Duchy of Darfield (Royal Seat)
Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle as Duchy of Darfield
Region: Duchy of Darfield
Kingdom: Mobrin
Rulers: Kilgour
Wealth: Massive
Population: 1.1 Million
Language: Daereni (Common)
Religion: The Light
Demonym: Darian
Primary Revenue: Mining, taxes, trade
Cultural Niche: Military and politics
Weakness: Recent losses to Navy
Fortification: Darfield Castle
Specialization: Heavy Cavalry, Archers
Knights: 12,000 Heavy Cavalry(including knights), 4,000 Light Cavalry, 700 Siege Specialists(weapon crew and sappers), 1,200 Navy
Soldiers: 8,000 Heavy Infantry 800 Rangers, 5,000 Archers, 2,000 Crossbowen, 300 Mounted Archers


Darfield is the royal capital of Mobrin and the seat of Darfield Duchy. Darfield is also the location of our game.

The Duchy of Darfield is made up of gently rolling hills and forested areas. The border of Darfield, in the south, is the Pine Mountains. Gold is pulled from mines in the south. Darfield is known for fielding heavy infantry and light cavalry, some of the best in the land. They also receive conscripts from the vassals of the King, to serve in the Royal Army.

Darfield Castle is nestled on the edge of the Great River, where the water flows into the Great Sea. Outside of the main gates of the castle rests Darfield Village, a quaint place where commoners choose to call home, living under the protection of the royal family.

Communications consist of pigeons and raves for messaging.


During the 1400+ year reign of the Manghem Dynasty, Darfield was a simple agricultural province with the title of County. The empire reigned in its own district in what is now the Duchy of Lakeshire, at Crosswynd Castle. The ruling house was the Shaw House. The Shaws ruled over Darfield for the entirety of the Empire's reign. When the Empire collapsed, so did House Shaw.

First it was Lord Cass Kilgour that attacked Darfield Keep, the small fortification of the Shaw House. After the Kilgour House began their siege of Darfield, Baron Crawford of Sutherland arrived with reinforcements to seal the deal. After 1,463 years, the Shaw House ruled no more.

In the early days of High Lord Cass Kilgour, a scouting party found a rich vein of silver on the northern face of the Pine Mountains. Subsequent survey and mining proved iron, gold and precious gems in the mountain range as well. As a result, the Kilgour House became wealthy in the land of men.

Work immediately began on a new castle. The new stronghold would be called Darfield Castle, and the Lord Cass Kilgour named himself Duke of Darfield. Soon after his personal promotion, the Barony of Sutherland, under Baron Crawford, immediately swore itself a vassal loyal to the Duke of Darfield. Within fifteen years, Duke Kilgour had brought all of the remaining provinces of Mobrin under his demesne, essentially recreating the old Kingdom of Mobrin. Upon his death, his son Terrance was named the first King of Mobrin of the Kilgour House. The Kilgour House has stood for 228 years in the Duchy of Darfield.


Darfield makes its income through mining and trade. Taxes (especially from Lakeshire trade and Sutherland gold) make the Duchy of Darfield one of the wealthiest provinces in the world. Darfield also receives large amounts of revenue through trade, particularly with the Eastern Isles.


Most of the residents of Darfield believe in The Light. The main deities worshiped in Darfield are Sess, Alasair, and Umbra.


There are many legends from the Duchy of Darfield.

Key of Light: It is said there is a Key of Light hidden in the Castle that when owned offers the holder a direct link to the Gods and Goddesses for advice. It was last rumored to be passed down from King to King to King with the current holder Callem. In no way does the key offer immortality, but the link is a sought after one for it provides invaluable information the Gods do not give to those unfortunate enough to not own the Key. Perhaps, with the current king, that is the reason why he disappears at times.. he could be consulting with the Gods.

Siren of the Sea: Once a year, in the time of Inouv or Thedor, it is rumored that one of the controversial women who have fins and live beneath the sea rises to the surface to grant a sailor his hearts desire. Though time and again, it is said, that the fish woman is so utterly beautiful, the sailor always wishes for her and so she takes them down to the depths to live as her slave forevermore.

Old Sigmon: Sigmon was a town drunk who caused trouble all over town in the years 105-167. Nothing serious, mind you, but trouble all the same. Since then, unexplained things such as a missing pie from a windowsill, a dog barking at nothing, a cat getting his back up over the invisible and other trivial things are blamed on Sigmon, the old bastard, who just won't let go.


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