Nar 38, 228: Days of Sheat Dinner

Days of Sheat Dinner
Summary: Solara and Caedmon (as Vice-Chancellor and Chancellor) host a dinner for the winners of the Days of Sheat competition.
OOC Date: 10/08/13 (OOC)
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Great Hall - Darfield Castle
The Banquet Hall of Darfield Castle is an immense room, easily capable of holding the entire population of the Castle. A processional aisle, covered in a rich purple carpet, leads to the dais which is the focus of the hall. Purple and white marble extends in patterned rays from the raised dais, stretching to stone walls curtained in purple velvet to dampen sound. Tables line either side of the processional, all covered in white linens and set with candelabras. Fresh cut flowers from the gardens adorn small tables around the edges of the hall, lending their light fragrance to the ambiance of the room.
The wide arch to the south leads out to the western hall. The dais is raised three short steps above the main level of the hall. A servant door sits unobtrusively along the north wall, leading to the kitchen.
Nar 38, 228

A proclamation goes out to all of Mobrin, declaring the two winners of the Days of Sheat Science Competition.

First prize goes to Vonnaro Ledarys from Pirn, a port city in the south of Greenshire for his invention of the Day Looker - a small round device with gears and cogs that winds up each morning and allows one to tell the time, based on a tiny dial and 24 evenly spaced marks at the edge of it.

Second prize goes to Enlightened Hildegarde of the Light, a traveling priestess who has brought us seeds, seedlings and a large sample of the beans these plants grow, crushed and steeped into a bitter drink known as chocola. These chocola plants come from parts unknown but Enlightened Hildegarde is determined to try to grow them here in Mobrin. Whether or not she will succeed is still to be seen.

The great hall has been set up for a feast. There are tables at the back for those less nobly born, and at the front with more comfy chairs for the nobles. The head table has been set up for the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor, as well as those Royals who wish to attend. In addition there are two places for the guests of honor. Vonnaro Ledarys from Pirn is an elderly fellow in a grey robe that actually is for once perfectly clean. He's a hesitent tentative fellow who seems more nervous than anything to be here. And beside him, Enlightened Hildegarde of the Light, a tall robust figure of a woman who speaks well and doesn't seem nervous at all. Though she is polite and serene. At the moment, Lady Solara Ruxton, who has met the two winners at the door and escorted them in, is now keeping them company, standing near the head table. "And of course," Solara says, "There will be a dance afterwards. If you are not too tired, I do hope you will stay and join us, but we have rooms for you both, so that you can rest instead, if that is your choice."

Caedmon strides into the room and heads for the head table. There, he bows to the three who are waiting there. "Welcome," he greets. "We are extremely pleased to have you here to explain your projects." Then he turns to look at the rows of tables that are filling rapidly with spectators. "Soon, we will begin. As the vice-chancellor said, you are welcome to stay afterward for the ball, and we have accommodations for you here in the castle so that you will have opportunity to meet with backers who wish to finance your continuing work in these important fields."

A morning filled with vigorous shopping, disguised with his attendant and guards as commoners who are just four drinking buddies, Logen drops the fake name, the commoner clothing, washes up, dresses in finery and makes his way to the great hall for this dinner event. As he walks in, his attendant Tennat moves to speak with other servants to determine place settings and make the prince's drink requests as they are normally different from everyone else's on account of him no longer drinking alcohols, including wine.

Two women walk in from the direction of the royal suites. It's Princess Caillin, wearing a two-tone lace-on-lace three quarter sleeves gown with an intricate texture which skims over her body and pools gently around her feet. Very observant people might notice that she has despite a rather good attempt at covering them with make-up, she has a couple of bags under her eyes. Girl must not have slept much recently. Gaela follows suit, and looks around, except when doors need to be opened, at which point she briefly runs ahead of the princess, keeps the door open for her, waits for her to pass, and scoots after her. Just before walking into the great hall, she winces a little, whispers to herself, "…this is going to take forever. Better get started now.", so quietly nobody can hear her, closes her eyes, breathes in, breathes out, and starts a long, long series of curtsies. "your Highness… Chancellor… Milady… Your Honor… Professor…", basically stopping every five seconds to curtsy to every person that merely nods in greeting in the general direction of Caillin.

Vonnaro gives a bow, stiffly, as though his back is not quite so good at this sort of thing, to Solara, and again as Caedmon arrives. The elderly man seems to be pleased to be here, though he does add, "I think I will leave the dancing to you youngsters. I am past my dancing days. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality."

Enlightened Hildegarde inclines her head, murmuring her thanks, and then she leans closer to Solara, to say something softly in her ear. With a nod of her head, she steps back and her hands come up together in front of her. "A brief prayer to the Eight, that they bless our meal and our achievements," she intones, loudly enough to be heard, at the back of the room. "And a special prayer to Nar, in this his month, for as little change as is needed to spur new growth. Blessed be." And then she nods her head, letting her hands fall back to her sides.

Solara smiles, nodding her head, and letting the Enlightened go about her business of offering a prayer. She looks over at Vonnaro, gesturing to his seat, and Solara's maid makes sure that both Hildegarde and Vonnaro are swiftly seated. Solara glances at the newly arriving Logen and curtseys politely. "Your Highness," she says, "Do please come have a seat." A moment, and then Solara raises her voice. "Ladies and Gentlemen. We have a special treat today. Enlightened Hildegarde has assisted our chef to prepare for us all a taste of her wondrous discovery, this chocola. The servants will bring it out first, and the meal will follow shortly thereafter. Please do take your seats, and we'll get started." This starts the servants bringing out small cups of chocola, a bitter dark substance, served hot, with a bit of cinnamon on the side for those who wish to indulge.

Corbon just stands at the entrance to the hall for a bit, not knowing where he should sit. He was invited by the Chancellor, but doesn't mean he got to be up there. He finally decides on taking a seat at the end of one of the lower tables so he could see the higher tables more easily. He says nithing and does nothing but sit and watch for now.

Caillin follows her handmaiden, smiling widely and even chuckling at her whisper, which princess was able to hear, because she was very close to her handmaiden.
Reaching the tables, Caillin offers a curtsy for everyone around too "My lady, Cousin, Your honor…" and she takes a seat not so far away from the cousin, gently bumping with her palm on nearest chair for her handmaiden to sit.
Then, young princess remains silence and just lets her grey look curiously run around.

Stepping quietly into the Great Hall, Arianwyn pauses briefly. She isn't sure the exact protocal of such an event, but she knows her place, even though she was invited here by the Chancellor. Unless they've been taken from her by guards, she still wears her swords, peace-tied. Lifting her right hand, she brushes a bit of hair from her face, tucking it away behind one of her ears before starting to make her way towards the tables at the back — the ones meant for those of common birth such as her own. She finds a seat that's empty, claiming it for herself, and settling there.

"Lady Solara, good to see you again. How was your dinner with the Crawfords? My apologies for not being there, but Lord Cedric felt it best if you and Caitlyn had a chance to meet… without interruptions." Logen moves to his seat as indicated to him be Tennat, who then assures Logen of his drink request's fullfillment. He looks around the room, with a smile and a hope that his betrothed will make a show at this event.

Enlightened Hildegarde smiles beatifically, and nods her head. "I have come to find this chocola far away, but hope to bring it here to Mobrin, if I can find a patron to help. I have seeds and small plants, but need to find where to plant them and how to make them grow," she says. "Also, I think it is true that there may be a merchant in the city who is able to get some of this to sell. So, if you like it, then you must find the right one. That I am not too sure of, having only just heard a rumour." She takes her own chocola as it is served and sips it without any qualm at all. "Your Highness," she adds, sounding startled and very pleased. "I am glad to have a chance to meet you."

Vonnaro smiles, sniffs at the chocola and sets the cup down again, waving it away. As the servants finish serving the chocola, they bring in the meal, a small salad, soup, and roast fowl, with glazed vegetables, fresh bread, and honey butter. All served with wine, tea, the aforementioned taste of chocola and other beverages. That seems more to Vonnaro's liking, as he starts eating as soon as it it politely safe to do so.

Gaela lets go of the chair after holding it for Caillin, and sits down at the table, in the seat Caillin just patted. "Thank you, your highness.", she says, as she settles down. After performing the required preparations for the banquet that etiquette demands. "I am so curious about this chocola. I cannot believe that I might be among the lucky few that will get to try it first!", she says, turning to the princess in excitement.

Caedmon bows to the princess and nods to Gaela. "I'm glad that you could come, your highness," he greets Caillin. "I was hoping, among other things, that you would have opportunity to learn more about the wonders beyond our lands." Then he beckons to one of the servants bringing the chocola, and accepts a cup. He takes a sip of the beverage, and although it is bitter, he smiles and sips again. He smiles to the elderly man and assures, "Even if you do not dance, you will be welcome at the ball. We plan to have some refreshments there as well." He nods and steps toward the priestess, and questions politely, "Enlighteneed, please tell us about the plants themselves. How large do they grown? What are their needs for growth?"

Solara smiles over at Logen, at his words, inclining her head. "Thank you, your highness," she says. "It went well enough, though alas, I was called away by Prince Tyrel before the evening got well into it, so I do hope we can schedule another dinner. Though I should think you'd be welcome at that one, if you are interested." She sniffs the chocola, and then sips it, curiously. Her nose wrinkles a bit, and she adds the cinnamon, cause maybe that will make it better?

Caillin nods for her handmaiden very slowly, still curiously looking around "Yes… I was thinking the same! Though, I am still not sure what is it… Still not sure, but I feel as excited as you!"
When someone enters the Great Hall, Caillin quickly tosses her gaze there and sighs. It looks like princess is expecting someone. However, not seeing for the special person around, her gaze finds Logen and girl waves for the man, before standing up and comming closer near her cousin "How is it?" she asks about the drink, but quickly cousin's attention is concentrated on some kind of plants, so Caillin turns to Gaela again and whispers something to handmaiden's ear.

"I would greatly enjoy hosting a dinner for the both of you to spend time getting to know one another. And it might do you well to see the dynamics of our relationship… so that when you are teaching Caitlyn, you'll have a better understanding of where her heart and mind might be wandering off towards." Logen smiles softly at that, then he waves to Caillin, "Sister, it's a wonder to see you again." then he takes up the bitter hot chocola, swirls it with the cinnamon and drinks heavily from it to get a real taste of it. He finishes the drink not a moment later and smiles to a servant, "Would it be possible for more?" he asks.

Caedmon turns for a moment when he hears Caillin nearby, but waits for her to finish speaking with her handmaiden before he answers. "It is an odd fast, bitter, but somehow pleasing," he explains. He nods to the stick of cinnamon, and adds, "I have a feeling that wherever the Enlightened found this, the people drink it with some cinnamon. I'll try that, too." Then he urges, "Please, both of you, come and ask any questions that you have. We want to provide people with a chance to learn for themselves about more of the land, and how can you do that except from experience or asking questions?" He holds his cup in one hand and carefully stirs the cinnamon stick in it. "This might have some healing purpose as well. I am thinking that we should study it more. I might look into growing some of this in our gardens here, if possible." He looks to the older man as well, and adds, "I am eager to see his new invention, too."

Hildegarde inclines her head to Caedmon, setting her cup down. "They grow into trees, My lord, so quite tall, thirteen - fourteen feet tall. And they do like warm weather. I am not so sure how well they will grow here in Mobrin, but I think it is well worth the attempt." She goes quiet then for a bit, as it seems the Princess has words for the Chancellor. Her gaze goes around the room, as she watches the reactions to the chocola.

Solara listens to the conversation, quietly for a bit, before she tries her chocola again, experimentally. "I think I like it," she says after a moment, with a winning smile to Hildegarde. And then not to leave him out, she turns to Vonnaro and asks, "And perhaps you would not mind telling us about your invention, Scholar?"

Vonnaro looks over at Logen, and promptly passes over his drink to the prince, since Vonnaro isn't even going to touch it. He then turns to Solara, clearing his throat, and brings out his device. He still has that long hook nose and bushy eyebrows. He slowly stands and then offers out, in a voice that remarkably can be heard through the room, "I am Vonnaro Ledarys. I come to you from Pirn, a port city in the south of Greenshire. Today I have brought my invention, The /day looker./ Gone are the days of looking to the sun and assuiming the time, or waking up to look at the sundial upon your window. With this, " He holds up a small round object, "Your pocket may tell you the time." He opens it up and any close enough to see would notice tiny little gears inside. He closes it again and adds, "You simply wind up each morning, if you notice there are twent-four markings upon it. As the gears inside spin tiny counter weights push the dial in a slow cirle marking the passing of the day." He seems incredibly proud of himself.

The whispering starts right when the Chocola arrives. Gaela does not even have time to try it, though: she must heed to the whispering. As words enter her ear, at first she looks confused, and an expression of uncertainty appears on her face, as if she's been asked a question of which she doesn't know the answer… but at the end of the whispering, Gaela blushes, and her embarrassment is further demonstrated by her going into the mechanical routine she goes when she's nervous and tries to calm down: she grabs a slice of bread and starts spreading things on it. When she realizes what she's been doing, she winces. "…oh, brother. I've just dipped my knife in the cup, and spread /chocola/ on /bread/? Just… what I was thinking?!" She sighs and mutters something, probably not-so-flattering words addressed at herself, sets the bread aside on a small dish, grabs the cup, and starts to sip, shaking her head. Luckily, she seems to have taken this not too badly. She's shaking her head and suppressing laughter.

The chocola is making the rounds, everyone in the room gets a cup.

For new arrivals, it's a feast. Food is served, and people are eating and chatting. Lower tables have been set up for commoners who have been invited, upper tables for nobles, and of course the high table for the Royals and their guests. Discussion and whispers are mostly about the chocola which has been served up in small cups, just prior to dinner.

Caillin starts laughing quite loudly, seeing the reaction of her handmaiden. She pats woman's shoulders and turns her gaze at the man, who is speaking about time.
while she is listening, girl takes the cup of chocola and raises it near her lips. when the first drop reaches girl's tongue, she frowns "Oh! It's bitter, Gaela!" and of course, girl listens for the advice of her cousin taking cinamon. That thing makes all the frown fade and princess starts enjoying the drink.
Once more her curious gaze slips through the crowd, looking for someone, but when teh sigh must leave her throat, before she once more concentrates her attention on the man, who is speaking about the time. "I would like to have such thing, Gaela!"

Though it takes longer for the chocola to be served at the commoner's tables, it does reach there as well. Reaching out to claim her cup with the fingers of her left hand, she sniffs the beverage at first. Curious of it. The cinnamon stick is claimed in her right hand, and she gives the contents of her mug a stir before sniffing it again. Whilst holding the cinnamon stick aside, then she takes a small sip of it, testing it. Though a bit bitter, it has a pleasing taste, and Arianwyn drinks a bit more of it before sitting her cup back down. There's conversation amongst the other commoners at the table in regards to the drink and their opinions, and Arianwyn enters into it now and again, though for the most part she's simply listening.

Caitlyn arrives as inobtrusively as possible, her mountainous handmaiden not far behind. She pauses briefly, eyes scanning the room until they reach Logen. Her smile brightens as she approaches his table, asking him "Is this seat taken, your highness?" as she inficates the chair next to him.

Caedmon tastes the drink now with cinnamon added. He liked it plain. he likes it with the addition. He nods to the Enlightened, and offers, "I would not ask you to deplete your supply of seeds unduly, Enlightened, but please visit the royal garden. If you find a spot that is suitable for planning this … chocola, come and speak to me. I would like very much to assist you in your experiment. Even if you need to plant it elsewhere, I would be glad to sponsor this endeavor. Do you know if the plant, its seeds, or the beverage have any healing properties? I am curious about that as well." For a moment, his eyes shift to Logen while the prince is talking to the scholar, and he edges toward them. He peers at the strange device. "It is quite intricate, sir," he marvels. Did you make it, or do you have a craftsman to construct the device? How expensive is it?" However, before the scholar can answer, Caedmon turns toward the commoners and waves with his hand in invitation. "Come! Any of you who wish to ask questions. Do not be afraid. You are our guests and we welcome those who wish to learn more about these new discoveries."

Among the people in the crowd is man with a distinctive pair of pale grey eyes, making his way slowly to the tables for those of higher birth, a certain proud bearing marks him as nobility, as does his attire in the black and red of House Ruxton. Ruthgar eyes the proceedings with a bit of scepticism, yet when he glimpses a certain someone, he can not help but approach her. "Princess Caillin.", he greets with a smile and a bow, "Do you mind if I join you?"

"My Caitlyn, I am so happy to see you. That seat is taken, for it's owner has just arrived and asked about it of me." Logen smiles at her bright and warm. "Please, you must try this drink." as he swirls the cinnamon into the cup he received from Vonnaro, then he takes a sip from it, this time savoring the bitter taste.

Gaela winces at the chocola's bitter taste, but does not say anything about it. She taps her chin at Caillin's request for the newest gadget. "Well, he comes from Pirn, Greenshire, so… I guess we should see if we can take him aside, and ask him if he wants to build you a day looker right away, while he's here. Reaching him later might be more problematic." She's just about to stand up and help the princess sitting next to her to do likewise, when Ruthgar enters the picture. "…or not.", she says, and bows at Ruthgar. "My lord…"

Hildegarde looks to Caedmon, quite pleased with his attention. "The legends where it is grown say that chocola has properties, but I have not verified them at all. They may be just stories that have grown up out of coincidence." She smiles though and says, "I will be certain to look over the gardens, as you suggest, and see if there is a place that seems reasonable. Thank you, you are most kind, my Lord." She then turns to her meal, so as not to be rude.

Solara is sitting not too far from Caillin, and she smiles at the new arrivals, sipping at the chocola and eating her meal. The servers are scurrying to get everything out and served while it is still hot, as it is supposed to be. So far, they're doing a good job. "I think that would be lovely, Your Highness," she says to Logen. "And very sensible." Then as Caitlyn arrives, she inclines her head. "Lady Caitlyn, do please join us and try the chocola. I have a feeling it will grow on us." A brief smile over to her brother as he shows up, and a wave his way, but she leaves him to great Caillin in peace.

Vonnaro now is perfectly willing to bend Caedmon's ear with his discussions of how he crafted his own day looker, each bit and piece to it the product of his own blood, sweat and tears. He goes into a droning discourse on the intricate detail of it, that might just be over the heads of anyone else but him.

"Oh, yes! That would be great. Maybe he could… But first I should speak with my cousin. He knows everything, you know. He would tell if that thing really works," explains Caillin for Gaela and here comes the one, which young girl was looking for.
These pale grey eyes are quickly seen by the princess from far far away. When she catches the sight of them, first of all she turns to her handmaiden, grining as widely as possible. Her lips murmurs something without a sound similar to "He came" and when girl turns back, waiting for the young lord to approach.
Sparkles start dancing in her eyes and she offers him a smile "Of course, my lord," soft voice answers "I was wondering, will you come to taste this chocolo! It's quite bitter, but you must try it! My handmaiden and I already are enjoying it!" and Caillin shyly moves closer near her handmaiden, blushing, but still peeking at the lord "How was your day, my lord?"

Caitlyn nods as Logen makes his gallant invitation, her smile warming perceptibly as she gracefully takes the offered seat next to him, her eyes crinkling at the corners. She arches a brow as she considers the Chobola placed before her, interest sparking in her eyes as she hears Caedmon question its possible healing uses. But she can't seem to keep her gaze from Logen for very long.

Brows jump up in surprise as he sees himself being greeted by the handmaiden. "Gaela.", Ruthgar lowers his head a hint, pale grey eyes resting on her for a short bewildered moment, then proceeding to ingore her as usual. His sister receives a warmer greeting. "Solara! What is that mysterious beverage you are drinking there? It looks… slightly odd." Then his gaze comes to rest on his betrothed. "I… was wondering what all the fuss was about, so… it is this new drink? And certainly I will taste it, if you and Gaela already have." Accepting a cup from a servant, the Ruxton casts the beverage a suspicious glance before taking a careful sip. Alas, his face twists a little at the unexpected bitterness. "Hmm, not bad… but not that good either, if you ask me," he remarks. "And my day has been fine so far, my princess." Until that awfully bitter taste.

Caedmon peers at the day-looker, and listens with interest while his inventor speaks about gears and timing movements. "You refer to this thing as 'day-looker,' but does it work only during the day? I can imagine that someone working at night might need to know the hour. Let us say that a watchman is on the wall at night. He sees a light in the distance and needs to report this to the captain of the guard. If it is a rider with lantern, the guard would do well to be able to say when the light came, and how swiftly the light moves, so that the captain or anyone else might judge how long the rider will need before he comes to the castle." He looks at the dvicd again, and adds, "I would like to test this device, to see how well it marks the hours. We can mark candles. We can use hourglasses, but if this thing works better, it is worth our time and money." Then he looks at the enlightened before he insists, "Stay for a fews days, both of you. If you have time, also, I would ask of you to write about your discoveries so that we mgith have records in our library. I will sponsor you personally during your stay."

The chocola is gone too soon, it seems, despite the bitterness of flavour that it has. And yet, there is potential in it, the young woman recognizes. Arianwyn idly taps the cinnamon stick against the top rim of her cup, thinking a moment, and then she lets it slip back into the cup before moving it aside. She waits then as the rest of the feast is delivered this far along. The conversation still buzzes over the drink that was served, and a hint of a smile touches at the corners of her lips. With this much interest over something, rumour is bound to spread, and people will want to try it — which leads to people wanting to pay to try it. Her violet gaze turns to the item currently being displayed, though, the 'day-looker', and her brow furrows slightly.

Hildegarde, the Enlightened, inclines her head. "I should be pleased to stay and provide you with some additional informatino, my Lord," she says. "Though I think I will forego the dancing. It should be much fun for you all and no stick in the mud Enlightened is necessary." After a bit, when it is politically acceptable, Enlightened Hildegarde takes her leave.

Gaela extracts a small notebook from her bag, which people familiar with her will notice as the booklet where she notes Caillin's program for the day and todo list. She flips it to a page, runs her finger through it, and finally taps a specific point. She leans over to Caillin, and, showing her the page, she whispers something, before straightening up again.

Vonnaro stops short, and then he rubs his chin for a moment. He might be the oldest person alive, he might. "Of course it is useable at night, if one can see it, of course. That is one of the beauties of the day looker - the sun is not required to tell the time. I have this one only at the moment, but if you will allow me to create - I shall gift you with one, Lord Caedmon, as a thank you for your attention and assistance here. In fact, I shall do so right now." And without another word, he is on his feet, heading towards the door, pulling the table cloth that he had mistakenly tucked in, thinking it his napkin, so that the entire high table setting ends up falling sideways and onto the floor. CRASH.

Caillin just smiles for the Ruthgar and stares at him, while he is speaking with others, tasting for that new drink and answering her questions. Girl does not say a word. Yes, there is just that strange smile. She blinks a few times, canting her head to the one side and another. She finishes her own drink and when looks around again. People are speaking. All and almost at one time. Noise. Noise all around the princess, and her gaze gets back on the young lord. Girl gently touches the redish cheek and opens her mouth to say something, but stops, shaking her head. Noise and everyone are speaking about these strange things. Hard to concentrate on some conversations.
But here it is. The man, who will become the husband of Caillin soon is standing close and while evrywhere a noise is bouncing, here is some kind of awkward silence, which brings some more reddness to girl's cheeks. Girl starts swaying in her chair, chew on her rosebud lip. As a salvation - Gaela's notebook shows up. usually it irritates Caillin, but this time girl jumps up on her feet and offers a curtsy for Ruthgar "It's too loud in here, my lord, I tasted for what i wanted and now I should look for more peaceful place, especially, when one thing must be done…" drowls young girl and nods everyone, keeping the wide smile in her bright face. Of course, before she leaves, she comes to give a hand for the person, who created this drink "It was quite tasty, thank you," princess whispers and leaves, peeking at the Ruthgar all the time, before he can't be seen.

Gaela goes wide-eyed at the crash, and manages to jump back just in time with a EEEEEEK. After a couple of seconds spent wide-eyed, she manages to say, "…Oh thank goodness the princess is about to get herself in a potentially improper situation by staying alone with a man and I have to go with her! I'd /hate/ to have to clean all this up…" And, that says, she turns towards Caillin and calls out, "Princess! Princess! Wait for me!" as she runs past her.

Just before the crash, Logen had leaned over towards Caitlyn to begin speaking to her, as well as using a hand to swirl cinnamon into her drink for her. He'd picked up both their drinks, handing one to her so that they could drink together the hot bitter chocola. Then, when the crash occurs, Logen uses the moment's chaos to sneak a bittersweet kiss on Caitlyn's lips before slipping back to the required four feet distance as her handmaid starts forward.

His pale grey eyes flit to Gaela as she presents the notebook to Caillin, one brow rising slowly. But then Ruthgar becomes aware that his betrothed seems to leave - flee almost, just a few moments since he was able to find her. "One thing needs to be done?" The question almost too low to be heard in all that racket. "My princess. If it is tranquility you need, go and find it." His eyes follow her though with a slightly worried expression, as she vanishes in the crowd, her handmaid in tow. Well, almost. Noticing Gaela is tarrying, he bellows at her: "Quick! The Princess!" in what he feels justified indignation. A relieved sigh escapes him, as he sees the handmaid finally rushing after his betrothed. The table cloth with all the dishes and shattered glasses gets a passing glance, but nothing more.

Cups, plates, serving bowls and platters still full of food, dinnerware, and even candlesticks go sailing chaotically into the air in a horrifying flash. One of the lit candles comes close enough to the long white table cloth so that the cloth itself catches fire at a place where some wine spilled. The alcohol of the wine, of cousre, accelerates the flame, and soon servants are darting too and fro, some trying to usher people from the room while others rush to call for buckets of water. Nobles and commoners alike leap from their tables, some fleeing, some shouting to others. Some wanting to help but having no clear idea about what to do. Caedmon is no exception to this rule. As the host, he has not even had an opportunity to eat, and now he grabs a servant and points to the door. "Buckets of water! Hurry!"

Caitlyn glances over to the shadows where her handmaiden Lavona skulks, her brow furrowing for a moment. She nudges her chair closer to Logen and seems to make sure Lavona can see her hands folded on the table. She smiles warmly at Logen when he adds the aromatic spice to the drink, rasing the glass to her lips. She blinks as a pleased smile comes to her lips."Unusual, but I daresay I like it." The crash becomes the center of attention then, seemingly her idea is the same as Logen's, meeting his brief kiss, nearly bumping noggins with him in the process before pulling back quickly, glancing into the shadoes once more.

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