Nar 18, 229: Dark Day

Dark Day
Summary: The Glass Lily goes dark along with the rest of Stormvale to the dismay of its inhabitants
OOC Date: took a couple days
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Everard Lilja 
The Glass Lily
Above the shop windows through which the sparkling colors of glass can be seen, another set of clerestory windows allows even more light into the shop, over the three quarter wall that separates the furnace and annealing oven from the shelves of completed wares. The wall itself is of a dark, smooth stone, and is occasionally marked with chalk sketches of current or past projects. Gleaming almost as brightly as the glassware are the polished wooden shelves in front of the window and along two sides of the room. A sturdy table down the center displays the larger works of art, lit by the oil braziers, also of blown glass, that hang above.
18 Nar, 229

The day is most like any day for those who are outside in the city. Its a nice sunny day and so many are doing so though one can find places to be near alone as its possible to be without just staying locked inside. The garden is one such place either big enough or looked over for many today. Everard waits at the entrance as though he's waiting for someone to appear though he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the waiting.

Engrossed in her work, Lilja, at the moment has forgotten about her meeting with Everard. She's rolling the round bowl of a vase in smaller colored glass shards and moves the rod back over to the furnace as Dudda works the bellows.

Everard will continue to wait for the moment strolling about in the entrance to the cities garden. He glances back towards the shops a moment wondering if the other had got stuck working again or if something is wrong. The one-half-shop owner will take a deep breath sure all is well though.

The restlessness of the animals on the street outside, a neighbor dog that starts barking at a fever pitch, the whinnying and stomping of a horse and the swears of the carter as he tries to bring the animal back under control are mostly ignored in the shop. Dudda does look up, curiously, with a slightly troubled look narrowing his eyes with worry. He pauses for a moment, but the slight twitch from Lilja brings him back to the task. Mostly, he still casts a few sidelong glances towards the street, even if he keeps the bellows moving.

The young man finally can stand it no longer and makes the realitvely short journey back to the shop the aggitation which has started in the streets is noticed from people and animals alike, but for the moment he's ignorant of its cause. He peeks his head back into the shop "Lily love, we were going to the gardens." he reminds her gently though he sees she is working still he'll watch a moment after he's spoken.

"I'll be there," Lilja says a little impatiently as she works. Dudda is distracted again, but this time she doesn't say anything as she draws the vase out and gives it a spin to trace a groove around the neck, spiraling it upwards.

"I think something is wrong," the assistants says worriedly. "Goodman Wainwright's dog doesn't bark that much."

Everard will watch her work the words get a small smile to his face though he's used to being around the other is working and so doesnt take offense by her tone. He looks to Dudda though and will ponder what he'd walked through. "Right you are Dudda, somethin has the animals and even people a bit on edge, though couldnt put my finger on it, maybe news of the war?" the shop keeper glances back out a moment before finally peering up "What in the.." he gets as far as saying firstly.. before adding "The planet its sending off a blue light come quick." though the normal city noise seems to be slowing down all around the shop.

It's not so much her husband's words as the unnatural silence that falls outside that now gets the artist's attention. She looks up from her work, and then her arm falls, the weight of the glass on the rod suddenly seeming too much for her to hold. Dudda has already left his post, wandering towards the window, but crouching to the side as he looks out, as if he expects something to come trhough the glass and get him. "Everard, come inside, shut the door!" her voice betrays a tense fear as he stands there looking. She can't see the planet and what it's doing, but the silence and the unnatural darkness tinged with the blue glow are anough to unnerve her.

The sky seems to grow more and more unsettled at first the blue glow grows brighter any of the sounds of the city have faded perhaps a far off alarm bell though to what danger it is hard to say. It is now that things begin to change, the light of day begins to fade. "I..i.." somewhere his wife's words registers but at first he isn't able to move this to be certain is something he'd never seen before. Everard shakes himself free and steps inside shutting the door before making sure the lanterns are ready as the light of day fades away. He will move swiftly across the room to where his wife stands his taking her into his arms to reassure her.

As Everard finally closes the door and moves towards her, Lilja puts her now partially cooled vase on the table, moving towards him. "What is it?" she whispers, looking towards the windows with wide eyes. Dudda is still hunched down to the side of the windows, looking up.

Everard will shake his head squeezing his wife to him protectively. "I dont know.. nothing i've seen or heard of." The shop keeper says and after a moments more silence he will explain. "There was a blue light which got bigger and brighter, and when I looked up the planets they looked like they were moving together like joining one another. I dont know what it means, the day light got blocked out." he is trying not to show the fear he feels being strong for his wife

The blue glow was eery enough. As the darkness follows, Dudda wordlessly creeps along the wall, towards the ladder to his loft. His eyes are fastened on the windows as he reaches behind him, feeling for the wood. Once it's under his hands, he scurries up as fast as he can, hiding away in the safety of his sleeping quarters.

Lilja's eyes widen as the shop, usually so bright, grows gloomier. During the day, the lamps aren't lit, and the only light is the glow from the furnace behind them. "What does it mean?" she asks her husband shakily, turning into his arms so she can cower in the protection he offers.

Everard will adjust his grip as she turns holding her protectively in his arms pressed to her. He hears her words but his mind is running through any books he's read or anything which bring some light to this happening. "I dont know Lily." he says wishing he had more to offer. "The sun has broiled for a long while now, but this i've never seen. I hope that soon it is to pass." he is afraid but still trying to stay strong.

After a moment, she can't look any more, and buries her head against his chest. "Tell me when it's over," she asks him, her voice shaking. "Unless it's Oblivion coming to take us all… but… I haven't done anything wicked. The other seven wouldn't let Inouv take everyone, would they?"

He reaches up as he often has to calm her when her nerves have been frayed in the past one hand remains on her back squeezing her to him. The other strokes lightly through her hair just the same motion over and over. "I will tell you, but if this is the end of times you have earned nothing but eternal happiness." Everard says soothingly "The gods will think kindly of you, and know more than that." he pauses leaning in and kissing the top of her head lightly "I love you."

Even with his soothing touch, Lilja still trembles in his arms, still for a moment, before another tremor shivers down her spine. "I hope so. I know they will take care of you, and I want us to be together." She wraps her arms tightly around him, clinging to the courage he offers.

Everard is scared to be sure but her words still bring a smile to his lips however brief. It likely seems like forever though they stay held onto one other but sooner or later the eclipse will break and the faint light will begin to come through again moment by moment the sun begins to shine down once more "Lilja, the sun its returning." he whispers down to her.

After keeping her eyes closed for so long, cowering as if expecting a blow to fall any moment that would flatten their shop and send them to judgement, Lilja finds it difficult to open them at first. Finally, taking a deep breath, she dares to turn her head slightly sideways, looking from the corner of her eyes towards the shop windows.

He will watch her turning towards the sun himself glad to see it "We are okay." Everard says to her soothingly once again he has kept his eyes on her all the while the sun rising seems to have placed him in a wierd mood both fear leaving him and some extream gladness.

As the windows brighten, and Lilja can see her husband more clearly, she gives a little whimper. Standing on her tiptoes, she shifts her arms to wrap around his neck and pull herself up closer. Tilting her head, she presses her lips to his, conveying her relief in their survival, as the tension begins to leak out of her.

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