Rythvain Masterson
Alex Pettyfer
Alex Pettyfer as Rythvain Stephan Masterson
Full Name: Rythvain Stephan Masterson
Age: 19
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Nada
Position: Journeym
an Metalsmith
Place of Birth: Stormvale
Father: Rorrey Masterson
Mother: Renee Masterson nee Cintrise
Siblings: 2 (unnamed, and too young)
Spouse: Nada
Children: Nope!


A Journeyman Metalsmith and Minstrel of Stormvale, recently returned by ship from Sutherland.

Character Features


As you lay, on a summer's day, in a cool and shady place. Don't look up, instead look down, and if you squint with all your might. You'll find the land of Morethansmall. For in this town lives bugs, that's all.

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Known Associates

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