22nd Sess 229: Dawn Raid

Dawn Raid
Summary: King Callem's navy 1 - King Eldwin's navy 0
OOC Date: 08/Mar/2014
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Lanniver port near the Morbin/Lanniver border.
Thanks to a rainy night, yet no storm, it has caused fog to fall over the Laniveer port. Not quite as large as Belcrest but still quite sizeable. A fleet of ships standing in the docks. The light of day not quite penetrating the clouds, leaving less light to show, allowing the fog to cover the sea for any approaching ships, or anyone arriving by land. The docks only having some early rising merchants about along with the guards and soldiers around the ships. Though a lot of them still resting and asleep
22nd Sess 229

With the fog and low light levels very much on their side, the bigger Morbin ships are holding back near the harbour enterance while ships boats are lowered, filled with armsmen, sailor and the odd noble or two. Rowing in cautiously and quietly their aim is simple, get alongside the Lanniver ships and cut their anchor ropes before swarming over the side and taking control before their crews can properly respond. In the bow of one of the boats lowered from the Lady Aoife is Eoin, ready and raring to go but trusting silently to the skills of his coxswain to get the little boat into position.

Only a minimum of light was needed aboard the flagship of the Kincaid navy to prepare for the imminent attack by letting some boats down into the water. The best men are among them, including Lord Arlen himself and his son Daune, to make the dangerous passage into the harbour. While Daune leads their little group, Arlen is in the back, trying to spy Eoin and his group through the fog to make the passage together.

The Rosey Dawn and Kieryn are there as well among the other ships that came along on the raiding party. Well, he and Eoin did somewhat come up witht he plan a while back, so of course he is there. He's watching for signals from Eoin and Arlen's ships while his first mate is sailing the ship. Darn fog makes it hard to see much, good thing his eyes are good.

Early morning in the Laniveer port has seemingly been an excellant time to strike. Most folks still groggy if even awake. The fleet that rests in the harbor are indeed smaller ships. The fog is settled on the water in a thick fashion and for now all still seems peaceful to the Lanny's. They go about their business as usual. Apparently no warnings of the raiding party on its way.

<FS3> Eldwin rolls Perception-3: Good Success.

If the Lannies had been decent God fearin folk, then the wee hours right after a festival day would have been chosen to maximise the chance of the crew's being drunk to the point of incapacitation, but as it is, the wee hours of this foggy morning will have to surfice. Finding himself doing his best to even breath silently Eoin resist the urge to move in the boat, knowing the faintest of sounds might carry. The oarsmen are doing a standup job of keeping their strokes as quiet as they can but the tension can stillbe cut with a knife as they progress slowly and inexorably forward into the gloom.

The fog may hamper visibility but it also carries sound well and soon enough the Kincaids hear the soft stroke and splash of boots, making it easier to get an idea of where the others are. Trusting Duane to look out for the Laniveer ships they should find soon, Arlen still looks for the other groups nearby.

Kieryn glances around and listens for signs as he is helping row the boat he is on, well he's used to doing that sometimes and follows Eoin and Arlen as best he can. He has an idea, but he'll use that later maybe, for now he goes along with the plan that they had.

Sounds do carry. And Sheat may be rising as the fog thins just a bit. Enough for one off duty sailor to make out what seems to be a small boat. He squints momentairily as the realisation hits him. He starts to back peddal and BOOM. Falling flat on his arse he pushes back a little more and up to his feet. "TO ARMS!" He shouts repeatedly running up and down the docks. Still, most are asleep and the few who are awake take a mometn to grasp the gravity of the situation before catching on. The shouts start to rise up all around the docks now as sailors are roused from their sleep.

With the element of surprise now comprimised Eoin orders his oarsmen to make all speed towards the nearest carrick, marshalling the armsmen taking up the rest of the space in the boat to be ready to scramble up the sides and onto the deck. "Get ready lads," he offers as the boat pick up speed, "we'll start the messy work while she's cut away, just watch out for re-enforcements from the docks and try and get rid of the gangway as soon as you can to stop more." THat done he draws his cutlass and crouches ready.

Arlen mutters a curse when he hears the shouts on the docks and issues orders to speed up and row as fast as possible to make it the next ship beside the one Eoin's men are attacking to try and board it.

Kieryn curses as well as he hears the call from the docks, he gives orders to his men to row faster, though he passes his oars off to the man behind him, who was waiting for it. Time for his plan of action, maybe they wont notice him, maybe they will, but he stands on the moving boat once the man behind him takes his place and then sits on the edge of the boat, then does his best to slip into the water and swim for the nearest Lani ship.

<FS3> Kieryn rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Kieryn rolls Swimming: Great Success.

On the docks men are still scrambling and a bit confused for the most part as to what is happening. A few are alert but most are just grabbing sttel and heading above deck. The fog is still a bit thick and few have actually caught glimpse of the Mobrinites so the element of surprise has pry worked fairly well. Shouts are going up and increasing in volume though.

As the sailors on the portside of his boat lift their oars out of the water to avoid them being broken between the hulls, Eoin signals the armsmen upawards, moving to scale the side of the carrick with them and leaving the oarsmen and coxswain to deal with the mooring rope and secure their own boat before joining them on deck. Once he's up and on deck he sends a group of men to deal with the aforementioned gangway while leading the rest towards where the stern where the wheel stands proud. His men, if one happens to look closely, all have a scrap of white cloth tied round their right arms to distinguish them in the dim light.

<FS3> Eoin rolls Body: Failure.
<FS3> Kieryn rolls Body: Failure.
<FS3> Arlen rolls Body: Success.
<FS3> Kieryn rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Arlen rolls Stealth: Success.

Team Kincaid is making good progress, sneaking up against the tall Laniveer ship unseen. Grappling hooks are cast up at the real front and aft and the first men climb up like monkeys, dagger between their teeth, ready for whatever awaits them on deck. Arlen himself follows only later, his age and status making it impossible for him to lead the charge now.

Kieryn mutters as he misses the rope he is trying to cut. Well, he's trying anyway, he does try his best to remain as stealthy as he can about it though, hoping that he is not seen, or at least maybe it will look like he's trying to make sure the rope is tight or something of that nature. Well if he's seen well he'll just have to fight, but he tries to come up with another plan just in case.

When Eoin and his men board that first ship there may be a bit of a ruckus, or perhaps they are not favored by timing or Sheat as the two men who have been roused notice them, sleep still in their eyes. The rest of the ship seems unguarded though save that pair of groggy men. They draw their steel and let out a howl as they atttack Eoin or any aboard right now.
Arlen and his men board with a bit more luck. Only one man above deck it seems, his sword hanging at his side as he peers through the fog at the ship next to him, trying no doubt to ascertain just exactly what is going on. "'Forsaken Storm'" He yells to the boat that is docked there beside him. He grows a bit fidgety now and his hand reaches for his pommel as he continues to squint.
Over near Kieryn the boat itself has noticed nothing. There seems to be a man coming above deck from the ruckus but he moves to run down the gangplank and see what the other confusion is about. Now there are yells here and there but the general feel is still one of uncertainty.

Eoin charges straight at the nearest of the pair trusting that his crew are well enough practiced at this to split themselves between the other one and working to secure the deck. Cutlass raised he' going for a quick takedown rather than anythin a knight might call honourable combat. Such things arenot for naval warfare, except perhaps when fighting captain to captain. Down below his coxswain and boatcrew continue their frantic cutting.

<FS3> Eoin rolls Body: Good Success.
<FS3> Eoin rolls Blades: Great Success.
<FS3> Arlen rolls Body: Success.
<FS3> Arlen rolls Blades: Good Success.
<FS3> Kieryn rolls Subterfuge: Good Success.

There is a short but tense fight until the sailor is silenced. The ropes cut, the Laniveer Carrack is slowly drifting away from the dock now and the Kincaid men are taking control of the ship to sail her out of the port. One by one they return to the boat to make it back to their own ships, their mission successful.

Kieryn decides to try something different since he's not having much luck in cutting the rope. He looks around the ship and approaches a young looking sailor, though of course it may break his stealthiness. "Hey, can you give me a hand here? This rope isn't tight enough, we need to untie it." he then begins to work on untying the rope.

The Haraveans cutlass finds its mark. The steel piercing the man in a fatal way and lending a loud scream to the chill morning air. The other Lanny is barely seasoned it would seem as he shrinks back at the rush of sailors upon him.
The man upon Arlens victim ship hears a slight scuff behind him but his reactions are late and in vain. Cut down quickly he is as the Kincaids take the boat easily now, the prize drifting away now.
Kieryn is one sly bastard. As shouts go up some young sailor hears him and frantically helps. "Right away!" He shouts now as he quickly unties the ropes with the Captain from Moawbrays help.

With all that goes about riders are already leaving the port town to ride towards Belcrest to send news to the king. While the fight continues as light comes on up, the Mobrin's larger ships starting to come into view with the light starting to penetrate a bit. While loud sounds continue from the ships, due to the fighting.

Eoin doesn't even stop as he runs the man through, he has an important place to be, at the wheel, and he knows if the Lanniver doesn't surrender sharpish than he'll be cut down like his friend. Noting the arrival of the boatcrew over the side he infers that the moorin rope has now been severed and he yells the sailors to the sails. Reaching the while he unties the steadying rope and as he sees canvas falling into position he starts to whistle that well known tune 'Greenshire Lass' a grin spreading over his features as he sees a breeze start to fill the sails and feels the ship start to move.

Kieryn is pretty darned sly, he has a good mind and well, what do you expect from a pirate? Though he is sure if Eoin or anyone else knew they'd start to suspect he was such a thief. He could probably talk a tiger out of tis stripes though if he really tried to. "Are you the last one aboard the ship?" he asks the sailor, "Get everyone off if not there is something going on over that way and they need your help." he points somewhere further downt he docks, not near where they are taking ships.

<FS3> Kieryn rolls Subterfuge: Good Success

Eoin sailing off only adds to the confusion as the wind picks up and he floats away quickly. With the young lad seeing that and listening to Kieryn he surmises there is more going on than he knows. So, he does what any good young sailor does. He obeys. Off he runs now down the gangplank and through the mass of men at arms looking this way and that as two and now three of the ships are making off. Confusion rings among the men as the fog is barely lifting and the Mobrinites of struck a sure blow to there nearest port to Caerwyn. Howls and curses start to ring through the air now and a few captains are just now starting to get control of their men.

Kieryn chuckles to himself once the ship he's on is free and everyone is off of it, he moves to the wheel and steers the ship. Well, he did it even without getting hurt or killing anyone. Yeah, he's either lucky or just too slick it seems. Too bad he doesn't gt to keep the ship he thinks to himself.

Seeing two other ships moving out from dock Eoin gives his coxswain who's appeared behind him a satisfied nod. Handing control of the wheel over to a sailor he gets to the end of a verse then stops whistling long enough to instruct the man besides him. "Ready the ship's boat to be cut loose. We'll fire it and let it drift back into that confusion with the current, signal the others to do the same. That should give them something to think about other than persuing us and hopefully, with this fog, we might even sink a few at dock too." That being said he takes another quick look at his prize and the soldiers securing the ways onto deck, then starts whistling that jolly little tune again as the wind once more fills the sails.

Those captains now have men forming. Each appropriate sailor lines up for inspection among the docks in front of their respective ships. Quickly those from the 'Forsaken Storm' and the ship notice they will soon be hung? From down the docks where Kieryn hatched his little plan a young boy is running. "Captain Marks has sailed! He said…" He stops short now seeing the inspection lines and his face blanks. One of the Laniveer captains now storms up to the boy. "Captain Marks said what?!?!" Said Captain now comes rushing from the streets tucking in his tunic. "Gandar?! What is going on?!" The young boy wets himself now as he says. "I thought…" He turns to the foggy water now as a few fired boats float in. Eyes grow wide all around as they bump into nearby ships that were spared the raid. Panic ensues now as buckets are procurred and lines hastily set up to try and quench the flames that begin to engulf the docked fleet. Curses ring from the captains and shouts from the sailors as the smoke blends with the fog, burning the eyes.

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