Cri (The Planet) //coming soon//
In a land of Magic...
In a land of Magic… as Planet Cri
Region: Planet Cri
Kingdom: Unknown
Rulers: Inouv
Wealth: Unlimited
Population: Unknown
Language: Unknown
Religion: Children of Inouv
Demonym: The Evil
Primary Revenue: Unknown
Cultural Niche: Oblivion
Weakness: None Known
Fortification: Unknown
Specialization: Magic
Knights: Unknown
Soldiers: Unknown

Apps will not be open for Cri/Oblivion this is for staff/NPC use only.


Cri has turned dark in the sky, a warning perhaps, a prelude to the inexplicable evil drawing the forces of magic together to return to Daeren and let loose its minions to reap the souls who worship the remaining seven of the eight Gods.
Now that magic has returned, the rifts/portals on Cri have opened and from them his creatures are rising, the knowledge of magic enabling them to use the portals.


Magic moves in cycles that can last up to thousands of years. During those cycles it can be strong or it can be in hibernation. A long time ago Cri and Daeren were connected. They were connected through a series of rifts/portals that were located all over both planets. Yet when magic entered into its winter season and fell into hibernation, Inouv made a move to control the planet and he won. While the other gods slept and regained their strength, on Daeren magic was forgotten and even shunned, with cries of witchcraft and the burning of such worshiping of Inouv. Inouv plotted and warped the inhabitants of Cri until they became his children in every sense of the word. The planet of Cri became an extension of his realm and Oblivion is his queen.


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