Lichtenstein Castle
Lichtenstein Castle as Barony of Dellhaven
Region: Barony of Dellhaven
Kingdom: Mobrin
Rulers: Ruxton of Dellhaven
Wealth: Small
Population: 50,000
Language: Daereni (Common)
Religion: The Light, mainly Sess, Alasair, Umbra and Cri. Some rumoured shrines of Inouv.
Demonym: Dellhavener
Primary Revenue: Agriculture, Dellhaven cheese, Ole Granswynne cherry brandy, cherry pies.
Cultural Niche: Culinary
Weakness: A recent baron’s disgrace
Fortification: Dellhaven Castle
Specialization: Infantry
Knights: 40
Soldiers: 800



As a region of fertile lands, this barony is known for its fields of wheat, its cattle, and especially the famous Dellhaven cheese made of sheep's milk. Also, the region is known for a particular tasty brand of cherries, it has a popular cherry brandy, called Ole Granswynne, and cherry pie is a local specialty. Greens and fields border on a forrest with the usual deers, foxes and boars, allowing for occasional hunts to be held. The Day of the Hunt is a regular event each autumn, an occasion that even the Royal family usually tries to attend.

The barony is only a few hours on horseback south of Castle Darfield and Stormvale, located on the eastern side of Mobrin that stretches along the coast, halfway almost to the Duchy of Sutherland, but still within the borders of the Darfield region. Although Dellhaven doesn't have any greater harbour of sorts, there are the usual villages of fishermen; and smugglers. Rumour has it that lately a great deal of goods where smuggled out of the land. The most spectacular of them being probably the former baron himself.


Dellhaven has always been under management of House Granswynne. The old vassal House of the reigning Kilgours has faded in influence though over the years, and in members as well. A fatal chain of miscarriages and deaths, followed by the dishonourable conduct of the last male Granswynne have led to their demise, and left the spot of the region's Baron empty.

The Black Sheep of Granswynne


Lord Fordric Granswynne was the cousin to Lord Garland, the late Baron. It was when Garland caught a serious illness - some even whisper he was poisoned - that Fordric succeeded him, as Garland had neither heirs, nor any siblings.

The locals still shudder when they speak of Fordric, a tall dark-haired ill-humoured man in his late twenties who allegedly had some dealings with local pirates and dabbled in a lot of business bordering on the illegal. His reign was a short one, it did not last longer than a few months. First he relieved the former steward of his office and appointed one of his own creatures instead. Lavish feasts were held, with sinister people of low birth in attendance. Pirate ships were seen anchoring in view of the Dellhaven beach. Smuggling was encouraged, and the King deprived of his deserved taxes.

A situation, in short, that could not stay this way for long. The widow of the late Baron Garland, Lady Merdreene Granswynne, held captive in an old tower to the north of the barony, was lucky enough to be freed by a group of brave peasants and managed to escape to Darfield, to present the case to the King and the Crown Prince.

An expedition was sent out, only to find Fordric and his minions gone, probably having joined the pirates as soon as they had become aware of Lady Merdreene's escape. Even so Fordric was banned from Mobrin by royal decree, and should he ever set foot again onto the lands he will be a dead man.


Under New Management

The King has offered the barony to one of his honourable knights, Lord Sir Ruthgar Ruxton, the husband of Princess Cailin Kilgour. For the present the former steward Sir Amrys Nackelholme has been restored to his office, handling affairs most capably until the new Baron will decide otherwise.

Lady Merdreene Granswynne remains at Dellhaven Castle, serving the realm as a castellan. To her dismay, the old blazon of Dellhaven, a black sheep (ironically enough) on a field of green and yellow, will soon be discarded, given the disgrace the last Granswynne has brought over the province. The King has presented a new blazon at the wedding festivities of the newly appointed Baron.


The people of Dellhaven believe in the Light, most notably Sess, Alasair and Umbra. Cri is worshipped as well, given the agricultural occupations of most commoners. Some shrines of Inouv are rumoured to exist somewhere in the forest, since especially the former Baron Fordric is said to have worshipped this evil deity.



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