Thedor 229: Do You Say I Do

Do You Say I Do
Summary: Duke Aidan proposes marriage to his daughter Lynette. However, he leaves the final condition in her hands.
OOC Date: 19/01/2014 (OOC)
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Kincaid Manor
Before you is a villa style home that is set in behind hedgerows. It is low to the ground and has smooth orange rust colored walls. The roof is made of terra cotta tiles, stacked atop each other. Directly in front is the large wrought iron gate with sturdy wooden slats spiked onto the gate to make what lies beyond a secret. From the gate, the wall spreads to either side and then turns sharply to form a square, at the back of the square, the only raised structure and just barely visible from the front. The 2 story main section of the villa stands directly opposite the gate. In peeking through the wooden slats of the gate, there is a glimpse of a lush courtyard and the open-air rooms that make up the sidewalls, as well as the face of the house proper. Plain and even drab from the outside, clearly this place saves its beauty for within.
After the 12th but before the death of the Queen.

The hour has grown late, the members of the Household should be home by now or just arriving, while for others they are already well into sleep as darkness is thoroughly upon the landscape. It matters entirely who you were, where you were, surely. For Aidan, he was awake. He was sitting in a high backed chair with the view of the city streets and the castle's shilhouette strong against the horizon. There his eyes are fixed, while lazy circles of pipe smoke curl from the corners of his lips, each puff giving rise to a new thought or concern that demands the Duke's attention. All servants dismissed, save for one who was a shadow in a corner, willing to jump for any last wishes that his master had that night. For now, none is forthcoming. Aidan simply looks distantly, lost in thoughts, while his free hand was resting on the chess table, empty of pieces but recently used all the same.

While some are sleeping, and others are on their way back Lynette has spent some time off in the city only to return a short while ago. Her handmaiden follows behind her, there is soft murmurings between the two as they moves along down the hall and nearly pass by the room. There is a moment where Lynette pauses and casts a glance towards he room where her father is to be found, as she caught sight of someone there it seems. A soft smile is seen while she turns to move on towards where he happens to be. "Up late father Much on your mind I take it?" She questions curiously while sending a glance out the window.

Nights, days bleeding into the next, all bearing the pall of frustrated intellect against a written formula badly penned and elegantly disguised. Faerinia has left her study for nourishment when all lies silent, foot light and outline palely wandering the manor. Into where the duke sits, endevouring to not attract his gaze, and fill a distant look with questions. Nor does she desire Lynette and her handmaiden to notice as she crosses the floor, heels arched and breath steadily expelled through her nostrils in soft, inaudible puffs of warm air.

Sleeping. It's something that Senga would be involved in - if she weren't involved in some last minute tasks that are carried out by herself directly. No handmaiden to assist her. In fact, she's devoid of any and all company as she moves through the hallways. This is no different, steps slowing on spotting not only her daughter but also niece further ahead. Pulling the shawl about her shoulders, she may be a few steps behind but with a letter in one hand. Sealed to be delivered. Where and when aren't readily available.

Aidan doesn't seem to really mind if people come and go in the room behind him, absorbed into thoughts that are of some other time, polished on the hopes of the future, brightened and renewed. His expressions do not show happiness or sorrow, a world of thought simply apart from the real one, distant and vague. Faerinia could've managed to sneak right up behind him if she wanted, had it not been for Lynette's words that break all the strings that his thoughts were guided upon. He slightly crans his head toward Lynette as she approaches, his answer a soft hmmm, "There is much. Yourself included," he adds, gently. If he spots Faerinia or her mother, he doesn't yet acknowledge them, likely to mean he hasn't, turning his eyes back to the castle, "You must tell me what you think of Shepard…" And so it starts.

Lynette has seen her father like this before, there is a moment of wonder while she curiously watches him, her hand moving to lightly rest upon his shoulder. There was a rather long time there that she had to deal with him being so distant; she wasn't at her best during those times either. Though like everyone, one does grow up, her included to some degree. "What is on your mind?" She has little reason to not ask, and really let's face it she was /going/ to ask at this rate. The question of Shepard makes her blink and a brow lifts as she curiously watches her father. For a few moments she is quiet, as if thinking over her words before a soft breath escapes her. "He seems like a very pleasant man; my talks with him have always been well. He doesn't dance have badly either." The last bit said with a touch of amusement as she recalls the dance with him after his sister was married. It actually brings a smile to her face without her fully realizing it. There is movement behind her, though she doesn't look wards it, Anne does look to Senga and the handmaiden offers a nod to her. "Why are you asking me this father?" Lyn questions. "Did he pick someone he wishes to marry?"

Faerinia freezes on the name, breath cut short. Expression obscured in the gloom, stiffly rapt as the unseen ears listen, straining for cues her eyes cannot discern come darkness and overbright sun. Fingers knot in the skirt of her robe, leaning forward to listen for the next, vital words without much pleasure it seems, though the pale shadow had not been forthcoming in any courtship. Self consciously, fingers touch her cheek, turning to regard fair Lynette.

Senga also remains, having fully understood the means of being silent and lingering on the edge of conversations. The letter is carefully fingered before being slipped back into the folds of her shawl to be kept unseen as her head tilts slightly in observation of daughter and then the conversation which she can only hear.

Aidan was certainly despondant and not really an upstanding guy when Isys passed, reckless with his emotions then, giving to bouts of severe depression, aloofness, and at other times extreme rage - to which Hadrian was mostly the unlucky recipient. He's been more active in the world since Aemy brought two grand children into the world, yet, there are times like these that he reverts to those darker days and moods are dreary if not out right somber. He'll listen to Lynette, yet, eyes trained forward, toward the castle, otherwise preoccupied from the entirety of her answer. Eventually as she asks a question that begs for him to be present in thought, he turns back a quick look to her, "He has. It is yourself he wishes. But I care less of his wishes and more of your own…" he trails off, perhaps setting the flash of albino in the room. "Faerinia…" he greets with a dead pan voice, calling her out of her hiding, "You do not have to lurk in this house young lady." And then back to castle gawking.


Lynette is quiet while watching her father, there is something off, something that she does not understand that is for certain. She lets her arms fold loosely before her while her mind wanders over a few things. The answer that is given from her father makes her pause, there is a blink and she lifts a brow at the thought. "Me?…" Is questioned after a moment. Her jaw tenses slightly and a glance is sent towards another as her father has pointed Fae out. A smirk seen and she eyes her dear cousin. "Honestly Spying on your own family?" Her tone is teasing mostly before she is back to the question at hand, and that would be Shepard. "I did not think you would allow such Thoughts" Was he not the one that wished her to marry a Duke?

Faerinia straightens up to her full, paltry height on being observed and faint colour tinges her face, voice surprisingly steady in light of the fast pink she turns. "Practicing starts at home, cousin." Dry cut humour, served distractedly. Mind whirring with formulae and other issues that she can use to stave off slumber as her sleep bruised eyes might indicate. At the invitation she moves closer, light painting her in monochrome. As ever, her eyes serve to be the exception. "Uncle…the project is ready for tomorrow. I tested it extensively."

Senga remains entirely still, going so far as to keep her breathing to the bare minimum as she listens to the latest one to be discovered. As for herself, she may simply listen for a few moments more before turning back to her rooms. The letter can wait for morning.

Aidan's lip twitches, as if trying to restrain his ire for having to repeat himself, which he doesn't. He simply lets Lynette stew over the idea that her name has now been offered to the Kerrigan's as a possibility, if not a for sure thing. At once, he sighs and turns to face her, looking tired but with an odd glint in his eye, some form of youthful energy waiting to find it's moment to arise. His lips slowly curl up in the play between family members, remaining there softly for Lyn's ask of him, "Do not think what I would think, because I will always surprise you and think otherwise," he pats the seat next to him, "I'm not going to sell this to you. You had already been quite clear to me that you did not want to be bargained away for the highest price. So this is your choice. He came asking for you hand, presented me some decent offers, and awaits my final decision… granted that depends on your own." He taps the pipe a bit, before setting it aside. His brows lift for the mention of Faerinia's project, "Niece… I beg you hold off until I can secure some absolution in these matters. But… even so, I'm interested to hear your results." Unfortunately, he didn't notice that Senga was present, who had hoped for the Kerrigan's to see her own daughter to marriage, which evidently is not to happen.

Lynette sends a glance to Farinia curiously at the 'project' bit as she wonders what it might be. Though she shifts to take the seat next to her father, there is a bit of amusement seen and she chuckles softly. "Indeed. You always have a way of amazing everyone around you father." This said softly while her mind lingers on the thought. "Indeed I do not wish to be bargained away for the highest price. Why did he ask for me?" Her blue gaze drifts to her father, watching him a moment before going on. "What do you think of Shepard?" With the man not around she can say his name freely without anything added in, at least she thinks. "Your honest thoughts now."

Faerinia barely notices her mother, drawing close enough to lightly rest her hand on Aidans shoulder with the softly spoken announcement. "You are invited to my study for a demonstration later, Uncle." For Lynette, a crooked smile and without prompting, the perspective on Shepard. "Honourable. Capable. Head solidly attached to his shoulders via neck…" Smile transforming to grin at the line. "He does own a reasonable sense of self."

Aidan lets his smile hold for the compliment from his daughter, saying with some humour, "I do try." As for the matter of Shepard, he looks over at Lynette with a studious expression, "Did you not know? He is quite taken with you. I would've hoped it had been sincere and for it to be sincere you would feel some sort of mutual fondness. Perhaps he was merely trying to win me over with what I wanted to hear." A moment of disappointment creeping in, while he stretches his legs out a bit, "He did acknowledge the prestige of marrying into a Ducal line, he spoke to your qualities." Aidan doesn't correct Lynette to add in a title, as the grounds are informal, behind closed doors with only family attending. "I think of a son I wish I had-" is the honest thought that strikes him now, "He has a knight's heart, a lord's wit, and the wisdom to command both. He very nearly defeated me in chess, had it not been for his distraction to take my queen…" an amused quirk comes over his mouth as his eyes turn toward Lynette. "He will be a caring husband, but a lord to his liege lords and a knight first, I should think. Yet, he needs a partner, as he said himself, to help him, when he takes over for his father." A shrug, as if he wasn't completely sold on the idea yet - something Lynette would have to finalize if she really wanted it. He looks toward the hand on his shoulder from Fae, nodding as his own reaches up to pat her's, allowing her own assessment of Shepard to be included before he responds to her invitation, saying as much: "As long as we're… safe."

Lynette seems amused as she hears Fae, though her attention is on her father as she wants his thoughts it seems. She catches the disappointment upon his features though which makes her hand lift and lightly rest upon his arm. "I did not say anything to even give you reason for that look." She points out with an amused tone. "He nearly beat you?" That is rather strange thought, her father is rather hard to beat after all. She looks outside, her gaze upon the castle where it can be found. "I have no ill thoughts towards Shepard, my time spent with him have indeed been nice." More than some get to spend with possible matches after all. Perhaps something good could come from this? Perhaps many things could happen, perhaps she could find happiness, if Shepard came asking for her then perhaps he sees her more than just a title. The title use to mean something to Lyn, though with age and seeing the world it fell to the side, for herself at least. "Would you agree to it if I said yes?" She would wish to get to know Shepard more before having to agree, but really that would be asking for a lot at the moment.

"Safe and from prying eyes." Faerinia remains the ambiguous family member for her opinion, though she has granted Shepard acknowledgement it stays unspoken any other tangible qualities and perhaps merely the inability to remark on what is now Lynettes own future husband. A faint widening of the stare at Aiden being beaten at all, before she grips her uncles shoulder once. "Uncle, remember to bring a little spiced wine." Throwing him a smile and extending it towards the radiant cousin, the pale shadow retreats for the evening. Off to savour her secret desires, what they might be even the oldest servants can only speculate.

Aidan moves a hand to give a squeeze to Lynette's knee, as he often did when she was trying to comfort him, acknowledging that with his own gesture in turn. His brow does raise at the accusation for his look, "I want you girls to live peacefully with some hope for happiness and not forced into something that would give you cause to regret." As it would seem he did often in his younger years with finding matches for his siblings. And there's a nod, "Yes. He was schooled in the art of chess by my late brother, your uncle, Desmond. We were quite evenly matched and I seemed to have recognized the hint of strategy that had to have been Desmond's. It's the only advantage that I had." To admit such a close game was to speak well to Shepard's ability. The mention of spiced wine and the further grip on his shoulder from Fae has his eyes trailing after her, "Safe is how I like it. I'll see to coming along in a short while." A brief amusement there expressed with a shake of his head, back to Lynette, "I would agree if you wished it yes. As I said, he presented some decent opportunities for your hand. But do not let that weigh on your mind. It is your future, you must decide." A pat to her knee, "See me in the morning with your answer." He stands and nods to the servant, "A bottle of spiced wine." Oooh he's getting too old for secrets, the wine is necessary.

Lynette sends a slight glance towards Faerinia, pondering it seems before taking in a soft breath and looks to her father. A soft smile is seen and she soon nods while giving his arm a slight squeeze. "I am very thankful that you would be willing to see to it that we are happy." Some do not after all. She stands as he does, shifting a bit to place a faint kiss to his cheek as she has often done before heading to bed herself. "I'll give you my answer in the morning. I hope you have a good night father, if you need me for anything please let me know." She would honestly do just about anything for her father that is for certain, still she worries about him. Though she turns and is slipping off with Anne following after her, there is much for her to think about, little sleep for her most certainly.

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