Inouv 31, 228: Dangerous Politics

Dangerous Politics
Summary: Elisen, Crown Prince of Laniveer, finally comes out of his rooms to a rather frigid welcome in the Salon. He speaks boldy and is reminded that politics at time of war can be deadly serious.
OOC Date: 20/12/2013 (OOC)
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Salon, Darfield Castle
A haven of serenity amidst the rush of the castle, the salon is designed as a place for relaxation or socialization. A hearty fire burns in the massive, marble fireplace, throwing a russet glow across the room. The walls are divided top from bottom with pale wooden paneling above and lapis marble with silver veins shot through it below. Several armchairs, a couch, and a loveseat are set around a beautiful table for an intimate tete-a-tete, the furniture finely made of deep mahogany wood with blue and silver cushions. An azure rug covers the center of the room, but at the edges the dark wood of the floor can be seen. A side table holds tea, coffee, wine and several small hors d'oeuvres, and desserts.
Inouv 31, 228

For the invaders…..Conversation seems to pass between Nylie and Vuk over cups of tea. A dulcimer sets idle not far from the pair. And there is of course, a maid not far keeping an eye upon the status of things.

Vuk listens, intently, because he admittedly, should likely know some of these things to begin with. "Thank you Lady Nylie, at least now I won't make a foolish comment if asked about such things." He admits quietly.

The door opens and in strides the bold Duke of Sutherland. Dressed head to toe in mourning black, he is accompanied by his squire, Kierne Kincaid. The Rioga knight wears his arming sword and his spurs sound softly with his boot strides as he enters, hands clasped lightly behind his back. Oddly enough, Ronan laughs, "You tell /him/ that lad and see what look comes upon his face! I'd love to see it." For a breath the man seems to be in good spirits, coming into the chamber.

At least until his gaze sweeps over those who are here already. Kierne brings a flagon of wine as well as a parchment folio with small box for writing materials, "Aye, Sir, perhaps not."

A light smile is offered towards Vuk from Nylie,"It is kind that you seek to learn and aid her. If you sought to had wished to see a few things for her, or she has need for a new seamstress to freshen her wardrobe, I am am certain I can aid in providing information on the matter." The ever bold entrance does however draw the woman's gaze for a moment, no doubt the maid's as well. Nylie offers a bow of her head to the Duke, thought she does not seek to disengage from her current companion to offer more.

For the first time since his arrival, Prince Elisen ventures from his room. Those who would be aware of such things would have heard the trip left him ill, and he seems to have finally come of enough strength to venture out. He's carrying a thick book, a piece of classic Mobrin literature from the castle's library. He steps into the room, his guard taking post at the doorway, and he quietly makes his way over to a chair by the fireplace. With simple nods to those already here, he opens the book to begin reading, trying to remain unnoticed, though that would really be impossible.

A light smile is offered towards Vuk from Nylie,"It is kind that you seek to learn and aid her. If you sought to had wished to see a few things for her, or she has need for a new seamstress to freshen her wardrobe, I am am certain I can aid in providing information on the matter." The ever bold entrance does however draw the woman's gaze for a moment, no doubt the maid's as well. Nylie offers a bow of her head to the Duke, thought she does not seek to disengage from her current companion to offer more.

Rowena arrives as well, after some time, dressed in a gown of Stewert blue that is heavily boned and corseted and so tightly laced that it might make one give pause and wonder just how she can breathe while wearing it. The cut is carefully designed, giving a slight glimpse of her 'charms' without going so far that her modesty is compromised. No sense in being considered unlady like, after all. The long sleeves, neckline and the hem of the full skirt is decorated in many small seed pearls, those matched by the ones found decorating the tiara she wears.

When she notices others are here she quickly looks over her shoulder, very obviously considering turning around and leaving despite Elisen's presence here (no, El, you did not escape her notice!) but thinks better of it and instead dips into a curtsey, quiet while she does so.

Vuk seems painfully out of place and he shifts his cape a bit, keeping it closer now, wolf fur is finery, right? "Thank you Lady Nylie, but I am afraid, she is less apt to appear in the castle then I." He murmurs before looking more closely at whom is appearing and coughs quietly. "This is when I have to try and remember whom is whom isn't it?" he quietly asks Nylie before bracing him self with a roguish smile at the Duke, bowing at the waist to him and Rowena..and a Prince! Vuk looks most uncomfortable.

Ronan pauses to address Nylie, "Good day, lady Kilgour." Dark eyes look over Vuk himself and indeed doesn't know the fellow. Ere any attempt might be made at introductions, the Crawford's gaze goes to the other man who enters whom he also doesn't know - Elisen. Ah, and there is Rowena herself. The Duke very slightly bows to the ladies and then he goes to find himself a seat.

Kierne follows and takes seat by his lord, opening up the flagon and taking one of the two cups from his belt string to pour a cup of dark red wine for the Rioga. From his seat, Ronan's eyes follow Rowena, "I have heard you had audience with the Crown Prince, lady Rowena? Did that go as well as you had hoped?"

Elisen looks up from his book, smiling at his sister as she steps into the room. He rises, coughing once, clearing his throat, and then extending his hand to her. "What a ravishing Princess you look to be this day," he says with brotherly affection. He glances at Kierne when he speaks, and then looks inquisitively at Rowena. He smiles, "Oh? How did that go?" he reasks, resisting his desire to note she's having audience with the Crown Prince right now.

Elisen looks up from his book, smiling at his sister as she steps into the room. He rises, coughing once, clearing his throat, and then extending his hand to her. "What a ravishing Princess you look to be this day," he says with brotherly affection. He glances at Ronan when he speaks, and then looks inquisitively at Rowena. He smiles, "Oh? How did that go?" he reasks, resisting his desire to note she's having audience with the Crown Prince right now.

And a Queen! Who's ladies enter before her, giggling, laughing, tugging warm woolen cloaks about themselves as soft slippered feet quiet their steps though their tongues can never be so. Not amongst this gaggle. The Queen will come in next, her guards waiting outside the door though one, her main guard, the Big Man, will wait inside the door of the salon.

The Queen is dressed in a gorgeous gown of silver and purple that is adorned with pearls along the bodice that sweeps along the Queens bosom in a comely fashion, mostly highlighting her collar bone and the flesh of her neck. The gown drops down to the floor, embellishments in silver trailing down the back of the gown in a dizzying array of patterns that coalesce at the bottom of the train of the dress into a griffon. Over top her dress she wears a tight jacket that slims over her hips, trimmed in dark grey soft fur, her hair plaited back and decorated with many a jewel in addition to the crown upon her head. The Queen, when in foul mood, tends to dress it up.

What woman doesn't enjoy feeling beautiful when sour? Seems she's traded places with Ronan, "What a pleasure to see so many gathered of differing beliefs. " The Queen will murmur, her voice naturally carrying, because, well, Queen. She could whisper and it would boom across a room if she wished it. A nod to one of her maids, wine, before the Queen looks for a place to sit.

There is a soft 'ahhh' from Nylie at the comment, "Then perhaps she need worry quite as much to be entirely up to date, but my offer would yet remain." There is a faint smile that comes at his quiet question,"Aye, it is. " And there is the Duke, offering another bow of her head and hint of a courtsey,"Good day, Duke Crawford." A small breathe, introductions seem to be an endless function these days. "Have you perchance made the aquaitenance of Lord Vuk before?…Lord Vuk, Duke Ronan Crawford." Though as this duty is seen to, Nylie sets her tea cup aside,"Though I fear, I must ask you to both excuse me. It has been pleasant visiting with you, my Lord," offering an incline of her head to Vuk before a slight bow of her head to Ronan. Perhaps the room is growing to crowded for her, perhaps she noticed the Duke's change of mood upon seeing who was present, or perhaps it's cause there is a Queen also descending into the room…or she just needs to find some place quiet to practice again as her guard fetches up her dulcimer.

A look that borders on cool is given to Duke Crawford, it paired with a smile that is equally icy. "It went well," Rowena answers, managing to make it seem like she could very well be telling the truth. "I have received such a warm reception since our arrival here that I am considering asking if I may reside here for the rest of my life." And to complete that is a pair of daggers thrown at the man with her eyes. Oh yes. Ronan should be very glad that looks can not kill.

Addressing her brother, now, her expression warms some but she also shakes her head. "I am but a Lady now, brother, as you are now naught but a Lord. Best to remember that." She might look very much like royalty but she has had her new position beaten over her head so much since they came here that she doesn't really feel like anything but a scullery maid.

The Queen is given a curtsey and a politely voiced greeting, Rowena's head bowing at the same time her body is lowered.

Vul and Nylie's names are caught and dedicated for memory but right now she holds off on saying hello.

Vuk will incline his head to Nylie. "Until we meet again Lady Nylie." He says and offers a quick bow to the Duke. "Duke Crawford." He'd be more polite but there is also a queen, and she gets a very formal greeting, with utmost respect, and he doesn't even interject, that would be foolish, and he looks increasingly uncomfortable.

Elisen smiles a bit as his sister throws dagger eyes at Ronan, and at her notation of their titles, he shakes his head lightly, "No one can change who you really are, even if they dislike it." He looks to the Queen, and he bows, "Your Majesty," he greets, and gestures at the seat he had next to the fire. "If you'd like, you may have my seat here." He grins a bit, making what may or may not be a very slightly flirtatious eye contact with the queen, "It's still warm."

"No, we have not met. To what House do you belong, lord Vuk? To whom are you kin or vassal?" Because if he was somebody important, surely Ronan should know the name and no other title was offered than 'lord' thus far. He remains seated, accepting his cup of wine from Kierne until the Queen arrives. At once the Duke sets the cup down, though without haste, and moves to stand. He bows to the newest arrival, "Your Majesty."

Oh! And the lady Rowena does give such answer as makes Ronan outright smile like a wolf to the Lanniveer, "I am so pleased to hear you say that, lady Rowena." Yes, no calling her Princess. Yes, the Duke is /smiling/ but it's not a warm smile, not at all. His gaze goes to studying Elisen as their actions make it clear as to whom the blonde man is, even without introductions.

A nod to the lady Nylie, "A good day to you, my lady." To her, Ronan is sincere in his politeness. Kierne has likewise stood to bow low to the Queen.

"Lady Rowena." The Queen greets in dulcet tones , "This must be your brother …" Oh, the Queen will hold out a hand with a demure smile, her green eyes sharp however as she wiggles her fingertips lightly, "Lord Elisen, yes? I have heard so much about you, I do hope that you are enjoying your stay here? We have made every-" And yes, a look to Rowena, that same soft sweet smile upon her lips, "Effort possible to ensure your comfort, and safety."

Oh but Elisen! He strikes the correct note with the Queen who will allow that smile to grow, "So young and sweet your brother is, Lady Rowena, a surprise no doubt, as I thought all of your people were touched by the deep chill of our winters. It's nice to see one who still blossoms in such climes." A nod to Ronan, the woman's gaze lingering there a moment - a consideration, "Duke Crawford." And Nylie! She will get a warm smile from the Queen who is now striding over to the chair Elisen abandoned for her, the Queen sitting down upon it with utmost regality to every movement as if she were holding court within this salon.

"Please, all, sit, continue your delightful conversations, I only wish to warm by the fire and perhaps lend a word or two." A new face however captures her attention, "Lord Vuk Aleksy?" Oh, interest there as the Queen looks to the fellow she has not seen personally, but knows of his name. But then wine, a goblet brought to her by a maid, steam rising off from the mulled wine within - though her green eyes never leave Vuk, awaiting an answer.

With the instrument being packed away and her maid gathering herself as well, Nylie offers a final incline of her head to Vuk, and an apologetic smile, before she moves to depart from his company. A bow of her head is offered to Ronan,"And you, my lord." There a polite inclines of her head towards the other two, known but not really. And there is a proper curtsey for her cousin's wife, the Queen before the musician manages to vanish from the room.

Nylie leaves, heading towards the Upper Hall [O].

Vuk cocks his head a bit when when Ronan asks him questions. "I am Vuk Aleksy, of house Aleksy, the last of my house at this time." Then the Queen has him in her sights, and a soft 'damn' can be heard. Ever seen a man look so uncomfortable? It's like he's watching his own hanging, but he'll turn and bow deeply to the Queen. "Your Majesty, I am most delighted you know me by reputation, I do hope it is one that speaks well of my men and I." he says, almost begging some one to save him from court affairs with his eyes. It's clear he doesn't often deal with these situations.

Elisen moves to one of the loveseats, offering for his sister to join him. He sits in silence then, watching the interactions, collecting the room in his mind for a moment to ensure he knows who everyone is and what there place is here.

Ronan continues to stand, his gaze briefly going to the Queen as she addresses, then studies himself. As she says nothing more, his attention goes back to watching Elisen. The Rioga looks like a calm, quiet stone that is waiting for an excuse to draw his sword and kill a certain man.

Vuk drags Ronan's attention to the minor lord at mention of being the last of his House. The Duke thins his mouth with distaste, "I am all too familiar with that problem myself, lord Vuk. My sympathies." It doesn't hold his attention long before Ronan goes back to watching the Laniveer. When Elisen doesn't choose to further escalate things with more comments and takes a seat, Ronan retakes his seat as well without comment. He picks up his wine to taste of it, looking back to the Queen.

"As I have stated to your son and daughter both, Your Majesty, the hospitality is appreciated." Even if the way everyone treats them so cooly might not be. With a smile, Rowena dips her chin to Laetitia before joining her brother. Elisen is whispered to quickly, and hopefully very quietly, her hands finding their way upon her lap.

That done, she clears her throat and speaks to Ronan. "I do hope things have been well for you, Your Grace," she eventually offers the Duke, Vuk given a quick glance but, for now, is still not addressed.

Rowena mutters to Elisen, "Please… Elisen. We… in… who can… easily… us killed if… so much… step… an inch."

When his sister whispers to him, he nods, and smiles, looking back across the room, eyes falling on Ronan. He nods once to the man, and then opens his book in his lap. "Everyone seems to be quite friendly," he offers to his sister, a little playfully, as he lowers his eyes to read.

Laetitia will smile warmly at Vuk, "Is there reason for you to believe it has been delivered as anything but glowing? I don't tend to make note of those who do not deserve as such, so you can rest your mind in knowing that it is all favorable." A slight pause, her head cocking to the side just so as she allows for a bit of her good nature to seep through, "Though perhaps now I will keep my ears keener to news of you, Lord Alesky."

Oh she's teasing, she's teasing, though it's Rowena's whispered words that carry out that suddenly have her smiling oh so winsomely, green eyes as sharp as Ronan's, maybe even moreso, she has had dreams of decorating her portcullis, afterall, that were quietly shut down by the King and Crown Prince, "That is most pleasing to hear, Lady Rowena." The Queen will begin, though as she continues it's clear she's speaking to her words of good hospitality, not the …missteps and possibility of death that were only meant for her brothers ears.

"Have you been offered drink or nibbles yet?" Goblet hovers near her lips as she watches the woman with her brother, the goblet touching her lips as she takes a slow sip, like a predator watching its prey with that overly warm smile, "Masey, please bring about some nibblies for us all from the kitchen, nice and hot, and enough mulled wine for all." Suddenly called out, the Queen lounging back easily, "Oh we are, quite friendly, and kind, and most hospitable. Have you found the castle to your liking, young Lord Elisen?"

Vuk looks rather relieved when the Queens's attention shifts and he gives a sigh of relief, busying him self with gulping more of his tea, eyes squeezing shut as he forces down his anxiety. "Damned if I don't prefer the sea." he mumbles to him self, it's not really a whisper or the like, just quiet enough to simply brush aside if no one wishes to pursue the point. "Duke Crawford, I am afraid I am at a disadvantage in knowing those present." he says, deciding to settle on talking to the imposing Duke, at least he can take a measure of a man who looks like he's a soldier, so he steps in closer. "The queen I know, but the others allude me." he says quietly.

To Rowena, Ronan replies, "Ah yes. Everything goes well enough, if slowly. Winter in the north is not what winter is in the South. Spring should be more interesting." Big understatement. What bit he might overhear of Rowena whispering to her brother, Ronan gives no reaction to except to meet Elisen's eyes boldly enough.

The Queen draws his attention. The Duke tastes his wine and if Kierne is extra quiet and keenly watchful, it is because he knows his Rioga so well. "You look particularly regal today, Your Majesty." And in truth, Laetitia does so the words are not empty flattery. Ah, Vuk's statement is his cue to rise and lay aside his cup of wine, "Then I shall make introductions."

Ronan begins, "This of course is our Queen Laetitia Kilgour, whom you are already becoming aquainted. This is the /lady/ Rowena Stewert, ambassador from our enemy's lands, the Laniveer, and daughter to their usurper would be King, Lord Eldwin Stewert. This I presume is her brother, lord Elisen, heir to her father's … difficulties." Yes, he says this in his deep baritone rumble and with a straight face.

Oh, and not to be forgotten, Ronan half turns and adds, "And this is my squire, lord Kierne Kincaid, nephew to Duke Aidan Kincaid."

Elisen opens his mouth to respond to the Queen, but pauses as Ronan speaks. He lifts his brow a bit, and then looks at the Queen, "As you've just heard, Your Majesty, the castle has been splendid. It's the subtext that's proven unwelcoming." He smiles at her, however, and adds, "My sister is the diplomat, so I ask you forgive my forthrightness. When wars happen, they occur because both sides believe they are right, regardless of action or judgement. For them to end often takes more bravery than bringing a sword to bear. I hope our visit here doesn't end in the latter."

Vuk inclines his head gratefully to Ronan when he does introductions. "My thanks Duke Crawford. I do not often find my self in settings this polite, not many visit my lands, and the sea, she does not often encourage one to have guests." He says quietly before glancing at the two Laniveer, apparently he's supposed to distrust them. He's just giving them a casual measuring up gaze.

The Queen will allow a gracious smile to touch those lips of hers as she eyes the Duke at his compliment, the outer edges of her lips twitching just slightly, as if a thought just popped into her mind and tickled her fancy, "I am to assume there are other days I do not, Duke Crawford? Or that today I have merely managed by some whim of the Gods, to surpass all that which I have before?" Goblet is lifted up and sipped from again as her other arm lays out along the arm of the chair, "Duke Crawford, I should like a conversation with you later if you are willing, and able. In my husbands study. If I time it right we may have the pleasure of his company as well."

And then the young and handsome Elisen speaks and the Queen will raise a brow lightly, her lips pursing slightly as she hums softly, "I didn't sense any subtext with your arrival, are you saying that there is some that your sister and yourself bring with you?" Astonished, and quite purposely misunderstanding his words, "While there may have been a sharp tongue here or there from your sister as I've heard it - none towards myself of course." She assured, free hand lifting from the arm of the chair to press against her bosom, "I would say that bravery exists on many levels, Lord Elisen. Be it at the end of a sword, or at the end of ones tongue and knowing when to hold it." Was that veiled? It was, right? Not too obvious? No. Not obvious at all. Though the Queen certainly makes it so, even with that winsome smile she wears.

Rowena looks at Ronan again, this time with an injured expression, a slight wince replacing the glare she was giving him before. Rising again, she curtseys to Vuk. "It is a pleasure meeting you." Her seet is reclaimed and she listens, this time to the exchange between her brother and the Queen. "Wise words, Elisen." Blushing, she casts a slightly embarrassed glance to Latitia. "Perhaps it is Elisen who should have volunteered to speak on our father's behalf," she murmurs only to then blink and shake her head. "There is none. None that I am aware of, Your Majesty." Oh yes, she sighs now. Twice, even.

Draventa arrives from the Upper Hall.

Elisen tilts his head at the Queen, and then he slowly rises, closing his book. "You are, of course, absolutely right, Queen Laetitia. I humbly offer my apology." He lowers his head just slightly, in deference to her. "There is indeed, no subtext." Lifting his head once again, he notes, "…as subtext is something that is veiled." He stands proudly, "I am Prince Elison Stewert, and if you'll all excuse me, I'll be in my room." He nods a goodbye to his sister, "Princess," and then turns to leave.

Ronan smiles to the Queen, not the slightest hint of any backpeddling. No. "I have not often been in your presance, Your Majesty, and therefor I can say that except for the day that King Callem returned and we were all gathered together in the Throne room, today you do outshine any other day I had yet seen you."

The Duke then inclines his head to Laetitia, "Of course, Your Majesty. It would be my pleasure." The Rioga somehow makes it sound not like flattery but certainty.

Well, if nothing else, Elisen's words don't hedge and Ronan turns his head to watch the Lanvieer. "I must confess, that it at least well said, lord Stewart."

So much for Elisen behaving. Setting her jaw as she clenches her teeth, she glances up when he stands, cursing him in her head for putting her in such a position. "We will talk later, brother," she manages to get out before she takes a keen interest in the floor just before her feet. It's as if she's now too scared to look at the others, which she is. Terrified, actually. Elisen did just commit treason and not only did so but did so very brazenly and that is the one thing she has been trying very hard to not do herself. Damn him and his tongue!

Vuk wets his lips a bit when Elisen makes his leave and inclines his head a bit to Rowena. "Miss." He says, sounding a bit unsure of -what- to call some one who clearly has a noble upbringing, but isn't considered a noble. He even refers to wealthy commoners by Lady, this is a confusing point. "I am able to say Your Majesty, if I were to be lost at sea, and all other stars failed, your beauty would shine bright enough to guide any lost crew home." Brown Nosing to the queen is always a good idea, right?

Ronan smiles to the Queen, not the slightest hint of any backpeddling. No. "I have not often been in your presance, Your Majesty, and therefor I can say that except for the day that King Callem returned and we were all gathered together in the Throne room, today you do outshine any other day I had yet seen you."

The Duke then inclines his head to Laetitia, "Of course, Your Majesty. It would be my pleasure." The Rioga somehow makes it sound not like flattery but certainty. (repose without last line until sorted out OOCly).

Laetitia chuckles softly at Ronan, nodding her head, "Well said, Duke Crawford. You must have been taking lessons from my dear King husband." As Elisen makes his declaration her smile will grow wider, dark amusement in her green eyes, "Good day, ~Lord~ Elisen Stewert." And look, just in time, nibblies come on platter, nice and hot, delicious, along with jugs of mulled wine which are set down upon tables with a bow to those within the room. Though she will settle a very, very, very. Very pointed gaze upon Rowena, "It is perhaps your good fortune that he is /not/ your ambassador, yes? For no doubt it would put you in a place that you would find most discomforting. He's so young, afterall." Softly murmured. Whatever that means. Though a look is slanted towards Ronan, before she looks back to Rowena.

Ronan is seated and had picked up his wine to drink of it but Elisen's bold statement, throwing that in their faces, those are fighting words. The Rioga knight is mindful of King Callem's decree, which in all fairness Elisen may not even be aware of, his having been ill and confined to quarters since his arrival. All the same, Ronan's gaze comes around to meet the Queen's and he awaits /her/ reply.

In through the door comes an unsuspecting Princess Draventa. The fragile island princess is walking in with a sketchbook in her arms. Guard and maid are walking right behind her and the guards eyes widen slightly at the group and stands more at attention. Drav's pale eyes go over the whole gather, her island accent apparent ,"I apologize…I did not realize there was a meeting." She'll bow her head, her version of a curtsy and waits to be dismissed.

Vuk will lick his lip gently at the situation unfolding before him. "That boy is either very brave, or very stupid." He decides outloud, apparently, thinking to him self. "Which is dangerously close to how I decided to become a Captain." He says before realizing he was speaking outloud and coughs quietly. "Forgive me, the mind wanders." He says to recover and quickly sips his tea to cover up the fact he embarassed him self.

Elisen pauses as he steps aside at the doorway to allow Draventa to enter. He pauses, the anger from his face washing a bit away and is replaced with a light smile as he notes the princess and takes a moment to appreciate her. Then he turns and steps out of the salon.

"He is older than I," Rowena grumbles, Laetitia's pointed glance her way missed as she's still looking at the floor. Yes, Elisen is the older of them but with how impulsive he is the reverse should be true. Taking a slow, deep breath and reaches up to whisk away tears she stubbornly refuses to let fall. "I will talk with him about that when I return to our room," she adds then.

Clearly upset and everything to go with it, the new arrival escapes her notice for now, that being something Rowena will have to make up for, later.

"Oh, well, I apologize for the mistake, it is so easy to think of him as such with such impulsiveness." The Queen will state, green gaze still sharply honed upon any she sets it upon, which is Rowena as the Queen silently bids those tears fall. Though she is polite as ever, "Very wise, Lady Rowena, which is why you were no doubt sent as the one to engage in talks, and not your lord brother."

Words like a balm? Perhaps. Ronan will get a shake of her head, communicating something perhaps, before Draventa comes in and the Queen is rising up, smile luminous as the smile actually touches her gaze, "Princess Draventa, no, no, my lovely dear, please do come in, come, sit next to me." Gesturing to the chair beside her, the Queen settling back down into her seat, looking quite pleased, "You could never interrupt within these walls."

Rowena /is/ trying and she's under a great deal of pressure. So it is that despite his strong dislike and even hatred of the Laniveer, Ronan's knightly heart can't help but have a /little/ bit of sympathy for the lady's plight. He watches her, though his face is carefully as unreadable as he might make it.

Ah, the Duke catches the Queen's look just in time, her negative movement of her head when he was otherwise poised to get to his feet. Ronan considers and gets to his feet anyway, but for another purpose entirely. He bows slightly to the new arrival, "Princess Draventa, you are welcome here."

Whew, young Kierne visibly relaxes. The squire isn't as armed as his Lord, only wearing a dagger and neither of them wearing armour, not that it would pause Ronan for even a breath before diving into danger if it were warranted.

Elisen leaves, heading towards the Upper Hall [O].

Draventa slow blinks at the departing Elisen, the tension in the room clearly focused on him. Turnign back to the Queen, "I am un worth of such praise, your majesty." Drav's pale cheek tint pink, but she'll slowly move towards where the Queen indicated. Her hand maid looks unsure what to do. Drav gives Ronan a small smile, "Thank you, Lord Ronan."

Vuk cocks his head at Kierne, he wasn't all to knowing of Ronan, so he might seem a bit confused by the body langauge. He moves to subtly pat down his person, he seemed perplexed by the situation and now only considering if he should be ready. "I would assume his humors are imbalanced by the weather and he simply needs to be allowed to rest before he writes a formal apology for appearing before Her Majesty in such a dreadful state. I would recommend having a physician adminster him some strong tea to help offset the humors. Do you think that is fair Your Majesty?" He says, eyes looking towards the Queen.

"Oh don't be so unsure of yourself, my dear. You are worthy of that, and much more. How has faired your painting this morning?" The Queen asks of the young Princess, extending a hand out to wave for Draventa to be brought a drink, "The mulled wine - yes." Oh, doting upon the wantonly, even pulling in a platter of the hot nibblies on the table so that Draventa may have ample to choose from, the Queen plucking up some morsel to take a bite from it, looking to Vuk with an amused smile, "Mmm, I thought blood letting was the common cure for such inflicted humors?" Oh, but she's teasing, she's teasing, not a worry Rowena, though it's Ronan that gets a rather peculiar look from the Queen, having noted that pass of emotion across his face. Hmm. So many things could be read there, "I think that Lady Rowena will handle things most appropriately this time around, likely even with the bitter tea, I do recommend such, Lady Rowena, though an apology would be quite well received."

Ronan is now seated drinking his wine that Kierne has moved to refill for him. He says nothing at this point, listening and watching the others. His squire on the other hand opens up the folio he has brought, filled with loose papers, and lays out the small box he opens to expose an inkwell, quill, and blotter. The Duke turns his head to give it some of his attention as his 'aid' sees to working on some paperwork.

Rowena nods, agreeing to make sure an apology will be issued… but then rises suddenly, her pale tone taking on much more of a pallor. "Excuse me. I think I shall return to my room. Thank you for your company," she manges to get out while she curtseys. It's the mention of bloodletting and a glance at Ronan that causes her undoing and her to leave, not waiting to be excused. It's with a tightly reined-in composure that she exits the room, the door closed behind her politely but even closed it does nothing to mute the rush of footfall that follows after her exit.

Draventa's maid is so conflicted! it's the Queen, but wine, but the Queen! Drav just kinda ignores the fretting woman who helps her sit and smiles up at the Queen. "It is fairing well. The light was beautiful this morning. She'll nod thankful for the wine,and hold the cup with both hands. She'll frown ever so softly at the departing Rowena and the talk of blood letting. "I always preferred tea…Bloodletting always left me cold." Drav's treatment after the snake bites was long and drawn out. She'll sip on her wine, watching the group as she tries to piece together what is going on.

Vuk will finally move to draw a small silver box from his clothing, it looks like a snuff box, but instead if contains small leaf wrapped packets, very small, perhaps as wide as the thumb and half as long, and he puts one into his mouth, chewing it slowly. If any one is paying attention, it gives a red twinge to his teeth like blood, and it visibly stimulates him.

Watching as Rowena leaves the Queen only relaxes fully when the poor woman is out, a slight narrowing of her gaze done before she sweeps back a truly warm gaze upon the room at large, "Oh, indeed, but then the tea would help warm those humors back to where they were meant to be, my dear." Laetitia soothes, taking a drink of her own wine as she looks about the room that suddenly goes quiet. A sudden smile as the Queen nods to her ladies who are off in their own corner, whispering and giggling about the men in the room, the Queen rising, "I've in need to go, if you would all excuse me, Prince Mikhal and Princess Laela await me for play."

Now things have quieted down, Ronan grows restless. He set his cup of wine down and gets to his feet, "If you will excuse me, Your Majesty, I will go and see to my own needs. However, when it pleases you to desire to see me, send a message and I will come to meet with you." The Rioga Duke bows and when Kierne moves to start collecting things, Ronan adds, "You may stay or go to the Attache office, Kierne. I am hungry for my supper." All this talk of blood stirs a man's appetite.

Oh, and the Queen also is departing. Ronan pauses in his farewells to the others to see if she wants his time now, or if she will send for him later.

Rowena leaves, heading towards the Upper Hall [O].

WEATHER (BETA): It is a winter day. The weather is cold and flurrying. The planet Cri is not visible.

Draventa blinks, holding her wine. Everyone is leaving, it seems. Luckily her sketchbook is in her lap, so she has reason to stay seated. She'll dip her head to those departing.

Ronan will get a quick answer of, "This eve, after you've supped." And then a smile to Draventa and a light touch to her shoulder, "Enjoy yourself today, I'll let you know when I am able to enjoy tea with you. Perhaps tomorrow, if my schedule allows it." And it will, it will. The Queen is in full plotting mode now that she's popped out little Princess Laela, and that includes setting up others to eventually pop out wee babies. See Ronan, look at that look she settles upon you as she crosses to the door, all dark and knowing, like she knows something he doesn't. And then she's out, with her gaggle of butterflies who all swoon at Ronan as they go by, the Queen making a mental note to bring back some of her older ladies during the day. All this giggling. And she's out. Guards leading the way.

Ronan bows to the Queen, "As you wish, Your Majesty." Wait, that woman is watching him in a way that is entirely not to likely be in his best interests, isn't she? Women plotting, he is wise enough to know, can be a very dangerous thing for men. After polite farewells, he also removes himself.

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