottle of rum lay on the floor, partly spilled over and draining on the floor. He was softly snoring a little bit as he seems to have been out drinking. One hand rest on his chest as the other is tucked up under his lower back. A light snore seems to be one of two sounds in the room. The other was the crackling wood of the fire. His shirt was not tucked and the first few buttons had been undone. He smelled of booze.

Aidan had spent the day in the city, likely with the mayor, or potentially with the merchant's council. Either way, he was gone from the manor the entire day and upon his return he makes for the sitting room as always. Except, this time, at the entrance to the room, he stops so quickly that the servants behind him bump him. He frowns not at them but at the sight of his son. "Good gods," he murmurs in dismay at his son, in such a state of being, unkempt and passed out drunk. Disappointment finds a home in Aidan's gaze, sighing softly as he shakes his head and dismisses the servants from attending the scene - in fact, he says quietly for them to stay out if they know what's good for them. Alone, as the servants do not need to be told twice, Aidan steps further into the room, a rather dishearted expression showing on his features. Eyes go up toward the ceiling, as if to ask for some patience, before he steps in front of the lounger Hadrian was in, stooping to pick up the bottom of rum and keep it from spilling further on the floor that it had already.

This is what a war can do to a man who has father issues. Hadrian remains blissfully asleep and seems to be having a rather pleasant dream as he drools just a little bit. But then the sudden boot falls seems to jerk him awake and madly so that he springs to his feet, eyes open but very blurry. His hand that was resting under his back was resting on one of his daggers he keeps tucked inside and it's drawn out! From the way he's staggering and the shifting of his balance, the young Lord is not aiming it at his father because to him, there are three dark shadows before him and he's facing one and is not his real fathers form, "Three against one….I like those…odds." He says and lashes out at the shadow figure that not really there. The blade slicing in the air well away from that of his father.

Aidan was anticipating it. Either the boy pretending and trying to con him on over to get a good slash in or just… from knowing his son, was indeed truly drunk. Aidan side steps easily out of the way of that first slash, watching where Hadrian aims to see if he was 'aware' of what was going on. The 'three' against one odds seems to reaffirm to Aidan that his boy is very drunk. It's only with the danger of having that blade waved around that he goes to subdue Hadrian. A step inward into Hadrian's space, with feet staggered, allows Aidan to get a firm grip to Hadrian's back of neck, to control and stoop Hadrian while Aidan's other hand clamps down securely on the wrist with the blade. Finally, with a swift knee coming up, he piles it into Hadrian's stomach to get him on the ground and also to loosen the grip on the blade so that it skitters to the floor harmlessly… and maybe with a boot kick can be launched away.

In his state, he didn't see that coming. The attack on him caught him a bit by surprise. His reaction time was too slow and he knew that their numbers had him beat. He felt one grab his neck, one knee him, and the other grab his wrist. His strength was not there, not after having the wind slightly knocked out of him. Thus he falls to the floor. The dagger spiraling away from him and only further more once his father kicks it away. He tries to breath, drawing in a breath but /it/ happens. The man lets a small wave of somewhat clear liquid escape his mouth and splash onto the floor. This only makes him start to cough now. He moves to his knees making sure to breath in deeply. The effect sobering him up quite a bit. He wipes his mouth before his eyes turns to scan the space by him and then fall to his father, "You…" That's all he can say right now.

Aidan's fists clenched at his sides, tension running along his entire frame as his jaw grits while he watches his son fall to the floor and struggle to draw a breath. It wasn't a good feeling to see Hadrian that way, let alone be the one responsible for it. He sighs disparagingly at the boy… boy even though Hadrian is nearing his thirtith year. A hand lifts to his eyes to pinch the bridge of his nose as steps around Hadrian and the pooling liquid that makes a mess of the carpet, making for the tray of beverages, obviously the rum needs to be locked up from now on. He decides to pour himself a glass of brandy anyway, more fond of it than rum. Turning a look back over toward Hadrian, a brow lifts as he watches the boy stagger up on his knees. Aidan simply drinks from the brandy he poured himself, studious of Hadrian's initial response, wearing a mask of indifference that Hadrian is quite used to, hard, stern, and cold. No affection showing. Not even any concern that had been there initially, before Hadrian realized himself and his situation. Finally as the glass is lowered from his lips he shakes his head, "You really are a worthless boy…"

"I know…cause I was born from a worthless old goat." He grunts a little bit in partly of clearing his throat from what had just happened. He felt his anger rising faster and with him being drunk, his limiters may not help him hold back this time. With the wedding, the frontlines, his father all fueling that anger. The man uses a hand to the lounger and comes to a slowly wobbly stand. He turns to face his dad, focusing as best he can and using the lounger more as a support beam then anything. "…but since you favor Bowen. Did you ever beat him as you did me and tried to keep it a secret from all? Did you ever beat my /sisters/ the way you did me?!" His voice was starting to rise more.

"Maybe," Aidan says rather quietly into his brandy, not exactly disagreeing on the statement, though he might have said it under his breath to the point that Hadrian would have to really struggle to have heard it. The brandy is consumed fully, until the glass is emptied and thumped heavily on one the fireplace mantle. The accusations of beating his boy makes Aidan frown darkly at his eldest, "Bowen never fucked a common wench and put this whole family's honour at stake. He, unlike you, realizes the responsibility those of nobility carry with them, the distinction that we must hold ourselves higher than the common man, for it is born to us as a privilege earned to our bloodline by our forefathers… One you would so foolishly throw away." His hand is still around the glass, leaning a bit against the hearth, "Your sisters never gave me cause to believe they would piss all over their heritage. You on the other hand, deserved every single lump I gave you."

Lynette has spent the rest of the afternoon in her room after the conversation with her dear brother. Now though she is on her way down the steps and has caught sight of the servants chittering about what is going on with Aidan and Hadrian. There is a moment where she watches, a slight frown seen and she is quick to make her way into the room and lets her gaze flick towards the pair. Some of the conversation is taken in seeing how she is there at the doorway and she is taken back slightly. "Did you beat him father?" No hellos, nothing but right to the point as her gaze settles upon her father to watch him now, quietly and calmly while her jaw tenses.

There seems to be a bit of a growl in the room as if a demon himself was standing there. The way he speaks about his first love only upsets him even more. A hand moves to his back again and draws out one of the smaller daggers, "You dare bring that up! That girl could have become my future bride. There is nothing in our laws that I have found to say that a commoner can't be bestowed titles. How do you think our family became nobles. We took it….with a sword as thousands of generations have before us. She was one girl and you killed her just to make sure I was never to be happy. You habor some ill will towards me as if cause you were forced to marry our mother and have kids with her, is that it? What, did your dear ole dad force you to marry someone you did not wish too and so you took that anger out on me?!" Lynette's voice seems to catch him and he moves his hand behind his back to hide the dagger now, not wishing to spook her with the cold steel.

Aidan hasn't really moved from the spot near the fireplace, a bit of distance between father and son so that Aidan would have some measure of reaction should his son attack him. The dagger that is drawn has Aidan lifting his chin in a manner that dares Hadrian to act, a definance of fear so strong that it will get under Hadrian's skin, for there is mockery behind that look, as his lips turn up into a sneer. "She was a whore and not worth the damage her presence would have caused," he does not refute the matter of killing the girl, for that too must be kept as it is. It is the matter of his own father that causes hot ire to flash in Aidan's eyes and his body to seemingly rise up, widen out, and seem imposing, a threat that was seen in his first step toward Hadrian, "Do not -EVER- talk about your mother that way in front of me again—" he was about to further rage at Hadrian when Lynette's ask of giving Hadrian a beating wounds him, pointing toward Hadrian, "Does he look beaten?"

His drunken state starting to be lifted as anger swells. This game they played of war of words was going a bit to far. For the moment, the dagger is sheathed as he does not to endanger his sister. His reaction about his mother does not seem to phase the boy but infact he takes a step. He did not fear his father but hated him with every ounce of blood he had. His focus is however completely on his father, "Or what father, you'll beat me again, like you did when I was just a boy? This /boy/ is not so weak now. This /boy/ is not so defenseless. Why should I not speak my mind about things. You do it all the time. Didn't you want me to become like you? In order to beat a monster, you have to become one yourself!" It's most likely the reason he has not made a move was cause his sister entered the picture. Hadrian wanted to push his father over that edge. Who will relent and strike first is the question. "You made me who I am today. You. You are to blame. You. And now you have to live with what I've become so here I am /father/." He wished Fae was here.

Aidan's gaze narrows on Lynette as she provides an answer that he hadn't anticipated in receiving. Yet no response directed at her yet, since his gaze settles back toward the eldest of his children, oddly thinking of Rinder and Shepard at that point with a sneer that only grows with its contempt. "Pathetic," he mutters in a sardonic growl of a tone, letting his arms drop down beside him, fingers uncoiling as he stands resolute now, anger glinting only in his eyes and the set of his jowl. The man takes a deep breath, his chest rising underneath the tall collared tunic, his chin tilting forward some, eyes closing some at the barriage of poison sent his way. Yet, he is a stone against them, touched not, his gaze drawing back up with the brooding intensity that is the Duke of Lakeshire, a ruler in his days, a force not to be reckoned with, a famous swordsman when he was younger, a man with a wit to challenge the brightest of the world. "You must be hungry," there's a look over at Lynette then, "A father beats his son many times in the course of raising him to be a man. That is how a boy learns. One is beaten at swords like one is beaten at chess." And that is where his attention will turn back to Hadrian, "A child's mind is a funny thing. Where he might have believed I beat him, I merely taught him tactics that keep him alive today."

Lynette continues on the steps now to come between her father and brother, a faint glance is sent towards her brother before she looks to Aidan to watch him once he goes to talking. She doesn't expect this to change anything, doesn't expect it to fix things, it will never be fixed and she even knows this seeing how Hadrian is acting. "Yes I imagine so." There is a slight look of sadness, and worry upon her face while she watches her father. Now is not the time for her to enter into this conversation, this is something that the two will have to work out, or perhaps not work out. "You both need to talk, when sober, you both need to figure something out that will not tear the family apart and have someone picking sides. We are a family, and the only way we can stay strong is to help one another." She attempted to tell this to her dear brother earlier but he left so now he still gets the same idea that she had earlier.

"Sure, we can come to terms with our disagreement when he kneels before me and begs for forgiveness!" He says harshly with his words as he looks to Lyn who gets between them. He wanted nothing more then her to leave and let him be free to act on his whims, to go his father even if he's still sobering up from his drunken night of booze. He should tell his dear ole father about the whores he'd been with. He turns past Lyn and his father. He heads over towards the edge of the sitting room to the main foyer. He grabs his jacket and slips it on over his body. It's also the ones with his larger blades inside it. "But since that day will never come, my only chance to fix things with our father will be when he's on his death bed…" He turns and looks over directly at his father, "…which I hope comes soon!"

There is a touch of wretchedness behind Aidan's eyes as he watches his son, the distance between the two apparent even in such a room that forces them together. He is quite a different person around Hadrian, the intensity he was infamous for striking in the hard lines of his face. It would seem that he's calmed himself at least not to give into the baiting that Hadrian continues with, watching impassively as the drunken welp of a son carries on his tirade that the world was so unfair and cruel. The remark about his death bed does have Aidan's eyes turning with a slight tilt of his chin, lips pursing into a sneer, "What are you waiting for?" Aidan's arms extend in gesture, showing Hadrian that he doesn't have any weapons on his person, though he's sure the knights beyond the door do and murdering of a member of kin was pretty high on the taboo list of crimes of the world. Yet, here Aidan is, regarding his boy with a level stare, waiting to see if Hadrian makes his move. To Lynette, she is given a sad shake of his head, an apologetic light in his eyes, perhaps that she had to witness this, before he murmurs, "The rule of Kincaid is earned, not granted."

He might be a little over the edge right now, letting his anger show and allowing things to be said in the open that he didn't ant heard, especially by his sister, but he did not give in to his fathers temptations. He turns and heads to the manors front door, slamming it behind him as he departs for who knows where.

Aidan lets his arms drop to his sides, watching quietly as Hadrian doesn't take the opportunity presented. What little opportunity that was with the witnesses present. At the slamming of the door, he sighs and steps forward, around the puke pile and tells the servants to clean up the mess. Lucky them. He'll wish Lynette good night and head up toward his rooms, otherwise not outwardly caring what happens to Hadrian for the night. "Death comes for us all… why should I be afraid of it?" And yet, a look over his shoulder toward that slammed door, letting it be, with a hapless shake of his head.

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