Cri 2, 229 : Danger on the Beach

Danger on the Beach
Summary: A simple walk on the beach has Allyn stepping in to help Nylie escape some attackers
OOC Date: 2/April/2014 (OOC)
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Darfield Beach - City of Stormvale
The rocks by the docks give way to sand, a tannish brown in color, that lines the beach front. The beach goes for several miles in either direction at low tide, the docks a midpoint in their length. There are several coves and inlets to be found along the way. However, when the tide is up, some parts of the beach become impassable. In several areas, a fire pit has been set up, with logs and boulders around for seating. Seaweed drifts to the shore, and the tide leaves driftwood and other debris, along with small sea critters, in tide pools that can only be found when the tide is out.
It is day 2 of the month of Cri, 229 2E

There had been more nead for time away from the stuffy crowded walls of the castle of late, time for reflection within her thoughts and that had brought Nylie out to the beaches, the cool spring morning kept it mostly clear of others yet. A light cloak was worn over the dark gown she wore, and there was her maid trailing not far back along with the handful of guards that were set to look after her this day.

Up early, well he has been since before the sun came up because it is his duty. Allyn one of the city watch is wandering along the beach, making sure that everything is alright here. It is one of the places he patrols during the day and is usually rather quiet and peaceful. It is today it seems as well, at least right now it does. He wanders towards Nylie and her guards, as he's already been to the other side of the beach and is heading back towards the city. He gives the lady a bow and the guards a nod.

The guards give Allyn that close once over before a nod themselves, ever watchful of those and what is about. Especially with that which has occured of late. Nylie offer a flicker of a smile and bow of her own head towards the man of the city watch. The noble poolite enough to even offer a "Good Morning," when there is not need to shout such a pleasantry.

Allyn nods to Nylie, "Good day my lady. Looks like it might be a rather nice day doesn't it? I hope that everything has been well and nothing is amiss." he nods to the guards again. He's not suspicious looking or anything, he's armored and such as most of the watch are these days, sword sheathed at his side. "never can be too careful around here."

The guards of course in that Kilgour livery tend to give way House of origin at least, even if the Lady herself is not as recognizable as the royal line. "Aye, it does look like it has promise for that. Better than yesterday with all the rain." Nylie offers with a light smile before nodding,"Everything has seemed well, it just seemed a nice moment for a slight walk." A flickering glance to her guard detail before noting,"I do not think I am allowed to be anything but careful."

Allyn nods to Nylie and smiles, "That's probably a good idea, it seems that nobles have been quite the target lately and that's not a good thing. Well, as long as you have your guards with you and everything else then you should be safe enough. Just yell for a watchman if you are in need of more help though. We would come running to help out." he smiles and shrugs, "You are in the city after all."

A little ways down the beach a group of eight men begin to walk along the beach, some of them looking down at the ground and then bending down to pick up shells or other bits of this and that when they find it. Some might even be picking up small crabs that scurry away from them, maybe using them for fishing bait.

Nylie gives a touch of a smile,"I can't rightly leave my room without a guard, let alone the castle." Not that she seems to have issue with it, it is simply a fact of life, especially in being a Kilgour. "I shall be certain to, though I would hope that the day stays as nice as the promise it has given over to." While the group does not draw Nylie's attention of yet, several of her guards are keeping a watch. Harmless as they might seem in their scavanging over the beach, well….they don't care to be the next ones Tyrel orders a head removed from.

Allyn nods to Nylie and smiles and gives her another bow, "Well, all looks good. I should get back to my patrolling, don't want to laze about too much. The new captain probably wouldn't like that and I am sure Laine wouldn't be happy if he thought I was lazing in duties even though he's no longer captain." he grins and shakes his head, his brother a knight and not just any knight the commander of the Rioga. "I mean Sir Laine.. not going to get used to that I don't think." he then turns and begins to wander back towards town. He does give a few moments glance to the men walking along the beach and nods to them as he passes by.

The men nosd back to the watchman and watch him for a few moments as they continue walking towards Nylie and her guards, waiting for Allyn to go out of sight, or at least get a good distance away. As they close the distance near the waves and even with Nylie and her guards they look to the lady and guards and then each other and grin, "Alright boys, that's the one, lets get her! I'm sure she has lots of jewels for us." the group then draw swords and rush Nylie and her guards.

"Ah, but I could vouch and say you weren't, but I wouldn't want ot keep you from your duties either," Nylie giving a small bow of her head to him. "Ah, if he was close, I don't imagine you hav eneed to worry about a title. Close friends and family are oft allowed such informalities." Coming from the one who upped and hugged Callem no matter where they ran across one another. Another small nod of her head given, a couple of the guards doing likewise as others keep an eye upon the group of men yet making their way along the beach.

The fast movements of the men do have her guards shouting and drawing their own swords, two pushing Nylie and her maid behind them as the two that were furtherst away are scrambling to rally, shouting as well,"Keep her safe!! Get back you lot!" And in there some where,"Wasn't there someone from the watch? City Watch!!!" For her part, Nylie is blinking in surprise at first when she is pushed about, not having given her attention to the group but off towards the sea, the sand…her thoughts after Allyn had moved along. The swords and sight of men rushing along do have her paling just a bit.

The men outnumber the guards by a couple men, not too bad and the first of them end up clashing with Nylie's guardsm a couple of them double teaming a couple guards, but they aren't the most organized or skillfull people with swords. They are mainly trying to distract the guards and one of them decides to go around the fighters and starts towards Nylie, though he doesn't have a sword out.

Allyn isn't too far away, he hears the call for a watchman from the direction that he had just come from and runs back down the beach towards Nylie and her guards.

<FS3> Allyn rolls Running: Good Success.

The guards are amongst the best of the House guards, it was a thing Callem had always seen to, and hadn't yet changed. So they are a bit more organized then the men attacking, managing to hold them off. But attacking men do prove a bit of a distraction of sorts all their own. Seeing the one coming for her causes Nylie's maid to give a bit of a shriek and seeing the woman moving to step between the man and the Lady. The shriek does have one of the guards shouting,"Protect her!"

The men do their best to hold their own against the guards, some getting cut here and there and one or two even taking a couple of bad cuts. None of them have fallen yet. The one after Nylie moves towards the shrieking maid and tries to push her out of the way so he can get to Nylie, "Hand over them jewels lady! I know you gots some!"

Not too far away now, Allyn continues running down the beach and he shouts, "I'll be there in a moment." he notices the fighting going on and curses, well, if he weren't alone he'd send for more watchmen or something.

The guards do press the fight, they have seen how the new King takes to failures of protecting those of the Royal House. Not that failure is ever an option! Poor Alyxia is a handful of years older than Nylie and ends up stumbling along when pushed, not for effort to try and scratch and pull the attacker along with. Likely a wasted effort, but the maid does make the effort. Though they should learn to scope their marks better, as there is not much flash and sparkle to Nylie, noble as she might be. Fingers do pry a silver bracelet off and take to flinging it at him,"There, have that. Now leave me alone!" Nylie shouts at him, as if it could really be that easy. Right?

The men don't seem to injure the guards, well, they are alright at blocking attacks, but they aren't the best at attacking. Seems they picked the wrong people to mess with. Some of the men begin to fall as their strength give out from not being used to fighting for so long.

The man after Nylie glances at the bracelet as it is thrown at him and hits the sand and he shakes his head, "I don't be wanting silver, my lady. I be wanting jewels and coins, now hand them over." It is about at that moment when the man gets within ten or so feet from Nylie and has his sword raised against her, Allyn comes running in and intercepts the attack with his sword, "Behind me my lady." he calls behind himself once he's settled into fight the man.

The guards weren't the lazy sort, as some of the men fall, they press further on the remianing. And as openings allow see the fallen properly subdued, not killed, but secured for arrest and questioning. It was worse what could come to them later, death now would be a kindness that they weren't to be given now.

A hand fumbles for where ther emight have been a coin purse as the man keeps coming for her. Nylie trying to keep stepping back, not wishing to give opening to jut turn and flee, he could pounce her then! But then Allyn is there again! Nylie scrambles to get behind him, though she does try to give her maid a hand in doing the same,"Come, get up. Hurry, Alyxia!"

The men that aren't killed are easily subdued and tied up to be taken in, there are a still a couple who continue to fight. The man against Allyn glares at him, he wasn;t expecting the watchman to come back, he'd heard they didn't do their jobs right. Well, seems that info was wrong. He swings at Allyn and Allyn swings back, blocking the blows. Allyn's not the best swordfighter either, but he's not too bad.

He's not usually in a commanding position, or used to it, but even though Nylie's guards probably outrank him by a lot, he pants a little, "Protect the ladies when those men are secured! I've got this one." after blocking a swing of the brigand's sword, Allyn moves in and punches him in the face with his other hand.

As men are taken out, and tied up, and guards are freed up from the immediate threat, there are those who break away to rush and join Allyn, or more so redirect towards Nylie and Alyxia at his words. Hands helping the maid up and trying to steady her, though more care is taken where it comes to Nylie and remaining…proper. Not to touchy feely as it were. "My Lady Nylie, are you alright?," comes the concern comment form the guard. "Aye, aye, I am. Just shaken." Nylie looking a little pale, for the experience, still wide eyed and watching the last fighting going on. Alyxia leaning a bit on the guard who had helped her up. Another was taking a step to aid Allyn all the same when the city watchman takes to punching the attacker in the face, his nose crunching in the process. A face that only his mama could love taking shape.

Seeing that he is the only one left of the original men, the brigand throws down his sword after getting punched in the face, "I know when I'm beat, I surrender!" he goes to his knees and waits to be tied up. Allyn for his part nods and puts his sword away, though not before checking to make sure no others stand to fight. He shakes his head and then turns to look to Nylie and the maid. Well they seem alright, "You and your maid unharmed my lady? Sorry I wasn't here faster." he nods to the guards.

Even with the last of them being subdue, a guard keeps rather close to Nylie as she seeks to step out to address Allyn,"Aye, we are alright. A bit shaken." To put it mildly, she was trembling a little, perhaps to be expected given the rescent attacks upon her family. Even if this one seemed random enough. It was still a frightening matter to face. "You were here yet quick enough, that is what counts. It does seem there is certainly not to be cause for your Captian of the watch or Sir Laine to think you were loafing around." Her eyes flickering along towards the nearest man being tied up,"Imagine they will give you a far bit to show for it. You did fight rather well.." a faint pause and questioning look, she was not familiar with his name.

Allyn nods to Nylie and gives her a smile, he then reaches down and plucks the bracelet from the sand and cleans it off on his tunic before handing to to Nylie if she will take it. "Oh, I am sorry, I'm Allyn Rhenfeld.. If you were at the last sword tournament you may have seen me in the third round. I came clsoe to winning the round, but didn't in the end." he chuckles some and shrugs. He nods as he looks at the prioners, "I think it may be a good thing and as you say, something to show I'm not just loafing about.. I may need the help of some of your guards getting them to the city jail though, unless one will go and fetch a few more watchmen?"

Fingers do likely take up the bracelet he offers over, Nylie giving a faint smile,"Thank you." There is a faint 'ahhh' as he explains. "I was there, there were many a fine performance in that tournament, especially the swords. You were up against a fine field. And have shown your skill here as well." A slight nod is given to one of the guards,"They can help round them up and start the escort back to town. And Egan will set on about seeing some more of the watchmen come to meet us." One of the guards was trotting off already to that prupose. The others did have the tied men on their feet and gathered up, stern expressions on their faces. The sort that said, 'I dare you to so much as twitch a finger, just give me a reason to run your through'.

Allyn nods to Nylie and smiles, "It was a group of much more experienced men I was up against in the tournament and was only the second one I have been in. Give me a few years and I may just come out on top, right?" he grins. He then looks at the captured men and nods, "It is the duty of the watch to make sure all citizens no matter noble or commoner are safe while in the city. We might not be able to be everywhere at once, but we do try. I don't think these were very well trained thugs though. I guess there are a few questions to ask for my reports." he chuckles a little, he hates reports, but still, "Any idea what they wanted?"

"You just might at that, given the time and experience." Nylie gives a light smile, a hand setting to the arm of one of her guards who chiveraliously offers the arm as an anchor of support to the shaken noble. "Though it was one not to old them selves who won, I imagine they might end up being set to more practice through." Squires do get a bit more…training…perhaps then the City Watch. "I am not sure any can truly be everywhere at once, but you were where you needed to be today." Nylie looks to the thugs,"They did not seem to be to well trained, but the one you blocked from me was demanding coin and jewels. Seems on the surface that they were only wishing to rob me." Though there is a study given towards the men being herded along at sword point. "Though questioning will surely see if that is the truth of it."

Allyn nods in agreement, "Well, if it had been a brawl at the tournament I may have fared a bit better." he chuckles, "But I don't think anyone will ever have a brawling tournament at one of those festivals, will they?" he raises an eyebrow, "Well, with my brother no longer being tehe Captain of the watch, I am not sure how much of a future I have in it anymore. I came to Stormvale because our parents wanted me to get away from people I was hanging around and top teach me discipline and such, so I wouldn't be so much of a trouble maker. He was the only one that'd put up with me so well." he grins and wanders along with the guards escorting the prisoners,

"Ah, they might, but they usually do keep to events that you might not chance to see everyday. " Nylie giving a light smile,"After all, I do hear brawls can be common enough at some of the taverns once the ale has been flowing awhile." The occasional glance going to the prisoners as they walk on. Her guards keeping an eye out yet, as to be expected. "Sir Laine will end up being a bit busy in his new duties. If you don't think to keep with the Watch, you do have a fair talent, you could take to a similar path and seek about becoming a House Guard, it'd likely keep you out of a few more brawls. "

Allyn blinks he hadn't thought of that, but he nods to Nylie, "That may be an idea, I didn't think of that, but I am not sure that I know how to go about trying to get a position as a house guard, do you? I think it would be better than the other thing I was considering, going back to pit fighting to make money." he grins, "It may be a lot less dangerous, right? Though, I guess I do have to admit that I can be trouble sometimes, too." he chuckles and shrugs.

Some watchmen finally meet up with the group once they are nearly back to the city and Allyn has a talk with them for a few moments. He lets them know of the bodies on the beach too, since some of the men were killed, they nod and some of the watchmen begin to round up the prisoners from the guards.

"Usually, I believe one talks to the Captain of the Guards or the Master of Arms, depending on which House you were thinking to seek employment with." Nylie raises a slight eyebrow,"It would certainly be less dangerous," least on a day to day basis. "The pay would surely be more consistent, plus one tends to get a place to bunk and meals in it all. Might be an edge more practicing and discipline required. Though if you truly have interest, and no particular House you'd have preference to, my own guard has a few opening and is soon to have some additional changes, " marriage and all,"I could see about you ending upon it. "

The guards gives nods to the watchmen, a last prodding to a prisoner here or there. Before they return to positions near Nylie.

Allyn nods as he listens to Nylie and blinks at the offer, "That might be a good idea then. I really don't want to leave the city or anything, so it is something I should do most likely." he nods, "Oh, which of the houses is that? and yes, I would be interested if you are serious about the offer. I am not sure what houses there are really. Other than Duke Crawford's house since I'm from Sutherland, that's the only one I really know of. Well and of course I know about the King's house as well."

Nylie nods slightly,"I am serious on the offer. " There is a faint smile at his lack of knowledge on noble Houses, it's so quaint. "I am Lady Nylie of House Kilgour," the King's House as it were, realizing as well she'd perhaps not offered her name earlier. "Though I will be marrying the Duke of Lakeshire tomorrow, which will make me of House Kinciad. Though, I'll have need to travel to Lakeshire, there remains a household here in the city that would yet need to be watched over. So arrangements could certainly be managed to allow you the most time in Stormvale, even if some travel to Lakeshire would be required at times."

Allyn nods as he listens and smiles, "I could do those things, it doesn't sound like it would be too difficult. Well, I am interested then, since it will help me stay focused and find direction at least. It'll be better than wandering aimlessly, right?" he ponders, "Will I be required to wear armor all the time?" he raises an eyebrow, doubting he'll get out of having to do that, but maybe he can at least manage to talk his way into just wearing leather armor instead of having to wear this metal stuff all the time. "At least, does it have to be metal?"

Nylie gives a soft smile,"It would help give you a focus yet, and certainly keep you from wandering aimlessly. It might give you more chance to see Sir Laine as well, given how much time I can spend at the castle." There is a glance his way, not only by Nylie but a few of her guards at the question. "On duty, there will be a need for it. However, I do retain several rangers within my detail and they tend to keep to leathers," as Rangers are want to do,"so there is room for compromise on what works for you. As I know one cannot see to their task if they are distracted by their tools rather than comfortable with them. Formal occasions, may however require otherwise." Everyone loves to dress up, right?

Allyn nods to Nylie and her aanswer and he smiles, "Well, I had to ask. I guess metal armor isn't so bad, Laine always told me that leather wont stop a sword very well, but its easier for me to move in leather armor. Well, I can do either and whatever else is needed I think." he grins, "I'll try not to complain too much. I haven't about having to wear what I have on now." he shakes his head and then nods to the guards, "I am interested though and it sounds like it'd be good for me too."

"It stops it better than silks, but the metal does do far better at it. " Nylie nods a touch,"I imagine, practice can see one becoming more comfortable in moving in the metal armor." No doubt, some of her guards are already considering practice regimes for the potential new guy. "Well then, I would recommend, seeing to wrapping up what you need to on this little incident and what else they might need you to with your Watch duties. And then come check in with Egan," a incline of her head to the one guard who'd given her his arm. Perhaps one of the older guards, " And he will see that you get setup and sorted."

Allyn nods to Nylie and gives her a bow and the guards a salute, "Alright my lady, I will do that. I am sure I will be giving reports for a little while and then I will come to your guards when I am done and things are settled. Thank you for the chance." he gives her a smile and then makes to ehad after the other watchmen and go do reports and such.

Nylie bows her head to the man,"You are quite welcome, and I shall look to see you in the future." Before turning to depart as well, heading back into town. Time for a visit to the Temple as well as other spiritual preparations for the life changing event on the 'marrow.

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