Immortal one!
Mads Mikkelsen
Mads Mikkelsen as Tynan Tormey
Full Name: Tynan Tormey
Age: 40
Kingdom: Jadden
House: None
Position: Free ranger
Place of Birth: Small town near the jungle of Jadden
Father: Kilinar Tormey
Mother: Merdea Tormey
Siblings: Four brothers and one sister
Spouse: None
Children: None

Tynan Tormey. Free ranger, called "Immortal one"!


Tynan born in a small town not so far away from Jungles of Jadda. His mother and father was a simple farmers, who had a huge field of corns and a few pigs with some cows. Also, there were a dog and four older siblings: one sister and three brothers. Tynan was the fith child in this family. His father Kilinar Tormey was so happy, that he and his wife Merdea Tormey were lucky to seed four healthy sons, who will help in their farm, when this pair will be old.


However, when 228 years ago jungle people came to Jadda‘s land and desecrated this place without any hesitation. These attacks still continues. Moreover, Jadda‘s people has to face not just these wild people from the jungle of Jadda, but the war between noble houses too. While nobles still live in their castles and all the dirty jobs are done by their servants, common people have to survive by themselves, fighting not just enemies, but lack of food and water, and medicine.

Tynan‘s family lived on the border of Jadda. It was the closesed point near the jungle people. That is why, they have to face these wild people till now. And the day came, when a bunsh of these cruel people rode to Tynan's town and burned farms, tavern, houses. Women were raped and common men were killed. A few guards couldn‘t resist against tens of enemies.

Tynan‘s mother and sister were one of these poor women, who had to spread their legs for these severe men. His father was killed as the oldest brother. Tynan was a hot tempered boy, he took a stick and ran into one of the enemies screaming and starting to hit his leg, because man was sitting on the stud. Though, this just made the men laugh and he grabed the child, putting him on a horse in front of himself and enemy just rode back to his lands.

Tynan became prisoner or better we should say slave. He had a chain on his neck, but an axe and a sword were given to him. Jungle people treatened him as a beast. They gave him a raw meat to eat and beated him, forcing boy to learn how to defend. Actually, Tynan was prepared to the fights till death, which gave a lot of pleasure for these savage people. This was the way, they spent a free time and feasts.


In a course of time, boy was marked with a lot of scars and when he became 18 years old, he was called „Nobody“ and sent to his first fight. He lost his eye, giving a lot of laugh for viewers. After this fight followed another and another. With each fight, with each day the boy became more and more wilder and cruel, and angry.

After 10 years of fighting as a dog in battles of dogs, he got a new name „Immortal one“. It didn‘t matter how hardly he was wounded, he managed to defeat his oponents and survive. What these jungle people didn‘t knew – they were preparing the most cruel enemy for themself. Tynan was planning on running away at nights, but before that he wanted to kill as much tribe's people as possible.

When he became 30 years old, his body was marked with a strange scripts, known just for jungle people and he was let out to the last fight. „Immortal one comes!“ shouted the man in the battle arena. Tynan came and braught the darkest day for the tribe. He killed his oponend in cold blood, he reaped his chain with a lot of force and just threw a slaughter feast through his way out.


Tynan ran one week without a stop to the Jadda. However, he was so changed, so horrible, that he didn‘t wanted to come back to see if his siblings are still in the old home. They wouldn‘t recognize him anyway. Man just continued his travel to the Mobrin, remaining in the shadows, hunting in the woods and getting some money, when someone ordered him for a bloody job. He just wanted to be as far away from his past as possibly, but just to prepare to come back and take revenge.

A sword and an axe on his waist were the only one friends he had. His appearance frightened not just simple commoners, but bandits and nobles at the same time. His name followed him in here too, when whispers around towns spread, saying „He is immortal one. Or maybe he is already dead? Look at these scars and wounds, and blood spots!“ However, all people are just beasts and when they are in need of some help, they dares to ask even their nightmares for help. Tynan is one of these nightmares.


Physical Features

This mysterious figure because he often shrouds himself in a dark and heavy cowl and lurks in the shadows. His movements suggest the strength, swiftness, and lethal grace of a big cat. His arms and legs are lean and muscular. His hands grip like cold, unrelenting vices. Beneath heavy, dark brows, his feral eye pierces like knives and awaken fears of even the stoutest men. A mane of dark, tangled hair frames, and often obscures, his dark face, and voice is a low, ominous growl. He rarely smiles. When he does, it is the cold, wicked smile of a man who delights in bringing pain to others. Few people have seen more than a glimpse of him, but those who have know that they should not turn their backs on him, or he will strike with deadly force.


  • Callous -
  • Cruel -
  • Impious -
  • Tough Warrior -
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