Inouv 4, 228: Devastating News

Devastating News
Summary: When Ruthgar visits the infirmary to check on his wife's state, Wenna and Caedmon confront him with a harsh bit of news.
OOC Date: 22/11/2013(OOC)
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Infirmary, Darfield Castle
The rectangular room has whitewashed walls and a stone floor bare of carpet and rushes. The air smells of vinegar, soap and strong herbs. On a far fall is a line of windows that look outside of the castle. Each of the windows has a widow box filled with fresh herbs and flowers. Along the wall opposite of the windows are about twenty beds in a row. The beds are narrow and simply made of sturdy oak and rope. Each bed has a fresh canvas, straw stuffed mattress covered with heavy unbleached and dyed linen sheets, a pillow, and a blue wool blanket. Next to each bed is a small square table and a stool. One each of the narrow walls are doors leading to other rooms. One leads to the hallway, which in turn leads to the main part of the castle. Across from the main entry are two doors. One leads to the apothecary and still room, and the other leads to the Royal Physician's office.
4th Day of Inouv, in the year 228

Caedmon smiles to Eli. "Certainly you should rest," he urges, agreeing with Wenna. He looks at his wife and subtly moves his hand to pull her closer so that she can lean against him if she wishes. "Also, some hot tea or cider might help you to relax. As I tell my beloved lady, you need to care for yourself so that you can care for others."

Wenna leans all her weight against Caedmon and she closes her eyes for a moment. She is a tall woman who stands about six feet in height. Her long brown hair has been pinned up underneath a white biggins, she and the other healers are dressed in dark charcoal grey wool. The place is quiet for this time of night and yet it is busy. Those working in the infirmary during this time of the night are like worker bees. There are patients lying in the bed and in one of the beds that has a curtain drawn around it is where Caillin lies. Near her bed is a healer sits and one that is of some rank. Leaning against him she murmurs into his ear.

Wenna mutters to Caedmon, "… am… If… could… you…"

Entering the infirmary is a young man with dark brown hair and a rather pale complexion that contrasts to the red and black of his attire. Pale grey eyes scan the room, lingering for a bit on that bed in which Caillin rests, and noticing the curtain drawn up around it he lowers his gaze for a moment, his hands clenching into fists at his side - but only momentarily. He looks up again, now noticing the other people present, and walks over to them, offering a bow as would be expected of him. "Baroness. Baron. A good evening to you." Late evening it is already. The girl is spared a glance but nothing more.

"Good evening." Wenna offers an awkward curtsy in return. She holds on tightly to Caedmon. Her own face is etched with pain, exhaustion and sorrow. Her eyes catch sight of his hands clenching and unclenching and she holds on tighter to Caedmon. She takes a deep breath. "Baron, good evening, do you have time to talk?" She looks to Eli. "Mistress if you can please bring us some tea into my office. "Baron if you can follow us into my office I would be grateful."

Caedmon nods to Wenna when she whispers to him. He releases her hand and gently slips his arm around her waist. It might be a scandalous gesture except for two factors. They are married, and she appears perilously close to fainting from exhaustion, so that his support seems entirely necessary at this moment. He appears to be weary as well, but he inclines his head to the baron when the young man enters the infirmary. "Good evening, baron," he greets. "I'm sure that you will forgive my wife. She has had a trying day. I was here for part of it, and can attest that we are most fortunate that she has not succumbed already to fatigue." Then he glacnes to Wenna before he answers, with a shake of his head, "I will not follow you, but you will lean against me and rely on my strength while I guide you into your office. As you say, we should talk." Without waiting for Ruthgar to agree, he begins to move, guiding Wenna at her usual slow pace toward the door to her office. He does look over his shoulder to Eli and requests, "Tea for all of us, including yourself, mistress. Thank you."

Ruthgar accepts the words of greeting with a nod. His mien is composed, if not a bit tense, but that may be understandable, under the circumstances. He follows Wenna and Caedmon into the Physician's Office, neither objecting nor inquiring, rather in a numb silence that only hints at his emotional state.

Royal Physician's Office, Darfield Castle
The office smells faintly of pungent herbs and the windows are uncovered to allow a lot of light in and if the weather permits they are open. At the windows there are boxes of herbs and flowers. The room itself is a decent size and it has been painted a warm light sun kissed yellow. A worn red and pink rug has been placed down on the stone floor. The focal point of the room is a massive mahogany desk. Two comfortable wood and red leather chairs sit before it and a comfortable leather chair sits at the desk. On the wall opposite of the door and away from the window there is a wall that has been dedicated at bookshelf. It is filled with scrolls, ledgers and rare books on healing. Leaning against one of the shelves is a ladder.
4th Day of Inouv, in the year 228

Caedmon is with Wenna, helping her to settle into the chair behind the desk. "We'll have tea soon, love," he murmurs to her. "After this, we'll go home." He looks up from his work in time to see Ruthgar entering the room. He nods again to the baron. "Your wife and I have been quite close, baron," he mentions. "So I share in your anxieties about her condition. My lady has been watching her closely and caring for her as well as possible. You can be sure of that."

"I hope so Caedmon, I cannot make it out side of here. I will need you help." Once she is seated she hangs her cane on the edge of said desk and she motions for her husband and the Knight to take a seat. "Please be seated and there will be tea soon. Your wife is not doing well. We need to talk about possible outcomes and what she will be needing."

Caedmon's assurance is met with a light incline of Ruthgar's head. "I am aware of that, my Lord. She has always spoken highly about you." Following Wenna's invitation he takes a seat, the promise of tea elliciting a tiny polite smile from him, whereas her words has him pale a touch more. "I… would be very interested in what you have to tell me, baroness." The worry now clearly present in his grey eyes might perhaps explain his lack of eloquence.

Eliylw comes in, tray with a teapot and three cups upon it held carefully in both hands. She looks for a place to set it down before curtseying to the nobles. "Shall I pour, Lady Wenna?" A careful glance is given to Ruthgar before she makes herself look elsewhere within the office, her expression held blank.

After squeezing Wenna's shoulder briefly with one hand, Caedmon steps around the desk to settle in another of the chairs. He nods to Rothgar. When Eli arrives with the tea, he eyes the tray for a moment. "Do you want none for yourself, mistress?" he questions. "You are welcome to get a cup and join us. I know my lady wife well enough to imagine that she would want you to stay, so that you might learn about this aspect of your work."

"Your wife may lose the child; there is more than a chance. The wounds are infected and she burns with fever. She will be able to have another child but let her first heal from this birth. The good news is that she is not far enough long, but based on her reactions when I told her of the possibility she will be fragile. If you do value her more as your wife and less as a broodmare I would ask that you show her kindness. Miscarriages and stillbirths are a fact of birth." Wenna says in a gentle manner. "Think of it this way. Birth and pregnancy is battle between life and death. Sometimes we as woman are triumphant and other times we are not. Sometimes we lose our life and the child's life. I do not know all the particulars as to how she came to be in such a state, but know what had happen to her carries its own weight as those scars will be constant reminders to her. She will need your love if you are able to give it and know that she will be able to have another child. She is young and you can lend her your strength."

A nod is given to Eliylw when she arrives with the tray, but nothing more. Ruthgar's gaze flit from her to Caedmon, until it comes to rest on Wenna, and his pale grey eyes widen as he sits there, perfectly still. His brows twitch upwards at the word 'broodmare', yet there is no other reaction until after a long moment of silence. Those hands in his lap clench into fists once again. And the baron opens his mouth to speak. "She will lose the child…?" he mutters flatly. "But she will survive. Is that what you are trying to tell me, baroness?" Some sentiment boils within those pale grey eyes, betraying those emotions he so carefully tries to conceal.

Caedmon draws a slow breath while Wenna speaks to Ruthgar. Although he has been close to his cousin, he knows little about her husband and his ideas on matters like children and a woman's role. He looks from the man to Wenna, focusing on her words. He frowns when she delivers the possibly agonizing message that the baby is in grave danger. "She has suffered greatly during the past few hours, baron," he explains. "However, things could have been much worse."

"Yes I think she will lose the child." Wenna tells him in a gentle manner though her eyes watch him opening and closing his fists and she leans back into her chair and she makes herself it up taller. She looks to Eli. "Thank you Mistress." She says to her as she offers to pour the tea. Her attention is drawn back to Ruthgar. "I know the emotion that you are feeling right now, I ask that if you are to be angry at anyone that you focus it on me or the pells. She will live, Baron. You and here will have another child. I am sorry." She looks down at his hands again before she looks back up at her face. She is much older than him and it shows in her moss green eyes. She then casts a quick look at Caedmon.

Eliylw offers a slight shake of her head. "I do not thirst but thank you, My Lord." She will stay, however, unless Ruthgar asks that she leave once tea is served. Each cup is carefully poured and then given, the first to Ruthgar himself and then Wenna and Caedmon, each cup left undoctored.

Ruthgar lowers his gaze, now a momentary hint of pain brushing his features as he hears Caedmon's words. "I know. My lord baron. I… am happy she is still alive." His composure is regained when he turns towards Wenna. "I assure you. I am /not/ angry at her. I am grateful the gods and goddesses let her live. When they choose…" There, his voice fails him for a moment. "They choose to take that unborn child away from us." His hands fold before him in his lap, no longer clenched, before the unclasp again to accept the offered cup of tea from Eliylw. "Thank you." Finally a verbal acknowledgement of her presence.

Now finally allowing some of the worry and concern to enter his mien, the Ruxton turns his attention back onto Wenna and Caedmon. "But… does she know? Have you told her? She was in a bad state when I spoke with her." And he is not referring to her physical state here, obviously.

"Her spirit is wounded and she did not take what I said well. Physically she is in no pain." Wenna tells him. "Sheat was merciful in that blessing." Her voice remains calm. She moves to pick up the cup of tea. "That you sparrow," she then lifts the drink to her lips and she sips it. She also relaxes when his fist are no longer clenching and unclenching. "Just I ask of you to show her kindness, this does happens. I know many woman and men who have had to endure this. The next time she is pregnant it should be different. Just give her your love, mercy and kindness." She looks from Caedmon, to Eli and then to Baron.

Once the tea is served Eliylw steps off to the side, assuming a position that allows for her to observe and learn without being an intrusion upon any of the others here. Wenna's look is returned with a slight nod and a twitch of an apologetic smile. A glance is then spared to Ruthgar himself, a brow arching slowly as he takes him in.

Caedmon inclines his head to Ruthgar while Wenna speaks. "Wenna told Caillin earlier. I was here. However, I cannot be certain how clearly she understood. That is why we depend on your love, kindness, and sympathy toward her, baron. She is a sensitive soul. She loved children even when she herself was a child. Also, she desires greatly to please you. If she fears that she has lost your favor due to this tragedy, she might react in ways that could be even more tragic."

Ruthgar listens to Wenna in silence, his gaze lowered, but the pain now managing to breach his composed facade visible nonetheless. His voice is soft and shaking a little when he gives his reply. "I… do believe you, baroness. But… these aren't ordinary circumstances, are they? She will lose the child because… someone did her harm. And I let that happen. She will always have my love, mercy and kindness, as you like to call it. But it is I who is to blame. And this is what I have to learn to live with." He lets himself fall back against the back of the chair, shaking his head. His face fails at the attempt of a polite smile in Caedmon's direction. "I know, my lord. She is fond of children. That will make it even harder. For her to bear. I will do what I can. Speak to her as soon as she wakes up. Please send for me, regardless of the hour."

"Baron, it is the not your fault you cannot be with a person every waking hour. Our lives are not our own, and we have no control over what will happen. This truly is not your fault. It is the fault of the on who harmed her. You did not wield the instrument that caused those wounds." Wenna says very gently. "I think that perhaps you should visit her and speak with her." Another looks is given to both Caedmon and Eli.

"You are not to blame as much as she is not, Baron," Eliylw dares to speak out, her voice wavering slightly. "You will do neither one of you any good if you try to lay this upon yourself." Her eyes lower, her head bowing. A sigh causes her shoulders to raise and then lower slowly as she looks back at Wenna, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears.

"As her husband, I'm sure that you wonder about such questions as where her guards and handmaiden were. I would wander about such things," Caedmon notes. He lifts his cup of tea and sips the steaming liquid before adding, "We have them for situations like this, when we cannot attend to our families for whatever reason. You should speak with her. I suspect that she will welcome your assurances eagerly." he glances to Eli and nods his approval for her efforts.

Ruthgar listens to the words of comfort and advice given, his pale grey eyes shifting from Wenna to Eliylw and then to Caedmon. "I will speak with her, as soon as she wakes up. And… of course, the question of why she could run away from Gaela and the guards has occurred to me as well, of course. We will take measures, that a thing like that may never happen again. Forgive me if I may seem a little… beside myself, but I - we will need time to digest these news." A sip from the cup is taken, and the Baron of Dellhaven rises. "What about that ranger, who saved her? Is he here as well? How grave are his wounds?"

"He is healing, as for her knowing when she is in her right mind. We will try and speak with her or you can tell her as her husband. I will leave that choice with her." Wenna explains to him. "But I will not keep you any longer from her side."

Eliylw curtseys suddenly. "Please forgive me but I find myself suddenly weary and should retire for the night." There is a pause until she's given permission to leave and then she exits the office, just as quiet as she was when she entred the room.

Caedmon takes another sip while Wenna answers about the ranger. "He was well enough earlier to begin work on a report. So he might be able to shed some light on this, baron. Still, you should talk to Caillin first. She is your beloved. She will need your comfort." He inclines his head to Eli when the mistress excuses herself. "Rest well, mistress," he bids. Then he looks to Wenna, and urges, "You should rest soon, too."

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