View of the planet Cri in the night sky of Darfield, Kingdom of Mobrin.


View of the planet Cri from the Eastern Isles.

Daeren is a moon orbiting the planet Cri. Daeren is the third moon from the planet, which has seven moons. The sun, which the planet Cri orbits, is called Sheat. The moons are called (in order); Alasair, Sess, Daeren, Inouv, Umbra, Nar, and Thedor.

It takes 45 days for the moon Daeren to orbit around the planet Cri. It takes 360 days for Cri to orbit Sheat. Thus, the inhabitants of Daeren generally use an eight month calendar that has 45 days in each month.

It takes 24 hours for Daeren to make a full rotation. The days are usually long, generally lasting around eighteen hours, while the night only tends to last about six hours. The days are longer in the summer, and shorter in the winter.

As it is, the moon Daeren is hardly ever completely dark. The planet Cri emits a certain amount of luminosity in itself, as Sheat reflects from her surface. However, in the month of Inouv, complete darkness descends on the moon as the rotation turns the moon away from Cri for a full eighteen days.

While the planet Cri is visible, it takes up most of the sky.

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View of the planet Cri from the northern Hills.

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