Thedor 44, 229: Crawford-Kilgour Wedding

Crawford-Kilgour Wedding
Summary: Sutherland and Darfield unit in the wedding of Ronan and Roslin at Trueborn Temple. A great many attend, then relocate up at the castle gardens for the reception where many gifts are given and received.
OOC Date: 13/02/2014 (OOC)
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Trueborn Temple, Sutherland
This spacious building has been erected in the honor of the Eight. A round rotunda in form with a domed roof, it has eight large arched doorways spaced all the way around to admit worshipers. An alcove alter is set between each archway with a statue of each God or Goddess with an offering table, candles, and kneeling pads on the stone floor. Slim staircases allow access to the upper story balcony where eight intricately pieced stained glass rose windows pay homage to the Gods and Goddesses. The light that passes down through the rose windows in the day time bathes the stone flooring below in many colors. At all other hours filigree ironwork sconces with beeswax candles illuminate the interior.

This is an elegant temple, lavish with carved stone, gilt work, colored mosaics, parqueted stone patterns in the floor, and handsome woodwork pews capable of seating many people. A lectern stands in the center of the floor for sermons or weddings, surrounded by many circles of pews with eight slender aisles coming to the center. A discreet, smaller door is tucked beneath each of the staircases to allow access for the Priesthood to other parts of the temple on each side. Eight Sutherland knights are posted at all times to keep the temple and worshipers safe from harm or theft.

Thedor 44, 229.

The temple for today has had all of the beeswax candles replaced with new, and an entire archway of wrought ironwork painted white is set over the lectern, draped with blue and purple strips of fine cloth, interwoven with fresh Sutherland spring flowers. Here and there on the iron archway beeswax candles have been mounted and lit. Ample sunlight comes through the eight open doorways and the rose windows, casting color and brightness all over the temple. Large gold candlesticks are set upon the lectern with an emblem of the Light to drape down the front.

In the very center of the altar is an unusual display. A selection of gold candles, with flowers gathered around them and black lace decorating them. They are a small shrine for those who cannot be here to witness the occasion today, a reminder of those who shall miss the happiness of the day. Laetitia Kilgour. Cedric Crawford. Terrywen Crawford. So many others.

Above, the balcony all around the second story has been draped in bolts of Crawford blue silk and banners hung depicting the crests of House Crawford and House Kilgour. Incense smelling lightly of cinnamon burns to scent the temple's air yet it is faint, not cloying.

Kierne Kincaid, Ronan's squire, and Ronan's man servant Rosley, are both in attendance and both are dressed in white with blue surcoats so that they match. Except that Kierne of course also wears a sword and dagger and Rosley does not. The two of them are greeting and welcoming guests to the temple, along with a bevie of priests and priestesses and their acolytes.

The Count of Greenshire has taken up a seat somewhere near the front since he is easily everyones best friend? No, most likely not, but he has found a good seat. His wine soaked demeanor is hidden quite well and his clothing quite fine as you can imagine. Quietly he sits there with all his family (most likely) while remaining firm in his seat and looking on. A brief lingering gaze to the rememberance for the Crawfords lost the year prior.

Logen is wearing a rather fine black clothes with a purple shirt and silver accents. He's standing behind Draventa who is sitting wearing a pretty purple dress with her hair up and wrapped in pearls. The dress has silver accents and she's wearing a necklace with a single purple pearl on it. Logen is standing quietly close to his father and his bethrothed.

Beside Draventa sits Emerit, her moss green eyes showing a slightly nervous sparkle, that calms a touch when her gaze comes to linger on those golden candles with the flowers and the black lace, giving room for a certain sombre expression in her young and freckled features as her thoughts turn towards the recent losses of both House Kilgour and Crawford. The Mist of the Island has her fiery hair arranged with silver needles that it spills over her left shoulder; her dress with a bodice of dark blue with silver snakes embroidered onto it, while the long sleeves and wide skirts are of a light blue colour and lighter fabric. She wears no jewely apart from that big pendant with many snakes, almost comical in its size compared to the slender delicate young maiden. Her demeanour will return to its outwardly cheerful state, still a slight frown will show on her face whenever she casts a glance towards the Forrester Count - not too often, but it happens, now and then, as she waits for bride and groom to enter.

The confident strides of the Duke of Lakeshire enters with an echo of softer feet beside him. Aidan is dressed to his finest, to show respect for the Sutherland wedding by ensuring his own attire was suitable for the happy occasion. An elegant white tunic with a high stiff collar worked with black brocade settles over his broad frame, snugged at the waist with a belt worked with silver, tied with a Celtic loop. The sleeves of his tunic billow at the arms and tighten at the wrists with further brocade. Trousers of navy settle upon his hips. A sapphire blue robe with open sleeves and trim of silver spills toward the ankles of polished black boots. On his arm is not another Kincaid, which may be surprising. On his arm is Nylie Kilgour, to whom he escorts into the Temple carrying soft conversation between them that does not carry. He appears to be considering the layout of the seats for important people as it were and makes to move toward the Sutherland side.

There is but a slight pause in that quiet conversation as the room is considered, Nylie wearing a deep purple gown with silver trimming, additional embroidery accenting the gown. Her hair is drawn up and stylied with silver pins. Looking ever bit the Kilgour that she was, for once. Though as Aidan moves to take his seat, instead of breaking away to find family to sit with, Nylie's hand stays lightly perched upon his arm as she moves with him to keep place side beside him through the ceremony.

Solara Ruxton is here, attending. She's wearing house colours, attended by several Ruxton guards, as well as a maid. She's been a very quiet presence here, arriving only just in time for the wedding. She's seated somewhere near the back, not really pushing forward, but there. Close enough to see. She is, perhaps unsurprisingly, not alone, as there is a Prince Conall Aberdeen seated next to her, also in attendance. (But since his player is unable to attend, he won't be doing too much this evening.)

Hadrian makes his way shortly after most of the other Kincaid family has arrived. Partly as he did not wish to see his father or a chance they may get into it here at the wedding. He came to see what type of man Ronan was after all. His father better be damn lucky that his attention was into other pressing matters. He moves to stand in the very back so he can see a bit over most heads while he watched and listened. He wished his cousin was here to stand with him. He leans against the walls some, folding his arms, watching.

Benedict is also in attendance though he stands near his charges the princess's of Moniwid. He is a little back not wishing to intrude upon them really given the security here it's likely just a show of support more so then much else. He has changed from his knightly wear to more fancy clothes though still noble looking all the same. The young man is looking about to those gathered but back to those in front of him a moment remaining silent though.

Nimue has come in moments ago and found a place to sit with her brother, Harmon, the noblewoman dressed as one befitting her station. Dressed in forest green and copper, she carries herself with a poise that speaks well of her training. With her arm looped through his as they await the beginning of the ceremony, she is quiet, content to watch and listen for now.

The temple for today has had all of the beeswax candles replaced with new, and an entire archway of wrought ironwork painted white is set over the lectern, draped with blue and purple strips of fine cloth, interwoven with fresh Sutherland spring flowers. Here and there on the iron archway beeswax candles have been mounted and lit. Ample sunlight comes through the eight open doorways and the rose windows, casting color and brightness all over the temple. Large gold candlesticks are set upon the lectern with an emblem of the Light to drape down the front.

In the very center of the altar is an unusual display. A selection of gold candles, with flowers gathered around them and black lace decorating them. They are a small shrine for those who cannot be here to witness the occasion today, a reminder of those who shall miss the happiness of the day. Laetitia Kilgour. Cedric Crawford. Terrywen Crawford. So many others.

Above, the balcony all around the second story has been draped in bolts of Crawford blue silk and banners hung depicting the crests of House Crawford and House Kilgour. Incense smelling lightly of cinnamon burns to scent the temple's air yet it is faint, not cloying.'

Now the wedding guests have been greeted and settled on this joyous day where House Crawford and House Kilgour come together in the Temple of Trueborn in Sutherland, Sir Ronan Crawford walks up the aisle to stand before the altar with the Enlightened Father. The Priest himself is dressed in a long black silk under robe illuminated with a brilliant golden burst over the heart in the symbol of the Light. Long white robes of velvet trimmed in gold drape over him and down to the floor with an elaborate headpiece to match. Music begins to play.

Ronan looks over those who are gathering here today and he smiles, his gaze resting briefly on his Uncle Aidan. The Duke is wearing his best set of steel plate armour in dusky near-black for his Rioga status, shined to perfection. All of his armour and weapons had been repaired and cleaned, then offered to the Gods and Goddesses at his temple vigil the night before to bless them. A crisp blue surcoat is worn over top with the crest for House Crawford blazoned over his chest. A long white cloak falls from Ronan's shoulders trimmed with silvery-white fur. Over his shoulders and to hang down over his chest is a heavy golden chain with the links fashioned as rearing horses in the pose of his House crest, each set with a single large red ruby or blue sapphire - surely mined from the Sutherland Pine Mountains to the northwest. White also are his pants and boots this day with golden spurs, the rawls of which are eight pointed starbursts to honor the Gods. Even the Rioga's sword and dagger have been polished and set into white leather sheaths on a white belt for this day. The Dukes gold signet ring gleams with the ruby stone of his House.

Luna stands near the altar to Umbra. In the capitol, where clergy are a dime a dozen, there would be eight priests or priestesses at each altar. Her attire… well, it is the same as always, with the addition of a brooch with the symbol of Umbra pinned just below her right shoulder. Her tight white curls have been plaited into a braid that reaches from her forehead to the middle of her back. Her palms are pressed together and she stands still as a statue, as do her counterparts. Vivid green eyes move around the room on occasion, resting a bit longer on the immediate royal family, finally resting on Callem.

Aidan shares a brief nod to Ronan, seeing the younger Duke looking his way, a salute to Ronan's confidence for having such a grand ceremony in front of so many important figures of the world. Aidan does offers Nylie a hand while she sits before he gets settled in alongside her to watch the ceremony. Quiet conversation is kept for now, respectful of the groom but no doubt glad he's sitting away from the Count of Greenshire and that his eldest son is somewhere in the back of the room.

Aldren is becoming a bit fidgety in his seat. Never one for sitting still he starts to bite the inside of his cheeks. Whispering something to one of his sisters she giggles a bit before she stifles it. Aldren takes in measure of the crowd around him now, no doubt sharing Aidan's sentiments when he spies the man on the other side of the room but surely frowning when he sees who has accompanied him. Shakes of the head, shakes of the head.

There is then a pause in the music, and then a bit louder to get everyones attention, the musicians begain to play a traditional Sutherland wedding march. It is a stately procession, watching the Kilgour Princess come up the aisle escorted by her regal father, King Callem himself, as well as her women attendants with her train. All those who are gathered are asked to rise.

The first thing one may notice about Roslin is the train that follows her. The dress - made entirely of expensive lace, and embroidered with small gems that sparkle as diamond may well do - stretches ten feet behind her in a train that requires three ladies to assist with. It is held on about her hips and waist by a delicate filigree clasp. The whole ensemble doesnt quite glitter, but it catches the light with every motion as though she were covered with stars on a snowy field. Its a modest dress, with a fairly high, square neckline and long sleeves. Her hair is pulled up in a high, elaborate crown of braids - much finer and higher than she ever wears at Court, and tucked into the crown is a tiara, also of diamond, and from that spills her veil, which travels almost entirely down her person. The train stretches out far beyond it, though, and as it comes into view one can see the smattering of diamonds becomes less and less toward the end, making the garment lighter but also appear to fade away behind her, rather than just end. The lace becomes more delicate, too, giving the same appearance. The Princess today wears no jewelry save for a simple silver eight-pointed star. She walks slowly, the whole dress no doubt being impressively heavy, with her one of her hands upon her fathers.

Once Roslin and Callem reach the center where the archway and lectern are positioned, and where both Ronan and the Enlightened Father await, King Callem turns to lay Roslins hand upon Ronans in symbolism of giving his daughters hand in marriage.

Nylie accepts the offered hand and assistence from Aidan with a smile to him, a hand smoothing her skirts as she takes her seat. Eyes drifting and taking in the alter and groom, those in attendence with a small nod here or there to someone. But conversation is kept simple and quiet with Aidan, respectfully so. Falling silent as the music grows louder and the ceremony begins, eyes settling upon the most adored of cousins and Princess and the dazling, beautiful display that she is this day.

Prince Cayden Aberdeen sits near the front of he seating area along one side, near where Conall and Solara have claimed their position. He's clad in a fine white coat, trimmed in black, with gold fastenings all combining to mark the colors of House Aberdeen. Black leggings are tucked into a pair of matched boots, and he bears no arms, or at least no obvious ones. He turns his head and smiles brightly when Roslin makes her entrance, watching the procession to the front of the temple attentively. The smile does dim, not so much in enthusiasm, but simply shifting to an expression of pleasant expectation as he watches the ceremony unfold.

Hadrian shifts his gaze over to Roslin. Things did not work out for him no thaks to his father. But he shall have his revenge someday! By the Gods he swares it. For now, the Heir to Lakeshire remains in the back, watching she who should have been his walking up the isle till they reach the center. Hadrian did not bring his two large daggers as they would have stuck out in the rather nicer robes he wore for the celebration. But his smaller ones are still tucked into his back pants. Oh what a moment this is for him. The very idea of things flooding his mind right now. His eyes drawn on Roslin then to his father. A fist balls up as his face remains void of emotions yet inside the man was simmering.

Draventa seems nervous as she stands, but her face is smooth, eyes darting try to take everything in.

Sitting in a seat fitting his position, Charles wears a fine cloak of bear fur over a dark yellow and black doublet. He has kept strangely quiet, but that is fitting at such a solemn ceremony. It is unfortunate for the people behind him, as they are sitting behind an effectively short wall with a beard.

Solara glances over at Prince Cayden, and then to the procession, watching with a thoughtful look on her face. Perhaps the world's longest betrothal might come to an end soon? She smiles at the beautiful bride, and then her gaze goes back up to the front, simply keeping an eye on the entire ceremony.

Wearing the colors of House Kilgour, followed by a black cloak with the rampant golden griffin of his personal arms, the King of Mobrin is present among those gathered to celebrate the wedding of his daughter.

Having arrived earlier than most, accompanied by Nima Al-Milan, Princess and Ambassador from the Realm of Kundari, he might have appropriately greeted the majority of the presents by now. His expression betrays a bit of sadness, but more than sadness, it is filled in nostalgia and distant memories of the groom, once his baby daughter. A smile draws itself as the thoughts unfold at the same pace of his steps that get him closer to the altar, holding Roslin's hand at all times.

"You look beautiful." He comments softly to his daughter, now glancing towards the Duke of Sutherland and nodding his head in a show of respect to the new addition to his family.

The knight will stand more straightly not wishing to seem out of place or disrespectful. Benedict turns back to those he was sent to look after though if he catches either princess's look he will give a reassuring smile before it's back to business at hand which is watching and listening to the ceremony at hand.

While anger and frowns could be directed at him, Aidan is all smiles with the lady next to him, ignoring the distaste of any such animosity on such a day. And then for the sight of Roslin walking up the aisle, he looks on with an appreciative grin, speaking of such to Nylie. There is no hint of disappointment for the groom not being his own eldest, just admiration for Ronan.

Ronans gaze meets Callem's. The Crawford lays fist to his heart and bows his head to his King, who is also about to become his Father-in-Law.

The Enlightened begins to speak the opening words of the Ceremony of Union. "We are gathered here today to witness the Union in holy matrimony of House Kilgour of Darfield to House Crawford of Sutherland, Princess Roslin to Duke Ronan. We ask the divine Eight to observe and bless this union of man and wife, of Duke and Duchess, and grant them fruitful union in marriage." And of course, he goes on and on for a while as Priests are wont to do. Eventually the couple are sworn to their vows to one another and when that is completed, the Enlightened steps forward to gesture to Ronan.

The Duke turns to Roslin and Kierne comes up with an elaborately carved wooden tray upon which white velvet cloth is folded. Upon that a heavy necklace is set with many stones. First Ronan steps around behind Roslin so he may carefully unfasten the silver star set around her throat. This is handed to the Enlightened to hold so that the Duke may clasp the Duchesss jewels to lay against Roslins pale skin. Large sapphires surrounded by diamonds and set with a centered pigeons blood ruby, a symbol of the wealth of Sutherland glittering in the light. (

The Enlightened gives a blessing while Ronan then slips a ring upon her left hand, watching Roslin's face. There is a pause for her to do the same in return for his hand ere the Enlightened will bring forth a blue cord. This the priest uses to bind their two clasped hands together. All along it's length the cord is decorated with charms for each of the Eight Gods and Goddesses and to that the Enlightened binds Roslins silver star necklace to lay over their joined hands. Ronan's hand is large, tanned and calloused compared to Roslin's slender, pale little fingers. He towers over her in his height, dark of hair and eye compared to her fairness.

Having arrived slightly early for the wedding, Nima is already seated and when the Princess arrives, escorted by the king. The beauty of the gown is admired, the solemnity of the occasion met with a quiet grace the Kundari Princess carries with her always. Seated near the front because of the man who had escorted her to the wedding had delivered her there before attending to his fatherly duties. Looking towards the front where Ronan is, she offers an encouraging smile, a brief nod of respect to the Duke, though her gaze does not linger overlong. Roslin garners the bulk of her attention until the enlightened begins speaking.

Emerit's mien lightens up when her eyes linger on Roslin by the altar. As if some of the nervous anticipation of the Kilgour princess gets a hold of the Moniwid too. Her hands folded before her in her lap, her attention shifts momentarily towards Benedict as she notices him straightening from the corner of her eye, and she offers him a smile. Then the ceremony reclaims Emerit's attention, and her green eyes go wide when she sees that impressive necklace - the Crawford jewels being fastened about Roslin's neck.

Harmon goes through the appropriate motions as a member of the audience. He remains quiet though a soft whisking can he heard by those closest to him as his thumb traces a the pattern carved on the small flat stone held in his left hand.

Roslin is flushed throughout the entire ceremony. No doubt her brother will have something to say about that. Each movement she makes is practiced and graceful, having gone through a rehersal once, but the ceremony itself a thousand times in her mind. She knows whats coming, so she moves easily to pull aside the long veil she wears so the Enlightened and then her betrothed can remove her jewelry and replace it. The Sutherland crown jewels are as heavy as they are big and bright. She brings one hand up to touch a hulking sapphire as she turns, once more, to continue the ceremony.

Hands bound, rings exchanged, words said. One thing that can be said of the pair is that they both appear happy. What a serindipitous arrangement it was that brought them together - Roslin, indeed, is smiling shyly as the Englightened places his hand over theirs and pronounces them, for all time, joined as the Duke and Duchess of Crawford in the eyes of men and the Gods.

At Harmon's side, Brienne Rivermist glances down at his hand occasionally, a smile playing over her lips as she watches what he is doing. During the bounding of hands and other such ceremony, she gives her attention to the happy couple, smiling as they are joined for all time. "Her dress is lovely.." she comments to Harmon.

The ceremony does capture Nylie's attention as the the Enlightened begins to speak, listening attentively to all that he goes on and on about. Only a brief murmur going to Aidan when the jewels are presented to Roslin and settled about the neck of the new Duchess of Sutherland. A thing soon officially announced as they are presented as that happy new couple after the rings are exchanged. A soft comment going to Aidan on how happy the pair do look and how beautiful the ceremony was.

Jarvice arrives from the City of Trueborn.

Harmon turns his head slightly looking to Brienne, a faint smile ghosts across his lips but remains quiet before turning to look back towards couple.

Finally it is coming to a close. Who wants to sit through long, tedious ceremonies when there is drinking, dancing, feasting, and more to be had in celebration?

Warm sunlight spills down through the rose windows to bathe all in brilliant hues, including Roslin in her lovely wedding gown thrown back in brilliance by the many small stones afixed to her dress. Ronan drinks her slender form in with his eyes as he stands proudly with Roslin, now taking her other hand into his and facing her. The pronouncement made that they are now officially man and wife, the Duke smiles. Anyone can see he adores the new Duchess nee Kilgour as he looks upon her. Ronan steps close to draw Roslin to him that he may tip his head over and seal the close of their wedding with a long, slow kiss.

Cheering erupts in the temple as many of the wedding guests move to stand and throw spring flower petals, tiny folded prayers and well wishes written on colorful bits of paper, or merely call out words of praise and encouragement for the couple. Among them are Kierne who blends his voice with so many others, "Congratulations Duke and Duchess Crawford!"

When the ceremony's conclusion is reached Nimue applaudes, smiling albeit with eyes that mist over with tears of joy for the newly wedded couple. Those tears are not allowed to be seen by her brother as she keeps her head turned away from Harmon but anyone who might look at her from the right angle might see one or two escape her control and fall.

And there was much rejoicing…..yay. Hadrian thought to himself sarcasticlly. Oh how he wanted to speak his mind and bring attention out in the open. With him standing off by himself and away from most people, he mumbles something under his breath while the sounds of people celebrating and speaking and clapping, "Yea, hope you choke on your wedding night to death." His words mumbles lightly, hidden by the sounds of those clapping. Unless you stood right next to him, you would not have heard him. Hadrian turns now as he can't stomach any more of this and goes to find a quiet place to drink. He has a fine bottle waiting on him. He heads for a side exit, not wishing to go out the main entrance now.

Jarvice watchs as his Duke and now Dutchess tie the knot and smiles proudly. He scans the room and makes sure the guards are all in place and is glad that he took the liberties to beef up the guards thruout the castle and grounds with so many nobles, and royals present for this wedding.

Draventa stands as well, throwing her wishes up in the air with everyone else's. It was a beautiful ceremony, although it does nothing to calm her own nerve about what her's will be now. There is no way she can compare with this. She'll force a smile and look over to Logen, making sure he's not prepping to bolt.

Cayden applauds as enthusiastically as any, grinning as the ceremony concludes. As the applause dies down though, his eyes do shift away from the no-doubt happy couple and instead turn towards Princess Nima, standing over near the King. A curious expression flits across his face, but there'll be time to sate that curiosity later. Now, it's time for celebrations to -really- begin.

Logen has his head bowed as he doesn't want to watch his sister kissing anyone. He is clapping, joyful for them but unwilling to look upon the spectacle. He's breathing slowly as if he's holding off something. His eyes close as the cheering continues.

Good thing. Aldren was starting to get the shakes and a bit of a headache. Hopefully the drinking will be on par with a Granarian wedding. He smiles to Rorey and whispers something to her.

Emerit rises as well, and she cheers for the pair, her happiness for them genuine, it seems. There will be a swift glance towards Draventa as well, but nothing more. As it is clear it will be her wedding that is next. If that one would only be half as joyful as this one! Her green gaze shifts to Logen next, studying him carefully for a brief moment. How can a man be so… broken and determined to break others at the same time? Her jaw tenses and she averts her gaze.

Aldren mutters to Rorey, "I will drink till… eyes… if… let us… of…"

Having given his daughter to the Duke of Sutherland, the nostalgic eyes of Callem match a new bright smile. He steps backwards s the ceremony continues, watching it in delight. And when it is done and the marriage is officially sealed, the knight returns closer to the presence. A hand is lad on Ronan's shoulder.

"Congratulations, my lord." His voice sounds sincere and touched by the moment. "Make her happy. That is all I can ask. Make her happy and may the Eight guide your lives and give you their blessing." A similar glance is directed to Roslin, more crystalline and full of pride and happiness. "You might be his wife, but you will always be my daughter, Ros." The King laughs a bit, and gives a few more words to his new son-in-law. "Welcome to the family."

All said, he returns to the seats where the spectators are watching and applauding, letting more people congratulate them for the moment. He returns to where Nima is, nodding to her and sighing slowly.

Luna has not moved an inch, simply watching the ceremony and occasionally glancing toward the royal family. Someone close enogh might notice that, despite her serene demeanor, her eyes have long since welled up.

Aidan stands at the given moment, adding to the applause for the couple as is customary for the celebration. His eyes at that point slide over toward the King, making note of who he brought with him, then over toward a few other faces as he continues to clap and cheer the newly weds out of the Temple.

The little flat stone Harmon was holding vainishes as the ceremony comes to an end. He rises and offers a hand to Nimue and Brienne in rising then adds his applause to that of the others.

As the cermeony concludes, Nylie is amongst those adding her voice to the cheers of congratulations as she stands. Flower petals are tossed along with a few brightly colored bits of papers with well wishes. Her hand eventually settling back to Aidan's arm when everyone begins to filter out to head on to the celebration.

Solara too applauds, sending her own little wish flying up with the rest. And then she too calls out her congratulations, though as the crowd rises to leave, she too gets to her feet. Prince Conall also rises, solicitous and attentive at the moment to the Lady he is accompanying.

Ronan has of course stopped kissing Roslin to let the poor thing get some air. She looks like she could use some! He half turns to Callem to listen and smiles, "Thank you, my liege. Most sincerely." The Rioga will, if Callem will allow, grasp his king's arm much like a handshake, but with forearm to forearm. Aye, the Duke is much pleased. He lifts up his baritone, "I thank each and every one of you for coming. Carriages await to take all of you up to the castle for a night of feasting, dancing, drinking, gift giving, and more. Please be welcome to join us." Yes, the wealthy Duke of Sutherland intends to give his guests gifts, this evening. Like an old ring giver of ages past.

Chuckling at her brother's muttered words, Lady Rorey claps along with all the other guests, wishing the happy couple the best in wedded life together… She is quite sincere, enjoying the company of Princess Roslin on a few occasions. When party-time is announced, the young woman tries not to whoop; but let it not be said Greenshire folk don't enjoy a good party!

When her father approaches, Roslin lowers herself into a respectful, deep curtsy for her leige lord. She is a Duchess now, after all. But when she rises, and speaks softly to her father, her words are gentle. "Thank you, Father," she says, turning to glance at Ronan. She smiles more upon the sight of him. The happier he looks, the happier she looks. She turns her eyes out toward the audience, and her smile remains, though she seems a bit pensive, for just a moment. Then there is a call for carriages, and she holds up her hand - bearing the ring of a wedded woman - for Ronan to lead her.

Jarvice waits for the wedd'd couple to start out before posting their guards fore and aft to make sure nothing happens between here and the castle as Eight guard protect them, with their keen eyes and ready weapons.


Trueborn Bailey Gardens Sutherland

Well above the barbican, this is a wide sloping bailey manicured into lovely gardens. It is surrounded by a thick crenelated wall with room for men to run and shoot from the top and interspersed with five stone towers to protect it. Outside the bailey walls, on most sides, are steep cliffs that fall down the side of the mountain. A huge oak tree adorns the bailey with a fresh water well and and reflecting pool. A cobbled drive leads up to the inner gate. Many paths meander through the sloping gardens with benches, smaller flowering and fruit trees, roses, arbors, flowers and knotwork herb beds. There is even a swing hung below the oak.

The keep itself is set higher up at the top of the mountain above the bailey. Those who wish to enter must pass through one last major gate flanked by towers.

For the festivities this evening, the castle gardens have set with hundreds of paper lanterns in many colors. Some hang in trees, some set on either side of benches, others hung from iron rods or set along the foot pathes so that everything in the gardens we be lit when darkness falls. As no horses for guests are allowed past the Barbican gate and up into the Bailey gardens, carriages bring up the guests from the Temple of Trueborn. Each carriage stops at the top of the bailey before the courtyard towers to let people off and there they are greeted by the spread of the gardens below and the view of the sea. The sun is yet up though lowering in the western sky towards evening.

Tables are set out for feasting with many chairs. The weather is so fair this day no pavilions are needed for shelter. Early spring flowers are everywhere to be seen in a riot of colorful blooms. Muscians play and an area has been set aside for dancing. There are large kegs of beer and barrels of good wine stacked to one side of the gardens with tables covered in glasses and mugs for serving. Servants are dressed in Crawford house colors and armed Sutherland Knights are plentiful to ensure security.

Aldren now arrives, the songbird on his arm. Snaps of fingers and servants come running! Taking a cup for himself and his sister he says, "Don't go to far." His manner all serious to the man in crawford colors. He smiles at Rorey now and says, "Don't go running of like Brendolyn." A laugh and a wink now as he looks for his wife too. Not seeing her he starts to admire the other ladies about. He is gonna dance with someone. You can Count on it.

As the carriages start to arrive, one of the grandest ones slips in amidst all the others. It is the Duke and Duchess themselves, alone in a carriage - how scandalous! One must wonder what is going on in there. When the door opens and the pair step out, it can be seen that Roslin has removed the train to allow for actual movement. She's flushed, as she has been since the ceremony, and her arm goes around Ronan's arm as the man leads them in. She glances up at him once, happily, then to the guests - she is still Roslin, still the girl trained as a Princess all her life, and her attention immeidately goes to those who have come to visit them. She first sees Aldren and smiles, giving him a little wave that is slightly girlish - perhaps she's over-excited.

The Forresters arrive after some time, having lingered a bit at the temple before taking a carriage ride up to the keep itself. Nimue has been chatting with Harmon, her voice aquiver with happiness, her enthusiasm difficult to contain. Once where the reception is to be had is entered she glances around, caught up in the moment. This is when she truly becomes over-whelmed and Harmon's little sister falls quiet, her heart in her eyes and upon her sleeve.

As soon as she spots the bride and groom, Emerit will make her way over to the pair to offer her personal congratulations. "Duchess of Sutherland," she will greet, digesting the new title carefully when addressing Roslin, a playful smile dancing about her lips. "May I tell you that you look astonishing, and happy as well? All my best wishes for your marriage. Happiness, fulfillment, a long life together…" She blushes and chuckles. "Many children." Her arms extended to give Roslin a hug if she allows it. "And that I may be allowed to stay your friend," she says into the bride's ear at a lower volume. A curtsey is offered to Ronan, no, she does not /dare/ to give that impressive knight a hug, delicate and slender princess that she is. "Your Grace. Again, my congratulations. You have picked the best bride possible. May you and her live together in happiness."

A carriage ride had been shared by the Lady Nylie and Duke Aidan, though surely a few others had been along in there, and thus they arrive together at the reception as well, Nylie's hand again resting lightly upon Aidan's arm as the make their way up into the gardens. Nylie lightly commenting to Aidan,"Eveything looks so lovely, and perfect."

There is a table set beneath the huge oak tree covered with all manner of boxes and containers of various sizes, mostly smallish. Two knights stand by it to guard, watchful. Below and behind it are a smaller array of containers carefully stacked and each of those are marked with specific people's names. It is towards this table that Ronan begins to direct Roslin while Rosley goes to fetch the Duke and Duchess drinks. Kierne Kincade trails close behind in the event he's wanted for anything. Ronan says something low to Roslin, "I wish to greet our guests over there, beneath the oak. There I may hand out gifts, if you are agreeable?"

Ah, and there is Emerit. The Duke stops to bow to her and smiles warmly, "Princess Emerit, thank you. Your words are warm and most appreciated. Will you join us over here beneath the oak? We have something for you." Ronan has something up his sleeve that even Roslin doesn't know about, yet.

Prince Logen and Princess Draventa come late as well. A few moments to calm nerves is needed. One they exit their carriage, along with the proper chaperones, Drav will hesitantly take Logen's arm and walk forward. Her pale eyes are wide at the gardens. "This is…a lot." She'll turn to look at her betrothed, "Is this something that is a Sutherland tradition, or Morbin?"

"Of course," Roslin says easly to Ronan, just as she's accosted by Emerit. "Ah!" Roslin squeals and laughs. Yes, she's a little girlish tonight. All the excitement! And the wine likely won't help either. "Oh my dear, I'm so glad you're here." Roslin says, stroking Emerit's hair for a moment and kissing her on the cheek. "Come, Ronan says we have to be over here to greet people. You shall be the first. Come, come." She's released Ronan's arm now and is using one hand to lift her skirts just a bit so she can walk, the other to tug Emerit toward the oak tree.

Jarvice has taken up the liberties of making sure the security is maintained so that nothing goes awry. Guards posted fully to ensure maximum protection for nobles, and royals alike. Jarvice even carry's his blade as he stays close to his Duke and the Dutchess to make sure that they above all else are protected. During this time he'll touch no wine, or any alcoholic beverage, and eat just enough to keep his stomache from being a bother.

And, perhaps latest of all, Luna arrives alongside the Enlightened of the Trueborn Temple. Her face is slightly pinched, and he outright scowls. Apparently, they had a tiff. Without so much as a glance at one another, they move toward the newlyweds. If they were given weapons, the tourney might start this very evening.

Aidan idly sets his robes at his side as he steps from the carriage and assists Nylie out, turning toward the reception with a passive expression on his face. For all the excitement, for a widower, it can only be tolerated. He walks politely with his free arm behind him, on the small of his back, a graceful stride with the Kilgour Lady on his arm. He notes how quickly the bride and groom have been surrounded and does not make a point of seeking them out just yet, turning a look over at Nylie, "Fit for a Princess," he notes with a wry tone, offering a quiet smile to her. "Should we stand in line to offer our congratulations to the couple or shall I find us some wine?" Offered to the Lady invited to be with him at the wedding.

Solara and Prince Conall simply get in the reception line. When their turn comes, Solara smiles. "Congratulations to you both. I am happy to share a small piece of your happiness." Conal murmurs appropriate words, but neither will stay too long, given the large crowd and everyone else wanting to speak with the couple of the day.

Harmon smiles at Nimue, "Go and have fun, sister. I should think with the time you spent at Darfield you know enough of the ladies here that you'll be missed if you spend your time with me." He disengages himself then moves off towards the drinks, but before long the Count has made his way out of the garden to less populated areas.

Aldren gets on with loosening his collar now, a shake of sorts to brush off all the formalities as he settles into another drink. He eyes folks as they arrive now. Still on the lookout for his first victim, or his wife, or perhaps his otherr sister? Who knows. He is certainly looking about for /something/. Aidan and Nylie's arrival is ignored, Ros gets a wave, and Jarvice a scowl. Luna gets much the same though not as bad. He is in no hurry to take up in any line and instead sets to his own tradition. Getting horse-piss drunk while he hates the womans fashions of the period.

"Drink, m'lord?" A young blonde maid asks Aldren, holding a tray with cups on it. Why it's none other than the serving-girl Mary! What a coincidence!

Logen holds Princess Draventa's arm with his. He's standing tall and quiet, something rare for the young prince. He's dressed well and he's not been as rambunctious as rumors would make him out to be. His hand is placed lightly on Draventa's and he's holding her hand. He keeps himself close to his betrothed.

The count does not recognize her without the see through dress and waves her off. "I have one, girl. ARe you blind?"

Emerit's brows jump upwards in surprise at Ronan's remark. "Gifts? You have… something for me? This must be the other way around, must it not?" She certainly does not resist Roslin's pulling her towards those oak tree though, the smile still remaining on her face, as she is not impervious to the excitement. "Oh my. I'm to be the first…?" Not paying much mind to Draventa and Logen at the moment, distracted as she is.

Brendolyn didn't so much run off, on purpose, really, she just got separated from her family and then, well, she had to choose a carriage. It's not her fault! It really never is. She's properly accompanied, at least, when she steps out of Altair's carriage and her smile is wide, she is either rather proud of herself and hoping Aldren sees it or, she's covering up a bit of sheepishness, knowing how he'd react. "My thanks, again," she says, as she looks to him, her azure gaze drifting from him to the others in the crowd. And what a crowd it is, the sight of them all again draws her back a step and her hands slide down to shake out her skirts, a telltale action when she's ill at ease.

Mary, the serving girl, gives Aldren a pout, but she turns and huffs off in another direction. What a strange servant!

Aldren does stare a t her backside and is about to say something till he remembers Rorey is right next to him. Not one of his guards.

Harmon leaves, heading towards the Trueborn Barbican Yard [O].

Solara and Prince Conall gain Ronan's attention. He bows slightly, "Thank you. So glad you could come and I hope you are both enjoying Sutherland. If you have not yet enjoyed it, there is fine swimming to be had even this time of year on the southern coast ere you return northwards."

Emerit makes Ronan laugh briefly, "Long ago Sutherland was a Kingdom, Princess. And it was our custom that a great Lord should give away very fine gifts at his wedding, not to receive them. For the Gods can give me no finger gift than my bride and the children we one day hope to have. So what more should I need? Please allow us to share our happiness with you."

Rosley selects a very small box from the group behind the table, one that has Emerit's name upon it. This he hands to /Roslin/ to give to her friend with both hands. The unmarked gifts are being handed to various others including Solara and Prince Conall by Kierne, with his thanks.

Nimue frowns slightly. With Harmon leaving her she's now without an escort and her fear of crowds starts to manifest. "Oh Light, please not now," she whispers in prayer before, with a smile that quivers like her knees do, now, Nimue makes herself delve right into the thickest of the party. Here's for hoping she will be able to make it to someone she knows before she has an utter collapse. That'd be horrible under normal circumstances but especially tonight during Roslin's most special of days.

Nylie smlies softly to Aidan at the comment,"Aye, it is." Certainly not certain what else could have been to make it more perfect for her cousin. Her own movements elegant and graceful as she walks with the Duke. Her eyes flitting to where the the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland have gone, the well wishers that have made their way over. "We should give our wishes and congratulations to them first, it would only be proper," being family and all," and I'm sure wine can be found in the process." Adding lightly,"And perhaps we can then go speak with a few others?"

Altair gets out of the carriage as well, waiting until a few moments after Brendolyn got out. "You are welcome, Lady Brendolyn," he offers, with a smile, as he looks around at the crowd gathered. "Looks like a wonderful feast," he remarks.

Benedict enters as well though not as looked for as the others. He will walk into the setup gardens. The young knight will find both of those he wishes to at least know where they are despite being quite safe he believes. He will move in though he's mostly out of the way and just taking in the grand event.

Roslin is still greeting Emerit now. She takes the box from Ronan, smiling over the little exchange at him, before she presses it into her friend's hands. She leans in to kiss Emerit's cheek once more. "Thank you for everthing, my dear friend." She says, happily. "I'll come talk to you soon, alright?" She promises, and releases Emerit's hands. She turns and looks around at the group, as if looking for someone. She spies Lady Nimue, alone, and remembers the girl the last time they were together in a large crowd. She frowns, unsure of what to do. But then Conall and Solara are there, and she smiles gaily to them, lowering herself respectfully to them both. "Indeed, thank you both so very much for attending … I feel as though we see too little of you both, and I am so eager to know you more."

"Mobrin's tradition is a bit different, Princess Draventa. In Darfield it tends to include crossbows, catapults, swords - but that is talking from the side of the future wife, I mean. Sometimes it gets a little harsh, with the sea ceremony and the special wine, though I won't entertain you with it. Continue enjoying each other's presence." Callem adds quickly to Logen and Draventa's conversation as he passes them by, without stopping a moment to do so. You don't have to stop to set a bit of fire somewhere. Naturally, he grins.

Draventa glances over to logen, perhaps he didn't hear her, "My lord? Is this a Sutherland tradition, or Mobrin?" She'll smile softly at him, trying to keep him focused as they slowly start making their way towards the bride and groom. She'll blink as the King answers, frown and then looking to Logen for clarification.

Cayden follows behind Conall and Solara, waiting for them to vacate the receiving line before smiling to the newlywed couple, "My congratulations to you both. I believe I've already wished you a prosperous and fruitful joining a few times, now, but allow me to do it once more, and add the hope that it may be a happy one as well." If permitted, he'll briefly clasp both of Roslin's hands, before offering the more masculine forearm-clasp to the Duke. "You've a province to be most proud of, Your Grace. I've greatly enjoyed my brief time here."

Solara offers a polite curtsey, accepting the gifts with a smile. "Thank you, Your Grace, you are most kind," she says. "May your marriage be long and happy. And with that, I think we should move on, and leave you to the mercy of the rest of your guests." She and Conall move along in to the reception area, and Conall immediately moves to get drinks for them.

Several people catch Nimue's attention as she finally decides on someone to greet first, that being the Duke and the newly-wedded Duchess whom should be said hello to first as is befitting a setting such as this. The first noticed are Aidan and her cousin, Nylie, the fact that he's escorting her a surprise as she did not see them during the wedding itself or the short trip here. There are several others she sees as well, of course, but she is distracted once she finds herself standing in line to greet the nobles of Sutherland. Going to socialize will wait until she says hello to the Crawfords properly.

Nima arrives, finally, with her handmaid Syri and one of her guards. The guard moves against a wall to keep an eye on things while Nima, dressed in the colors of her house, carefully avoids the larger of the gathered groups and accepts a drink from a passing server with a tray. "Thank you," she murmurs.

Quite a colourful bird Emerit is at the moment, the cold tones of light and dark blue and even a hint of silver here and there on her attire a contrast to the fiery colour of her hair, as the light of those colourful paper lanterns dances on her tresses. Her eyes flit from Ronan's face as he explains the wedding customs of Sutherland to her, towards that small box with her name on it!, and she gasps, clearly overwhelmed. Her gaze coming to rest on Roslin now, as she extends her arms, accepting the gift with both of her hands. She'll offer Roslin a kiss to her cheek in return for hers. "Yes I will," she mutters, her gaze lingering on the newly made Duchess as she turns away to greet other guests. Her slender hands finally move to open the box, and her moss green eyes widen again. "Oh,… Ros… This is too much! Your Grace!" Her fingers may tremble a touch as she takes the delicate gold ring set with a Sutherland sapphire from the box. "Thank you! I'll treasure this." Finger with ring on lifted to present to the pair, her eyes sparkling. Then she will move over to the table to get something to drink. Valaria always somewhere nigh, and watching over her.

Jarvice is given an appreciative nod from Ronan when he knows his Senechal knight is attending to his duties. The Sutherland Duke looks to see who is coming up next in the reception. He sees the Lady Nylie and his Uncle Aidan coming up and lays fist over his heart to his fellow knight and Duke, "Your Grace, Lady Nylie, I am so pleased you could make it to the wedding. Welcome to Sutherland. I hope all is to your liking?"

Ronan of course hasn't had a chance to really speak with his Uncle Aidan in some while. He looks to Rosley to hand him two boxes, both of them tagged with names and each carved with care of fine Sutherland wood and ornamented with running horses. The smaller he gives to Roslin, if she will present that to Nylie, and the larger he holds out to Aidan himself, "I hope there will be time for us to speak later, Uncle."

Kieryn had been at the wedding of course, somewhere and is of course at the reception as well, So he goes up to congratulate the newly weds and then once he sees that Solara and such are free, he wanders over towards her and gives her a bow, "Lady Ruxton. I am Kieryn Mowbray, youngest brother to Baron Eldan Mowbray of Weston and Captain of the Rosey Dawn and the Western Fleet, pleased to meet you."

Lady Rorey is one to keep her eyes peeled and her senses not very hindered in a big crowd like this, even with her brother right beside her as the festivities begin. Soon enough, she sees Lady Nimue, and taps Aldren on the arm, steering them in her direction with a little wave for the Lady. As they draw closer, Rorey greets her friend with a light hug, if permitted. "Lady Nimue! It's so good to see you; how have you been? You do remember my brother, Count Aldren?"

Logen just stares at the King when he passes back. He closes his eyes and takes a quiet breath. "My father is being a dung disturber. Ignore him." He turns to her and whispers quietly. "I don't remember. I've been drunk all the weddings I've attended and this is the first I'm sober in." He shakes his head and grins at her. "We can find out in planning. Plus if my father does want this type of ceremony… it's on his coin purse."

Nylie's box will have a ring in it, set with emerald slivers around a salt water pearl, and Aidan's is a handsome dagger, made with a carved ivory handle set with the black and silver lily for House Kincaid.

Aidan looks at the groups around Ronan and Roslin, grousing a bit, "I think I need wine first…" and there's a sheepish look that befalls him for that admission, still escorting Nylie along until one of those servants comes by with poured wine. Here he pulls his arm from Nylie's hand to offer her a cup of wine and then take one himself. There's a few good swallows of wine before he gives his arm back over, walking them up toward the Duke of Sutherland and his new bride. He'll wait for a moment to interject, behind Cayden or whoever was there first before them. "We should have a word with His Majesty," Aidan says casually while waiting. Once granted the opportunity, he'll clasp hands with Ronan first and drag him into a hug that his own son wouldn't even receive. "My good nephew," he smiles and turns to Roslin next, offering her a kiss to the cheek and a hug as well if she allows it, "My good niece-" a knowing wink for her before he steps back, "Congratulations to you both. May you life together be fruitful and happy." The box is taken with a humble bow of his head, "You honour me."

Roslin waves to Emerit as she makes her way away, and turns to find herself staring straight at her cousin and Aidan. She looks rather pleased to see the pair together, and the sight of Aidan particularly causes her to grin. "Thank you so much for everything, cousin Nylie," Roslin says, leaning in to kiss the woman on the cheek, and to offer the box over a bit more graciously and adultlike than she did with Emerit. "I hope you enjoy yourself, tonight." And then there's Aidan! And his wink! And Roslin looks as though her face will split in two, with that grin. She leans in to offer him an embrace, strong and true. She murmers some words to him before stepping back, giving his hand a little squeeze before Ronan fills it with gift.

Roslin mutters to Aidan, "… you so… here,…"

Draventa frowns slightly, perhaps it's at Logen's words, or perhaps that the king would joke about something as delicate as Logen and her's wedding is proving to be. "Oh…ok." She'll look over, seeing Emerit holding up something in her hand and she'll slow. She doesn't wish to deal with the Ambassador any more today. Trying to find something else to focus on, "The lantern's are pretty. The wold flowers too."

"Lady Rorey." The hug is accepted by Nimue who then curtseys to her brother. "Count Aldren. Of course. It is a pleasure seeing you both again." Before she even has a chance to answer Rorey it might be easy for her to guess just how she's doing with the look of someone who is lost, very out of their element. Thankfully she's after Draventa and Logan, so she has time to compose herself. "I am well enough. How are you?"

Ronan will embrance is Uncle Aidan and clap the older man on the back with a laugh, "Thank you, Uncle!"

Brendolyn smiles back at Altair and nods her head, "It does look like quite the spread.. " she agrees then she inhales and begins to weave her way through he crowd to find the happy couple. She pushes up onto her tippity toes now and then to peek around and over people then settles back on her feet and clasps her hands, waiting patiently.

Nylie gives Aidan a soft smile, his arm a faint squeeze at his grousing,"Soon, Your Grace." And indeed, there is a servant along soon enough to allow some wine. Nylie incling her head as she accepts the wine from him with a soft,"Thank you." Taking a few sips of the win herself. Nodding to Aidan,"Aye, we should." Offering a graceful curtsy to the newly wedded pair when that time comes about, as well as a warm smile,"Congratulations to you both, it was such a beautiful ceremony and Roslin, you look absolutely stunning today. I am happy for you both, may all your days be as beautiful as this one." The small box is taken up with a blink of surprise, a kis given to Roslin's cheek in return, before she bows her head to Ronan,"Thank you, I am honored by you both."

Somewhere in the party, Conall returns with drinks, and he and Solara share a small toast. Then they turn to watching the arriving people, quietly chatting to each other. At least they are friendly and amicable.

Aldren nods to Nimue, "It is good to see you. Where are your brohters?" He asks now. Lifting his cup he seems quite dissapointed to see that it is now empty. He has no idea he is even in a line as he sees Bre and smiles, waving herr over.

The line must be moving now because Luna and the Enlightened have moved forward at /least/ four paces. A matronly widowed Baroness is before her, one she recognizes from a recent visit to the capitol, causing the priestess to slowly smirk. She has a cunning plan. "Chosen, did you not say you have family in the southeastern part of Sutherland? Why, that would mean you are fro-" As expected, she is cut off by the Baroness. The older woman turns around with exaggerated excitement, /coincidentally/ showing off her many rings and baubles to the best effect of the lighting when she throws her hands up. "Are you truly, Chosen? I know you had to give up your old life, but do tell me, did you know my late husband?" After all, Enlightened are almost always born nobility. Luna grins to herself as the poor man is drawn by the elder's surprisingly strong grip to stand beside her and have his ear talked off.

Jarvice retuns the nod of his Duke, While he keeps shadowing the pair. Staying in the background being part of his duty. as he keeps an eye on those assembled and occasionly summoning pages and dispatching them as required as he keeps getting information on how things are going elsewhere in the castle and grounds.

Continuing his walk, the King of Mobrin reaches a chair and sits down. Not in a crowded area, while giving everyone the chance to congratulate the new wife and husband before he doing it again. But the place he has chosen is not fortuitous and given to fate. Nothing in his life has ever seemed to be. "Thank you for joining us, Princess Nima. But, more than that, thank you for returning to Mobrin. Always remember this is your home." He looks to the ambassador and smiles warmly.

Altair smiles, as he looks aroundat the various people present for the moment. Seeing the long line waiting to greet the Duke and Duchess, he stays back, watching the crowd a bit carefully for the moment now.

Aidan nods to Ronan, "I will be here. I'm afraid I'm promised to enjoyment tonight-" he glances toward the woman he was with and perhaps offering a mild smirk on his lips, as if he couldn't help being ensnared by the trap of a wedding reception. "You shall find me once your admirers are thinned and you can escape the throng-" and a wink for Ronan before he's caught up in Roslin's embrace. He squeezes her in an affectionate embrace, "You are quite the diamond here tonight. I'm glad I was able to see it for myself." A look over toward Ronan as he stands with Roslin, "Let me know if this rogue doesn't make you a proper queen in your own right hrm?" A friendly tease before he stands aside, taking the gift and approving of it, with a lift of his hand to signal such.

Ronan gives Nylie a warm smile, "It is you, my almost-sister-in-law whom honors us to come to our wedding. I thank you." Ah, and there is Prince Cayden coming up, and the clergy, and Lady Nimue…

So many guests but the Rioga Duke takes it in stride, unruffled. He clasps hands with Cayden, "Welcome to Sutherland. You did some excellent diving and I'm certain the lobsters you found are much appreciated. I hope you are enjoying your stay." Rosley duley extracts a certain carved box from the named pile. /This/ one is not carved with horses persay, but hippocampi leaping and frolicing in the waves. Nestled inside of this box for the Aberdeen Prince is only a piece of brightly colored paper folded up into the tiny likeness of a horse. But, there is writing upon that piece of paper.

Logen slowly looks over to his father King Callem and his eyes narrow. He'll have to get the man back later. His eyes turn back to Draventa. "The lanterns are calming. The flowers are beautiful but you still outshine even the fire within the lanterns." He holds her arm over his own and bows his head, taking a step forward in the line. He's never really had to stand in line to talk to his sister but their are firsts for everything.

Almost immediately on the heels of Aidan and Nylie is Cayden, who immediately takes Roslin's hands and then Ronan's arm in gestures of congratulations. Roslin just seems thrilled. "Thank you so much for coming, Your Highness. It has been such a lovely time, with you here." She squeezes his hand and backs away, allowing Ronan to give him his gift. "We must talk soon," she promises him, glancing over at her father and Nima for a moment.

Seeing her friend appears to be a bit scattered, Rorey distracts Nimue with a bit of chit-chat, and Rosie, Rorey's maid, catches another servant walking 'round with beverages, plucking out one for Aldren, one for Rorey, and one for Nimue; whichever each would prefer, after asking politely. Rorey tastes the wine, rolling it over her tongue and trying to pick out the 'notes'. The line proceeds forwards a pace or three, and so do they.

Brendolyn sees Aldren's lifted hand and she walks toward him, "Brother," she says, inclining her head to him when she draw near. "It was a lovely wedding and a very nice party.." she says, idly looking around at all the people. She pauses a smile here and there then goes back to watching the crowd in general.

"Harmon must be off to wench, Your Excellency. As for Trevian, I do believe he's still resting and recovering from his wounds that he receieved upon the day of the hunt." There's a slight sadness to that, Nimue wishing one or both of them could be here with her. But it is not meant to be, alas, and she's here, alone. Thankfully Rorey saw her and they're able to say hello after too much time spent without the other's company. "I will be sure to tell Trevian you said hello if you'd like, Lady Rorey." She smiles warmly, obviously feeling fondly for her.

When the greeting line shifts Nimue does as well, careful not to bump into those in front of her.

Nylie does give a delighted smile at the gift received,"Thank you, it is beautiful." Aidan gives a soft smile at his comment and that hint of a smirk. Drifting aside in time for others to be greeted and offers of congratulations given on to the happy couple. A sip of wine is taken as Nylie gives a glance over the gathering before lightly noting to Aidan,"I believe he is over there." A faint incline of her head motioning to the place where Callem has taken a seat, before threading her way on over there. A curtsy is dropped to him in proper fashion,"Good evening, Your Majestey." There is a brightness to her eyes, for immediatly there after Nylie is giving the King a hug. Family, can't take them anywhere.

Draventa's eyes narrow now, unsure how to respond to Logen. His mood changes so quickly, so she's hesitant. "I think even the subtlest flower outshines a fire. It is not about brightness, my lord. But all of the senses. And what is left behind." She'll glance at the line, this custom is new to her as well. But then again, she's standing in line, so that's rather exciting.

Roslin turns her eyes to Luna and the Englightened. Both recieve a deep bow of respect, hands clasped together from the bride and groom. "Blessed. Englightened. Thank you both for everything. Not only today, but leading up to today. We have so much to thank you both for. And for the Gods. It has been a long road that brings us both to where we are today." She lowers herself respectfully to them once more.

Aldren just plans a little kiss on Bres head and says to Nimue. "Well, I am sure Harmon is enjoying himself. As for Trevian, Rorey would love it if you said hello to him on her behalf." He smiles at his sister now. For some reason he is being ushered ahead but he still doesnt really notice.

Cayden smiles to Ronan and nods, "Indeed I am, Your Grace." He smiles a bit more warmly to Roslin and nods, "I will look forward to it, my friend. But for now, I shall let you bask in the adulation of your friends and relations." He accepts the box with a curious glance, opening it and extracting the small paper horse within, unfolding and reading the writing upon it.

"Your Majesty," Aidan greets toward King Callem with the expected gestures, a hand to chest, a quiet smile on his lips as his eyes regard Nima as well, someone he hasn't personally met, but offers, a prompt greeting to as well, just not verbal. A knowing glint is in his eye as he watches Nylie hug the King, while he sips at his wine, a moment passing. His eyes settling on Nima while Nylie greets Callem, "I do not believe I've had the pleasure, my lady," an offer that begins, "I'm Aidan Kincaid, Duke of Lakeshire."

"It was indeed our honor to return to Mobrin, Your Majesty. Perhaps we will see you again at the tournament, or you would grant me audience once you find the time. Altair, Dastan and I will be returning to Kundari before the spring thaw, though I would wish to speak with you before our departure." Nima offers with a warm smile. "For now, I am going to explore the gardens. Be well, Your Majesty."

Ronan sees the Enlightened and Luna both come up in the reception line. He waits paitently while Roslin speaks to them first and then he offers his hand to press palms with the Enlightened Father, "The ceremony was excellent, thank you. The temple was splendid. Thank you both for your efforts on our behalf." Rosley /actually/ does have a gift to hand to Ronan for each of them - not boxes, but scrolls bound with blue ribbon. For Luna it is merely a document that states she will always have a place to find welcome, housing and food to see to her needs if ever she will be their guest in Sutherland. And for the Enlightened, it is a deed of land for the funding and construction of a new temple at North March. (South March already has one)

In her always quiet manner, after all appropriate greetings, Moira moves along with Aldren, heading towards her beloved sisters by marriage.

Nimue finds herself distracted when King Callem nears, giving her the cause to fall quiet and curtsey, head bowed, green satin pooling about her ankeles for how deep she does so. She will not say anything else until either addressed or some how given leave to speak.

While they are standing together and surrounded by /SO/ many people and relative, Ronan takes a moment to slip his hand and take Roslin's that he might, for one breath, lightly squeaze her fingers. He can't keep her hand though for there are more guests coming through. The blue marriage cord is yet wrapped and bound around his left wrist to keep it safe.

In that small moment, Roslin has a chance to glance over at her husband - yes, truly now her husband - and give him a gleaming, pleased smile. But then? Guests!

As soon as Nimue curtseys, she receives a respectful nod from the King, along with a smile.

"Of course. I hope you have a good rest of the evening." Callem answers with a nod as the foreign royal takes her leave. At the sound of steps coming in, the sharpened knight senses of the monarch make him turn just in time to answer to the embrace.

"Your majesty?" He asks laughing while still hugging his cousin. "I am very glad to see you here. Aidan, my friend, how are you?" His tone is cheerful and pleased, gesturing with his hand in an invitation for them to join him at the table. "How has been Sutherland with you so far?"

The Enlightened is a bit over the time and bombastic in the way he expresses his deepest gratitude. In fact, he goes on a bit, just as he did at the ceremony. The priestess uses the time to retrieve her gift for the couple from the folds of her robe. Finally, she is able to get a word in edgewise. Presenting a moderately sized box covered in white satin with gold lace edging, she dips her head and intones, "Thank you and congratulations, Your Graces. May the Light shine upon and through you both, and, Eight willing, your future children." WHen her gaze falls upon Roslin, a sad smile blooms, but she says no more, moving to get out of the way.

Logen takes a step forward with his head bowed to Ronan before standing straight and holding his hand out for the other man. It's clear he doesn't know what to say to the man he wronged so he keeps quiet. He glances to his sister and grins. "You are radiant, little sister. I'm so very happy for you." He bows his head to his sister. "May the Gods bless you in the many full years you have with each other."

Nylie does shoot Callem a grin before she is laughing as well,"I think I should not try that again, most adored cousin is far more fitting, aye? " There is a light murmur to Callem before Nylie does fully withdraw from the hug and moves to accept the invitation to join him, with a glance to Aidan. "Sutherland has been quite lovely, the tour of the lands was quite something to behold. "

Luna pages Ronan and Roslin: Inside the box are dozens of tiny scrolls (slips of parchment rolled and carefull tied). Each one has a question, some silly, others thought-provoking. It is apparent these are meant for the couple to ask one another, the kinds of things that help people get to know one another better. In the future, it could certainly be used for fun at dinners and parties.

Nylie mutters to Callem, "We… soon."

Roslin allows Ronan to accept the box from Luna, instead once more bowing to the woman. Her sad smile is watched, curiously, but then her brother is there and she must focus on him. "Thank you, Logen. Do have fun tonight - and dance a little with this lovely woman." And Roslin's eyes so easily fall to Draventa, who gets embraced and kissed on the cheek. No doubt there are gifts to both of them from the pile.

The Count is downing another cup and his head must be swirling because he has no idea what is going on. Standing there he looks about for another drink. A soft smile for Nimue and Rorey and a nod to the king as he scoots by quickly.

And a ruffle for Brendolyns hair.

Aidan is a stickler for propriety in public, leaving the option for Callem to break the traditions such as he does. A smile for Callem when he does, "Ahh, you know me old friend, I still yet breathe life, so that is a good thing, yes? Though my days are all the brighter recently, for what we last spoke of has certainly blossomed as possibility." He looks toward the ambassador who takes her leave before seemingly helping Nylie into a chair at Callem's table before he himself sits, putting the box with the dagger in it down upon the said table. "I haven't been long in Sutherland, due to my own daughter's betrothal and other such preparations for the Tourney needing to be made. Though from what I have seen of it, it has treated me well and had I the time, I would linger a few days longer." A look over toward the married couple, "Your daughter looks radiant Callem. The day is surely blessed." A beat, "And how are you faring in all this, Callem?"

Draventa smiles softly at both Ronan and Roslin, "You do look radiant. If I can look have as beautiful as you, the gods will be smiling down upon me." When she's hugged, Roslin can feel a small tremble in the island princess but she seems to be all smiles at the newlyweds. She'll allow Logen to take the box for her.

The small box is accepted from Luna and Ronan smiles, setting it into Roslin's hands, "Thank you, Priestess. Your thoughtfulness and your blessings both, are much appreciated. We'll speak together more, later."

And there is Logen, "Brother-in-law" Again. The Duke clasps Logen's arm as he had the King's before, "Welcome to Sutherland, again. Perhaps you and I will yet punch each other in the face to get it over with, then start over new. You will /have/ to spar with me and see if I can kick your ass. I'll hold you to it." Ronan's grip is strong and he gives Logen a bold eye to dare the other fellow to not agree.

Nonetheless, Ronan gestures to Rosley to hand him a nice, long wooden box finely carved in interlaced horses. Within lays a handsomely made arming sword with a carved ivory handle and a very large purple amethyst stone set carefully into the pommel, "Now, get yourself married so I can give you an even better wedding gift to you and your future bride." (next pose for Drav)

A knowing look is directed to both Aidan and Nylie, increased by his old friend's words. "If things have gone well, then that is all I need to know. How could I stop anything, when the radiance of my most adored cousin speaks for itself?" Yes, very knowing is his look. "Thank you, Aidan. She looks beautiful, and the Gods have bound her to a good man. The day is blessed, indeed. The day is blessed." Callem's gaze lingers around for a while.

Roslin takes the box from her husband and hands it off to one of the maids, standing nearby for just this reason. She smiles once more to the Princess, reaching out to touch her arm. "A Princess like yourself? It will be a wedding for the ages," Roslin promises. "Remember - you will be my sister, and Sutherland is as much your home as it is my family's, now. You are always welcome."

Jarvice calls up the next guest to greet the wedd'd pair.

Roslin finds the box labelled for Draventa, after a moment, and hands it over to the woman. "To remind you of that," Roslin says, nodding. When Draventa opens it, she will find a silver hair clasp, the kind worn in the back of the head to hold the hair back, and that are typically very ornamental. This one is a mermaid, her hair decorated with small pearls and her tail crusted with emeralds.

Logen nods to his sister and smiles. "Of course, I will have the proper amount of fun. Dancing and drinking water." He nods his head quickly. He watches his sister embrace Draventa and he frowns, suddenly jealous. He feels his hand taken and he grips the other man's arm as well. He keeps his eyes on Ronan. "You are tall enough to kick my ass. However, the real feat would be catching me on foot. I'm fast when I'm running down a beach trying to avoid getting beaten." He grins, trying to joke. "Of course we will spar, brother." He bows his head again and takes the box quietly and opens it. He closes it really quickly after. "Thank you." He waits patiently for Draventa.

For Draventa, Rosley has a … rather larger gift. It too is a finely carved box with snakes, hippocampi, ships and sea monsters carved into the wood with skill. He demonstraits that it has legs to fold out so that the box will /stand/ up to sitting height, and then the back folds up just so to … hold a painting! Within are many clever compartments to hold paints, brushes, solvents and set into the very last one is a small velvet bag. Within that is a ring that coils around the finger like an exquisitely fashioned miniature serpent with tiny rubies for eyes and very tiny emeralds down the back.

Nylie had given a smile to Aidan with the response he'd given Callem, easily accepting his help in taking that seat. Though to hear Callem speak, a sip of wine is forstalled, though there the wine glass hangs there a moment to cover the mild pink that touches her cheeks. That sip finally takn before a look is given in turn to Callem. But she is briefly distracted by a tap to her shoulder, that which a servant whipsers to her causes a slight sigh and an apologetic look going to Callem and Aidan,"If you would both excuse me, I have promises Elisabeth that I would partakein a few duets to bring music to the festivities." Rising and giving Callem another quick hug before Aidan gets a smile, and the Kilgour woman goes to join Elisabeth in providing a touch of music for a time for the occasion.

Having stepped away from the receiving line, Cayden looks thoroughly amused about whatever it was he found on the paper. He does carefully replace it in the box though, which is then placed in the care of his servant, Bartrem at the earliest opportunity. Then, probably surprising absolutely no one that knows him at all, the Aberdeen Prince surreptitiously and totally coincidentally happens to wander off in the same direction that a certain Kundari Princess headed off to just a short while ago.

Aidan settles in now at Callem's table, adjusting his robe and taking a drink of wine in between the conversation, a grin in return for Callem. "She does deserve to be happy and it's a mutual desire and decision," that to the first part of the conversation before he considers the wedding party yet again. "I always thought of Roslin as part of my own family," he admits, "That she weds to Ronan keeps her as such. I really do hope they have all that one would desire in life together." He lifts his glass up to toast Callem, "To the day then, my friend, and to the days to come."

Roslin turns her eyes to Nimue, next in line. "My dear," The former Princess breaths, holding out her hands so Nimue may take them if she so wishes. "Come and let me look at you. It has been far too long - wherever are you hiding yourself? You must take a little time, while you are here, and do a little swimming. I promise - you shall feel so freshed, it is the finest thing before we all must return to Darfield and the snow." The git is brought forth, this one a rather large box. When it is opened, some cloth must be pulled aside to reveal …. a dress, hunter green velvet and hemmed in thick gold thread. The overdress comes with a delicate gold filigree clasp to chinch it beneath the bust, and the underdress is a pale yellow set with small freshwater pearls.

Aidan stands from his seat as Nylie is departing from the table and speaking of having to perform promised music for the ceremony, nodding to her, before he retakes his head with an exhaled sigh and a look over toward Callem, a smirk that lasts for a moment before he watches the -younger- crowds drifting around and socializing with one another. He's not making any attempt to join them, quite content to sit with the King.

Draventa inhales and holds her breath as she looks at the hair comb, it's many means washing over her. Her eyes are slightly glassy as she looks up and smiles at Roslin. "Thank you." The size of the next gift makes Drav's eyebrows raise and she'll then smile, a bit happier when she seems what it is. She'll look to the Duke, "I would paint your wife without the gift, but thank you." the ring os quietly slipped on and touched. She'll bow her head to both and wait to take Logen's arm.

When she is beckoned forward Nimue does so and then straightens to give Roslin a hug, first, if allowed and then Ronan himself is hugged, that too if she's permitted. "I have been saying inside while it has been so cold, Roslin. Please forgive me." There's a slight blush then when she is given the box. "I am afraid my own gift to you both will have to wait until spring is upon us and the thaw arrives." The box is taken and peeked within, the contents of which will get her to gasp. "Oh. Oh… so lovely. Thank you both!"

Aldren is sip sip sipping now and listening to his sisters and watching as Nimue steps forward. He keeps an eye out for his wife who must be somewhere but sees naught. Well, he does see that blonde girl with the drinks and he waves her over for another. Her face looking vaguely familiar. He shrugs and grabs one for Rorey and Bre now. "Drink! Both of you!" He waves over a guard who had been standing near with their own gift for the couple as they get closer.

Ronan laughs to what Logen says, "That's why I ride a horse. Alanza can catch you." But, he is in good humor and there is no real threat in his tone. Logen will find the arming sword a fine and costly piece of exquisite craftsmanship, and nothing less than a Prince deserves to wear at his hip. The Duke has a very warm smile for Draventa, "I still wish to see your paintings, Your Highness. And to see you ride a Sutherland mare. If there is not time enough ere we depart back north, I will make certain to arrange it in Darfield."

And there is the Lady Nimue. Ronan finds himself hugged as well and he smiles. "Thank you, lady Forrester. It is a pleasure to see you smile and for dancing with me at Festival. May there be a great deal more happy dancing in your future. Thank you for coming."

Altair has still been simply circulating through the crowds, taking small sips of whatever drink he has managed to get hold of, just listening to people and such.

Logen nods to Ronan and shakes his head. "I fly like a leaf in the wind. Thank you for your hospitality." He takes Draventa's arm and makes sure all things are secure before he moves away from the couple and keeps his eyes low.

Callem raises a cup in answer to the proposed toast, just after offering Nylie another hug and a smile at the time of her departure. "To this day and the days to come, Aidan." The crimson wine is sipped entirely and the cup is swiftly refilled. "If it is a mutual desire and decision, I must say that I am happy for you both. Keep with it. I promised Nylie that I would respect her wish and her heart, after all she has done to Mobrin and to all of us. That is all I want, my friend. So this day is for you, as well. Congratulations, Aidan."

Conall asks Solara to dance, and the two end up on the dance floor. The bright red-gold of her hair catches the lights as they whirl and turn, dancing happily to an upbeat song. And when it's over, someone else asks Solara to dance. Given how she loves dancing, she acquiesces and ends up spending a great deal of time on the dance floor, enjoying the music and the celebration.

Draventa smiles and will agree to the horse riding and painting before moving off with Logen. She'll keep her voice soft, "You did well, Logen." The hand on his arm has her new ring.

And then there are Haraveans. Brendolyn, Rorey, Moira, and Aldren. Each is recieved with an embrace and a small kiss on the cheek. "Thank you all -everyone - for coming to stay with us. I hope you've had a good time while you were here. And that Lord Grandfather here has behaved for most of it." The family might know that 'Lord Grandfather' is a term that Roslin sometimes uses to refer to Aldren. The gifts are brought forth - for the ladies, each a bracelet of hammered and fashioned and partially-blackened gold to look like tree vines. Moira's shall have blossoms of roses in red and pinks, Rorey's shall have smaller ones in yellow. Brendolyn's will be simple and unadorned, that it might suit her style. "You'll have to talk to him for yours," Roslin says, playfully to Aldren. No doubt she refers to her husband.

Brendolyn smiles at the couple then dips a graceful curtsy before offering a small box to Roslin, or whoever is taking her gifts, as she leans in to hug her. "Just a small token for you," she says to her. "Congratulations, you look very happy and I am happy for you. The Haravaen gift is likely lost in that mountain of offerings," she says with a grin. To Ronan she smiles, "Congratulations, everything is just lovely. You have outdone yourself as a host," she says softly then moves along so the long line of well wishers can advance. The slender box she gives Roslin contains a silver mirror bearing an elegant etching of her initials, the handled bearing a wide band of pave set blue gems.

"Perhaps your Lady Love will allow me one dance when the occasion strikes, Your Grace." That won't be tonight, though. No, Nimue will not make such a request of Ronan and Roslin on their wedding night. A dance can wait till some other occasion. "Beg your pardons, but I should mingle." Which will be a lot easier now that she feels more on even footing. Nimue curtseys to them both before turning to move out of the way, seeking out Aidan and her cousin. Nylie seems to have disappeared, though, making for a confused Forrester.

Aidan nods his head at the shared toast, reaffirming the words with the clink of the cups. "I did ask her, so she has full knowledge of my intent and has agreed, though I should allow her to tell you that, no doubt she will and in her time confirm my words this night," a look toward Callem to regard the reaction on his face, hearing no amount of disapproval, not that he would expect it for the conversation he had with the King long before this day. There's a wide smile that finds his lips at the manner of congratulations received, "Thank you for that my friend," a wry pull of his lips, "And what of you? Who was that I saw you sitting with this night?"

Aldren smiles to them both now. "I must congratulate you for the one thousandth time you have heard the words tonight." He smiles and bids the man with the gift over. Roslin has jokes? So does Aldren. "This is for you. A gift that plays for both of you. The engravings to remind the Duke of our /wonderful/" His head tosses back in a playful manner, "hunting trips and experiences over the past weeks." Now to Roslin, "And its function, to remind our little princess that she is now someones wife and to ever keep with her womanly duties." He winks at them both and keeps his words low for just those around.

Rorey subtly elbows her brother when nobody else is looking, "You've had enough to drink to make you slosh right on over onto the ground. Enough, then, until we've presented our gift! It's nearly our turn…" And almost exactly as Rorey's saying this, she sees the time has arrived, and curtsies after her sister, before she embraces Roslin with a hug and cheek-peck kiss, and then Ronan she greets warmly too, "The wedding was so splendid. I do hope you both have a bright future overflowing with happiness and all manner of good things!" To Roslin she adds, quietly, "I can't wait to get started on the shrines."

Moira takes her gift, admiringly, tracing a finger over it, touching each of the roses - one by one. With a smile, and a heartfelt (if allowed) hug and kiss to the cheek. "Thank you. Gods blessing upon the two of you," with a curtsy to Ronan before saying, as aldren presents the gifts "Aldren has the gifts for you and your Lord Husband, and I am hoping that your servants had no troubles with the other one. I am always ready to help if needed." And then, before pulling away, she murmurs something softly to the new bride.

Moira mutters to Roslin, "You… lady…. the…"

Brendolyn smiles and takes her gift as well, as she moves along, and it's put right on her wrist with a smile.

Each lady gets a hug and a kiss in return. Brendolyn's box is accepted, happily, and opened to much admiration. "It's lovely … oh, what a perfect thing. Thank you, my dear." She nods then to Rorey, who comes next. She gets a small squeeze of the hand. "By the time of the thaw, we will begin. I was so distracted with the wedding - it's my own fault it's taken so long. But soon, my dear." And then Moira comes, and mummers softly in her ear. Whatever she says gets a stronger hug from the girl and a small whisper of appreciation. Are there tears in her eyes as the three move away? Perhaps so, but they are quickly wiped away.

And then she sticks her tongue out at Aldren.

Ronan awaits the Count Aldren, a man he calls friend, as well as the rest of the Haravean clan. He smiles warmly to Brendolyn, "Thank you for coming, Lady Brendolyn. Your company has been a pleasure, though we missed seeing you and lady Rorey join us for the hunt." If they will allow him, Ronan would take each of the Haravean lady's hands into his own if only briefly. "Thank you, Lady Rorey. May it be so."

Last of all is Aldren and his lovely wife Moria. The Duke would clasp a hand on the Count's shoulder, "For you I have an entire barrel of Sutherland Red wine, just for you. But also my friend, I owe you both a belated wedding gift."

Rosley comes forward with two small boxes as he had before to give to the Rioga, who then offers them to Aldren and Moira. Each are carved in horses and each within have small, brightly folded bits of paper in the shape of horses. For Moira, a smooth gaited grey Sutherland palfrey mare, and for Aldren, his pick of an already trained full on Sutherland war horse. (Not Ronan's)

Finally having circulated enough, Altair makes his way over in the general direction of the line of well wishers for the happy couple, placing himself at the end of the line now. After all, it's the right thing to do, yes?

Logen's been rather well behaved, so when he excuses himself, Drav just nods. She'll stand there a moment and will then slowly start making her way over towards Aidan and Callem. She's already playing wight eh ring on her finger, a reminder of who she is.

Opening the box, Rorey admires the bracelet she's received, "Oh! It's beautiful, most beautiful, look at the details…" She genuinely smiles to Ronan, embracing him lightly in return, "Oh you're very much welcome, Lord Ronan… Ah, the hunt - I'm afraid it's not quite my thing…" She might look a shade paler when it's mentioned, but brightens up without skipping a beat,"… but those archery tournaments! I can't wait. Brendolyn's determined, too."

Roslin turns her eyes to the next guest, as the Haraveans speak to her husband. Upon seeing the Prince, Roslin lowers herself into a respectful curtsy for him - she is a Duchess now, after all. "Your Highness," she says, smoothly. "Thank you so much for coming. It is such an honor to be able to host you. I hope you have found Sutherland to your liking - a bit different from Darfield, I find. I have not had the opportunity to speak to your sister, but do give her my regards. I look forward very much ot seeing her again."

Aidan seems to be well relaxing into the chair beside his King, hazel eyes content, showing a flicker of excitement for the congratulations and seemingly staying as much. That is when he notices between wine sips, the approach of a few toward the table. Lady Nimue, as well as Draventa. To the both he nods his head, though will allow the King to greet them first before he offers any, "Princess Draventa, Lady Nimue-" he says to each in turn, "How does the night treat you both?"

The Count smiles at the mention of the wine, and more so at the horse. "I cannot thank you enough." He smiles now and ushers the ladies with him off so they can finish up and get a drink and a dance for themselves.

Jarvice just keeps a dutiful eye on the wedd'd pair and on those still here making sure that things still run smoothly and wine and food flow endlessly for the wedding guests.

Brendolyn glides through the recieving line then with a soft smile around disappears into the crowd, this is a perfect setting to slip the guards and the maid and roam the gardens alone. Or maybe even beyond, hah! Keep drinkin', Aldren, keep on drinkin'.

Callem chuckles and looks at Aidan. "Princess Nima Al-Milan, ambassador of Kundari. Her brother Altair is here, as well," The cup is tilted towards the Prince who waits in line to greet the new wed couple. "She just returned from Laniveer. What happened there? I do not know. Nor I will ask her. You know me, Aidan, I never take such advantages." Then more people seem to join them, and they are greeted warm and respectfully. "Lady Nimue. Princess Draventa. Have you enjoyed the celebration so far?" The later receives a longer look - not an apologetical one, as he should, for his last intervention towards her, but just a curious glance. "Please, take seat and join us."

Having skirted the edge of the excitement, barely sipping the white wine in her hand, the priestess of Umbra seems quite comfortable in the shadows. Almost a part of them, one might say, despite her bright white robe and hair. Long legs slowly bring her toward the area where the King and Aidan are speaking, but her gaze only barely slides over them at first, as it does everyone else.

Ah. There he is and he's greeting her. Nimue pauses a few feet from the table and she curtseys, her head bowed as she does. "Your Grace. I do hope now is not untimely but I was hoping to catch you and make you make good on a promise of a dance. If now would not be a bad time, of course." A passing servant is handed the box and given instruction to please take it to the Forrester room at the inn. Even as she does this she looks like she might very well leave if Aidan looks like he'd rather wait until later to dance with her.

Aldren pays little attention to his sisters now. He knows how weddings go. Why bother? After Moira gets all giddy and happy and such for her present she skirts off with him. Now he just makes to have a good time now. He will drag his wife over towards the king till he sees the company he keeps. Now he makes his way of all places towards Luna. "Priestess. How faire you?" The answer does no seem to be important. He is just enjoying the shadows while he waits for some goddamn dancing to get under way.

Draventa nods her head to Aidan giving him a soft smile, "It is nice to see you again, Lord Aidan." The King receives curtsy, but she'll not make eye contact, "Your majesty." She lets her pale eyes room the festivities, "Everyhtign is quite beautiful." Not quite an answer, but the one she gives. She'll sit down gentle, an eye open for if Logen should return.

"That was Nima?" Aidan says with a touch of surprise, "The late Queen and I spoke of a potential match between her and my son, but we had never gotten further than that I'm afraid. Nor did I ever have the opportunity to meet her." His eyes turn down into the wine, "Such is the swift change of life." A moment comes and goes, as with many opportunities. A flicker of a shadow in his gaze though, returning his attention toward the two ladies approaching, first to Nimue as she speaks to him direct and wishes of him a dance. "I have such learned that time is precious Lady Nimue," he nods to the King, "Excuse me my good friend and King," he reaches over to clap Callem on the shoulder, "We will speak later. I'm sure. If not tonight, then I wish you well for the eve." He will nod and then stand, putting his wine glass down and finding a Kincaid servant nearby to take his gift into safe keeping. "I shall accept your offer, my Lady," and such promises he was made to keep, to enjoy himself this night. To Draventa, he waves her to his seat, "Please, keep our good King some company." And that is when he smiles for Nimue, offering his hand to her.

Altair, being the last in the line is greeted. The Duke smiles, "I hope you have been enjoying your stay in Sutherland, Prince. You and your lovely sister, the Princess Nima. Thank you so much for coming to our ceremony and I shall hope we will soon have news of a Mobrin alliance yet, with the Kundari." Ronan lowers his voice, "I have to admit… the Princess in particular has … left me with a richer appreciation for Sutherland's old enemy than I knew before. May we not be enemies anymore, in the future."

Ronan would clasp Altair's arm, if the other man will accept his gesture. Rosley has a rather large package for Altair which he hands over to his Duke. Ronan offers this to the Prince and within is a most exquisite doublet of Sutherland style, black but carefully fitted with turquoise slashes in the sleeves and breasts and embroidarided with elegant Kundari style leaping gazelles, and horses.

A second, smaller box is also presented, "This is for the Princess Nima, whom I hoped to greet thisevening. As I see her not, I ask that you give it unto her from us with our warm regards." It is another of the carved boxes, slim. Within is a bracelet made of thin, linked horses made of gold with intricate Kundari style swirls and patterns, different upon each one.

Well! There goes Aldren, and Brendolyn's ran off somewhere… to which Rorey startles inwardly, a little bit, and mutters something to Rosie who Takes Care Of Business in two seconds flat. Good woman, Rosie, and without leaving the Lady's side, either. That little thing taken care of, Rorey meanders, accompanied by her maid, to find some food and nibble a little, whilst still enjoying the wine.

Brendolyn grabs a drink off a passing tray and drinks it down then takes another and moves to the edge of the crowd to watch from afar-ish. She looks over her pretty bracelet and sips her wine, occasionally looking from one person to another, not lingering long enough to stare, even if some hold her attention more than others.

Luna's brow lifts slightly upon identifying her unlikely companion. Her nose wrinkles a bit at the strength of the scent of spirits on him, but her tone is congenial and her polite smile intact. "I fare as I should, Your Excellency." Damn evasive woman. "And you? You seem to have lost your wife…" Glancing around, she spots the group and finishes with a smirk, "To His Majesty."

Smiling as he bows politely to the couple, Altair also hands over a small box to each of them. "Duke Ronan, Duchess Roslin. Congratulations on this wounderful occasion, and thank you for the hospitality. I am afraid the gifts I bring is nothing much, but I hope they can be a token of better times between the Kundari and the people of Sutherland.." Inside the boxes are some carved statuettes of a horse and a camel. Also taking the packages that is handed to him, he nods politely again. "I will make sure my sister gets this, Your Grace. Thank you."

Jarvice seeing that the last of the guests have presented gifts to his Duke and Dutches. Slips out of the shadows and moves to stand before them. He bows to both and says. "I would present my gift to your Graces, but sadly such things are ill fitted to be inside such with so many people. Though in the morning if you'll go to the royal stables and check out the last two stalls, you'll find that which I give to you There. " as he smiles brightly to both Ronan and Roslin.

Roslin turns to Ronan, just about to speak to him. But then Jarvice is there, and she looks at him, a little surprised. Her look becomes warm, though, after he speaks. "Sir Jarvice," she says, gratefully. "Thank you so much. That is so very kind of you," she says, lifting a hand to touch the hulking gems at her neck.

When Aidan joins her Nimue slides her hand into his and prepares to lead the Duke to the dance floor. She easily assumes whatever position is needed per the dance currently to be had although part of her does hope it'll be slow enough to allow the two some closeness. Makes for easier conversation that way. "I did not realize you knew my cousin, Lady Nylie," is commented easily. Whatever nervousness Nimue felt before now gone. Seems Aidan has a calming effect on her.

Aldren stands there, another cup swallowed. Yea, he has been drinking since he woke up. Minus the odor you wouldn't know though. And that barrel of red? It will make fine company for him and Victoria on their upcoming travels. Turning to Moira he says, "Would you be jealous of Umbras humble servant if I pretended that we got along and asked her to dance?" He smiles to both ladies now. No doubt he will be trying to show up the Duke out there. Luna better have her shit together!

Benedict has been mingling and not wishing to be in the way he spots one sitting down and will change course until he's standing beside her "Hello princess, a fairly nice event." he motions to the wedding and now the party at large. He will turn back though "You look very nice as well of course." he compliments but it's a lowered tone "Are you well?" he'll ask her just trying to make sure she doesn't need help or anything.

Ronan takes Jarvice's arm into a clasp as well as lays his other fist over his heart to salute his fellow knight, "Thank you, Sir Jarvice. I look foreward to seeing you fight in my Uncle's in the tournament. See how sharp your skills in arms remain for I have heard others speak well of it." To the promise of a gift in the stables, the Duke glances to Roslin, then back to Jarvice and smiles warmly, "Thank you. We shall endevor to slip out in the morning together to go and see."

As the line finally dwindles, Roslin is able to once more turn to her husband. She smiles up at him, moving to slide her arm in with his. She'll have to rise to her tip-toes in order to whisper in his ear, but she does, eyes looking toward the direction of her father.

"Of course, enjoy the dance." Callem answers to Aidan, now talking to Draventa over his cup. "Everything is quite beautiful, indeed. Just, Your Highness, do your best to avoid the pressure." As always, the King of Mobrin is very direct at the time of expressing his thoughts. "There is none. Take your time. Breathe. How has everything going with Logen? He might not be easy to deal with, sometimes, that I can tell you. But his heart is wider than his head - which is not little to say."

To Luna, who he notices from afar, he nods his head in greeting and keeps his curious glance between her and Aldren.

Moira looks to her husband and smiles, shaking her head, "Of course not, my lord" blushing prettily, faint roses of red in her cheeks. "In fact, it would be the thing, while I go and get some refreshments and rest for a few, over there." gesturing off to one side.

Roslin mutters to Ronan, "I'm… exhausted, I… hardly… go pay… that… with…"

Roslin whispers "I'm so exhausted, I can hardly stand! Let's go pay our respects to the King, that we may be done with that for the evening."

Jarvice returns the clasp of his Duke and at the Dutchess expression his grin grows. "I have to brag a bit Your grace as I did ask my folks to pick the prime pair for you two as nothing less would do. I bet you'll both look splendid on them. As for the tourney I'll give it my all. "

Roslin can easily gain his attention. Ronan hasn't slept in two days and not eaten much so he's flagging a little. But, chin up, hours yet to go before there will be that last test of his stamina ere he sleeps. He links his large hand in her tiny one and looks back to Jarvice, "I owe you a gift, Sir Jarvice. Let me instead owe you a boon. A small one, mind, but a boon nonetheless. You might need have need of it eventually." Roman smiles, then allows Roslin to have her wish as they go to approach her father, the King.

To: Ronan Roslin

From: Aidan

Date: Thu Feb 13 19:58:48 2014


Subject: Kincaid Gift

From the House of Kincaid:

The War Ship called: Lady Slipper — she's a galley and will manage a good size of your horses and had been one of the ships sent to you originally to borrow, crew and captain included.

A Summer Mansion on Lakeshire's Shores — a personal retreat that will be called "Crawford Landing" in honour of the marriage. May it be a retreat for the Dutchess to use as she desires.

Enjoy. Sorry, you don't get descriptions with it. Hahaha. Thought that counts, right? - Aidan

For the first time this evening, amusement touches Luna's visage. Though still wary, she dips her head to Moira. "Thank you, Your Excellency." Her hand lifts and delicate fingers rest lightly upon Aldren's forearm in acceptance of his offer. "It has been many years since I last danced, my lord. I pray I do not embarrass you." No, really, she starts saying a quiet prayer.

A small, somewhat nervous grin is offered to Callem over her shoulder.

Aidan chuckles a little at the eagerness of the Lady who has his hand now, in her leading him onto the dance floor, that was quite the change of pace. He too gets in the stance for the current song, gestuers made to follow along with the movement of the music, from bows to knee bends and hops, to turns with the hands pressed palm to palm. Whatever the nature of the music, he goes with it. The conversation as it starts makes him regard Nimue swiftly, a bit of guilt behind that look, before he looks away to maintain the dance, answering a short breath later, "Yes. The good Baroness Wenna suggested that I meet her for dinner and offered me a seat at the Voice's table."

With her arm slung in with his, Roslin - sparkling in the light of the lanterns in her diamond-encrusted lace dress - moves with her husband to stand before her father and present herself. As she has done previously, she lowers herself in a respectful curtsy to her father. "Your magesty," she says, glancing at him as she rises. "Forgive our intrusion. But His Grace adn I did wish to thank you for … so much. For everything."

Jarvice nods as he steps aside as His Grace's head to speak to the king. Jarvice keeps his distance as he shadows them to make sure htey are protected at all costs.

Altair has made his way back into the crowd now, taking another sip from his drink as he looks between the people circulating. A brief smile is offered to those he pass by, as he turns to watch the various people present now.

"Well," Aldren smiles that ever proud smile he carries and with all his ego says, "I am quite good so we should be alright." Leading her out he has a more backwoods style. Bows and bends have no place as the festive song has started and he will twirl her ever so elegantly. A soft touch as the circular steps are now had. Quite close to the woman now his foot out and hers back as they move about, a hand in hers and one at her waist.

Draventa's eyes go down, and she'll collect her thoughts, smoothing her purple skirt as the King speaks, "He is distraught. Scared." She'll look over at the King finally,Her voice low, to not draw attention. "He changes so quickly, I do not know what he needs. He would rather spend days begin sick to his stomach at the thought of marrying me than even see me. " Her apple eyes look to the dance beginning, The realization that that may be why Logen left so quickly. "He told me his poet heart was dead." She'll shake her head softly, and then wished to hold my hand. It is all very confusing." She'll start to say more but the Benedict walks up. A small but friendly smile appears, "I am well, thank you for asking." She'll sit a ought straighter for the introduction, proud of her Houses's knight. "Sir Benidict, this is King Callem Kilgour of Mobin. Your Highness, this is Sir Benedict. A knight from Rustle's Isle."

Walking with Roslin, Ronan also stops and bows to his King, laying fist over his heart, "Your Majesty, sire. Indeed, my thanks, Callem, for … patience with me." The Duke seems to mean it as he straightens, Roslin on his arm, "A finer thing you could not do for myself, and Sutherland, than to allow me your daughter. You must forgive me. I wish very much to give you a gift to show our utmost appreciation, Your Majesty." Ronan looks to Roslin, then back to Callem, "There is an extraordinary manor house I like to stay in over the winters along the southern coast. It was one of my father's favorite places to go to stay. I wonder if you might accept it, as our gift and come south of the winters when you might, to spend some days in the warmth of Sutherland's sunlight?"

The dance goes divinely although it might seem Nimue has had more practice than Aidan which is probably most likely the case. She doesn't have a war to get ready for, after all, and has nothing but time to spend persuing such womanly interests. The look on his face almost causes Nimue to miss a step but she's able to recover and keep the tempo. "Your Grace, is something wrong?" She looks worried now, what ease that made it to her face gone.

Brendolyn lifts her glass and sips then her eyes cut to her brother and his dancing and she takes another sip, her expression pleasant, not indicating any particular feeling. She shifts on her feet and steps on her skirt's hem a little, ever the lady, then rights herself and smoothes her dress with her free hand. Oh how she wishes she had a bow, and a target, maybe a deer or a bunny. Ah, there's a smile.

The knight will nod to the princess glad that she is well she does get a returned small smile from the man, but as he is introduced to the king he turns and gives a low bow "Your Highness, it's an honor Benedict will say only as he recovers himself to look between the both a small glance towards the dancers but it's brief he's not really sure about all that.

Rusty though she may be, Luna seems not to have forgotten it all. In fact, once she begins dancing, her body seems to move automatically. Shifting to the places Aldren leads with relative ease, it is clear this is not her first courtly dance, not by a long shot. Tall and lithe, she twirls and moves her long legs opposite his in time to the music, clapping at the appropriate points. Her smile grows and the wariness lessens, making her appear a bit younger and significantly more approachable.

The King looks at the Princess from the Isles with understanding. He pours wine in a cup, not as if she seemed to need it, but as a gift, and listens to each of her words. "He is a Kilgour. We use to say nonsense when someone we care for could be hurt by our acts." A flash of memory crosses his mind. Painful. As painful as it can be. But his expression changes little. "At least he is being more gentle than I thought he would. And a poet's heart, Your Highness? A poet's heart can never die. Not even when it does. A poet's heart is his own spirit, his will, everything about himself. That poet, being a poet fool, changed our politics for love when he first married." Not in anger, more the contrary, he laughs and drinks some more. "Give him time. And if I can help in anything, you know I will do whatever is needed." To Benedict, he nods solemnly and says warmly, "It is an honor to meet a brother warrior from distant lands. Feel free to join my table, and I pray my lands have been comfortable and fair with you."

"Excuse me, please, Your Highness." Callem asks Draventa as he stands up at the arrival of Roslin and Ronan. He looks at them lengthily. Truth be told, it is his daughter who receives the biggest part of his attention. His gaze is crystalline, and it would be unnecessary to try to articulate a word at the moment. But perhaps two, just perhaps, would be enough.

"My Roslin."

If she so allows, the King will get closer to embrace her tightly. The embrace is long, and over it, his eyes go to meet Ronan. "You like to give and receive gifts. She is my gift to you, my lord. A gift like no other." He smiles and steps back. "If there is someone who must be grateful, it is your father, Ros. Thank you for all these years making my world brighter. Now it is your turn to fly and reign and be happy. Please," Now directing to the Duke, "Please do so."

To the words of the gift, he shakes his head at first, just to realize that it would not be proper to reject. "It would be wonderful, Ronan. Thank you."

Roslin is taken into the hug, setting her own hands gently on her father's back as he holds her. She'll smile to him as she steps back and away. "You speak as though I am lost to you, Your Magesty," she says. "I shall be at Darfield, ever to serve you, even as a Duchess." She argues no further, however, and steps back to allow her husband to speak with the King a moment more. That's all the time one ever really gets with the king, a moment, and Ronan must have his.

Having made sure the packages received from the Duke is kept safe for the moment, Altair has once more turned to watch the crowd. Spotting Brendolyn, he pauses for a few moments, before making his way over to the lady now. "Lady Brendolyn," he greets her a bit quietly, before he offers a brief smile. "Might I beg for the honor of a dance?"

Aidan is agile on his feet, regardless if it was a dance or with the sword as he proved the other day in the hunt, dodging every boar that came at him nimbly. He sweeps Nimue through the music with the proper steps, showing the proper stiff form of a dancer, thankful that the music does keep them sweeping and stepping around one another so that the conversation had to break every other step. As for the question as it is given to him, his voice is quieter, "Yes, my Lady, there is. I would speak of it not while we dance." His eyes regard her and then the music keeps them to the flow, before he comes back and requests, "May I have a word with you, somewhere quieter?"

Draventa raises an eyebrow. If Callem thought Logen was going to be more aggressive that what he has been… Draventa sighs softly, accept the wine. Anotehr worrisome though cross her that Logen may be drinking. She doesn't wish to argue with the King at his daughter's wedding. She'll watch the King with Roslin then, a sad look on her face. She misses her father very much.

As the pace quickens and the steps become more lively so too does the Count. He has found a way to smile with the tall woman as they continue. Still leading the movements become more graceful with each step now. To the left and back quickly right, twice to the left and so on do they go. To the priestess while they continue he says, "See, this is not so bad." He laughs and spins her now and damn the man if he cant help but briefly look down to see if he can catch sight of an ankle!

Brendolyn is somewhat startled to hear her name and her head snaps around as she looks up at Altair, blinking for a moment. There is a strange look in her eyes as she pauses before answering, crap, why didn't she pay more attention to her sisters? "You needn't beg, Prince Altair, I'd be honored," she answers in a most genteel and lady like manner, though she leans in to whisper something to him before glancing to the dancers.

Callem's words make Ronan smile, "Aye, she is a gift. I have told her already that there is nothing you could have given me, and Sutherland, I could prize more, Your Majesty. Thank you." To be truthful, Ronan wishes no more of Callem's time just now than that moment. What he really wants is to slip away for a few moments of quiet time to have a glass of wine and to share a little of Roslin's company.

So, Ronan takes her hand once she has hugged her father, "If you will be so kind as to allow me, I'd have a few stolen moments with your gift, Sire. That we might have a glass of wine before the evening proceeds." There is music and dancing aplenty and their guests seem to be enjoying themselves. Look at his uncle Aidan go!

There's a moment when the Lady Forrester wishes to flee. Something about how Aidan's acting now scares her and it's a fear she'd rather flee than face, as cowardly and unlady-like it may be. She has no escorts with her, no guard or lady to escort them but perhaps, this once, it can be forgiven. Theyw on't be too far from the others, after all. "You may, My Grace," is trembled out. She waits for his arm and allows him to lead her elsewhere.

Brendolyn mutters to Altair, "I… out… enough,… a… bird such… flatten… your toes"

Luna does her best to keep up, but it /has/ been about a decade and a half since she did anything like this. It takes all her concentration not to ruin the fun. A shame, then, that she happens to catch Aldren eyeing her ankle when her robe is lifted during a particularly tricky set of footsteps. Eyes narrowing, her concentration breaks and she ends up stepping hard on his foot. Entirely by accident, of course. "Oh, Your Excellency, are you hurt? Perhaps I should return you to your wife after all."

Aidan nods at the Lady Forrester and offers her arm, leading her to the other parts of the party that are less… crowded and noisy.

Aidan leaves, heading towards the Trueborn Inner Courtyard [TIC].

Nimue leaves, heading towards the Trueborn Inner Courtyard [TIC].

As the Count is keeping an eye on the dance steps, yes…the dance steps….he must have missed one for the amazon trods right on his foot! He holds back the wince and just smiles. Surely all manner of Godfuckingdamnits going through his head. He has the grace to save the vainful use of her gods in her presence though and says, "WE can finish I am sure. Others have not even been able to finish." He nods in the departing Dukes direction and picks up where they left off.

Altair smiles as he hears that, both the spoken and the whispered words. he mutters to Brendolyn, "That… My… A… and… willing… take." Offering her a hand to lead the lady to the dance floor now.

"Then I will not steal more time from you. There will be enough for me in Darfield, I guess? But tonight," Callem looks between Ronan and Roslin, "Tonight is your night. Congratulations to both of you." Keeping it short and simple, he nods respectfully and returns to the table. His gaze remains in them a bit longer, just to return with a worried look to Draventa.

"Do you need another cup?" The question is legit. "I am not good at comforting people, as you may see, but I am better at drinking. Do you need to speak to someone, Your Highness? I am good at listening, as well."

Roslin nods once more to her father and slips her arm in with her husband, turning to walk away from the crowds with him. She smiles up at him, the smile slowly growing as she becomes aware of the fact that, for a little while, they have no other social responsibilities. "I don't think I can stay awake in a cup of wine, Your Grace," The former Princess says, honestly. Even if she is still smiling. "And I must confess, I did not realize that being married meant we should see so little of each other."

Holy cats, Brendolyn can blush. Color creeps to her cheeks and her azure eyes sparkle bright at the reply from the Kundarri prince. Her head inclines and she follows him, probably praying just as hard as anyone else that she doesn't end up breaking his toes or tripping someone. She's not completely awkward but she's not a trained dancer either, though for all that she lacks in skill she makes up for with attitude, her chin up and expression fierce. Yes, one must focus for dancing.

Benedict nods respectful "Of course you Highness." He will say but as the other moves off he will turn towards the Princess again "I suppose I should watch more carefully before I barge in, my appologies." he says to her. The knight does look over her though a moment and the look she has "Can I get you anything food or drink? I'd offer to dance but i'm supposed to protect you not cause you harm." he gives a small smile again.

The newly married Duke smiles to his Father-in-law and King, "Yes, soon we will return to Darfield and there will be more time for us to speak, Sire. I will compete in my uncle's tournament." When Roslin links her arm in his, Ronan bows and turns to go with her. After staying up all night for his vigil and fast, and then the whirlwind to make all the final checks and preparations for today's event, Ronan is tired. "Indeed… and all too soon we shall return to Darfield. Spring is already well upon Sutherland and within a month at most, it shall begin to thaw the rest of Mobrin. We will have very little time together." He looks to Roslin as they walk quietly together, perhaps up towards the castle itself, "Weeks… you can see why I fretted when delay, after delay was thrown up in my path."

Does Roslin wish to go to the tower and up onto the courtyard wall to overlook the gardens spread out below, or does she wish to walk the garden, or retire to chambers to rest while the festivities continue? Ronan smiles and says low, "I have not yet had a dance with you tonight. Might you let me take you up onto the courtyard wall overlook that we might do so, quietly? The view will be splendid, the gardens now lighting up with so many lanterns."

Luna nods, having the grace to appear sheepish as she continues the dance. Fortunately, there are no further incidents, now that she has the hang of the steps for the faster pace. Her grin returns, if not as wide as before, until the song comes to an end. Although the priestess is a bit winded, she presses her palms together and says genuinely, "Thank you, Your Excellency. That was both nostalgic and enjoyable. In fact, while I leave you to your lovely lady wife, I believe I shall…" Her words trail off as she turns her head. After a moment, her gaze falls on none other than the King of Mobrin himself and she lightly tilts her head in invitation. Brazen chaste hussy!

Draventa looks up from staring at the wine in her glass. She'll blink way soemthing from her eye and shakes her head with a soft smile."No Sir Benedict, you are fine. I fear anyone wishing to dance with me may end up with bruised toes." She'll tilt her head, again with a soft, sad smile to the King, "There is nothing to speak of…" and then she'll add, "I am fine. It has been a beautiful day, your daughter deserves every minute of it." She'll take a rather long sip of wine. It's not like anything can change…except…"There is a small favor I would like to beg from you, your highness. If…if you have the time, could you spend some with Prince Logen? He mentioned cooking, and I thought…" She'll let her sentence trail off waiting to see if the King is even receptive to it. "He's upset, and feels unwanted. I can not heal that on my own."

Jarvice continues to shadow the pair until they are safely in their room under house guard.. so that Jarvice can then retire himself.

Roslin pats her husband's arm in a familiar, fond gesture. Fond already - yet married mere hours! "You need not anger yourself with such thoughts," she assures him. "The delays, all of it. It is passed now. You have found yourself a bride. You need not worry on that, anymore." She promises. "Take comfort in that fact."

When he suggests a dance, the girl can't help but grin a bit. "We talked about that," she says, to remind him. "How we would dance together when you came back from Sutherland. You knew then, didn't you, what Mother intended to do? And I had no idea. And we've not danced since before then. Yes, Your Grace - let us go." She moves to follow him … without a chapperone.

Trueborn Courtyard Wall Sutherland

This wall connects the east tower with the west tower and houses the gate below that lets into the inner courtyard. The wall has limited access only to members of House Crawford and their guests unless the castle is in need of defense. The crenelated wall affords a nice place to stroll or dine in good weather, and allows an excellent view down into the courtyard, or out over the bailey gardens. Unfortunately it also affords a view of the burned keep if one looks in that direction.

Tables and chairs can be brought out of storage from the top floor of the west tower. The top of the wall is the most popular place for residents to relax or talk, overlooking the gardens below.


Ronan gave over his own quarters here in the tower to Roslin that she would have suitable chambers, and room enough for her personal servants with the Lady Elisabeth. But did she know that the very top floor let out onto this wall? With her hand in his, the Crawford Duke leads his new bride up and up and then out onto the wall. It's high up here, and it could be lonely on a cold night, but tonight it's quite pleasant. The stars sparkle brilliantly overhead like the gems upon her gown, and scattered below them like the train of her gown is the garden itself, spread out with the hundreds of lit paper lanterns. Further out at sea she can see ships coming into or leaving the busy Sutherland port of Trueborn city, also spread out with many more distant twinkling likes - like stars scattered upon the land and the sea. Roslin has probably never seen anything quite like it.

Now standing with her, Ronan leans lightly against the raised side of the crenulated wall. He looks out for a time before his attention returns to watching Roslin herself. Softly the music below can be heard, the couples seen dancing while up here, Roslin is easily 100 feet above them.

Naturally, the Princess is quite taken with the view. She doesn't look down so much as up, though - she's fascinated by the lovely night sky. It makes her steps a little slower than usual, but she still travels with the grace he has come to know as hers. She only stops when she approaches the man, finding a position just beside him to stand on her toes and look down. She is a young woman, a married woman, but still very wee - especially in comparison to the Duke. A bit of lift is required for her to peek down. As the music starts, she doesn't speak, but instead offers her hand to Ronan in case he does, in fact, truly wish for a dance.

What he wants most is … well, to slide his arms around her and hold her close, then take her to bed. But she offering her hand makes him smile. Ronan accepts it and then bows his head over Roslin's slender fingers, which he then kisses lightly. Rising, he watches her, "May I have this dance, my lady?" He listens to the music to catch the timing and assuming she will curtsy and accept, he will then quietly slide into the first steps of the dance.

He is garbed in steel plate armour, except for the lower portions and helm, not the most elegant of attire to move himself gracefully. And he's wearing a sword as well, and a long cloak which Ronan now unclasps and sheds in passing to drape over one of the old stones of the wall. Cri lights their way, looking down upon them to illuminate their steps. Ronan comes back to Roslin, pressing his hand lightly against hers as they slowly circle, the wall wide enough for a cart. His eyes however are for her. "You are extremely lovely, this evening. I thought when I first saw you come into the temple, that Alasair herself was walking down the aisle towards me, until I remembered that she is supposed to be tall."

"You honor me, Your Grace," Roslin says with a light chuckle at the little game, and indeed in mere moments she finds herself with him, amidst a simple dance to music they can hardly hear. But it doesn't really matter. She holds her skirts up with one hand, trying to keep the white lace clean. Perhaps it is that, or how tired she is, but while her dance is good, she does not quite move perfectly with him, tonight.

A soft chuckle escapes her at the praise. She'd blush, but then, she's not stopped since she walked into the Temple so many hours ago. "You are pleased, then?" She asks him, looking up into his eyes. "With the way everything has come about? With the way the day went?" She doesn't seem nervous about his answer or in any way insecure. She's genuinely seeking his opinion.

"Yes," he says low, "I am very pleased with you, and with the day. I could not have asked for a finer wedding, or better weather." Though it's getting a little chilly up here, they'll be fine as long as they keep moving, or use his cloak. As they circle in the dance, Ronan snags his fingers intwined with Roslin's so that they might not part more than arm's length. Without really thinking about it, he goes through the motions of the dance, letting her pass under his arm and behind him, changing hands as she comes around to his other side. And then he takes a step to gently, but decisively cut off Roslin's movement to subtly pin her against the wall, without actually touching her. Except for holding her hand.

A long moment he wants to stand there, looking down into her young face in Cri's light. Ronan would lift a hand to lightly caress down the side of Roslin's face, to trail his fingers down her throat and over her bare shoulder, "Very pleased." Will she … let him kiss her? The music continues below, and sounds of laughter as though muted and somewhat distant. While the light reflected in Roslin's eyes seems close and bright.

Roslin, though tired, is having a lovely time with the dance. She moves with him well enough, thought not quite perfectly, she makes no real mistakes. At least, not until that step of Ronan's, which finds her back against the wall. At first she laughs at him, thinking he's just made a mistake. But then he comes closer.

She sets her free hand back against the stone of the wall behind her. She's not sure what to do - that's written on her face. She's not opposed to what's happening, but she's also not sure quite what to do about it. So she watches him. She watches his face as he strokes hers. She tilts her head to watch his hand as it moves down her neck and across her shoulder. But she lifts her face to him again. Remember what Baroness Kilgour said. Do not be afraid of him, for that will displease him.

"Will someone see us here?" She asks, her voice barely above a whisper. While they are married now, such intimacy in public would be strictly frowned upon. And Roslin, no doubt, has maids on her mind - she's never been alone, with a man, without one. Much less out in sight without one.

Don't reject him. Don't be afraid, he'll take it as rejection. Not sure of what else to do, Roslin remembers her dream. The kiss that was there. Her hands. Where did they go? Oh, yes. Like this. She moves one hand off her skirt, letting the lace-and-diamond fabric fall, so that she may set her palm against his chestplate. Yes, that's what she did. She remembers, now.

Just for a few moments, Ronan wants to kiss her, to taste Roslin's mouth and as much as his breastplate will allow, feel her standing here with him. To smell of her. Because he never really has before, except that all too brief kiss in the temple. Nothing more than a kiss, here. And then he smiles at her, "No, there are no lights up here." A finger tip touches her hair, and then he steps back to skim his hand down her arm to take her hand again, "We have a dance to finish, if you will. Then I should care to retire for the evening."

If she will allow him, Ronan would draw Roslin back into the dance steps. The music is still playing and he smiles, watching her in her lovely gown. There is little need for any light up here aside from Cri - not when she is wearing white. His own eyes are bright in the darkness, "Very pleased, Roslin." Now, he can finally call her that, use her name. That is his right, now.

Roslin is breathless when he pulls her back into the dance. It's blind habbit that makes sure she hits the steps, particularly the first few ones. Retiring. This is it. And it's all so … overwealming. But she tries to relax, tries to live in the moment. And thank the Gods her subcontious carries on the dance for her.

"I'm so glad," Roslin responds, when she finally finds her tongue. "That's all I've wanted for you, Your Grace," she says, her tongue falling into habits as her feet have. "With all that's happened. For you to be happy, for you to find what you need to be a strong and capable Duke for your home. So … I'm very glad that you're pleased. Very glad."

He can tell she's gotten a little nervous because Roslin starts chattering. She's not usually one to fall to speaking nothing much pleasantries but Ronan senses he's unsettled her, somewhat. He bides his patience and only shares the dance with her for a time until it's winding down and the music subsides. "You make me happy, Roslin. I will try to make you happy also." He lets out a slow breath and steps closer but contents himself with only holding her hand, not imposing himself upon her again. "So much of this will be new to you. I will … be as gentle as I can, to help you … with this role of being my wife. A Princess turned Duchess. But you will /always/ be Princess to me, a Queen in your own right, no matter your titles, Roslin. As you grow from girl into confident woman by my side, I want you to be content and even happy, as well. I give you my word that I will be a good husband to you."

He really does want to kiss her again, but no. Ronan must be patient, go slowly. Perhaps this first night they will only lay together and rest, give Roslin a little time to get used to changes. It's a lot to take in and a few more days shouldn't make much different, will it? Ronan is not sure. He thins his mouth as he looks at her, so young, so tiny.

As the dance stops, she stands there, holding his hand. She's let her skirt fall again. As he speaks, she smiles, glancing shyly downward. Yes, she is nervous. There's no hiding that fact - but every girl who has been good and pure in her life is likely terrified on her wedding night. Still, here they are.

Be brave, she remembers speaking to Baroness Wenna about that too. He will ask to do things, do not shy away from him. And so she steps up to him … and places a single finger across his lips to stop him from speaking for the moment. "Ronan," she says, finally saying his name tonight. "I am not a Princess anymore. I am never to be a Queen. I am a Duchess, your Duchess, your wife here to help safeguard your people and your lands and your children." When those become a thing. She smiles at him and lets her hand fall, once more finding placement on his chest. "We do not have to pretend I am anything else but that because you think it would please me. I accepted this life, and have done so happily. Is that alright?"

He has stopped speaking, because she bid him listen. A faint nod, "Yes, though I know … you could have done better. I do not wish for you to regret your choice." It's an adjustment for him as well. Ronan picks up his white cloak from the wall and instead of putting it on himself, he drapes it over and around Roslin's shoulders. It pools on the stone behind her much as the train of her gown had done, but only by a little. It is lined with a soft, white fur, something suitable for spring.

Standing close to her, Ronan oh so very lightly nuzzles Roslin's brow before he leans back and simply offers her his arm, "I should take you to your women, that they may prepare you and change you out of your finery. Then we shall rest and see what the morning brings, yes?" And if she proves not to be /too/ afraid, perhaps he will enjoy his wife, or wait until the morning. It depends on Roslin, for Ronan has no desire to force himself on her and damage her trust in him.

As the cloak is draped around her, Roslin crosses her arms to hold the shoulders, to hold the large thing on her very tiny form. Really, if there was a need for a comparison between his size and her slightness, this provides it. But she smiles up at him, a bright and honest smile. "At some point soon, we shall have to discuss the difference between your view of a better marriage, and mine. Perhaps you've not yet met enough foreign Princes to know why you are such an attractive prospect." She's teasing him! Now, amidst all the nerves, all the exhaustion, she teases him. And continues to smile, knowing what she's done.

The smile fades a bit as he nuzzles her. Not in a bad way - quite the opposite. Her expression changes. It is no longer giddy happiness, but rather a different sort of pleased that she's feeling. Closeness, physical attraction, comfort. These things are pleasing in their own way. And it's enough - when he steps away, she's a little breathless again.

"Yes, your Grace," she agrees, and with her arm in his, moves to head in to the tower.

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