Nar 03, 228: Cuddles from a Queen

Cuddles from a Queen
Summary: It‘s known, that the Princess Caillin is sick, while others have the feast and tournament and laughs outside. The only one, who decides to make a visit in such a joyful day is the morther of the Princess. The Queen comes to quell the fever. Though, everything ends up in a small family meeting.
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Princess Caillin's Suite
Should you enter the room at day, you will immediately notice the sunlight entering the room at every angle. The wall to the west is a wall of glass, towering windows reaching to the ceiling and overlooking The Great Sea. The wall curves at the top, resulting in an arched ceiling, thick oak slabs crossing the ceiling at the base of the arch. A grand piano is before the window, a scattering of sheet music along the top. The floor is a thick lush carpet, the color of red wine. The middle of the room holds a cushy divan and love seat, facing one another. Large overstuffed cream colored chairs rest by a fireplace, along with a matching couch, and a low table in the center. On the center of the table is a vase, with fresh lillies resting in a bouquet. A bookcase is on either side of the fireplace, each containing a large collection. The walls hold various paintings of country scenes and horses, with a large painting over the fireplace, a scene of royal hunters on the move, painted by none other than Valous the Great. By the door to the hall is a beautiful and highly detailed grandfather clock, which chimes every hour.
Nar 3rd, 228

The room is full of light, which comes through the massive windows inside. Though, these rays of sun does not bring the happyness in to the room, in which usually soft laugh sounds. The man in a robe, who looks in his late 30s stands near the couch, there young Princess lies. She is mumbling something under her nose and it looks like fever still keeps her in hands.
Healer takes another fresh compress and puts him on girl's forehead whispering "My dearest Princess, please, be strong…" man looks very worried and fatherly love glints in his eyes. Though, he is obviously common born healer, but it is known, that the princess works a lot with commoners charity, temple and healers. Usually she is the one, who makes all the deals with them. For this reason, these people care about the Princess as they care about their own chidlren.
The healer, who looks like knows more than everyone else continues his whisper "Your cousin promissed to get back. Everything will be good. You will laugh again…" but suddenly his tone changes "Though, your brother, who put you in such possition still did not come to you…" Healer nervously shakes his head and stands, walking near the window, while Princess mumbles unclearly something. The only one word is pronounced notably "Caedmon…"

Laetitia steps into the room after the doors are opened to her by the guards, the woman looking flushed as she looks to the healer hovering over her daughter off at the couch. Usually bright green eyes are dark, "Who did not think to inform me of my daughters condition?" Hissed out as her soft slippered feet whisper across the floor as she crosses it, anger evident in her gaze which quickly falls away to worry. Buckling down to her knees the Queen will gasp as she leans into the couch, one arm coming up around her daughters head, gently soothing fingertips through her hair as she leans in to press a kiss to the fevered princesses forehead, "My little bean." She whispers, other hand coming to smooth against her daughters abdomen.
A glance over her shoulder to the healer, "Forgive my sharp words, tell me, what brought this about?" Rising up slowly she will begin to move her arms beneath her daughters head to press her upwards so she can move in and sit and coddle her daughter in her lap, bringing her head against her breast, holding her as she did when Caillin was younger. An ear is kept out for the healers words to explain as she bends her head down to kiss her daughters locks at her forehead, a soft humming beginning in her throat, her lullaby for the little Princess who in her mind is still yet a babe.

Caillin does not understand what is happening. Her eyes are running to the right and to the left. It's seen through the eyelids of the girl. At some moments she looks afraid, as she would see a nightmare, but at some moments a warm smile starts dancing on her cracked rosebud lips. Especially smile becomes very wide, when the name of her cousin Caedmon is pronounced. Though, young girl flinches and crouches, then tired, but still full of anger, voice whispers the name of her oldest brother.
When the Queen enters, the Healer bows through his waist and remains in such position until the Queen addresses him. Man crosses his arms on abdomen and shrugs a little bit "Your Highness, I am sorry, but I though everyone heared… People there whispering in the town as here, in the castle. Princess Caillin locked herself in the room for three days and she did not eat or drink, and of course nobody was let in," he stops for a moment, examining the Queen as he would be afraid, that she may become angry or something. Though, he dares to continue "The only ones, who tried to enter were her handmaiden Gaela and Lord Chacellor Caedmon. Though, just he managed to enter into the room. While they talked, Princess fainted and from then… It's third day she is unconciousness," healer once more shakes his head "I wanted to bleed her, because it's influenza, I believe, though it may be the critical state of her thoughts… But she was weak and could catch the influenze, Your Highness…" Healer comes a little bit closer and chews on his lip in hesitation.
He takes an old book in his arms and starts searching for something. Though, it may be just some work to calm hismlef down, before he dares to add "If I may, your Highness… I know your daughter would be better now, but the lord Chancellor went to find another healer and invite the Prince Tyrel here, but… Prince Tyrel did not came and just asked to send another healer in here, not doing any bleeding," he shifts from one foot to another "I heared… If I may to say, Your Highness, the Princess suffers because of the wedding of her brother… The woman, who will be his wife, took all the attention of the man and… I but a healer and I repeat what I heared…" a little bit afraid explains the healer "Princess Caillin was very upset, that she will never have a private time with her brother again, that he forgot her and after the meeting with that woman, he does not visit her anymore, nor speaks with her…"
At these words, as she would heared everything, Princess Caillin starts struggling in her mothers armfull and she more clearly starts shouting "I have no brother anymore! I lost my brothers love! Caedmon! Please, never leave me… Caedmon…"

"So she is heart sick." The Queen intones softly, glancing up at the Healer with a kinder gaze, "Bleeding her will do nothing but invite more weakness to her body I'm afraid. In the state she's in not much will do but a visit from her brother, or perhaps even her father." A gentle laugh as the begins to shout out, the Queens words coming softly then to the healer as she invites him to sit down with a gentle wave of the hand, "They have always been so close, and she so soft hearted I'm afraid. My poor bean." Caressing the hand that had waved the healer to sit against her daughters cheek the Queen will look lovingly down upon her poor daughters distressed face; so strange that she is not nearly as worried at everyone else is.
"And my son is love sick with this new bride to be of his, and his poor little sister is jealous of his affections being directed elsewhere." All explained to the Healer as if she had seen this time and time again, "I remember, when I was young, I was so very close to a member of my Counts family." Her voice rises and falls musically, delightful to the ears, so soft and warm, "And he had gotten married and I no longer got to ride with him, his hear poetry, as all his attention was directed to his new family. I was so heart broken, just like my little bean here, and wouldn't eat, couldn't sleep …" A soft clucking of her tongue, "It went on for days, until my dear husband rode to my family home and clamoured up the wall to my window to wake me out of my sadness."
Ah, a sad smile then as her arms tighten around her daughter, the Queen shifting her position to draw the young woman more fully into her lap, cradling her heading in against her neck, "You silly little duckling of mine, your brother loves you so dearly, but is blinded by the sudden brightness of a new love." Pressing kisses to her hairline dotingly the queen will look to the healer, "If only she had a suitor, I think it's time we started searching for one to woo and prove their worthiness of my little bean." Again to her daughter, whispering in her ear, "My dear love, open your eyes, let me look upon those beautiful eyes of yours so that I may make you a promise."

The Healer shakes his head "I am not sure, Your Highness, if the heart sick may cause the faver. I am not the expert of that…" he drowls and a slight grin is given at the mentioning of a suitor. "That may be helpful… Usually mothers knows everything and is the best healers, Your Highness," states the man and stands up "If I may, Your Highness… I will wait outside, I believe you want some private time with your daughter…" and he paces out.
When mother is speaking with her daughter, likely, the child feels the love which surrounds them and finally starts feeling safe. Caillin curls up closer near her mother and clasps her hands around her. Though, she still does not open her eyes, but new word leaves her throat "Mommy…"

Laetitia doesn't bother to address the healer as he excuses himself, her whole attention is focused on her daughter, soothing her with murmured lullabies, soft kisses, rocking her back and forth slowly, arms tight and snug about her daughter, "I remember, my sweet little Caillin, when you were so tiny and I could kiss away all your troubles and you would go on playing as if nothing had ever happened to you." Murmured between kisses, the Queens cheek finally falling upon her daughters forehead, "Would it be again that my kisses could bring you out of this state and back into my arms with your beautiful smile again."
Rocking from side to side slowly green eyes will close as Laetitia just enjoys the closeness of her daughter, hoping to ease whatever pains her. When the word 'mommy' drifts into the air the Queen curves a soft smile, her head ducking to press her nose to her daughters, the arm across her daughter lifting to dance a fingertip on her daughters chin, "My dear little bean, are you awake now?"

After the question, the hand of the Princess slowly raises near her head "Mommy, my head hurts…" whispers Caillin and cuddles up to her mother as she did it in her childhood. Grey eyes slowly opens and becomes fixed on mothers, before tired girl manages to give a peck on her mothers cheek.
After this Princess looks around the room. Very slowly and still keeping her hand near the head "Mommy, there is Caedmon. I remember he was with me…" drowls young girl before her eyes widen and she gasps "Mommy, are you mad? My brother is mad?" and girl hides her crying eyes into mother‘s shoulder and curls.

Laetitia is in Caillin's quarters, cradling the young woman in her arms like she would have when she was little, Caillin in her lap with the Queens arms about her and the Princesses head resting on her shoulder. Calling out for whomever was knocking to come in the Queen is shushing her daughter softly, hand still touching her cheek gently, "No dear child, why would I be mad at you? And surely your brother-" Yes, a glance up to whomever has walked into the room, "Is not mad at you, whatever for my dear sweet silly little bean."

Caillin's burning lips once more kisses the cheek of her mother and she opens her mouth to whisper something, but people enters the room. The young girl flinches and even more tightly cuddles up to her mother, as she would like to hide in her from the people, who just entered. Pale cheeks of the Princess gets some colour and girl whispers to her mother's ear.
Tyrel steps into the room, followed by Ciarrah. He shuts the door behind her, and moves to his mother's side. He bends, kissing her on the cheek now that he has a chance to greet her properly, before moving to run his hand through Caillin's hair. "How is she?" He asks, making no mention of Ciarrah or her presence here… yet.

Laetitia listens to the whisper and laughs softly, "My lovely little bean, you've /nothing/ to be sorry for." Glancing up at her son she'll tilt her head to the side to offer up her cheek for a kiss, returning it quickly as she smoothes her hand into Ciallin's hair, head shaking, "She is just heart sick that her brother has not been paying her attention." Soothingly murmured, the Queens voice lilting up musically to show she's not angry, not upset, not sad; mainly amused, "She will be fine though, she's too young yet to understand the pull of love. But in time, and I will start the search myself, she will." Leaning down she presses a firm kiss to her daughters cheeks, easing her up with gentle proddings, "Come, love. Sit up, I will get you some water. Would you like to come and join the others for the masquerade? You would look so darling dressed up in what we had planned for you." Looking to her son she'll give him a meaningful look glancing then at the empty spot on the couch beside her, imploring him silently to sit. Poor Ciarrah. She gets an apologetic smile as the Queen waits for the Prince to move.

Once she steps in as well, Ciarrah does not pause by the door, instead she follows Tyrel partially over towards the Queen and the Princess, offering a deep and proper curtsy, "Your Majesty. Your Highness." Though that is the extent of her greeting, for she falls silent so that the three can interact, not wanting to intrude.

Tyrel takes the offered seat, then looks to Ciarrah, "Please. Sit." He offers a half-hearted smile, as he looks back to Caillin. A sigh escapes his lips. The words he is about to speak, they hesitate on his lips… hanging in the balance. He gives another sad look toward Ciarrah, then to his sister, "We… I…" another hesitation, "We have not signed the betrothal yet. And… after long and thoughtful deliberation, we believe it best if we do not move forward with the betrothal." He gives a tired sigh. He has sweat wringing in his linen shirt, having just fought - and won - a sword tournament. "The Princess and I are not in love. We thought a marriage would be best for our two houses." He reaches across to run his fingers through Caillin's hair once more, as he says, "But, obviously it is not." He pulls his hand away, letting out another sigh of discontentment. A hurt glance is given to his mother, then to Ciarrah.

Caillin flinches slightly, when she feels her brothers hand, touching her hair, though a small grin flashes in her burning face. However, smile is still hidden in her mothers shoulder. At the question Princess shakes her head "It would be so lovely, but I feel really tired, mommy… Head hurts…" When she glances at her brother, but quickly turns shy look away.
When mother offers some water Princess nods slightly and full of strange fright withdraws from her and crouches, peeking at the princess and at the Tyrel. However, her rosebud lips whisper "Your Highness… I am sorry I can not offer you a proper greeting and I look just horrible…" girl immerses her fingers to a flaxen curls, which are soaked by the fever and turns her eyes to the sky, which is seen by through the massive window.
However, when she hears, what her brother is suggesting, her grey eyes fulfill with tears once more and she springs on his knees, even if her whole body is tired. She clasps her hands around him and sobs. "I ruined everything! I did not wanted so… I love you! I love you so much… But… But…" girl takes a few deep breathes "I am afraid to lose you…" she turns her wet eyes to the Princess and crawls from her brother, trying to stand up, but Caillin stumbles, cause she is still a little bit weak. She cleans her tears with sleeve "I am sorry… I don't know… What is… Please, Your Highness… Stay… But… Leave a part of my brother to mee too.. Promise…" and Caillin shyly touches the hand of her brother, her eyes burns with admiration and adoration at the same time.

Laetitia's eyes narrow a smidgen, her body straightening up as she transfers the weight of her daughter over to Tyrel with a gentle pressing of her hands, the Queen easing off the couch and smoothing her hands over her stomach as she turns and looks to both Tyrel and Ciarrah, "Why do I not believe the words that are reaching my ears. Truly." A pause as she turns to look at Ciarrah, steps taking her towards the woman, "And you. What do you say of this. I hear that you both are besotted with each other and I get rumors of your mild improprieties .." Hand holding, nothing serious, "And now I am to believe two no longer with to marry." A light noise is made in her throat as she turns a little to look towards Tyrel, "What do I always say about lies in your fathers house, Tyrel." Her tone is gentle but firm, faint smile tugging at the outer edges of her lips, "Your sister will be /fine/. She is /fine/. She is young, heart sick, and it pains me to think that it could rob you of something truly wondrous." A look then again to Ciarrah, "So speak to me the truth. And then we shall talk this out. You two /are/ getting married. There is no doubt in my mind about that."

As soon as the invitation is given to sit, Ciarrah does so, slipping into the seat gracefully, her bearing regal, her legs crossing properly. When the Prince speaks, the Aberdeen Princess does not look surprised. Nor does she look pleased. Though it is not anger that reaches her eyes and threatens to spill out and down her cheeks, no.. it is pain. Forcing herself to take a deep, she laces her fingers together so that she will not reach for the Prince to reassure him, for there are no reassurances to give. For a moment, she lowers her eyes, though there is no defeat in her demeanor, the pride still keeping her spine straight. And even yet she does not interfere. Watching the Princess, she remains silent, though gives her a troubled look. Having met her on a few occasions before and never having seen her like this before does truly have her worried about the welfare of the younger girl. Only when the Queen addresses her directly does she reply. "If it is for the best, than I would support Prince Tyrel in any decision he makes. A Kingdom is not to be run on personal preferences, but the good of the whole."

Tyrel continues running his hands through Caillin's hair. As his mother stands to speak, Tyrel watches her closely. Several times he begins to speak, but dares not interrupt her. When she finishes, he nods once to Laetitia, then reaches over taking Ciarrah's hand in his own. He holds her hand softly as his gaze goes to the floor. When it comes back up, he addresses Laetitia, "Yes. You are right mother. I do have feelings for Ciarrah. I think about her when I wake up, I think about her every moment of the day, I go to sleep thinking about her, and then I dream about her through the night." His words come out like a confession. "She would make a wonderful Queen someday." He lets out a sigh as he looks down at Caillin, "But… my sister is my sister. I wouldn't want her sick or sad. I am willing that I should be sad for the rest of my life to spare her the hurt I now feel in my own heart."

Caillin chews on her lip, while everyone is speaking. She stares at the Princess from the island, cause she was waiting for an answer, but not getting one, Caillin just sighs sadly and withdraws from her brother, now trying to sit straight and mannerly, as a real princess should. She sighs once more and now much more firmly, as she would be healthy utters "No, my brother. You will marry her. She is important to you and my silly selfish needs is nothing, comparing it with what bonds you with the princess from the island," Caillin glances at her morther, but quickly turns her eyes away adding "Marriage will happen and she will look incredibly beautiful in her wedding gown… And you will be happy, my brother, I will hide all my feelings and I will not be shame for you anymore," Caillin states and again she looks at her mother "Where is Gaela? I need her to help me to clean my hair and prepare to the bad…"
Laetitia hums softly in her throat, "I thought as much. And you are correct, in every way. It is not based off of personal preferences, but the good of the whole. And my sweet, albeit naive little bean, will have to learn that lesson for in time she will rise up and need to make sure decisions with grace and dignity." Looking towards Caillin as she speaks the Queen will cross the floor, turning and easing down onto the couch gracefully, a slender hand reaching out to gently touch her sons shoulder, "Your happiness, and the good of the Kingdom will not go abated simply because your little sister, my darling daughter, thinks your betrothal means you're ripped from her reach."
Reaching out she'll lightly smooth a hand down Caillins head, fingertips twisting through her flaxen locks lovingly, fever or not, "I'm afraid you've gotten your dramatics - all of you - from my side of the family. We always have felt so deeply." Leaning down she'll kiss her daughters cheek, "But our wisdom eventually rises up from within to conquer our deepest wells." Straightening up she will nod then and call out, "Gaela, come out from there, I know you're there." Hiding no doubt amongst the curtains or elsewhere in the room, "Come, assist the Princess in preparing for bed. You two-"
Turning around she will level her gaze on Tyrel and Ciarrah, "Go and repair the hurt you've both accrued tonight. I wish to speak to you both tomorrow as I haven't had the pleasure of a formal introduction yet." Ah, a soft smile will touch upon the Queens lips as she waits for Gaela to come out to attend to the Princess, the Queen intending on retiring herself for the evening.

When the Prince takes her hand, Ciarrah could no longer deny him than she could deny the breathless catch in her throat at the contact. Turning her gaze to his, there is a smile blossoming across her features that just the sight of him manages to bring. His confession brings twin pink tints to her cheeks, but she does not look away from him. When Caillin speaks, her attention follows the Princess and a warmth spreads to her eyes as she hears of the way she speaks of and to her brother. "I understand, Princess Caillin, for I have a brother as well that I worship and adore. I could never imagine my life without him in it. I wish not to take your brother from you, Your Highness. I wish to gain a sister I never had before." Her words are gentle, certainly there is no blame in them for the younger girl. "Besides, as I get to know your brother, I can understand more and more what you cherish in him, for he has so much warmth inside of him to give."
As the Queen once more speaks to them, she respectfully gives her the whole of her attention now. "I look forward to speaking with you on the morrow, Your Majesty, and I do wish to meet you formally."

Tyrel rises from his place on the couch, still holding the Aberdeen Princess' hand. He smiles to Caillin, bending to kiss her on the cheek as he whispers, "You will never lose me." His words are genuine and sincere. He then turns once more to kiss his mother on the cheek, and whispers a 'thank you' to her as well. His eyes are bright, his expression that of hapiness. "I think all four of us should sit down for a meal tomorrow before the ball." He looks back to Caillin, then offers an incline of his head toward the handmaid as she enters. Another glance is given to Caillin as he smiles, "I love you, my little Princess." He winks at her, then turns toward the door.

Gaela peeks through the small gap between door and case. When she is finally invited into the room, young woman hurries closer near her Princess "Your Highness! Finally!" of course, young woman offers a brief curtsey for all nobles, but is too much excited about her princess. She helps to stand her and leads Caillin from the room. Though, before they both vanishes, Caillin turns to her brother and the Princess from the island "I am sorry… I hope I will find a sister," and she full of shame leaves the room.

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