Daisy the Pooka

Venan succumbs to visions and fancy.

Daisy the Pooka
Summary: Venan succumbs to visions and fancy.
OOC Date: 12/2/2013
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The Forest
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Venan is having a day. "Inouv love ya, Daisy, if you weren't my favorite I'd leave you out here to distract them big cats while the rest of us got underway." The young peddler skids down a short decline leaning heavily on his staff. "An Sess take me for bein prideful and not askin for help chasing down a hobbled mule." He pushes down hard with his staff on each step to keep weight off his bruised foot. "Never hear the end of that would I, Daisy? Now you be a fine bit of ass and hold still so I can…" And off she goes with an awkward hopping waddle. "Ah Oblivion take this, I'll never get ahold of that ass just by chasin tail, time for some strategity." He starts working his way round the side rather than following the same path as the mule trying to get ahead of her so that if she continues to pogo away she'll at least be heading back towards the camp.

The mule suddenly stops and its lovely big ears fickler and rotate as if listening to something. As Venan gets closer he hears whispering. "What is that, is that Mule, we should leave him his mule others will eat it. They did give a horse for the feast." Another whispers. "We should see if he can see us and ask him to stay?" Another asks this voice is sharp and cold. "They are blind they do not know we are here." Says a more pragmatic voice. "Why did you take the Mule Lup?" The leaves on the trees rustle and the it is very quiet and void of life except for those voices.

Venan sticks his finger in his ear and gives it a wiggle on the hope that it was just an elaborate ruse by the wind, "Daisy girl, I'm thinkin it be a fair fine time for us to be getting back to camp. Either I'm coming over with a fever or we ain't entirely alone, and them things what I'm hearin don't bode so well." He abandons his attempt to get round in front of the mule instead moving back towards her directly. "As fer you lot, whether ya be figment or fact it's a poor sort of thing to steal a man's mule. They're available for trade or sale if you're interested in a proper bargain, but stealing never does folks good in the long run."

"Oh he can hears us!" There is an excited whisper. "We should keep him here with us!" There is a laugh and a cruel one. "It has been a long time since we have had visitors." The pragmatic voice speaks again. All around him light that look like fireflies flicker into existence. They move around him and the mule. The forest seems to dim and the camp feels like it is million miles away.

Venan nods, "Aye, I can hear you well enough." He looks down at his feet for signs of mushrooms and starts undoing the toggles near the neck of his shirt. "An while the invitation is appreciated I'm thinking it'd be best if I decline to be kept. I enjoy my travels, and should like to continue them, though if you're inclined to be hospitable I'd welcome some company on my way back to camp." He makes another attempt to get close enough to Daisy to get hold of her leads. "Back that way a bit…" he considers the distance, "…well, maybe more than a bit, but I'm sure with company it won't seem so far a walk."

Venan mutters to Daisy, "Daisy, I swear if you been a Pooka all this time I'm gonna hit you with my stick."

The mules stays rooted to the ground and he is able to get her lead if he wishes. A woman's voice whisper softly like she was talking to lover responds back. "Oh but you cannot go back until you have paid the price." One of the flickering lights grows brighter and from it an elegant woman appears. She is naked and her dark hair cascades down her back and stands out against her flawless ivory sky. Her eyes are as blue as the sky on a cloudless summer day and voice rich and warm. Her breast are perfect not too big and not too small. "A Pooka hardly, but you must pay the price, you are in our domain it matters not how the beast got here. Please us with a tale or song and you may go on your way but fail and be cursed. Or you could just stay with us for a while. Would you like some wine to ease your parched throat before you decided what you would like to do?"

Venan sets his cloak across the mule's back, "No thank ya, Mistress. I only got my voice back a few days ago and I'm under strict instruction that it is to be tea alone." He takes the lead firmly in hand then reaches down to undo Daisy's constraints. "Tell me a bit more bout this deal you're offering though. One chance to spin a tale and be on my way or else be cursed seems a poor sort of arrangement with no particular benefit to me, and my stayin unhappily don't seem of much benefit to you either. It does call a number of stories to mind, though they're the sort which tend to end badly for one or both of us, and I've always preferred a deal what benefits both." He stows his staff on Daisy then takes off his shirt setting it down on the mule's back as well. "Would you be willing to walk and talk with me and see if we can find a better deal? Oh, and I travel quite a bit and the rules of bein polite do tend to get a bit muddled as I go, is it polite or impolite to offer you my cloak?"

"I am not cold. Do you like what you see?" The woman asks him with a soft and sultry smile. "Oh we can get you tea as well. There is no need to walk from here and the bargin is perfectly fair. The curse is simple enough. If you do not feel like being free is award enough then perhaps we can give you a gift as well for your efforts, but your story must move us." The woman says to him with another warm laugh. "Stories are just stories. What will it be for you?"

Venan smiles, "I didn't say it weren't fair, Mistress, I said it weren't to our benefit. You're gambling on one story that might move you when with a bit better negotiation you could have any number of stories, or at least a fair number more than one." He shrugs, "As for you, aye, yer pretty enough to paint, but I've had a bit of practice dealing with women who wink and smile during a negotiation." He looks over her apraisingly, "They usually hold a bit more back, though, something to come up with to seal the deal." He shrugs, "But you do as you like. Me, I'd rather negotiate something that'd do better for the both of us. See it's a bit like what witnessed once when I were peddling my wares at the docks."

He continues making Daisy ready to leave then gives her a nudge to see if she can walk at all. "See there were a fellow named Jacob who had a small boat. Now there were plenty of fishermen about but only a few had boats so Jacob was considered a wealthy man. Each morning he would make ready to cast off and since his boat could hold another man he would let one of the other fishermen come with him. Now Jacob were a master of his craft, could keep a boat still as a statue while his line were cast and caught himself a fair number of fish each day. But them he brought with him, they were fishermen used to fishing from the banks and when they cast, the boat rocked perilously, and they never caught quite so much as he did. Disgusted with their incompetence Jacob would curse at them and not allow them on his boat again. Time and again Jacob would invite a new fisherman upon his boat, and every so often one would have luck and land a big fish pleasing Jacob for the day, but eventually he would falter or rock the boat too badly and Jacob would curse and send him packing. In time, there were no fishermen who would fish with Jacob and his fine boat was never full."

Venan says, "Now since I'm the sort what doesn't think a story is just a story, I'd take that as a lesson instead and say that if you're goin to go about cursing folks for failure rather than inviting them back to do better, then you're goin about things the wrong way and you'll likely end up with an empty boat."

Venan stretches, "Now me, see what I'd suggest is that you look past the occassional mistake and instead give a storyteller a way to find you again. That way you'd not be bored with a storyteller who can't learn new stories or have one in a foul mood." He shrugs, "Though if you're sure you only want one story from a man what's feeling threatened and can't appreciate your beauty cause he's to busy tryin to think his way out of a bad spot then I'll try and wrangle up some sort of tale, but I'd much rather find a more pleasant way to spend time with you."

"I know that I am beautiful, my name was known by many and stories were sung very long ago when the earth was new and the gods still walked the earth. I could be giving you three guesses and having you try recall my name." The woman points out. More light are flickering and gathering. "It has been a long time since we have heard a new grand tale that tantalizes our senses and makes shake with both fear and pleasure." She tells him. "But a tale we will have." She says to him. Her gaze is mild as she studies him. "Unless you would rather have the curse or I could give you both a gift and a curse as you are the first we have seen of your kind in many years." The voices laugh and chatter around them in a symphony of tones.

Venan shrugs, "If there is a beautiful woman that isn't both a blessing and a curse to meet then I've yet to come across her. As for the the tale, you've just had one and if the number of lights that've sprung up are fair indication then I've moved you to be a bit more curious at least. Pity they won't get to hear a tale too, but it seems you're too proud of your empty boat to see sense…not much point in telling stories to folks what don't listen to them properly. If you ever come round and want to bargain properly then just ask round for Venan and I'll be happy to receive ya as a proper host should."

"Well then you will here for a while." The women laughs and smiles, sweetly. "I could use a pet. You are amusing. Though it would appear that we have truly been forgotten." The woman says softly and the light flicker around her. "It is a shame, which in such a short time have disappeared from the minds men." She lets out a dramatic sigh. "Perhaps I will think upon what I should do with you. But it is funny that you are so arrogant even when faced with this." The woman places a finger on her lip lightly.

Venan eyes the woman then laughs, "Arrogant, Mistress? Not hardly. You're just actin in a way what isn't worthy of respect. You not keeping to your deals and you don't give me chance to bargain to my benefit. You've no more worth than a princess in a gutter, less probably as folks don't even remember your name." He picks up his shirt then starts putting it on, "I heard tell that folks such as yourself couldn't hold a man what was wearing a bit of clothing inside out, or what would pray devoutly." He does the toggles properly then swings himself up atop the mule. "But then I figured that'd you'd have stolen a story from me, and I can't stand thieves. So let's have the story you owe me first."

Venan looks down at Daisy, "An you, no more runnin of with rapscallions named Lup."

"I am trading no tales with you." The woman says and then her smile becomes cruel. "Those are but fables." She tells him and then laughs wickedly. "But we do feast upon the bones of man. Jack of Irons is more than happy to have your head upon is belt while red caps dye their hats in your blood." She smiles again but this time sweetly the light flitter and flicker about him. "I will tell you this, I will give you the curse of that ever storyteller fears. In two days time when you speak a story you will see and understand the power of the curse but it will also be a gift since you are the first mortal I have spoken to in sometime." The mule stays put for the moment.

Venan shrugs, "Aye, Mistress, and I'm sure there be a fair number of priests and priestesses that would be happy to test your immortality with fire and metal, and burn down your trees and smash your circles or break your rocks or whatever it is folks do. Me, I'm bored of you. You're no more interesting than the vapid ladies of the court but at least I can profit from trading with them."

Venan looks about at the little motes, "You lot, get yourselves a better negotiator. Innit hard to see why you're bein forgotten with her as a mouthpiece."

The woman moves towards him and she places a hand on his arm. "Fair you well traveler." She then waves her hand and the mule takes off at a gallop.

Venan goes heels over head landing on the ground as the mule takes off, "Suck a duck." He says into the dirt then starts picking himself up. "Do I look like a knight?" He dusts his clothes off as the mule gallops off.

The woman laughs and the lights disappear and the world around him turns to normal. The mule is nowhere to be seen at the moment.

Venan grumbles, "An this, this is why I dislike you folks. Don't deal properly, no sense of profit, and ugly as sin. Rail thin with no tits, might as well be a boy with the mumphs. Don't know the proper way to host a guest, no sense when it comes to stories. Near as bad as gods."

Venan starts limping back towards the camp, then pauses, "Sorry, that weren't fair…yer not as pompous as all that, but still, troublesome."

Venan pauses then wanders back towards where the trouble began, "Oi, you lot. I don't make bargains I don't intend to keep so if you should ever want to deal proper you send word. An if ya should ever want to listen to a proper story you come round the campfire like any of my friends would." He starts to turn away then comes round again, "Actually, send your mouthpiece, that'd be funny as all get out."

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