Nar 40, 229 : Cricket and the Book

Cricket and the Book
Summary: Someone tries to feed Cricket a book, a pregnant woman goes down and more chaos.
OOC Date: 11/Aug/2014 (OOC)
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Short Hallway/Private Residence - Darfield Castle
The main room for the apartment is very large but cozy and smells of herbs and flowers. The stone walls have been washed with paint; they are a soft pale blue. On the stone floor woven rugs have been placed instead of rushes for the comfort of those staying there. By the door hooks have been placed to hold the owners cloaks, scarves and even a cane. In this room you see a long bench near the fire that is of walnut and the back of the bench has been carved to show an ocean scene with a ship sailing. The bench also has comfortable cushions that covered in a woven fabric with the following colors: white, light blue, dark blue. Wall sconces of silver hang on the wall to provide illumination for the room. Opposite of the bench there is a large stone fireplace that is flanked by two comfortable tall wooden chairs. Before one of the chairs there is a small foot stool. The cushions of the chairs have been covered in a heavy light blue fabric. Above the fireplace, hangs a wood carving of a ship at sea. The fireplace itself has an oak mantel that is heavily carved with a ships sailing on rough waters. On the mantel is a model of a wooden sailing ship that look like exact replicas and silver candelabras holding bees wax candles, last but not least there is a large conch shell.
Near the fireplace in the corner there is a spinning wheel and small loom.
On the opposite side of the room across from the windows is a long oak table. Set around the table are matching heavy wood chairs. On the table there are two more silver candelabras. At each of the windows there are window boxes filled with herbs and flowers.
Along the wall there are two doors leading to other rooms. The doors are spread apart and between them is a wooden bookcase. In the book case there are rare scrolls and books on various subjects.
It is day 40 of the month of Nar, 229 2E

After Nylie leaves for that apparently vital nap, Caedmon returns to the large window and pushes the heavy drapery aside. The storm that buffeted the area during the night left few traces. The sky is clear. The grounds that he can see are still and silent, as if the growing heat of summer is stifling everything, even the treads and the birds that nest in them. Gwyliwr, having filled himself with nuts, is sleeping contentedly on the desk.

Wenna full of food took herself to bed. Her eyes are closed and she is sound asleep. Her breathing is deep and even and she blissfully unaware of the world around her. Their door to the bedroom is also close.

Children now awake and moving are in the company of the servants but they have yet to stir from their room. From Gwen's room there comes a screech from a servant and then there is a deep throated growl and then a bark that could shake the rafters. The servant a new girl flees the room thus leaving Lily and Gwen. As the servant flees he would hear next a loud giggle that sounds like a baby.

"Gwyn! That is my book! Cricket!" The little girl shouts and flees from the room seeking Caedmon.

Caedmon is pushing the curtains aside from the window to welcome the light when the shrieking servant bursts from the children's room, with more resonant barks chasing her like hounds pursuing a great boar. His mouth opens to demand an answer, but the girl is so quick that she has thrown open the door and bolted down the hall before he can question her. Instead, he releases a heavy sigh and goes to the door to latch it gain before he heads toward Gwen's room. Half-way down the hall, Lily collides into him, causing Caedmon to jolt backward. At the same time, he reaches for the distraught Lily. "Hold, child," he commands. After catching his breath, he drops to one knee before her so that he can look at her on a level, and he asks, "What happened? I heard the scream and Cricket. Take a deep breath and tell me."

Alas, waddling down that hall when the servant girl went fleeing down it was the Duchess Nylie….being heavy with child and none to quick upon her feet the days, Nylie doesn't get out of the way in time and gets bowled into. And in proepr slow motion tumbles right over. With a squeak of surprise and a bit of an oaf as the wall is connected with before the bit of a thud when she ends up on the floor. Pregnant woman down! She blinks a little dazed like, her one guard caught for a moment between helping Nylie up and taking off after the apperant would be assasin.

Eoin is on his way down from the council offices and heading homewards, or innwards perhaps, when he hears a commotion from down the halway that leads to Wenna and Caedmon's rooms. Needless to say he takes off like a shot in that direction and while he doesn't see the girl he does skid round the corner in time to see Nylie down and her guard looking torn. "Go!" he orders, hoping the man knows him well enough to trust him with his charge, then he calls loudly, "WENNA!" to attract attention from within. Pregnant lady down, call the Royal Physician!. That done its then his turn to look indicisive, stay and wait for assitance or head off with the guard. It only lasts a moment though and then he figures the guard can get help from the Roiga and others, Nylie needs help now, and he slides to his knees beside her to get down on a level before starting with the usual run of, "are you alright?" and, "does it hurt anywhere?" Her head gets a quick visual once over, but he's not looking at the bump, not wanting to draw her attetnion to the fact that falls are bad for bumps.

The Lily face is red and her eyes are blazing. Her nostrils are flaring and her eyes are watering. She looks like a bee that has just had her nest disturbed. She puts her hands on her hips and stomps her foot. "Daaad She is feeding Cricket my book! I gave her the book to look at so I could read to her while she was on the floor playing. Mistress Becca said it was okay!" Her voice is between a whine and shout and her lip is starting to quiver.

The Royal Physician was sleeping, she slept through the screech, the bark from the hell hound and the shout from the child. Yet it was someone shouting her name and causing a guard to fetch her that wakes her up. The guard goes and knocks on the door. There is a grumbled "Yes."

"Baroness, you are needed as the royal physician." There is a grumble and movement as she gets out of bed and heads to see what happened. The door opens and she emerges. Her hair is every which way and there are creases on her face from her pillow. She is dressed in a sleeveless silk under gown and a rose colored linen surcoat. Under her arms she has her crutches. She is still blinking sleep out of her eyes.

Caedmon sighs again, now in exasperation more than weariness. "Leaving him in there with the book certainly won't help," he warns. When he hears Eoin's voice, he glances toward the door in time to see Nylie's guard barging into the main room. "Go back," he tells Lily. "Tell Cricket 'No!' in that firm voice, just as I taught you." He follows the guard's movements toward the bedroom door. "If he drops the book, give him this." He looks around and finds an old shoe that he hands to Lily. "Shoes were cheaper than books, at least." He glances again toward the door to the bedroom, now seeing Wenna there. "I need to help your mother. Somenoe is hurt."

The guard only takes another moment to make the decision upon Eoin's arrival, the man familiar enough with the Lord High Admiral, and he is off like a shot after the 'assasin'. Who's day is certinaly not going to improve once caught! There is another bit of a blink from Nylie, still processing just what happened that landed her on the floor. And then there is Eoin, another blink. Oh Gods, now she's seeing things cause isn't he still at sea? "Eoin?" Coming out just ever so slightly puzzled. She gives a little shake of her head and another blink. Nope, he's still there. A hand reaches to touch an arm…poke..poke….Feels real. Her head does look to be ok, and for the most part, she looks to be ok, just a bit befuddled over all. Oh, questions! "Aye…I think so. Nothing seems to be hurting…" that hand with drawing as she pats herself somewhat as if checking, the bump getting a bit of an absent stroking,"…no new aching." Trying to push herself up a bit, especially in realizing she's…well not exactly sprawled out on the floor, butit's still not very Lady-like or dignified.

Rorey is on the hunt for that blasted mutt, Cricket. She's in a right fuss, too, because the dog had been clearly chewing on the legs of the dining room furnishings — again! She nearly trips over the fallen Nylie and her cousin, Eoin, but comes up short — and thankfully, too! She immediately sees Nylie has taken a spill, and tells her maid Rosie to stay at the end of the hall for a moment to prevent anyone from rounding it too quickly and creating even more of a person-pile. All thoughts of strangling Cricket have vanished, for a moment. "My goodness, are we having an interesting day or what?" she asks the two, rhetorically, standing close so she can help in whatever fashion.

Eoin is, for now, entirely oblivious to anything going on inside the apartments, his focus is on Nylie to the exclusion of pretty much everything else. "Yes, it's me," he replies, worried that her apparent confusion might be a sign that she's smacked her head and thus peering round the back of her skull briefly to check for blood and such like. When she pokes his arm he blinks slightly, pauses for just a moment, then moves on rapidly, saying "look at me," so he can check and see if she's focusing alright or if a pupil is dilated. Not that he can do much more than that mind, but every little helps as they say. "Steady," he then offers as she starts to try and stand before finally Rorey's presense registers in his mind, probably at the sight of her skirts, and he glances up. "Cousin, good to see you again," he starts, a sense of urgency in his tone, "we'll have to catch up properly later but for now can you find your sister, or another of the healers?"

From Gwyn room there is another deep resonating bark and it followed by a giggle. lily bursts into tears as she takes the slipper and goes towards the sound.

Wenna now out of the main room still blinking sleep out of her eyes goes towards the doors that lead hall. The guard opens the door to let her out.

Before Lily leaves, Caedmon lays a hand on her shoulder and squeezes it gently. "I'll be there as soon as I can, darling," he attempts to console her. He leans to kiss her on the cheek before he follows Wenna to the doorway. "What happened?" He calls.

Nylie's eyes to flicker up with the arrival of Roery and the rather odd question that gets posed. Interesting is not what what she would call it….exactly. But then she's looking back to Eoin as he rather demands it, her smokey grey eyes studying him a moment. There is no sign of blood at the back of her head, no sign of a goose egg forming either. Her eyes are in good order, just a few blinks. "I thought you were still at sea," comes a soft comment. Perhaps some explanation of her confusion of seeing him there. The steady while trying to get up doesn't help so much with actually getting up as the attempt fails and she's flumping back a bit. And while Eoin seems to be keeping a hands off approach in checking her over, it seems Nylie isn't quite as in tune with that as a hand settles to his arm to help with that steady bit as she tries to get her pregnant from up off the floor. And that is surely the sight that greets Wenna when she steps out the door….Nylie on the ground, trying to get up….a concerned Eoin and Rorey standing over them.

"Yes, yes of course!" Rorey says at once, and strides purposefully toward her sister and Caedmon's rooms. Right as she is about to give a sound rap-rap-rap on the door, it opens, and she sees a very tired-looking Wenna; she points down the hall, explaining, "It's Nylie; she took a fall, it looks like, although I don't know how. I was coming around the corner and Eoin was already trying to help her up." Of course she steps back for the Royal Physician to step out.

Eoin is torn once more, although this time its between keeping his aforementioned hands-off approach, or resorting to full on scooping her up and carrying her to whichever healer Rorey finds. Fortunately, Wenna's prompt appearance negates the urgency somewhat and he moves to rise to his feet so he can back off and leave room, but the grip on his arm hauls him up short and he's forced to repeat, "steady," then elaborate a little, "just stay a moment, let my cousin be sure there is no damage done. Rest a moment and know that I return having vanquished the foe that Lord Arlen and myself faught mere-weeks ago. I thought His Majesty would want to know firsthand."

In the apartment: Lilly even though she was kissed is now in the room. She shouts at the top of her lungs. "Noooooooo, Criiiicket No." Then there is loud deep bark in response. "Daaddd, she tearing the pages!"

Looking over her shoulder Wenna calls to Caedmon. "I have no idea."

She her voice is has she is about to move further out into the hall when Rorey is there. "I was wondering why the guard was calling me." She says to her sister.

She moves through the door and look back over shoulder.

"Caedmon, my bag please and I will need your help." Turns her attention towards the hall way and she begins to make her way down it. For a gimp she moves fast on crutches. The woman is tall and not very pretty. She is dressed in a sleeveless silk undergown and a rose colored linen surcoat. Her hair is in every direction and she is using crutches to walk. Red lines on her face are slowly fading away.

"Nylie do you feel any cramping or pressure?" She is closer now and she manages to get down on her left knee as she sets aside the crutches. She looks now to both Rorey and Eoin. "When did she fall and how did she land?" She asks.

In the hallway there is a pregnant lady on the ground a woman in crutches now kneeling beside her along with a Man. There are guards and another coming from the open doors on from a ground floor level apartment.

"I swear they change the hallways in this castle every time I have to come here," the young lady in a pale blue gown mutters as she sweeps around the corner. One hand holds the skirts (a pale yellow undergown edged with lace underneath) slightly higher than is strictly ladylike, but makes it easier for her to move. Blue eyes sweep over the scene, coming to a sudden halt in order to not run into anyone, and a hand lifts to tuck a red strand back behind her ear after it flutters down in front of her face. Her mouth forms a round 'O', and then she moves forward one more step. "Are you needing any assistance?" Nerissa asks.

After leaving Lily, Caedmon is coming to the doorway when he hears Lily's plea. He looks to one of the guards on duty and gestures with a thumb toward the apartments. "See to Lily," he commands. "Cricket has one of her books." The guard nods, instantly surmising what he will need to do to keep peace. The guard pushes past Caedmon and heads into the apartment. Then the white-haired man nods to Wenna. "I'll be with you in a moment, love," he assures. He ducks into the same doorway through which the guard passed, and returns, slinging a large satchel over his shoulder. Immediatley behind him, what appears to be a huge, completely white squirrel hops ito the doorway. The squirrel looks at all of the popele in the room. Then he hops into the hallway, following Caedmon toward the woman on crutches.

Well there had been an arm there to use to steady her, then it's moving on her causing Nylie to weeble-wobble in her attempt to get up. And flump, back to the floor…getting up when so pregnant…from the floor…just was not working out for Nylie, and thus also earns Eoin the oddest sort of look. Then she blinks at what he says and manage s asoft,"Oh," perhaps thinking to say something more, but then there seems to suddenly be a lot more people in the hallway. And she's still on the floor.

With Eoin moving off and Wenna seeming to replace him, Nylie's eyes do move from him to her sister-in-law. She shakes her head slowly,"No…no cramping or preassure….though I think all those aches you eased away this morning have returned fully now. I did manage a delightful nap though." A hand pushes back a bit of hair, and even though those questions seem directed else where, Nylie speaks to them,"I was coming back for dinner….and someone came fleeing down the hall…and here I ended up." And of course, out of all the new 'people' that seem to be joining the group in the hallway, it's the squirrel that Nylie ends up looking at, noting,"Sorry, didn't bring any more nuts this time."

Eoin offers Wenna a faintly apologetic look and is about to announce that he doesn't know how events unfolded. Nylie beats him to it though and he feels he can safely add, "your guard is pursuing the individual," by way of reassurance for her, and explaination as to where the man is gone to. Free of the grip he now stands once more and takes a couple of paces out of the way, glancing across to Nerissa now he has the chance to focus on other people. "My Lady," he offers in greeting with a faint nod, "I suspect all is in hand, but my Cousin is likely best suited to answer that for us." Having noted Nylie's odd look towards him he ducks his head a little as he turns back round to speak with Wenna, "do you need any more pairsof hands?"

Rorey, watching the scene unfold carefully, looks from Nylie to the squirrel — and she can't help herself, she giggles. "Aww, I'm sure the squirrel will forgive you, dear," she says. Then she muses, "I wonder if whoever it was has been caught up with yet by that guard…" Hrm. Something just didn't seem quite right… par for the course, these days. But for now, Lady Rorey just stays out of the way, letting Caedmon pass when he comes 'round with that big bag of Wenna's.

"Eoin, you and Caedmon can help her up and get her inside of the apartments. You my dear Mistress or Lady I have no idea who you are, please take that bag from Caedmon he is the man with the white hair." Wenna tells the woman. She then looks to Rorey. "I think that was our Brother's dog I heard." She then gets the crutches and manages to get back on to her feet. It is not a graceful but she gets up without aid and she smiles.

There's a movement of Nerissa's hand to her hip, and then a scowl at the lack of weapon there, when the squirrel appears. However, when the others seem to accept the animal as nothing unusual, she steadies herself. Blue eyes that were narrowed return to their normal size as Wenna gives her an order and she nods. "Lady Nerissa Horizon, Honorable Lady," she quietly offers, guessing that the woman is more than a lesser lady. Stepping towards the indicated man with white hair, she offers a hand forward to take the satchel, actually cradling it in her arms, rather than depending on the strap to carry it.

Caedmon stops when Wenna reaches for her crutches and uses them for support while she rises. He nods to the red-headed stranger and offers th heavy bag of medical supplies. "We can dispense with the introductions unitl later," he suggests. Then he looks to Nylie and then to Eoin. "We should carrier her, rather than try to walk her into the apartment." Then he Looks to Wenna. "Or should we take her to the infirmary?" The large white squirrel rises perks, sitting on his haunches with his front paws curled near his chest, beady black eyes watching everything and nose twitching furiously. He, too, looks to Nylie and tilts his head to one side as if he also is concerned for the pregnant woman's welfare. Caedmon finally looks to the short brunette. "Rorey, would you come with us and help Wenna as well, please?"

Eoin looks briefly hesitant as Wenna gives out her instructions, then notes the lack of formal introductions and goes into full swing. It may not be conventional circumstances, but at least then everyone will know who everyone else is, "Lady Nerissa, please allow me to introduce my cousins Lady Rorey Haravean and Baroness Wenna Kilgour, both are sister to the Count. Baron Caedmon Kilgour of Albion, and his sister Duchess Nylie Kilgour of Lakeshire." The squirrel is left off the list a) because it's a squirrel and b) because he can't actually remember his name right now. Then though he's back into the stream of things and moves over towards Caedmon, ready to assist as soon as the answer is given, although for now he's taking his lead from the couple.

Nylie just gives a faint little nod at words do come from Eoin about her guard. There is just a mild sigh of exasperation with all the people about, orders being given…and being rather helpless…being so pregnant and on the floor…just rather like being a turtle turned on their back. With everyone talking over her, rather than to her, Nylie just looks to the squirrel,"Don't suppose you could run around all their ankles and send them scattering? You know…so I can roll and escape while they're all distracted?" No doubt they are distracted enough to not quite take in her conversation with the squirrel, who is obviously vastly important, even if Eoin cannot remember Sir Gwyliwr's name.

Early evening, and the Priestess of Nar;s business at the castle has since concluded; the young woman now making her way back to the temple. It is quite obvious that this visit to the castle was certainly of the Priestly nature, as she is clothed in her long flowing white robes and pendant of Nar. Her hair also flows freely about her shoulders; lending one to even question that she could ever look any other way.
Perhaps it was the conversation she heard in passing, perhaps she is simply lost, or perhaps she is simply wandering; nevertheless, Kadlin finds her way into the hallway with the large gathering, pausing a bit away from where they have amassed, her head tilted to one side as she attempts to make sense of what lies before her. This much is clear, she seems quite intent to find out, rather than simply dismiss it and continue on.

Rorey says, "Of course, Caedmon; more than happy to help, just point where I'm needed and tell me what to do," this last bit is more or less directed toward her sister, Wenna, as Rorey steps forward a little. Rosie (Rorey's ever-present maid) is done doing her job of making sure nobody rounds the corner too quickly and stumbles on the lot of us here in the hallway, and rejoins the group, looking concerned for the pregnant lady."

Eoin having moved closer to Nylie to help Caedmon lift her, Eoin actually does manage to catch her words to the squirrel. For the third time in maybe ten minutes he's torn once more, do as Wenna says or as Nylie wishes. Damn it. Rubbing one hand through his close cropped hair his eyes flick to the royal physician to see if she heard the remark or not, and if so, what she has to say about it, before the arrival of yet more people makes up his mind for him and he steps back a pace once more. "It seems there is plenty of help here," he states to everyone and none one, I'll go see if I can find out how things progress elsewhere." Then, in parting, there's a faintly awkward, "Duchess," to Nylie which is followed by brief nods to the rest before he turns and strides purposefully off in the direction down which Nylie's guard had vanished.

"Into the apartment and let her rest on the bench if we need to move then we can, we are not that far from the infirmary. Though we do have a case of the summer fever in there, I would rather keep her out of there if possible." The brown haired woman who is Wenna tells Caedmon. She then moves towards a set of doors that is just a little down the hallway. She looks over her shoulder. "Cousin, we can talk later." She then nods.

Agreeing with Caedmon that introductions can happen later with a nod of her head, Nerissa nevertheless gives a bit of a scowl as he makes the mention. Then Eoin drops all of the names all at once on her, when she wasn't really paying attention, so she just looks at the man for a moment. Not catching the talk of the squirrel, she simply steps back, holding the medicine bag, to be out of the way as Nylie is helped into the apartment. Kadlin is noted, and a raised eyebrow indicates recognition, but there is no verbal greeting.

Caedmon frowns when he hears about a summer fever in the infirmary, and then nods to Wenna. "You'll be resting soon," he tells Nylie while he and another guard lift Nylie and carry her toward the door to the apartment. Then he teases, "You must have enjoyed staying with us so much that you want a second night." He smiles to his sister. "Lady, you are quite welcome, too," he invites, inclining his head to Nerissa. He looks around the short hallway, spots Kadlin, and calls. "Blessed, I do not know whether my sister is fortunate or in danger, but prayers, either of thanksgiving or entreaty, cannot hurt. Please, join us."

There is a soft nod given in response to the words psoken by Caedmon, and with another affitming nod, the Priestess moves to follow, "Whatever she needs, I will do my best to insure that she has them. A little of both would not hurt I suspect." She folds her hands behind her and steps closer, "What seems to plague her mind so?"

Nylie blinks up from the squirrel to catch Eoin's awkward-ish departure, a faint incline of her head, a murmuered,"Lord High Admiral," some after thought of,"Be safe." But then Caedmon is there and another guard, and well there was some thought of finally having proper help to get up off the floor. Not that she's entirely wrong, she is finally off the floor. Just a faint sigh of resignation at being carried. Nylie gives a faint smile to Caedmon at the tease,"Obviously I was needing an excuse to spend another eve with you, since there are no storms this eve." Resigned to the fact that she will soon be setup to rest after being tumbled over in the hallway.

After Nylie gets set down and settled in by the guard and Caedmon, she is soon nodding off. Way to much excitement for the pregnant woman!

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