Umbra 12, 228: Dining with Royalty

The royal family hosts a guest to dine with them.

Dining with Royalty
Summary: The royal family hosts a guest to dine with them.
OOC Date: October 13, 2013
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Royal Dining Room
A high ceiling with a central grand chandelier in sparkling gold oversets a large dining table. There is a marble hearth at one side of the room, providing for hot tea and warmth, even to some of the other rooms in the Royal Suite. The table can seat up to sixteen comfortably, though it often enough does not reach those limits. The furniture is made of the most expensive red cherry wood, chairs decorated with golden cushions embroidered with a variety of themes. A large matching buffet and hutch rests against one wall, holding crystal ware, fine china and silverware, as well as anything else that might be required. Several side tables hold decorations, that change with the seasons. Doors lead to each of the Royal Suites, as well as out to the landing. A small inobtrusive servants' door also can be found, though it's nearly hidden amid the understated elegance that makes up this room.
Umbra 12, 228

The Royal Dining Room is set to receive a special guest, the messenger to Sir Arto gave polite reminder that weapons and armor would not be required and was accompanied by a tailor with a selection of clothes should the knight's entourage not have caught up with him yet. The meal is informal, a nod to a knight who has gone out of his way to bring information to the royal family during difficult times.

The table is set out with a selection of cold cuts of meat, breads warmed in the ovens, and foods from the harvest including apples and several types of berries. A warm pumpkin soup is served along with small cups of chocola. A selection of wines and beers are also available served as each family member prefers and Arto will be offered his choice throughout the meal by servants move quickly and quietly through the room as the meal goes on.

The door opens and Arto steps inside ducking his cool blue eyes sweeping the room. The tall golden haired knight is wearing elegant semi-formal clothing done in red, black and silver. A red shirt trimmed in silver with black pants and boots. He has forgone his weapons and armor as requested and moves with surprising grace for one his size. Stepping into the room he bows to his hosts at the waist with his right hand over his heart. Straightening up he smiles faintly and waits for someone to address him.

Tyrel has taken the place to the right of the head of the small table, with his wife to his left. The king's place is set but he is not in attendance yet. Across from Tyrel a place is set for Logen and so on down the table. Arto has been given a spot towards the center of the table, almost surrounded by the Princesses and Ladies of the court.

Dressed in simple clothing, a deep purple tunic with gray cross diamonds on it belted at the waist over trousers tucked into boots. He's taken his seat at the table, a doublet draped over the back of his chair and a sword belt snagged over that. His meal was actually self served, along with by passing the wines or beers for cooled tea water with lemon juice lightly added. He's eating slowly, and just watching the gathered for now. A Sutherland blue silk ribbon tied around his left wrist and Violet seated beside him quietly but protectively of her duchess' prince.

Tyrel rises, "Sir Arto, come, join us. I've been away for a time so you'll pardon if I make an introduction that has already been made." He indicates the knight's spot at the table, "On your left you are likely to know my royal brother Logen, I can think of few knights he hasn't wished to cross blades with to test, across from you my wife Princess Ciarrah, my royal sister Caillin, Lord Robben Jon Ruxton…" he continues with the introductions then seats himself, "…please, enjoy the meal and our thanks for your exceptional service."

Tyrel indicated the empty spot, "Caillin will hopefully be joining us shortly."

At the left side of the Prince, Ciarrah looks up as the knight joins, inclining her head slightly in acknowledgement of his presence and his bow. Her gaze does not linger long, nor does she speak, instead, she uses the brief silence to look around at the food and assure herself everything was taken care of satisfactorily. As the introductions are made, a smile tugs her lips. "A pleasure meeting you, Sir Arto. Welcome."

The young baroness steps inside, sweeping all the dusts with her long golden gown. Her hair is tress and falls on her shoulders as waterfall. The girl smiles widely and looks much better today. However, she is still followed by her handmaiden Gaela, who retreats into the shadows unseen. You don't see her, but you feel protective look. Scary.
Caillin nips the fabric of her radiating skirt and offers a deep curtsy, "Your Highnesses, lord, sir…" The young knight, who looks unseen for the baroness is studied maybe even more than a minute, before Caillin remembers, where she was going. "I am sorry for being late!"
The girl hides a few curls behind her ear and slips to sit to the chair, letting a silent a bit amused sigh out.

Present, Robben is looking around for a few moments, looking a bit thoughtful as he studies Arto relatively carefully now. Offering a nod and a half-smile as he hears his name mentioned. "A pleasure, Sir Arto." Going quiet again as he listens to what's being said. There's a brief smile again as Caillin makes her entrance, and he offers her a nod and a smile in greeting now.

"Thank you for the invitation and the introductions Young Highness. A pleasure to meet you all." When the baroness arrives late she gets a soft smile. "You need not apologize to me Honorable Lady." Arto inclines his head and then makes his way to his seat. Settling down he is served his food and a glass of wine. He begins to eat slowly seeming to prefer the lighter foods like fruit and the warm bread to excessive amounts of meat. Swallowing and sipping his wine he looks down the table examining each person in turn.

Tyrel smiles somewhat indulgently at Caillin and nods towards Arto, "Well said, Sir Arto." He then looks back to Caillin. "As I'm quite certain your husband has informed you, Sister, an event cannot begin properly until you have arrived so you cannot possibly be late." The servants move forward then and start serving the meals. "My royal father sends his thanks as well, Sir Arto, due to the events that have taken place over these last few days be may not be able to join us for this meal." He takes an apple for himself and cuts it into slices as the soup is being served and meats and cheeses offered about. "Ciarrah, would you care for some apple? I think I should like to have plenty of room for the deserts."

Violet places a small hand to Logen's arm and he looks to her, she smiles at his and subtly rocks her head in Arto's direction. Logen, mid drink pauses and looks to him with a thin smile. "Welcome." he says, voice strained slightly as though fighting back a natural inclination of some kind. Violet forces his arm to rise and brush the ribbon across his cheek, sighing softly in the process as though this were saddening to her. Once the prince has visibly relaxed more he completes his drink and goes quiet again.

At the offer, Ciarrah gently declines, "Thank you, my prince." Instead, she has strawberries and bread. A dash of meet. Mostly though, she nibbles the berries while casting a confused and somewhat alarmed glance to Logen for his servant at his side.

Tyrel is seated with Ciarrah at his left and Logen at his right. Caillin is near Ciarrah and Logen has a handmaid of his wife seated at his side, holding his arm. Arto is seated on the other side of Logen and is the honored guest. Meat, cheese, fruit and breads are served alongside wine.

Tyrel rises as Ruthgar arrives, "Ah, Lord Ruthgar, thank you for joining us. A bit short notice but I wished to commend Sir Arto on his service before the moment slipped away, won't you please have a seat." He then seats himself again, "My Princess, have you noticed that the berries have been exceptionally tart this year?" He looks as Ruthgar declines and moves to leave, "Ah, my royal father, he did not make it this afternoon, perhaps reviewing with the other council members?"

Logen is dressed down, he's got a glass with cooled tea water and a plate of some fruits and berries along with a little bread. He's eating quietly for now, and Violet stands and steps back from the prince. Her eyes always on him, and her hands loosely clasped before her. Logen looks at Tyrel for a moment before slowly doing a set of looks to his plate, then looks at another person then back again to his plate. He makes eye contact with each person individually should their gaze meet his. Not once does he take in more than a single person before looking back to his plate.

Eating in quiet, Robben nods a little to what's being said every now and then. Otherwise keeping quiet as he eats a bit of food. Keeping silent unless someone speaks to him, it would seem.

Ruthgar slips into the hall, bowing to the crown prince and other royalty and nobility assembled before he takes a seat beside his wife Caillin, his demeanour polite and composed as usual. A warm glance is shot towards the Ruxton Baroness though and his mouth even twists into a little smile.

When Ruthgar arrives, Caillin almost jumps from her chair and her grey eyes fulfill with many joyful sparkles. However, she manages to keep her seated. Though, then Ruthgar sits beside her, she touches his hand, giving a soft squeeze and her from her soft gaze very easy to understand, how she places a kiss to his cheek in her thoughts. Just in thoughts, but still! "I am glad you came, my…Ruthgar," she whispers,but then tries to concentrate on food or talking.

Slipping in perhaps even a little later, Aemy arrives. Late of course, but with tiny twins, it's to be expected. She walks over and stands beside her husband, offering a nod and a smile to the Royals and then the others, in that order. Slipping into her chair, she smiles at Robben. "I cannot stay long, but I wanted to have a lunch with you finally, outside our suites."

As Ruthgar arrives, Ciarrah offers him a quiet smile, watching he and his bride meet for only a moment before she looks back to her husband. "I have, my prince. They are delightful, tart with just the right amount of sweetness." Once more, Logen captures her attention as the handmaid moves from the table, questions in the eyes of the Princess as she regards him.

Pale grey eyes move a bit restlessly about the table, before Ruthgar's gaze comes to linger on his wife again. "I… am sorry to be late, my love. These official occasions…" His soft voice trails off as he shakes his head almost apologetically. Aemy's entrance calls for his attention next, and with the corners of his mouth twitching upwards he offers her a nod in greeting from afar, the expression in his eyes unreadable for a moment.

Tyrel nods, "Do remind me to offer a special thanks to the eight when we attend temple for the quality of the harvest. Oh, that reminds me I had some idea for an event to occur during the archery tournament where each contestant is permitted three attempts to make a trick shot of their choosing, if it cannot be duplicated by any other contestant in three attempts then they are declared the victor. If more than one impossible shot is made then the game repeats with those who would have claimed victory then competing against eachother. I thought it would add a little more craft to the event which I think would entertain Umbra."

"I was late too," chuckles Caillin and more in a whisper says, "Asmy brother told me: an event cannot begin properly until you have arrived so you cannot possibly be late," she chuckles once more and continues eating, looking around. Her gaze for a few moments rests on Logen.

Tyrel laughs, "Ah, sister, it is more specific than that, a quality held by only a few, though the ladies at this table all seem to be gifted with that particular grace."

As she meets Ruthgar's gaze, Aemy offers a modest smile in return. "Ruthgar, a pleasure seeing you again and looking so happy. I suppose the credit goes to your lovely bride," dipping her head to Caillin, she laughs softly with amusement. "Then let the party begin." When her husband greets her, she kisses his cheek. "Me too, my love. Me too."

Ciarrah smiles. "I will make sure to thank the Gods for the harvest, my prince." At the mention of the tournament though, she leaves that to the others, who intend on participating. "Perhaps so, Tyrel."

"Is that so?" Ruthgar looks from Caillin to Tyrel, seemingly amused at the remark. "Brother." Robben gets a belated nod in greeting from him, whereas Aemy receives a reply even. "You look good as well, dearest sister-in-law.", he remarks politely, lowering his head towards her with a friendly smile.

Caillin blushes at her brother's comment, lowering her gaze.
Then she can't stop her cheeks from turning even more brightly red, when Aemy speaks. The girl can just smile softly and, likely not knowing what to say, and feeling a bit awkward, she just concentrace her gaze at the soup, which was there, in front of her, for awhile. The smell looks quite good at first, but when the girl leans a bit closer raising the spoon, she stops in hesitation. The blush slowly leaves her cheeks and the young baroness becomes quite pale.
Gaela quickly appears from the shadows, but she does not have time to tell a word. Caillin jumps on her feet and runs away, not caring about etiquette.
Gaela curtsies for the nobles, "My lady is feeling not well, I hope you understand for…" and she runs after her.

Tyrel moves a few more pieces of cheese and meat to from his plate to his mouth washing them down with sips of wine and cider. He rises as Caillin darts away and turns to look over at Ruthgar, "Lord Ruthgar, my congratulations and best wishes that this phase of the blessing bestowed up on passes quickly." He then sits back down.

His wife's dramatic exit leaves Ruthgar baffled for a moment. Concern is written all over his face as he rises from the seat he had claimed not too long ago. "Caillin!", he calls after the baroness, but alas, too late. She is already vanished through the door. "Th…ank you, your highness.", he replies towards Tyrel, looking a bit at a loss about what to say for a moment. "Well, I do hope it passes… For now, pray excuse me. I… can't sit here and feast when my wife is feeling ill. I'd better go and see how she is faring…" A deep bow towards all asembled, and off the Baron of Dellhaven goes, leaving through the doors his wife has passed a moment ago.

Tyrel looks to Ciarrah, "He does know, doesn't he?"

Just as Ciarrah is about to give a gentle shrug, an indication she does not know, Aemy pipes in. "He knows and he is very thrilled at the idea."

Tyrel nods, "Good, good, I would hate to think I'd spoiled a surprise for Caillin, she has such trouble keeping secrets that to spoil one for her is almost sinful."

Robben looks a bit concerned as Caillin makes her exit, and then Ruthgar follows. Nodding a little at the words, he offers a brief smile to the various people as he finishes his own meal. "Perhaps we should be making our way back?" he suggests to Aemy, getting to his feet and waiting by her side now.

Aemy rises as well, giving her husband a grateful look. "Thank you, my love." Offering a nod to the prince and his entourage, she settles into leaving with Robben, slipping her arm into his.

Logen slips a bit quietly from his seat and towards the door, Violet following right behind him. He's a whisper of fabric and soft footfalls followed by the handmaid's similar sounds.

Tyrel watches the guests depart, rising and bidding them well as they do. He settles back down after each leaves.

Robben smiles, with a polite nod to the Royals and others still present, before he leads Aemy off, at a quiet pace at the moment.

Ciarrah looks back at Tyrel once the others start leaving, "I had intended on going to the market square. Would you be interested in going as well, my prince?" She bids the others goodbye, nodding to Robben. Oh.. when had Logen left? "What happened with Logen? Perhaps you should speak with him? He had a servant at the table and.. someone other than his wife was.. touching him."

Tyrel nods, "I will inquire on it, My Princess, and while I would enjoy a visit to the market with you I must first meet with my father. I'd hoped he could join us here but as he cannot I must go to him." He leans close to her taking her hand in his and touching his cheek to hers, "And do not tarry too long in the market today, it seems I'm surrounded with maids tsks at their ladies insistence on overdoing things, I don't wish to hear Serah's tongue start tsking as well."

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