42nd Sess, 229: Debunking the Rumour

Debunking the Rumour
Summary: Nylie pays a visit to the Haraveans to check up on rumours she had heard about one of their number.
OOC Date: 28/Ma/2014
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Grand Foyer - Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
The front doors lead into a small hall where you may hang your cloak and such items. From there, tall vaulted ceilings shoot upwards, ornately decorated with cedar crown molding stained to a dark brown and matching the chair rail and baseboards. The walls themselves are of the brightest white above and a dark green accent on the lower half, seemingly sponged in for subtle effect. Large tables line the walls and each is set with candelabras. A crystal chandelier hangs in the center of the room helping lend to the illumination. The floors are made of sturdy oak planks and already have the scratches of ones being danced upon.
The atmosphere is usually bright and festive despite the ongoing war outside. In one corner, a magnificent harpsichord awaits and in the opposite a piano of the finest make. Both are handcrafted instruments and the benches in front of them always pushed to an awkward angle as if just sat upon. Beautiful paintings of Greenshire hang along the walls the huge room lends an inviting feeling. A spiral staircase leads upwards and there are three hallways leaving in each direction.
42nd Sess, 229

Rumors ran rampant often enough about the city, some made their living wagging their tongue about every little thing. But the news that seemed to be spreading like wild fire this day had caught more than just passing attention from Nylie, that a poisoning had occurred at the Greenshire Manor. It had caused her to come and pay visit, and even whilst the rumor spoke of another, it wasn't whom she had asked after upon arrival, nor any of that main line, it was the Lord Admiral whom she'd asked after. His well being, or if he were up for it, a visit, a thing some servant and surely gone along to check after. Meanwhile leaving the woman in the foyer with maid and guard, though more remained outside. Pay no mind that she seems to be having a stare off with the harpsichord in between concerned looks to where the servant vanished off to.

"The little spot of excitment of the day before has left Eoin feeling a little worn. He'd over exerted himself that much is true, but not too badly, and so at the news he has a visitor he makes his way down to the foyer. Oh course, the name given helps somewhat and he pauses briefly at the bottom of the stairs to straighen his tunic and ensure he looks properly presentable. Then, onwards. Slowly. "Lady Nylie," he greets, accompanied by a gentle bow that's still obviously doing its best not to provoke a dizzy spell, "to what do we owe the honour of your visit?" Gesturing to some of the comfey chairs he then asks, "do you require refreshemnt? A drink? Something to eat?"

The sound of his voice had her turning, concern in her eyes. A step before she is drifting into a curtsy that is perhaps to sweeping, perhaps not, he was the Lord Admiral. "Lord Eoin," her gaze did take him in,"there have been rumours. I wished to see that you were alright. " Drifting towards the chairs gestured to,"You are alright? " Yet having to ask before she explains further,"They spoke of a poisoning here, the Lady Rorey. Is she alright? Everyone else?" There is a faint shake of her head,"I am fine, unless you have wish for something."

Eoin sinks himself into one of the chairs before he starts to reply. Worn. The comment about a rumour though does attract his attention and he tilts his head questioningly towards his guest. "Poisoning?" he repeats, seeming confused for a moment but then the mention of Rorey's name clicks something in his head and he 'ohs' silently. "My cousin is fine," he replies, a faintly amused smile on his features. "She fainted yesterday after Cricket tore apart a bird in her room as she found the resultant blood and body parts, but that is all. I am pleased to say that she recovered quickly and was laughing and joking with Bren within minutes."

Her gaze does follow yet as he takes that seat, even if he seems no worse for where then he has been of late. Nylie gives a slow nod,"Aye, poisoning. " There is relief the comes to hear all is well, a blink before a smile starts to form,"Oh my, that is what occured? Cricket is always causing such troubles." She gives a shake of her head, explaining,"The wagging tongues had proclaimed her dead by poison." Perhaps explaining her concern, and with all the recent troubles easy enough to believe. "I am glad they were quite off their mark upon it."

Eoin seems faintly bemused as the content of the rumours is explained, but nods slowly as he can indeed understand why they would have provoked a worried response. "She was alive and well when I retired," he confirms, "and I am sure that someone would have mentioned it had there been any further incidents after then." He resists the urge to glance towards any of the servents at that point, he trusts enough that he hasn't been kept out of the loop. That done and reassurances hopefully given he adds his own remark, "I want to thank you, by the way, for playing at the wedding. I know it must have been hard for you but they really enjoyed it."

"I am am glad to hear everyone is well," Nylie giving a slight glance towards the servants herself,"I would imagine there would have been some mention if something had occurred after you retired." Even if not, surely teary eyed servants or Aldren on a massive rampage. His words do draw her gaze back to him, a small breathe drawn before she gives a small nod,"I am glad it was enjoyed, I wish I could have played more. They deserved to have such accompaniment for their happy day." She hesitates before she admits,"It was hard…and becoming too much….I am sorry I simply slipped out, I should have come to say good night, but I did not wish to cause anyone worry either."

Yes, the lack of a rampaging Aldren does rather give it away. Shaking his head slowly as she starts to apologise Eoin offers a hand over to her in an attempt at reassurance. "Do not worry yourself, they would understand." He's not sure if she's filled them in on the specifics or he's say they do understand, but either way, they'd understand. "They had a lovely time and would not begrudge you your need." As a servant does pass through he motions them over and orders a put of tea to be brought before glancing over to Nylie to see if there is anything should would prefer.

The offered hand is gently taken as Nylie gives a small nod,"I am sure they would, if they were aware…" Oh no, she's not really spoken to well….anyone really about it. Let alone gone into specifics. "I am sure….I will manage better in time," she hopes. There is a small shake of her head, needing nothing more than the tea already requested. "What of you, has being home, ' well home not in Greenshire or on a ship,' helped in recovering?"

Eoin gives her hand a gentle squeeze as she strugles through that explaination, nodding slowly. He takes the hint about keeping it quiet though, leaving the topic there but for a small and hopefully reassuring, "I hope so." He leaves the 'if there's anything I can do' unsaid, feeling it's likely to be largely supurflus. "It's been restful," he replies to her question and silently discounting last nights antics, "and I must admit that having my own room once more is a welcome change." Ah, the joys of privacy, "I am not sure yet when I will be fit to return to sea again, but I am hoping it will be sooner rather than later given the situation."

Aldren enters the foyer now, a few scrolls in his hand. Hanging a light green cloak now he enters more properly to see Eoin and Nylie. A warm smile graces his features and he nods to them. "Lord and Lady. How faire you this day?" Handing off the paperwork to a young page who followed him in he says, "Take those up to my office. Dump them anywhere." To one of the tables he goes and pouts himself a cup now, turning to the others and indicating he can get them one but its now or never. To them both now he asks with a chuckle. "I heard a most interesting rumor today."

There is little move made to let loose Eoin's hand for those moments, Nylie giving him a thankful smile. Indeed, given she's not sure what is needed, the wound yet raw as it were. There is a alight nod,"I would imagine the Baroness will be cautious when it comes to allowing you to return to duty, though, I bet Kieryn shall soon be pleading for it." A faint smile comes,"And you as well, least to return to your ship, perhaps not the duties." She'd noticed how those missives flew about. Oh lookie there, Aldren! Nylie offers a smile to him, a bow of her head from where she sit. That hand giving a little squeeze before withdrawing from Eoin's and retiring to her lap. "I am well, Count Aldren. And yourself?" A faint smile flickers,"And which one caught your attention?" Glancing to Eoin, he knew what bit of gossip had drawn her here.

Eoin still hasn't actually sat down with Kieryn and caught up on all the official matters he's missed, and for now he's putting it off to give the man time to get used to maried life. Yes, thats the reason, nothing else. "I imagine she will," he replies to the comment about Wenna, "and I hope that we are granted the time for her to be fully satisfied." Thats on the Laniveer though. A glance to the door as Aldren arrives, then back to Nylie as her hand withdraws before he finally settles on his cousin and asks, "Rorey? Lady Nylie here had heard a troubling one and came round to enquire as to it's veracity."

Aldren sets the decanter down now, a small sip taken before he heads over to the harpsichord and pulls the bench out to sit on it. To Nylie he says, "I am considerably good all things considering. Thank you for asking." He adds with a smile. To Eoin he now says with a grin, "Yes. That is the one. Gods. At first I was taken aback as the master of whispers approached me in the council offices this morn. Then I realized, if such a thing were to happen I would surely know. Who knows who starts these things." Sip. "I would not put it past that Ewing man though. A crafty bastard it would seem."

Nylie agrees softly,"As would I hope," though she knows war will likely be upon them sooner or later. It is a matter of when, not if. "Aye, I had heard…and with everything else, I came to find the truth of it, or as thankfully the case was, the lack of truth within such whispers." Canting her head a touch,"I should hope you to be more properly informed, if such a thing occurred Though people do make up the oddest things sometimes, I have found it worthwhile to seek a…proper source when a whisper might catch my attention." There is but a flicker of a smile as she notes,"One would hope, to have obtained the position and to be of any proper use to our King, the person would be…as you say….a crafty bastard."

Eoin frowns briefly at Aldren as he uses such language infront of a lady, but then the servent returns with the ordered tea and he makes sets himself busy with that. "We assured ourself that due to the lack of weeping in the staff, along with the lack of stories of you rampaging, that it must have been a corruption of last night's events."

"Yes," Aldren says to the Lady, "I place little to no value in whispered words." On the topic of Ewing he says, "Aye, true enough. True enough. He certainly seems the correct man for the posistion." Kicking his legs out he stretches for a moment and sets his cup down on the ground. Scooting the bench back he leans against the wall and kicks his boots off now while he listens to Eoin. If he was frowning the Count did not notice and Nylie repeating it kinda slipped over his head too. Aidan can blame her poor language on too much time spent here at the manor. When the man has finished he says, "Yes. No more. I hope to be doing little rampaging save on the battlefield."

"Quite so, I did think if it were true, you would likely be upon a bit of a rampaging warpath, " with remaining sisters likely backing him up! Nylie does shoot Eoin a faint smile, she's spent enough time on ships….she's over heard far worse."A little value now and again is sometimes required, after all there was some seed of truth to this one….something did happen to Lady Rorey, even if quite different from what is going around." The ordered tea, lightly sipped in time enough, some hint of amusement perhaps to see Aldren making himself so at home on that harpsichord bench, the Gods knew she she couldn't do such these days. Noting, perhaps more to Eoin then Aldren,"I should go soon, I had only wished to ensure everyone was alright. " And definitely to Eoin," If you would yet like a visitor now and again, even in being freed from the infirmary, I can perhaps come by again later?"

Eoin hasn't really met the Master of Spies outside of the council chamber so declines to comment on the specifics other than to nod in general agreement a he sips his tea, mildly regreating not having sent for some food a well at the same time. As he's addressed direly though he moves to put the cup down, in readiness of pushing himself to his feet when Nylie does take her leave. "I am glad that we have been able to put your mind at rest," he replies with a faint smile, then adds, "and I would welcome you here whenever you might take it upon yourself to make the trip. I know our gardens are not those of the castle, but Lady Moira will have that sorted soon enough I am sure."

The Count nods to Nylie. "Well, who would not be if someone murdered their sister? This Riverwynd business has only soured me more as well when it comes to matters of family." He shrugs and puts his boots back on. Standing he says, "Eoin, get some rest. Lady, thank you for spending time with him." He smiles to both and abruptly leaves before either of them can do so.

"They are still quite lovely, and served perfectly the other day. Each garden does have it's own bit of character to it, and I am sure the Countess will have the ones here soon brimming with color." Nylie offering a light smile when she does move to her feet, a turn of a curtsy to the men in turn. To Eoin,"Elisabeth is not so far moved from here that you shall escape all visits, I shall come to visit, if only to ensure you have milk a plenty." A quiet knowing look given. Before she is looking towards to Aldren, a faint rise of her brows, giving a simple,"Good day, Count Aldren." Watching his own abrupt departure, before taking her own leave. Allowing Eoin to move on him self, or rest up more before doing so.

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