Cri 2, 229: The Invisible Wall

The Invisible Wall
Summary: Emerit and Draventa have a conversation in the courtyard.
OOC Date: 04/04/2014 (OOC)
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Draventa Emerit 
Courtyard, Darfield Castle
Above you to the north, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle, set on the side of an immense cliff overlooking the sea. A road leading to the south leads through the gatehouse and to Darfield Village. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.
2nd day of Cri, in the year 229

Draventa was going to paint, but the stormy sky has made her keep her canvas and brushes inside for now. But with everything that has happened, she needed fresh air, even if there's rain on the wind. She's dressed in a pretty blue dress, not as many embellishments as her dresses from home usually have. There's matching cloth wrapped around he rheas, almost like a turban. A few pieces of jewelry have been used to add sparkle there, thanks to Alice. Drav isn't on anyone's arm, although Alice and her two guards are with in eyesight. Today seems a leave the princess alone day, unless she's falling over. Which still happens. The vertigo strikes when ever Inouv feels, it seems. The princess is walking slowly.

Emerit slips out through the doors of the castle, and oh what a difference in bearing and attire, compared to Draventa! Fiery red curls are being blown about by a sudden gust of wind, as are the skirts of her peach coloured dress, which are kept more or less in place with her hands. Her cheeks rosy from the fresh air, her moss green eyes sparkling, and yes there is a delighted smile on her face. She is not alone of course, as both Yulanda anf Valaria fall in behind her, as well as one guard.

Alice notices the new princess first and bows. The guards do half bows but are clearly on edge. Drav's been doing the staring at things not there thing, it puts them off. Drav is currently staring at some clouds, head tilted. She still has some of the length of her dark hair, coming out of the bottom of the turban, but it's clearly less than she had before.

"Good morning, Draventa," the Mist of the Island greets, even if the Kilgour hasn't glimpsed her yet. Alice receives a warm smile and a nod. Emerit beams, there seems to be an inner glow about her, her smile radiating. But now finally noticing the state the Princess is in, she will dim down a little. "How are you, your highness?" A bit of concern showing in her moss green eyes as she studies Draventa for a moment.

"Good morning Emerit." Drav's voice is soft, and she doesn't look away from the clouds. "I am well." She doesn't sound it, but it's her stock answer anymore. It does not good to complain, there is nothing to be done. "I was going to paint today, but the clouds have come in…."

"Paint…?" Emerit's brows raise a touch and she nods. "Ah, I see." But does she really? One hand reaches out to take Draventa's if allowed to do so. "You don't look well," she remarks, glancing at Draventa's face from the side. "And,… what do you think of all these outrageous news of the concil poisining being aimed at us two, really?" Some wild rumours seem to have reached her, that much is true.

Draventa finally looks down to study Emerit's hand on here's. It's an odd look, like she's slightly surprised. "I am painting a gift for Baker Ray. He has been ever so kind to me." She'll not respond to Emerit's remark on her looks. There's part of her that wants to rage, how is she supposed to look-feel, but then again…It will do no good. Instead her face smooths. She's getting better at playing the game, when she wants to. "I think that it is not so outrageous, with what we know." If the late grand duke went to such lengths to keep the secret, there had to be a reason.

Emerit shoots Draventa a bewildered glance. "Not so outrageous? Are you sure? I mean,… that woman meant to poison /us/ when all we did,.." Her voice trails off, and her gaze drifts towards the castle. "I mean,… The King,… whatever,…How can this woman have so much hate for us, when all we did - I did was for the best of Mobrin and Moniwid." All mirth brushed from her face. "Maybe, it is a good thing for me to leave after all. I mean,… I've written to Mantilo. After all I can serve Rustles Isle better somewhere else…" A slightly dreamy expression entering her mien now, as she lowers her gaze and folds her hands before her.

Draventa's pale eyes finally come up and meet Emerit's, "I do not think she hates us for the marriage. I think she hates us for what it gained Rustle's Isle." Even here, Drav doesn't want to blurt out that this is all their father's fault. because it is. Drav has gone over the attack night after night….no soldiers move like that. Only pirates of twisted horror stories do. She'll blink, not saying anything on Emerit's leaving. She's in a delicate corner with that. "Has Mantilo written you back?" He's certainly not written Drav, not has mother. One would think nearly losing her scalp would have gotten at leafs a letter.

"No he hasn't," Emerit replies, a nervous twitch there at the corners of her lips. "I hope he will approve." That smile fades and those moss green eyes look suddenly a bit lost. "I wish, he still sees my help as valuable… and my status as not inhibiting what he has asked me to do when none of this was known." Vague hints there, they are not in their quarters after all.

Approve? Drav's confused and will tilt her head, not following Emerit. "Surely he will want you to come home…." She can't imagine Mantilo not wanting Emerit by his side. A small freon, "The Grand Duke does what he wishes, the rest of the world will be damned. He will not see you as less valuable." Drav doesn't usually swear, but when she does, she straightens some, and her voice drops.

"Oh," Emerit shakes her head in surprise at Draventa's assumption. "Not home! But somewhere else, where I can serve Rustles Isle as an ambassador." Her cheeks colour slightly as she explains. "I thought,… Skingaard, perhaps…" And there she falls silent, and lowers her gaze again. "And really, I cannot imagine him wanting me to return, when your mother…. certainly would not wish to see me."

Draventa does a slow blink. She should have guessed, not be surprised that Emerit's going to get to keep both her titles, and go play. It's a bit mean to think, but…Drav's so tired of trying to play nice about everything. Her voice is flat, "Do you honestly think Mantilo would do anything to make mother feel more comfortable?" She's actually surprised he hasn't send her back to Aberdeen. "Mantilo adores you. I was surprised when he sent you here away from him, to be honest." There's a small sway in Draventa's stance as she looks to Emerit.

"He adored me? Yes, maybe he did," Emerit replies flatly. So this is what it all is about? "But after those letters, who can tell, really?" Exhaling deeply, as she turns aside. "Fact is, I haven't spoken to him ever since you've told me of the letters. And I don't know…" Her voice trails off again, as her arms wrap about herself. "I… am only thinking of what would be of advantage for Rustles Isle…" She shoots Drav a glance over her shoulder. "And you wanted me to leave anyway, did you not?"

Draventa can't help the small scowl that flashes acres her face, "If father or Mantilo loved me half as much as they loved you…I don't understand how you can even speak such things, like that would change." She'll shake her head, partially in disgust. She loves them so much, and could never compare. "What if they attack again, looking for revenge? It will do Rustle's Isle no god to bring that upon other places." Drav doesn't know what she wants, anymore. All she knows is it feels like the walls have started to cave in on her again.

"So what are you suggesting? To go drown myself like an unwanted kitten, Draventa?" Emerit inquires with a surprisingly soft voice, her gaze curious, not really offended. "Stay here? Impossible. Go back? To your mother? I am not sure. To Skingaard I would… love to go, alas, maybe this is a foolish idea after all, even if the prince has suggested it." That dreamy smile reappears, alas, there is doubt showing in her moss green eyes. "A foolish idea that will lead to nothing but more bloodshed and venom in the end? What shall I do, I ask you. And… why are you so…against me going there, Draventa? What is the matter with you? I sense you are unhappy, and that makes me unhappy too. If it is indeed I who brought this unhappiness about…?"

Draventa eyes narrow as Emerit speaks. "Then go. I thought Mantilo would wish you close." Drav rocks softly as she stand there, "Perhaps Mantilo will arrange for you to be betrothed and you can have your happy ending." Someone should. Drav is so mixed up, she doesn't even know what she wants , anymore. "You did nothing. As always. It has always been father." There's a tension in her jaw, but she can't say what is really wrong. For a trapped animal to point out it's leg is caught in a claw only brings attention to the hunter. There's nothing anyone can do for her. She is married to Logen, and he is in love with someone along with her. She's not equipped to deal with this.

Emerit's eyes widen when Draventa's narrow, and she lowers her gaze, her right hand reaching to pat the princess's shoulder gently, if she will allow it, while the other arm warps about her own mid-section. "A happy ending? Can there really be any?" she sighs. "I wish it so with all my heart, yet my mind tells me it cannot be." There is regret showing in her moss green eyes when she raises her gaze and glances at Draventa. "You are so far away,… it is funny, after you presented me the letters I felt a closeness I had not felt before,… And now, that invisible wall is back again between us. Sister." At least she used to be. A bewildered smile flickers over Emerit's mien before she turns away and walks back to the castle, without any word of goodbye, or curtsey being offered. The latter at least coming from handmaiden and chaperone, before they hurry to catch up with their charge.

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